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Title: If You are Going to Harper Valley Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair - Author: Peter_Pan

Published: Feb 10, 2008 - Contact:

"Barely had Jerry and Michelle departed that evening, than it was on!

"C'mon dad...please take us this weekend! We'll be good."

"That's the problem Jenna," I said, "It's your interpretation of 'being good' that worries me. Look what happened tonight Give you two any opportunity and its every man for himself these days."

"Didn't see you showing too much restraint with Michelle dad," muttered Kylie, perfecting her cutesy-little-daughter routine just inside the kitchen doorway.

"That's enough out of you two," I replied, fully aware I was never going to win an argument with either of them, whatever the rules. "And you can stop that cheeky pouting Kylie - we're not going OK"

"Sure dad," she grinned and headed off to bed, shepherding Jenna ahead of her. "Goodnight daddy," they both chorused from half way up the stairs, before breaking down in a fit of giggles. Ya gotta love them!

The subject of Warwick's upcoming hosting-debut wasn't raised for the next day or so. I figured I was on top of the situation and back on track for the "responsible parent of the month" nomination. Amazing the damage just one 'phone call can do! Shortly after 8 pm Friday - the entire teenage entourage was out - enjoying boyfriends, girlfriends or sleep-overs, when my cell rang.

"Hi Mr Baker," floated delicately from the micro-speaker. Recognizing that confident little voice, yet having no expectation of hearing from her so soon, I felt eighteen again.

"C'mon Larissa," I said, "Call me Noel." So happy was I to hear from her, she could have called me anything she damn well felt like - I would have crawled across hot coals to hear from her.

She said she hoped I hadn't minded her calling but she just wanted to say hello and see if I was going to the party on Saturday. At that particular second I wasn't even thinking of the party or anything else much above her beautiful face, tender lips and wholesome youth. As she spoke with me I could visualize just how she was sitting, the delicate curve of her hips, one hand playing idly as it always was, with those little curls up near her forehead. I wondered what color ribbon she had in her hair and whether she was just the slightest bit damp even talking to me. I wasn't actually thinking of her in any blatant sexual way at all strange to say, simply happy as all hell that she'd called.

"Yeah Larissa," I was saying, "Thing is, I actually told the girls I wouldn't be taking them again. "

"Oh!" She sounded just so disappointed. "Does that mean you won't be going either"

I thought for a split second of asking her out on a date instead, before reality kicked-in big time. "What the fuck are you thinking Noel An eighteen-year-old girl dating a guy in his late forties...very late forties Yeah right!" I collected my thoughts rapidly.

"Larissa, I would dearly love to go especially knowing that you'll be there to be quite honest, but if I do, how can I justify to Kylie and Jenna, going myself while insisting they stay home Kinda a double standard there doncha think

"Well why can't they go" she asked. "It's not as if you're forcing them too." God, the simplicity and logic of the female mind-set! She was continuing, "And I know dad will be soo disappointed."

Now that I could understand! Recalling immediately those images of him gently spreading Jenna's legs as she lay on me, while I pulled her bra straps down, there is no way he wouldn't have been planning on either a re-run or a repeat performance with her sister. Worse still, the thought now of taking on the role of voyeur at such a spectacle, was anything but repugnant to me. I hesitated before I answered her.

"Did George actually say anything about what happened at the Archer's place Larissa I asked tentatively.

I think she half-choked..."What didn't he say!" she replied. "He thought that Jenna was just so hot and that none of the other girls could hold a candle to her....I think that was the phrase he used."

"Hmm, so the guy has taste" I thought to myself. This was panning-out as a major re-think. I mean I could hardly disappoint her greatest fan could I

"Well maybe....just one last fling," I said to her. I heard the swift intake of breath. She probably punched the air with a "Yes" too!

"I'll make it up to you Noel," she whispered teasingly before hanging up. So bad was my subsequent fit of shaking, it was all I could do to depress the "end call" button.

Kyles was home later that night but I didn't tell her the inquest had been re-opened. First thing the next morning I had to pick up Jenna from her sleep-over and take the two of them to school. Needless to say, following a brief discussion in the rear seat, Kylie ever the spokesperson, asked hopefully just as we pulled up at the main gates, "Had any second thoughts dad"

I told them I had recanted my stance on the subject, but just this once and not to take it as carte blanche from here-on in. The squeals of delight, kisses and shoulder-hugs that followed that little statement necessitated my explaining to various parental onlookers, "It's OK Guys, we're just a really close family!"

Just as a few staid older parents were glancing my way frowning upon such open affection, Warwick pulled up behind me. Brianna was out the passenger's door like a flash and leaning-in to give me the most passionate kiss on the lips, before linking arms with my two girls, the three of them winging it up the grass verge. The frowns gave way to astonished stares - I think I made the "likely paedophiles list" that morning.

Warwick came over and leant on the hood.

"You and the girls dropping by tomorrow" he asked. I had little cause to wonder which of those two were the higher on his wish-list.

"Sure thing," I replied, " Looking forward to it."

"Good man," he mumbled, "Get there as early as you can...let's make a day of it."

I was going to ask if he meant a "day of them" but thought better of it. Already I was seeing white-hot scenarios forming on the periphery of my imagination. I simply shook hands and swung back into the morning gridlock.

How hot was that Saturday morning Just knowing I was going to see my two pretty young daughters getting likely stripped and fucked silly within hours was pulse-raising stuff. God-knows what the anticipation factor was doing to them. I knew now how Jerry and Warwick must have felt driving their girls to these parties all this time.

We didn't actually exchange that many words all morning - not a lot you can say when you stop to think about it. Kylie and Jenna both did themselves up like hot little teen teases, absolutely tasteful to be sure...but still no mistaking the sluttish-intent. Teased-up hair, short and tight (matching) skirts with tops that would undeniably give on-going credence to the "twin sister" myth. Lightest touch of make-up, eye shadow and lip gloss and sexy little black strapped shoes. It goes without saying we went very close to be extremely late getting there - they were that hot! I guarantee they felt like slipping a hand up inside one another's knickers the entire trip there and yes, I did check that possibility in the rear view mirror...it simply didn't happen.

Warwick's house is barely ten minutes from our place. I've never been so glad to get somewhere!

No sooner had I parked than the girls were unbuckled and out the back doors. I watched them mingle with several other familiar faces. Brittany and Louise were already there with their dads as were Brianna and Caitlin, another little bubbly blonde from Kylie's home-room.

Jerry pretty much followed me in to the drive-way not two minutes later and I had barely been able to extricate myself from the driver's seat, before Michelle flung her arms around me and gave me the warmest of hugs. I indicated the side gate through which my girls had just walked. With her beautiful blonde hair trailing off her shoulders, she took off after them. Jerry, seeing me alone in the car enquired with not a little trepidation in his voice.

"Aren't Kylie and Jenna with you"

"Relax Jer," I countered, "They're here. No need to throw a nervy turn!"

"Thank God," he muttered, then realizing how desperate he must have sounded. "It's just they your girls are so damn hot, I was kinda looking forward to...."

"Yeah, you don't have to explain Jer," I cut him off, "Don't wanna hear all the gruesome little details." He looked somewhat embarrassed.

"Besides," I continued, "Got a few plans for Michelle myself - probably nothing you'd want to hear about either." He half-smiled.

"Oh, I dunno about that!" Damn, he was more twisted than I'd imagined!

Warwick's place was way smaller than the previous venues, but with a huge rear garden. To compensate for the impracticality of housing thirty odd guests in a multiplicity of rooms indoors, he had hired a huge marquee that had been professionally set-up on the rear lawn. With the block pretty much secluded by cedars, complete privacy was maintained. Within, one had the option of sitting on scatter-rugs, portable lounges, ordinary chairs, the occasional 'day and night' or freshly cut lawn, all of which were to be put to good use. To any neighboring observer it would simply appear to be a teenage birthday party in progress.

A small "bar" had been set up on a couple of trestles and most every adult gravitated towards that little area to begin with, while the girls giggled and chatted in small groups within the cavernous venue. This time it appeared more than the usual number of mothers were in attendance - I counted at least six. And they say women are the fairer sex It promised to be an 'interesting' afternoon.

I was mid-way through my first chardonnay, keeping an eye on Kylie and Jenna who were at that stage, chatting animatedly within a small mixed group down the far end of the marquee, when my burgeoning fears were arrested as George and Larissa were ushered in through the main flap. Both made their way over to me immediately. Shaking George's outstretched hand I had to admire Larissa's absolutely stunning appearance. Simple but immaculately fitting dark blue dress, that clung to her like a devoted lover. Long enough to be tasteful, short enough to bring on an erection, a thin black belt highlighted her slim waist. The dress' one concession to outright sexual-tease - a micro zip that ran hem to crotch. (How many trips up and down had that recorded on the way to Warwick's place I wondered) Her dark hair was perfectly groomed as always and swept back at the sides with small clips that were hidden beneath small frangipani. She was a living doll.

Larissa hugged me and took my hand - George seemed quite at ease with her familiarity, simply asking, "Are your two here Noel" I pointed out the little group down the far end and he high-tailed it in that general direction. For some reason, I really liked George - way ahead of Jerry and Warwick if the truth be known. That he had infinitely more taste and finesse was beyond question. The thought of him and my two girls - either separately or together - really kick-started some serious adrenalin flow. For now though, I had other things and other fantasies on my mind.

Finding an unoccupied chair close by, I drew Larissa down on to my lap. Just looking at her was a privilege. Exactly what was going on with us I don't know but I sensed she felt it and as far as I could tell, definitely wasn't fighting it. I told her how beautiful she was and kissed her. A girl doesn't respond like she did unless something is there on-site to cause it. More than anything else, I wanted to take her home and to spend hours showing her how much I loved her. Speaking of which, I could pretty well see right down her top at that angle. My right hand encircled her left breast and squeezed it gently. She snuggled-in more to give me better access.

Oblivious to anyone else who may have been watching, I slipped my hand down inside her top where just a hint of light-blue bra was teasing my vision. So warm was she there, I felt her nipple growing even as I rubbed it softly between thumb and forefinger. Her hips wriggled slightly on my lap and reminded immediately of the proximity of that little zip, I just had to misbehave. Maybe she had worked on it with the WD40, but so easily did it unzip, her soft thighs were exposed in the blink of an eye.

Murmuring as I placed a hand on her leg, some six inches above her knee, she parted her legs slightly - enough let's say, to make visible the edge of the hottest little silky blue panties she must have been able to find in that third drawer down. Cute as they were, it wasn't the "edge" of them I was thinking about.....more like dead center. Now we were on the home straight. As I rubbed her pussy beneath the soft material, she just looked up at me pleadingly. I didn't need an expert in body-language to translate for me. With my right hand now fully inside her bra in charge of back-up, I managed to slip three fingers beneath the hem of her knickers, two of which negotiated the short trip to the main portal with consummate ease.

Once inside, I was taking no prisoners. So hot was she, I was almost relegated to being a 'bit' player. Eyes glazed, I know she wanted physiological input other than fingers right about then, but I was determined to tease her stupid. I felt her vaginal muscles gripping my fingers as I pushed in deeply whilst my thumb commenced a rhythmical, though pressured stimulation of her clitoral bud. I really was being cruel....stopping at crucial moments just to tell her how lovely she was. She was gasping with a need to cum and so I relented and began rubbing her hard enough that she just spread her legs, bringing on the big-o with indecent haste.

"Better than a French Vanilla Chocolate" I enquired. She put her head on my shoulder and purred.

"Is she your daughter" said a female voice just to the left of my chair I glanced around.

Sitting there on the rug was a very attractive young woman, ostensibly in her late twenties. Seems she had been indulging in a spot of close-range voyeurism during the concluding moments of Larissa's performance.

"Er, no she's not actually....wish she was!" I replied quite truthfully. "And you are'

"Oh, my name's Susie," she said, "I suppose I shouldn't have intruded - she just looked so hot when you were doing that to her, I thought she might have been your daughter."

I looked at her for a moment, wondering if that kinda thing was a regular event in her household. "You're married then"

"No," she replied. "Just came here with my own daughter."

Now she had my interest. With Larissa propped up in my arms and equally attentive I imagine, I asked her if she often came to these parties - I had never seen her before. She said she hadn't but had been invited, as her daughter Tanya was best friends with another girl who came often. I also learned that she was divorced and obviously interested in pursuing an "alternative" sexual lifestyle for both herself and Tanya. She asked if I had daughters.

I was about to point them out when I was lucky to avoid a heart murmur. Down the far end of the room I could see George seated on a portable lounge. Jenna was on his lap, her skirt pushed high towards her hips from what I could see, with his hand well up between her legs. That was fair enough - his own daughter having been much in the same position on mine. Kylie however was kneeling alongside, letting him kiss her while he appeared to be rubbing her breasts concurrently. Another older man was behind Kylie tugging her skirt up and about to slip his hands in somewhere he shouldn't.

Other girls in that group were well into the "being fondled" stage also. Brianna I noticed was the subject of a major exploratory being undertaken by two men on one of the nearby scatter-rugs. Down to her bra and knickers already, one man had her arms behind her while the other had it looked like, his hands in her panties. Her back being to me, I couldn't see that clearly.

Well actually Susie," I said "I do believe those two girls down there on the lounge are my daughters." I pointed them out. "Just can't seem to keep a rein on them presently."

She laughed. "Wow, yes, they seem to be having fun."

"Where is Tanya," I asked her.

She pointed to a small group not far to our left. An attractive girl with dark hair in a pony-tail was sitting on Brad Archer's knee of all people. He was holding her around the waist chatting to another man and a blonde woman of middle age. It didn't appear anything of a sexual nature was happening at that moment. Still, I was surprised she had left her daughter alone, it being her first time.

"Do you and Tanya know what happens at these parties" I said, trying to put it as delicately as possible. She seemed surprised by my question.

"You mean do I know that Tanya might end up getting fucked" she replied very matter-of-factly. Larissa gasped - I maintained a straight face!

"Well, er yeah....and whatever else," I muttered. "I mean, she is only eighteen, isn't she"

"Oh sure, but Tanya isn't a virgin....in fact she has had a lot of partners - all older men.....at home you know" she added by way of explanation.

Thinking it best not to pursue that particular line of questioning, I asked her what it was, she herself liked.

"Girls," she said, looking at Larissa - "Young girls are soo hot!"

I have to admit, she got that one right. Larissa was shifting about a bit uncomfortably. I was getting interested. This had possibilities.

"What's your name sweetie" she asked.

Larissa blushed a fraction but told her. Susie moved up a bit closer, curling up on the floor near my shoes. She took hold of Larissa's hand and quite obviously was staring at her panties that with the zip still right up, were almost fully exposed.

"Would you let me touch you" she asked almost plaintively.

Larissa looked up at me as if wanting to see my reaction. I shrugged. "It's up to you sweetheart - might be a new experience for you." I was really interested to see how this panned out.

Taking Larissa's non-objection as a green light, she slipped her hand up between her thighs...a few inches above her knees. From my vantage point I could see pretty much right down Susie's low-cut top. Her cleavage was remarkably arousing. But there again, so was what was happening on my lap. Larissa gasped as the older girl just brushed her hand across the front of her panties. No need to describe the effect on me I think.

"You feel soo sexy sweetie," said Susie. This time Larissa did blush.

Gradually parting the girl's legs, Susie ran her fingers down the center of her panties pushing the material well in-between the lips of her pussy. How hot was that to watch Larissa put her face up towards me obviously wanting to be kissed.....couldn't have thought of a better option myself. Susie slipped a hand up beneath her own skirt just then and was quite obviously setting-up her own countdown procedure. If only I could have reached, I would have lent a hand!

"Get her tits out for me," was the absolute last thing I was expecting to hear from the lips of this young woman. From Warwick or Jerry perhaps but not a mother. Still, I had no wish to disappoint her and Larissa was squirming so hard with the pleasures being extended once again to her pussy - she was in no position to argue. Slipping her shoulder straps down...both those of her dress and bra, it was but a second's work to expose her breasts fully.

"Rub them....pull her nipples," whispered Susie. My own erection was nudging the upper red line by this stage. If either girl had touched me I think I would have erupted. For a young female lacking experience (to my knowledge at least) of any girl-on-girl action, Larissa was a quick learner. Quite without provocation, she began holding her knickers to one side which spurred Susie into sudden and decisive action. Kneeling forwards, she began to lick Larissa which brought on an increasingly vocal wave of moans and little cries of pleasure. "Ohs, and oooh's" to be precise.

My continuing to fondle her exposed breasts and pulling hard on her nipples, caused Larissa to be taken to the edge way quicker than I had gotten her there earlier. She absolutely cried-out in ecstasy as she came. Susie at that point was rubbing herself so hard, it was little wonder her moment followed within seconds. God, wouldn't George have liked to watch all this I was thinking. I looked across to where he had been sitting.

"Had been" is right. Right about now George was lying full length on the lounge with Jenna on top of him. If what I thought I could see was actually happening - I needed to be over there and quick smart! I kissed Larisa and excused myself.

"You are coming back aren't you" she asked pleadingly, at the same time slipping her shoulder straps back up as I climbed out from under her.

"You can count on it sweetheart," I told her. "Just got to go check out my two kids."

As I got up, another couple were approaching - looked like a man and his wife. Larissa wasn't going to be short of attention for a while.

Past-by Tanya's group on the way. Did I say nothing sexual was happening What a difference five minutes or so can make. Brad Archer had the eighteen-year old sitting on his knee facing him. He was kissing her with relish as his female partner relieved the young girl of her skimpy bra which joined her skirt and top in a small heap on the floor. Sitting there now astride his lap in just her panties - hot little white cotton briefs, she appeared more than happy to let the two of them fondle her. Archer had his hands well into her knickers and the woman was starting to gently rub and pull her breasts every which way. Would love to have stayed and watched the next act!

My eyes had not failed me. George was having fun! Not only was Jenna lying on him - she was completely naked...but far from cold I'd say. George had both hands around her bottom pulling her to him as he thrust up into her. Jenna, her eyes half closed, was moaning and whimpering as she wriggled her rear-end sexily beneath his hands. Her breasts I could see were crushed up against his open shirt and her nipples as erect as it was possible for them to get. It looked to me like she was deliberately rubbing them against his chest to arouse both of them further. George wasn't saying much though. There were reasons for this!

First and foremost, his lips were busy kissing away the last remnants of Kylie's lip-gloss. The two of them were literally so passionately smooching, I could feel the heat. Between kisses, I could hear Kylie saying to him, "Ohh keep fucking my little sister." She should be talking! On her knees herself, the guy behind her had her skirt pushed up over her hips, her panties right down and he was just fucking her so hard, her small breasts were almost jerking free of her bra. It's a wonder that was still on!

Jenna was the first to see me but given that George was at that second, transferring several million chromosomes across to her uterus for safe-keeping, she wasn't inclined to much in the way of conversation. Watching as she instinctively spread her legs to take in his entire consignment, I just smiled down at her and mouthed the words "I love you sweetheart."

Kylie too saw George cum in her sister but being at the point of orgasm herself could only gasp and slide her hand up between her legs and rub her pussy right alongside her partner's thrusting erection. Even as she cried out at her own release, the man reached his zenith and clutching her hips tightly, filled her to overflowing with the good stuff. No one could argue with his expressed vocalization - "You really are so fucking hot Kylie!"

Now, remembering that I had just taken one girl to two orgasms and then watched two more - my own daughters no less, being fucked into total submission, how do you imagine I was feeling

All it took was Kylie looking up at me dreamily as the other man withdrew, still on her knees, cum running down the inside of her legs and her knickers still conveniently lowered, her pretty little bum right in my line of vision.

"Fuck me dad," was all she said.

I wouldn't have cared if the 60 MINUTES crew were there with their cameras. I saw nothing, felt nothing, wanted nothing but Kylie's hot little pussy. I simply set free from my zipper my poor tortured and repressed erection and kneeling behind my daughter sank it into the depths. She gasped...I think I did too. I heard someone say "Fuck your sexy daughter," not that this was of any great relevance - I already was!

By this time, both George and Jenna were sitting up, thus we had the lounge to ourselves now. It may not rank as the lengthiest and technically most accomplished union of all time, but believe me, it got the job done - for both of us. I had Kylie down on her elbows just whimpering with pleasure as I took her quite without mercy. I could see droplets of sweat forming just beneath her hairline as I gave free rein to - yes, I openly admit it - my lust. Encircling her waist I took hold of her breasts and began to squeeze them hard as I worked at the task at hand. The feeling of being inside her and the escalating need to fill her, absorbed my concentration in totality. Were it to be measured on the Richter scale this was a 9.4 quake at its finality. I figure even the lounge knew it had been in a fight when this performance concluded.

The expression on Kylie's face when she finally sat up, was worth it all though. Even as she pulled her knickers up, a river of white goo was seeping out of her - most of it mine I'd say. Jenna, who had managed to get her bra and panties back on, hugged her sister and looked up at me, her eyes still the size of small saucers.

"Gosh dad," she said, "and you didn't want to come" Poor choice of words I was thinking!

After both girls had gotten their skirts and tops back on and were sitting demurely beside me comparing naughty experiential notes, it was only a matter of minutes before other guests were introducing themselves and asking "How old the twins were" Right then, Jerry walked over and made a big fuss of them both, probably beside himself with lust. I asked him where Michelle was and he pointed to a small group near the main entry flap. I figured I'd leave my two little wannabe-sluts to their own devices. I couldn't see Jerry having it all his own way with them, not with the other three or four interested parties on hand. Jenna looked up at me anxiously as I got up.

"You going dad" she asked.

"Just be over there sweetheart," I told her, pointing to Michelle's group. "Have fun."

Seeing as my place was immediately taken by one of the other fathers, who sidled up between them with Jerry meanwhile slipping his arm around Jenna's waist, it was pretty obvious she would be having just that.

Michelle was in no immediate position to extend greetings. Flat on her back across a couple of cushions, her mouth was busy taking care of her father's erection while one of the guest mothers had the girl's skirt unzipped, her legs spread wide as she licked her pussy with rare abandon. Obviously to Michelle's liking, she was wriggling about and pushing up with her hips to ensure nothing was missed. Still with her top on, Warwick had his hand down his daughter's bra and was thoroughly enjoying the contact with what was in it. A second man was kneeling the other side of her, jerking himself stupid. Can't blame him really, it was not a sight for sane eyes. I wanted in!

Having turned up late for this particular performance, I had to take what I could get. Not wanting to interrupt the woman's impressive work-out with her tongue and being unable to get access to Michelle's pussy, about the only option left was to grope the woman as she knelt there between Michelle's legs. I must have perfected my technique as she wriggled in pleasure and pushed her butt sky-high. Not ready yet for more crazed intercourse, that was no reason not to push her dress up, pull her tight little panties down and slip a finger or three up inside her. Talk about hotwired!

Obviously the visuals served as a collective aphrodisiac. Warwick began to jerk about like a bird on a wire. What he couldn't get down his daughter's throat made a hell of a mess of her face. "Hot hands" emptied his crème de la crème across her left cheek and upper cleavage while Michelle herself clutched her pussy and gasped in pleasure as the mother's tongue brought her to 'satisfaction Grand Central.' The woman's own peak, courtesy of my triple-fingered assault, followed but nano-seconds later.

I wanted a few minutes with Michelle alone, so pulling her to her shaky feet, we sought out the nearest unoccupied chair. She slumped against me breathing hard.

"That was very bad Shelley," I told her, "You are such a naughty girl," I teased, as I wiped her cheeks free of cum with a serviette. Damn, she looked so hot!

"Would you like to make love to me" she whispered. That hadn't been my intention at all. I just wanted to have a little cuddle with her.

"Maybe a little later sweetie," I told her. "I would love to and I will, but I think you could use a little bit of a rest at the minute." She smiled up at me really affectionately.

"Okies....but you made me feel soo good the other night, I just love doing it with you." She whispered.

I kissed her and held her tight against me. She is such a little cutie. They all are!

Leaving her in the chair I made my way back to my daughters. Both clearly were resigned that afternoon to maximizing their opportunities. Jerry was making a start on his fantasy, with Jenna sitting now on his knee while he kissed her and she allowed his free hand to inch further up her thigh, pushing the short skirt with it. With his right hand encircling her, he was beginning to probe the underside of her right breast, gradually moving upwards to her nipples. What was cause for an instant erection was the fact that another man was seated alongside Jenna, with his own hand feeling its way up her left leg. As I watched fascinated, the two of them exposed her little blue knickers and began rubbing the front of them at the same time. Jenna began to moan as they eased her legs apart. I wanted to moan myself.

As they began to rub her breasts in earnest, Jenna turned her head and began kissing the other man. This was too much for me, I had a look round for Kylie. Her predicament was no better. Sitting on the rug just to the other group's right, two men had her legs apart now, her panties long gone apparently. One guy had his hand well up between her legs and was fingering her feverishly, the other was kneeling behind her, kissing her neck and with both hands down her bra groping her breasts for all he was worth. Kylie was moaning like her sister and as I watched totally shocked this time, she unzipped the guy in front of her and drew his cock out which she proceeded rubbing along its entire length. He was very grateful!

Jerry most certainly had in the back of his mind Monday's home-study program. As Jenna turned to kiss the other man once more, he lifted her clean off his lap and sat her down hard on the other man's knee, her skirt way up her thighs and her panties fully exposed. He whispered something to the other guy which although I couldn't hear, was immediately evident as the man reached down and pulled her panties to one side, extending to both Jerry and I, a truly arousing sight, one that was immediately blocked-off from my viewpoint, as Jerry crouched down between my youngest daughter's legs, pulled out his erection and simply pushed it deep into her.

What blew my mind at that moment was that Jenna just looked up at me with the hottest little expression as she lay back there letting Jerry fuck her so hard while the other man groped her inside her bra. I think having me watch was making her hotter still. It wasn't setting Kylie's cause back either. She too held my eye contact while the man whose cock she was rubbing, decided to up the ante and use her pussy to complete his stimulation. This he achieved simply by shoving her roughly backwards across the guy supporting her and then literally ripping her knickers down and just plain old-fashioned fucking her silly.

I stayed until both of them were penetrated to the brink of passing out, at which stage I called an unpopular halt to proceedings and simply pulled them to their feet and had them dress themselves before coming to sit with me the far side of the marquee for some much needed time-out! The fact that they both sat with their hands pressed tightly up against their skirts suggested that each had been pumped full with more than their fair share of hot cum and that their knickers were having extreme trouble keeping it in.

Looking around, it appeared to me that this was turning out to be a particularly hot little gathering. Young girls on all sides were either being fucked-over or were draped up against one or more parents in recovery mode, like my two.

Of particular note was the current predicament of young Louise Archer. Having cleared a space on the trestles, three men including her father Brad, had her spread-eagled across it - face down. One man standing immediately behind her at the edge of the table, had a firm hold of her hips and was thrusting hard into her having an extraordinarily good time. Her father was the far side of the table holding her arms tightly out in front of her while the third guy was groping her breasts, flattened as they must have been by the table itself. Having only her skirt on and her bra barely hanging by a shoulder strap, Louise looked remarkably hot and rapeable. Maybe that was next on the agenda! Kylie was watching the scene with great interest - hopefully not with any intention of appearing in the sequel!

Whatever new experiences Larissa had recently had thrust upon her appeared to have been to her liking, as she sidled over to me from the center of another small group nearby and just collapsed on my lap, somewhat to Jenna and Kylie's surprise.

"I'm glad you came back," she murmured. "I missed you." That had my two girls exchanging knowing glances.

"Gimme a break girls," I said to them, "She's just having a rest ...nuthin' to it."

They giggled. Jenna put an arm around Larissa's waist. "Dad's comfortable isn't he" she teased.

I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to see Larissa and my two girls making-out passionately somewhere. Whether or not this was to become a reality I'm afraid you will just have to wait and see. So much more was to happen that Saturday afternoon, it will take me another fifteen or so pages to summarize adequately. Unfortunately, I have right now, to go and pick up Jenna from schoo

(c) This story appears courtesy of "The Complete Harper Valley" Peter_Pan