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Title: A Night out on the Town - Author: Spunky Vanessa

Published: Feb 13, 2008 - Contact:

A night out on the town with a group of your girlfriends. The group is having a great time, at the dance club. You along with your other friends, are having a great time, dancing, and drinking, and driving the men of the club wild. You tell your friends, you need to get some air, and are going to step outside for a minute. You go out a side door, and start walking down the dimly lit alley. Drinks always make you feel a little excited, and adventurous. You see a old blacked out building near by, with a door wide open, so you decide to check it out. You walk into the front main room. The room, is some what dark, but some street lights from a window across the room light the room up enough to see around. The room is empty, and it looks as if no one has been around for a while. Then, All of a sudden, a group of guys show up, almost like they knew what you wanted.

As you look around the room, and see all of their faces, your smile just gets larger. The men, all at one end of the room, just look at you, sizing you up. As you look back at them, you start counting. It appears to be 20 different guys, all different types of guys, some short, some tall, same thin, some very muscular.

As you size up the crowd, your smile fades as you start to wonder if you have gotten yourself in to deep. You have never taken on a crowd this size.

Just then, one of the guys in the crowd steps forward. He is a tall man named Titus (Greek for Giant), just over 6 1/2 ft tall, he has on a pair of jeans and a tank top on, that is tight against his chest. He must work out, as he appears to be in good shape. He looks you up and down, and turns back to the crowd, and says, "lets see what this slut can take!"

All the guys yell, and start walking toward you.

Titus, grabs your waist, and runs his hands up your body, across your tits, and gives them a nice squeeze, and smiles. He then runs his hands back down your body, to your legs, and then back up, lifting your skirt up. Just then a voice from the crowd yells out, "Look at that sweet pussy". Another voice says "ummm, I love sluts with no panties"

Titus, takes his hand, and runs it right across your slit, and you let out a little moan. The crowd starts to form a circle around you, but you don't care, as you start to breath heavier wondering, what Titus is going to do to you, as he appears to be the leader of the group.

Just then, you feel someone behind you, you turn your head, and you see a guy on his knees, with his hands pulling your skirt up from the back, so he can see your ass. Andre, appears to be another guy who stays fit. He has on jeans, and a T-shirt that is also tight against his chest. His hands are just squeezing, your ass, letting his thumbs play with the outside of your ass hole.

Just then, Titus slides 2 fingers into that tight pussy, and you let out a loud moan, and turn our head back to look at him. He gives you a big smile, and slides his fingers back out, and gives your pussy a nice slap.

The crowd starts cheering!

While you're focused on Titus, Andre, unzips his jeans and pulls out his cock. The crowd starts getting louder. Andre lays down on floor below you, looking up as your sweet tight pussy, and that VERY tight ass. Titus, gives your slit another hard slap, grabs your waist. He then pushes you down to your knees, right on top of Andre's cock. And in one fast movement he slams it deep into your ass, and you let out a VERY loud scream. The crowd starts yelling louder. They keep yelling, "fuck her", "give it to her deep".

As you keep screaming, because Andre is ripping your ass wide open, Titus keeps slapping your slit, you lean back to show Titus, and the crowd your pussy. Then, while Titus is slapping the outside of your pussy with one hand, he un zips his jeans with his other hand, and pulls out his cock. The crowd grows even louder. But you don't even notice, as you are leaning so far back.

With a quick fast movement, Titus takes his semi hard cock, and slaps your pussy. Since you notice it isn't his hand anymore, you take your hand and reach down to your pussy, and feel a big throbbing cock. You run your hand along it, so you can feel how long it is, but since you leaning back so much, you can't see it. You then take your hand and start rubbing your slit, to show the crowd you NEED cocks.

So to not disappoint the crowd, or you. Titus, takes his cock and slams it into that tight pussy, ripping it open as he goes in. And just as you let out a scream as Andre ripped your ass open, you scream as Titus fucks that tight hole.

As you lean back further to handle more of Titus, your head is facing the sky, and you moan, and scream as 2 cocks fuck you. You are enjoying it so much, that your eyes are closed, and you are just moving your hips back and forth to enjoy those cocks.

As Titus, slams into you, he grabs your neck, and forces you back further, holding your neck, then all of a sudden you feel something on your face, when you open your eyes, you see Boyd's Cock and balls in your face, and as soon as your open your mouth to gasp, he shoves his cock down your throat, and gives you a nice slap across the face. Just as he slaps you, you open wider, and take his whole cock, and stick your tongue out, begging for his balls too.

When you just get into a rhythm, with your hips moving to handle 2 cocks, and your mouth handling a 3rd, you feel more hands on your tits. But of course since you are bent back, and have a cock in your mouth you can not see your tits, but you can feel something.

Calvin, and Doug, are on each side you you, rubbing, and squeezing those huge tits of yours. Then they both grab your button down shirt, and rip it open, letting those tits free, and able to bounce as those 3 cocks just fuck every hole you have.

Calvin, and Doug, are just pulling at those tits, slapping them, and pinching and pulling those hard nipples. They then both start to bit each nipple.

The crowd is now going wild, just watching you with your skirt up around your waist, with a cock up your ass, a cock in your pussy, your blouse hanging down around your arms, wide open, with 2 guys sucking those tits, and Boyd fucking your face with his cock.

Some of the crowd is getting very restless, and excited. Some of the guys are already rubbing their cocks, just getting ready for you. Just watching you get fucked by these guys are turning them on.

Both Doug, and Calvin, are playing with their cocks as they pull on your tits. In fact, Doug grabs your hand, and places it on his cock, and without missing a beat you start stroking him, like there is no tomorrow. Calvin soon follows with your other hand.

But now, Eddie, can't stay in the crowd any longer, he needs something. He is already stroking his cock, and he can't wait any longer. So he walks up to all the action. He straddles your upper stomach, slaps his cock right between your tits, and starts fucking those huge fucking tits. Both Doug, and Calvin stand up, and move closer to your face, so you can stroke them both off easier.

The crowd can not believe what they are seeing, you are taking on 6 cocks.

All off a sudden Andre, starts pumping into you harder and faster, and starts screaming. The crowd starts chanting, "fill the bitch up!"

The excitement must be getting to Boyd, because of a sudden, you feel his balls start to pulsate, and he gives out a loud scream, and shoots a LARGE load of cum down your throat, so much in fact it start dripping out the side of your month. As soon as Calvin, and Doug see you lap up that cum, they both explode all over the sweet face of yours, covering it with hot sticky cum. The crowd erupts in cheers. You then pull Doug's cock closer to your mouth, so you can lick it clean, and then Calvin's.

Cum is dripping down your face, down into your hair, and your chin. Eddie starts fucking your tits hard and faster, and you now he is about to give you some more sticky cum. You grab your tits, and push them close together so his cock can fuck you better, while you look at him, and lick the cum off your lips.

That is it, he lets it fly, and drenches your tits, neck, and face in more cum.

The crowd continues to go crazy. Now Frank walks up to your left side of your face, whips out his cock, and slaps you across the face with it. You immediately, open your mouth, stick out your tongue and beg for his cock. He shoves it down your throat. His cock is larger then Boyd's, so it goes deeper down your throat, and you love it. Then you feel something else on your check, Glen has his cock slapping your face from the right side. So now you have 2 cocks to eat. And you are just going to town on each of them.

Then, Andre, starts getting louder, and you feel a flow of HOT cum shoot up your ass, and you start slamming your hips down on him, to get more of his cock, and keep his cum up your ass.

Then all of a sudden, Titus, grabs you, pulls your hips deeper down on his cock, and rolls and pulls you down on top of him. Allowing Andre to get out of you. Frank, and Glen follow you, still fucking your mouth. Now your huge tits are bouncing right in front of Titus' face, and he starts biting those nipples that are sticking so far out.

Titus, keeps fucking that pussy, trying to rip it open, and now he can see you eat those other 2 cocks. You are a hungry little slut aren't you

Now the crowd can see your ass wide open, with hot sticky cum slowly dripping our of it. Your ass Hole has been ripped open so wide, that it is still wide open, just begging for another cock. So to not disappoint, Hugh, walks up.

Since your asshole is wide open he shouldn't have a problem getting his thick 9 inch cock into your ass. So he takes one hand, and gives your tight ass one HARD slap forcing you down on Titus' Cock, and info the 2 cocks you are eating. You give a long deep moan. Hugh ask you, if you need a cock in your ass. But since you are busy eating 2 cocks, your answer is VERY muffled. The crowd starts chanting, "Fuck the slut, rip her ass wide open"

Since Hugh's Cock is thicker, and longer then Boyd's, when he slams it into your ass, as far as it will go, you give a big gasp. As soon as you gasp, and your mouth opens wider, Glen slams his cock deeper down your throat, trying to choke you with it. He has it so deep, that you can feel his balls hit your chin, and you try everything you can, to handle it.

Just then, Glen releases a large load of steaming cum down your throat. He grabs the hair on the back of your head, and keeps his cock buried deep in your throat, forcing you to slurp it all up. Keep in mind, Titus is still fucking your pussy, which is starting to get raw from so much cock, and Hugh is ramming all 9 inches up your tight ass.

Glen lets go of your hair, starts to pull his cock out of your mouth, and gives you a little slap on the face, and says, "Good, you dirty little cock hungry slut" So now your mouth is all free for Franks cock again. you open your mouth wide, and stick your cum covered tongue out for his cock. As Hugh pounds your ass, with every thrust you breathe heavier. Between breathes, you say "Frank, please feed me your cum, I need more, I need your cum!"

With that, Frank slams his cock back in your sticky mouth. And you let out a muffled moan. Frank grabs the back of your hair, and starts fucking your face very hard and rough. You keep pushing your ass back into Hugh, to get more of his 9 inches. The deeper he gets, the more you moan. Frank seems to like it when you moan, as he is fucking your face harder. Then you open your mouth up wider, letting Frank slide deeper into you.

Then, someone in the crowd yells out, "look, she has her tongue out licking his balls, the slut wants more cum". Your tongue did it, Frank lets out a big moan, and releases the largest load of cum you have had yet, shooting so hard and fast, you start to gag on the cum, and some starts dripping down your chin. The crowd starts yelling, and laughing. "look at her, Frank is going to choke the bitch" But you love it, your hips are moving so fast now, your pussy is getting so dry and raw, it needs some sticky hot cum.

So now you are really moving your hips, going down on Titus as deep as possible. And you start beg him for some cum, in your little slutty voice. "Titus, your cock is so deep up me, fill my pussy, Fill my dirty pussy up with your cum!" and with that, Titus lets out a big moan, grabs your neck, and lets loose. He fires so much cum, with so much force, that he bucks you right off his cock, shooting his cum all over your sweet pussy lips, and cleanly shaven hair, letting is cover all your pussy hair, making it nice and warm, and sticky.

As he is still holding your neck, and crack a little smile, and give him a wink. He looks at you, and says " your are a dirty little cum hungry bitch" He then takes you, and throws you back, so you are on top of Hugh, spreading your legs showing the crowd what he has done to your pussy. He has just ripped it apart and covered it in cum.

Now, you just ride Hugh's large cock, trying to get all 9 inches into your ass. You get so into riding his cock you don't even noticed that you have started playing with your wet pussy, your wet sticky pussy. The crowd really likes that. In fact Ivan yells out "The slut needs more, she is fingering her self!"

So Ivan goes up to your face, which is facing the sky trying to get the cock up your ass more. He grabs your hair, pulls your head back some more, slaps your face, and shoves his balls into your mouth, takings his cock and smacking your face with it, ordering you to suck his balls. And as any slut would, you start sucking. Still fingering your sticky slit.

Your little show with your pussy is really getting the crowd excited again, having your legs spread wide open, showing that deep pussy covered in Titus' cum. JC can't take too much more of this. JC appears to be a bouncer at a club, as he is a big guy. JC comes up to you, pulls out his LARGE black cock, and starts rubbing it across your wet pussy hair, you slide your hand out of your pussy, and start stroking his cock, getting it nice and wet from your hand that was in your pussy. The only problem is, with the position you are in, and the length of his cock, you can't stroke the whole thing.

The crowd starts getting louder. Chanting, "JC, fuck that white slut!" So with that, JC takes the head of his cock, and slides it into you. Because his cock is MUCH thicker then Titus', even just his head is stretching your pussy lips open. As JC pushes deeper into you, you start to gasp, and take deeper breathes as he rips your pussy open more. And with one big gasp Ivan takes his cock, and slams it down your throat, now that his balls are dripping wet from you.

A voice in the crowd shouts out, "look at her throat, you can see the bulge from Ivan's cock"

JC has about half of his huge black cock hidden in your pussy, and you are still moving your hips, wanting more.

Hugh is still filling up your ass with his hard cock, and reaching up around you, pulling at your tits, while Ivan keeps fucking that dirty mouth of yours, letting his wet balls hit your face.

JC keeps pushing deep into you, and the crowd cheers him on. And you keep the crowd going by bucking your hips, demanding more cock.

The crowd starts yelling, "fuck that dirty white bitch!"

Kato, keeps watching those tits bounce, as the 3 cocks slam into you, so he can not resist getting in on the action and just joins in. He climbs on you, letting his cock slide in between your tits, and slide all the way up to your neck, and gives it a nice slap with his cock while he is up there. You take your hands and push your tits so close together that you are forcing Kato, to rip open your tits with his cock

So, not to be outdone from earlier when you took on 6 cocks,, Leo, and Mitch get on each side of you, and take their cocks, and start whipping your tits with them, just flicking those nipples. It doesn't take long for your hands to find their cocks, and start jerking them off.

As Hugh, looks up, and sees you going crazy, that just makes him pump faster a deeper, ripping your ass just a little bit more. JC now has 10 inches of his 14 inch cock in you, and is still pumping hard, trying to force MORE into you. He wants to rip your pussy up so wide, that you feel his balls hit you, but your not open enough yet. Your hips start moving faster and harder to take more of both Hugh, and JC.

All of a sudden, Ivan grabs your hair and pulls your head down further, FORCING your jaw open wider, and he shoves his whole cock down your throat so far, that he even gets his balls into your mouth, and with your tongue, you start massaging his balls so well, that he lets go, and shots a large river of cum down your throat. And with that, you start stroking Leo, and Mitch faster, wanting more cum. Then they both explode at the same time, all over your face, you keep begging for more cum, even though you have it all over your face, dripping everywhere. You pull them each to your mouth and lick them clean.

You are sopping up all the cum you can that you don't notice the crowd has gotten quite. But then you do notice standing next to you, is your friend, Vanessa, she had been looking for you, and wondered where you went. Now she knows. She just stops and stares at you, covered in dripping cum, with a cock up your ass, and HUGE black cock up your pussy, and a guy titty fucking you.

She then leans down, to grab you, and the crowd figured the fun was over. Except instead of grabbing you, she takes her tongue and gives your tits a nice big long lick, getting as much cum as she can, and goes up to your mouth, and lets it drip from her mouth to yours. The crowd goes wild, and starts yelling! You give her a big smile, and she gives you a deep long kiss, and starts licking the cum from your face, and feeding it to you.

She then moves back down to your tits, and starts licking Kato's cock as he fucks your tits. I think she is hungry. And Between your tits, and her tongue, Kato, will not last much longer. In fact just as Vanessa's Tongue leaves his shaft, he unloads all over your tits. He shoots his loads with such force that he manages to cover your neck, and you can feel it drip down your neck, and all over your tits.

Vanessa, instantly starts slurping it up, in fact she is making so much noise, that Hugh starts forcing his cock up your ass so deep, that you let out another loud moan, as he rips into you a little bit more, and as your body jumps, JC forces the rest of his long cock into your sticky pussy. Your moans and screams of pain from the 2 large cocks are so erotic, that both Hugh, and JC start FUCKING you harder and faster, then you have had it today.

You are screaming so much, that you grab Vanessa, and pull her to you, and just shove your tongue down her throat to try and control your self. The crowd loves that, and apparently so does Hugh, and JC, and they are fucking you so hard and rough, they may rip you in half.

Hugh starts pumping even harder and faster, and the crowd keeps cheering, and he unloads, a river of cum into your ass. He shoot it so far up your ass, that you can feel the warm sticky cum inside you. You keep begging for more, and JC is still slamming his cock into your now WIDE open pussy.

JC, reaches up, and grabs you by the neck, and rolls you on top of him so he can start fucking his cock up into you. As he does this, the crowd gets VERY loud. And you can now feel hot cum dripping out of your ass. Your ass has been ripped so far open that, a gaping hold is just smiling at the crowd with sticky hot cum dripping out.

We don't want any cum to go to waste, So Vanessa gets down on her hands on knees, and starts licking the dripping cum from your ass. The crowd really likes this, and it must feel good to you, as you let out a deep moan, which just makes JC thrust faster. In fact Vanessa's tongue is also licking JC's Balls.

But now, with the added excitement of Vanessa, the crowd is getting restless, they are getting tired of waiting for a fuck.

Norm, goes up to your face, and orders you to suck his cock, no objections from you :)

Otto, grabs the Back of Vanessa's hair, and pulls her away from your ass. He forces her mouth open, shoves his cock down her throat, and pulls the back of her head into him, so his cock gets nice and wet. Then he pulls out of her, and pushes her aside, and slams his dick into your wide open ass.

Vanessa, then goes up toward Norm, and as he fucks your face, Vanessa, start sucking his balls.

Keep in mind JC is still fucking that raw pussy of yours, with his large thick black cock. All of a sudden you feel his cock get larger inside of you, and he gives off a large grunt. JC gives one more deep thrust, and you finally feel his balls hit you. He has all 14 inches of his thick cock in your raw pussy. He is so deep inside of you, that every thrust feels like it is ripping you open more. All of a sudden you feel a warm flow running inside you, and JC lets out a large grunt, and keeps slamming his disk up your pussy. In fact he is sliding a good 12 inches out and back in, he is spuing so much hot cum, that he just slides in and out of you so easily, that it is hard to believe he is 14 inches deep inside you. The crowd keeps chanting for JC to fill you up, and he is, he just keeps cumming, and cumming, he is filling you up with so much cum, that your pussy might not be able to hold it all in.

Just then, Norm starts to grunt, and Vanessa starts sucking his balls harder, and sure enough there he goes, filling your mouth up with some more wanted hot cum. And you being the good slut you are, you slurp it all up.

JC, smiles at you, and shoves you backwards so you go deep on Otto's cock. Then JC, grabs Vanessa, and shoves as much of his cock as he can down her throat, and holds her hold down on it. A few of the guys in the crowd start laughing, and make comments, "Look JC is going to choke the new slut" Vanessa doesn't mind, as she has a thing for thick black cocks.

You just keep leaning back, try to get more of Otto's cock, you spread your legs, and the crowd can see your gapping pussy, that is bright red, wide open hold, dripping of JC's cum. You look over at JC, and see his monster size cock. You notice how Vanessa can only swallow half of his dick, and you can't even imagine how he forced all of it into your pussy.

While you move up and down on Otto's cock, you notice you only have one cock. So the dirty fucking slut you are, you ask where are the rest of the cocks And in a flash the remaining 4 guys move in, with their cocks in hand, ready to use your body.

Pedro, immediately, jumps down to your wide open pussy, and slides easily in. as you are SOOOO loose now, and dripping wet.

Quinton, grabs your face, and leans you over to feed you his cock.

Randall, and Stan, Stand on each side of you, and let your hands do the walking, I mean stroking.

Quinton's cock is average size, so you have no problem sucking that thing down your throat, in fact you keeping moving your face into his cock trying to get his balls as well.

Pedro, is still going to town on your raw pussy, it is so wide open, he slides in and out like nothing, letting his balls smack you with every thrust. This must really turn you on, as you start bucking harder on the cock up your ass, and start stroking the cocks in your hand faster. In fact as you stroke Randall, and Stan, they start pulling at your tits, which makes you buck even harder with all 5 cocks!

You start to feel Otto thrust harder up to you, and you know your ass is about to get nice and sticky again :) Sure enough, he gives out a large grunt, and you feel a nice warm stream shot up your ass, so you buck harder on him, to get everything he has.

Your bucking, only increases Pedro's excitement, but since you are so loose, his cock comes fling out of your pussy, and he streams a nice long hot load all over to outside of your pussy, covering you sticky pussy lips with more cum.

You start moaning for more, and the sounds of your moans, get to Quinton. He pulls your head back some more, and with a deep thrust slams his cock down your throat, and forces you to drink his spunk.

Now that you have 3 loads of fresh cum, you want more, you want to finish off the group, with the 2 cocks in your hand, so you start jerking them off, like the cum hungry slut you are. In fact Stan, reaches down, and start fingering your raw pussy, and you stroke him faster.

Both Stan, and Randall, look at your tits, and just let the cum fire, and cover you bouncing tits. Watching it drip all over your dirty body.

You stand up, cum still dripping all over your body, with your skirt up around your waist, your blouse wide open, and look around the room. You see 20 guys, all spread out, looking like they all just ran a marathon. You give a smile of satisfaction, and reach around to close your blouse. Cum instantly soaks through your sheer blouse, and you button it closed. Not that is does much good, as your tits are soaked, and dripping with cum. You fix your skirt, and run your hand up your legs, catching some dripping cum, and suck your finger dry, and with a large smile, you turn in a circle, smiling at all the guys.

You grab Vanessa, and start to head to the door, as you get to the door, you turn back to the crowd. All of them just looking beat, you say, "Thanks guys, but next time, maybe you can bring more of your friends. You guys wear out to quickly for me, I need it to last longer then 2.5 hours", you give a nice slutty wink to them, and head for the door.

As you head home, thinking of all 20 guys you just took on, and all the cum on, and in your body, you just think what a great night it was.

You go to bed, waiting to keep all that cum with you, so you can remember the 3 guys your pussy had, the 3 guys ripping your ass open, the 6 rivers of cum flowing down your throat, the 2 cocks fucking your tits, and the 6 cocks covering your tits, and face with sticky cum.