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Title: Threesome Sex - Author: Dave

Published: Feb 19, 2008 - Contact:

I have been married to my wife for 15 years, Sex has always been good until just recently. I work long hours and the occasions we do get to make love, It was all over in minutes. I do not blame myself too much for this, you see my wife has never had kids, and when I put my cock inside her, her tight pussy has me spunking in seconds. I have often fantasized about introducing another man into our bedroom to give her the fucking she deserves. I can tell that this turns her on. Alas after we have made love she would dismiss this idea and tell me that she only wanted me.

That was until I recently took her away for her fourtieth birthday. I only had a week spare from work and as it was January we decided to go to the Gambia. I thought the break would help our relationship.

On the first morning we left the hotel and headed for the beach some 200 metres away. We were immediately harassed by a number of hawkers and peddlers all wanting to sell us something.

About 20 metres from the beach, I saw a tall lithe black male with dreadlocks walk from behind his stall and say something in Gambian to the following army of pedalers. In seconds they disappeared. The male introduced himself as Soloman and asked our names. My wife Lisa almost ignored him, but I was civil and introduced us. He told us to tell any one we had hassle from, that we were solamon's friends and they should leave us alone.

True to his word for the next two days,on hearing these words people would leave us alone. On the third day we went to the beach, and we were lying on the sun beds when, I saw a black male running along the beach. The male stopped opposite our sun loungers about 30 metres away and he started to do press ups. After a while the male walked towards us and I could see it was Solamon. His athletic body was glistening with sweat in the morning sun. He recognised lisa and I and stopped to chat.He recommended a beach shack for lunch, and again told me to say solamon had sent us. Sure enough we found the beachshck and had lunch. My meal was very spicy but the food was exquisite. After lunch I was lying in the sun, when the spices started to have an effect on me. I told Lisa I was going to the room and I would be back shortly. As I passed Solamons stall he asked if I was alright, I told him I had an upset stomach as Ishot past him. I just made it to the room and for the next Three hours I could not drag myself off the toilet. Lisa eventually returned, a bit later than usual,she could see I was in pain, and she appologised for being late as she had been talking to soloman who had gone to the beach shortly after I had left.

I was in agony, and told Lisa that I did not want dinner. She said she would stay with me, but I told her she had got to eat, and besides I could do with a sleep. She reluctantly agreeded to go to dinner on her own, but said that she would find a Pharmacy, and get me some medicine, before returning to the room straight after her meal.

I slept for ages, I woke up shortly after 01.30 and was worried to find that Lisa was not in the bed beside me. I slowly got dressed deciding to go and look for her.I went past the hotel bar which was now closed, I went through reception and out of the front of the hotel. As I turned the corner of the hotel towards the beach, I became aware that a couple were inan embrace under a tree, on my side of the road. It suddenley dawned on me that it was my Lisa, in the arms of Solamon. I frooze, I did not know what to do. At the same time Lisa saw me and Solamon turned to face me. Lisa did not speak, I said something like I was worried about you, I did not know where you were. She replied "oh its ok Solamon was looking after me". She made no effort to free from her embrace, so I asked her if she was coming back to the room, and she told me to carry on she was just saying good night.

I turned on my heels and left not knowing what to do, I walked slowly back to our room, expecting Lisa to catch me up. She came back some twenty minutes later. She was obviously drunk, and she dismissed my demands for an explaination, telling me we would talk in the morning. Soon she was sleeping and I was left awake, running over in my mind what I had seen. I had several feelings inside me, anger, jealousy,but also arousal. The next morning I felt weak and Lisa had a hangover. We did not mention the incident from the previous evening all day. We decided to stay around the hotel pool as neither of us felt like straying far from the room.

At night I was still feeling weak, so we ate in the hotel and returned for an early night. I became incredibly horny and started to play with her tits while I coudled into her, she responded by stroking my cock. It was then that I raised the subject. She told me that the previous night she had dinner in the hotel on her own, but went out to try to find a pharmacy. It was then that she had saw Soloman and he had offered to take her to one he knew off. On the way back he invited her for a drink, and as she thought I'd be sleeping and she had nothing else to do she accepted.

She started to drink the local vodka while Soloman chatted to her about anything and everything. She told me that she did not realise the time, until the bar started to close up. She said that when she went to stand up, she realised that she had drunk too much and had nearly fallen over. Soloman had walked her home almost proping her up. She told me that she could feel his large hands wrapped around her and one thing lead to another and before she knew it their tongues were entwining. It was then that I had disturbed her. She appologised but I told her not to worry.

When I put my finger inside her pussy I could not believe how wet she had become at reliving the event. I was so turned on and asked her if she would like Soloman to join us for a threesome. She stopped andasked me if I really meant it, and I said that I did. I thought we were just playing games as we had done several times in the past. As I fingered her she hadan almighty climax, and she was bucking and throwing her head back. She told me that she had felt Solomans erect penis against her and could not believe how big he was. she told me that she did not htink she could take all his cock should the opportunity arise. I put my cock inside her but I did not last 10 seconds before I was pumping my seed into her.

The next day we went to the beach as we approached Soloman's stall I was a bit apprehensive, but he was no where to be seen.Ater lunch Lisa said she was going for a drink and went up to the beach shack. She returned a couple of hours later and said she had bumped into Soloman. She had bought a wooden face mask from his stall and said that he had not mentioned the incident Two days before. She told me that as it was our penultimate night she had accepted his invitation for us to go for a meal with him later on that evening. That evening Lisa got showered and put on her little black dress which shows off her size 8 figure, and her newly aquired tan.

Neither of us said a word as we we went to meet Soloman at the restaurant. I was utterly confused but excited, as Lisa ordered the Vodka that she said she would never drink again. The chat was about the holiday and his business and all seemed well. We ate the meal and I ordered another round of drinks before heading to the toilets. When I came back I was shocked to see that Soloman had placed his right hand on the insideof Lisa's thigh and she had not made any attempt to move it. The pair of them where know ignoring me and chatting quietly together as if I was not there!. I was aware that other people in the restaurant had understood what was happening, as he was the only Black malein the place. I noticed that people were starring at us, and felt a little uncomfatible. Lisa was oblivious to the fact and she continued to flirt with him. I thought that she was just teaching me a lesson, and that she would tell me that we were going back to the hotel , but she continued to melt into him as he stroked her thigh.

I decided that I did not like the situation, and told Lisa that we had better be going, she told me to carry on up to the room if I liked and she would follow. I wanted to say no, but decided against it. She told me that Soloman was coming back to the room for a nightcap, and asked me to call in the little shop near the hotel to get some vodka and Orange.I did as I was told and Soloman and Lisa followed on behind.I was walking slowly but they seemed to be walking slower. Every now and then I would turn around and could see them arm in arm following. I got to the shop just as it was about to close and got the Vodka and Orange as I was instucted. I thought that by the time I had got out of the shop they would have caught up, butthey were no where to be seen. I made my mind up that I I was going to put a stop to the situation because I did not like it. So I walked back down the road rehearing what Iwas going to say. Lisa was once again kissing Soloman in a patienate embrace as I reached them. Before I had chance to say my peace, Lisa said that Soloman had decided that hedid not want to shair me tonight and could she have the room key. I was speechless, jealousy ran through my body, I wanted to scream and say no, but I handed them the drinks and the room key. I said what shall I do as they walked past me, i did not receive a reply. It was late so I went back down towards the bars and restaurants and went into a bar with the most people in, and proped myself up at the bar and ordered a beer. My mindwas in a whirl and I still thought that Lisa was playing me at my own game and it was some kind of a sick joke. I downed a couple of beers and noticed that people were drifting away. Soon I was the only one left in the bar. Lisa had been gone, almost Two hours. I paid my bar bill and decided to head for the hotel. I walked slowly through the entrance, past receiption, past the bar that was now closed and into the the corridor leading to our room, I thought that Lisa may have been inside on her own, but just in case I did not want to disturb them. My doubts were confirmed as I got Two rooms away from our door. I could here noises that would have woken the dead. Lisa was almost screaming and for a second I thought that she may be in danger. I stopped at the door before knocking to make sure. I heard Lisa shout "you dirty fucker, You big black dirty fucker", I could hear her spitting on him.

My Lisa who I seldomly heard swear yet alone spit was behaving like an animal. I thought about knocking, but decided against it. I continued to listen at the door, I heard Soloman laugh and then Lisa wimpering, before she pleaded with him to come inside her. The door of next doors room opened and a male put his head out. He recognised me and asked me to keep the noise down. I said I would and knocked quietly on the door, which was ignored. I walked off after the male returned inside the room. My emotions were shot, I walked back out towards the pool and saw the security guard coming the other wasy, so I said evening and walked back through reception and out of the hotel. I had no where to go, so I crouched down near the hotel wall near the tree, waiting for Soloman to finish fucking my wife.

An hour later I looked up and saw Soloman walking past me, I was hoping he would not see my pathetic figure huddled up around the base of the tree, but he looked at me and just started laughing loudily to compound my humiliation. I returned to the room, knocked on the door and Lisa let me in. She was completely deshieveled. She had a big smile on her face and she kissed me on the lips and said thank you.

I was angry but incredibly horny, and told Lisa I wanted to fuck her. She said that Soloman had told her that I was not allowed, besides she was too soar.She said that he had instructed her to straddle my face and dribble his come in my mouth. Once again I did what I was told, and Lisa took a picture of me receiving Solomans come all over my face. She said it was what Soloman had instructed her to do. I asked her to suck my cock but she told me she was not allowed. so I pleasured myself, while chooking on the thick goblets of come.

Lisa was not allowed to tell me waht happened and the next day we did not speak about it. We stayed around the pool in the day and at night I tentavily asked her what we were doing that eveing. Lisa told me that it was unfir for me to not have my own bed so she had arranged to stay with Soloman at his roadside stall. She was gone all night. Things are relatively back to normal now we have returned to the UK. However Lisa's pussy is not as tight as it used to be, and she has announced that she has booked time off in November to go back to the Gambia, this time for a fortnight. She as also kindly said that I could go along as well if I want!