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Title: The Best Threesome - Author: Anjali Sharma

Published: Feb 23, 2008 - Contact:

The afternoon when I received a call to reach Ranaji's farmhouse I was waiting for it. I was dressed in my best see thru black saree and sleeveless blouse that accentuated my firm a bit heavy breasts and the saree was wrapped so tight that the shape of my buttocks was inviting too. I had shaved my thighs and arms today itself and even my pussy. Now I was getting ready to go to Ranaji and get thoroughly fucked by him. The driver was giving me lusty glances as he drove me to Ranaji's farmhouse and dropped me. I climbed the stairs and entered the big house knowing Ranaji would be upstairs waiting for me. As I began climbing I could hear the sound of moans from upstairs and I smiled like the last time he seemed to have some company too. I hoped it would be Suvarna since on last occasion I had made him agree that I was a better lay than her. I walked on tiptoes to the door of his bedroom and peeked inside. My eyes went wide. Ranaji was standing near his bed in his shorts on the bed lay a woman no a girl who could not have been more than 18, obviously scared to see Ranaji's naked body the girl was shivering.

"Come on Jyoti strip baby," he said and pushed her hand on his shorts. Jyoti gasped in fear as her small hand encircled his large pole through the shorts. Ranaji tore her dupatta away and threw it to one side. Jyoti small breasts were quivering inside her kurta and I could only imagine what would happen when Ranaji would penetrate her. I decided she needed help there. I entered casually and said namaste to Ranaji." come Prema she is Jyoti she wants a job in my company as an accountant just final interview remaining," Jyoti was dying of shame. I walked to the bed and sat next to her then told Ranaji to give us 5 minutes alone and then both would be ready. Smiling he left.

"See Jyoti I started this to save my hubby's job and I am now enjoying this. Obviously you are from a poor family so you need this job or you would not have been here, so just relax and enjoy, to make you comfortable I will strip first ok, "I said and stroked her head. Her eyes filled with tears she nodded. I stood and pealed my saree away , then reaching behind myself I unhooked my blouse and slipped out of it too. Jyoti's eyes went wide when she saw my voluptuous breasts. I smiled and put her hands there motioning her to squeeze me. She gave a tentative squeeze and before she knew I swept her in my arms and put my lips against here's. Jyoti responded and put her arms around me. I eased her kurta over her head and threw it aside. Her small breasts were secured in a girlie black brassiere. I unhooked it lovingly and pulled it aside. Then I sat with her in my lap and kissed her throat, her breasts and their small nipples. Jyoti called me aunty and shyly hugged me. I continued petting her and made her lie on bed then I tugged at the cord of her shalwar and pulled it down too. Now she was in bed only in black cotton panties. I removed my brassiere and freed my huge melons. Then I lay next to her and started to stroke her breast her back and her legs. Jyoti turned to one side and kissed me.

"Will it hurt when he enters me aunty" She asked in a scared voice. I stroked her head and said, It will but after some time it will give you lot of pleasure and to begin with I will tell you how to do it, then I called Ranaji back. He came in and was happy to see us undressed like this. "Ranaji this child is young and shy you have to be patient with her so please start with some oral fun, I said and asked him to sit on bed with legs spread. Rananji removed his short and I shivered as I saw that tool once again. Glorious.

"Come child sleep with your head in his lap, I ordered Jyoti. Jyoti though shy and shaking obeyed me and lay with her head in his lap. Rananji stroked her head and pulled her face towards his crotch. Now open your lips and let him put his ghoda in there, I said and when she hesitated pushed her head till his lund was slapping her face. Rananji pressed his fingers in the side of her face till she was forced to open her mouth and then he put it in there. I stroked her back and reached down to pull her panties down Jyoti wiggled and tried to sit up but Rananji kept her face buried in his crotch and told her to suck. I pulled her frilly panties down and then bunching my petticoat in the waist I climbed on top of her. She grunted as my weight settled on her, I whispered in her ear, Now keep sucking him till he does not fill your mouth ok" She nodded and like an obedient student began to suck him with some vigor pushed my hand between her thighs and found her love hole. It was hairy and wet and tight like a young woman's should be.

I knew if Rananji put his dick there she will bleed to death I decided to widen it with my fingers. I pout one finger since, Jyoti again tried to get up and this time I slapped her hard to tell her to only mind what was in her mouth. Jyoti tried to wiggle but between the 2 of us she was helpless. I put one finger in her warm cunt and started to masturbate her, I could feel her getting lubricated fast and satisfied I put one more finger in there stretching her cunt lips as wide as I could. Jyoti was now being a good girl sucking on him like lollipop. Ranaji sat forward and started to knead my melons with both hands squeezing brutally. I sighed and pushed his hands with one hand while I continued massaging her chut with another. I was twisting my fingers inside a trick I knew that would make her chut a bit more wet and make it stretch more to accommodate the hairy large object stuffed in her mouth right now. I tried to reach as deep as I could without breaking her hymen which I knew Ranaji would want to break with his lund.

She is ready now, I whispered in Rananji's ear and before Jyoti realized what going on I was got up from her prone body and rolled on my back. Rananji holding her down jumped behind her to take my position. I sat in his place and removed my last garment my panty. Jyoti saw up and saw my hairless glistening pussy and she realized that the moment had come. "Raise your tummy a little, I said and Ranaji lifted her tummy a little and slapped her thighs wide, He was kissing her earlobe and squeezing her small breasts brutally. With one hand he maneuvered his dick to her pussylips and then shoved it in. Jyoti scream would have curdled blood but he pressed her face down in the pillow and moving out for a minute gave another thrust that finally tore her tender tissues inside and his dick was buried against her inner parts.

"she is still not broke bloody tight," Rananji grunted with effort and again gave a mighty thrust, Jyoti bit in to my thighs and screamed saying no leave her, but Ranjani brutally gave one more thrust and finally Jyoti tender hymen got broke. I pushed her face between my legs and Rananji started to move back and forth in rhythm now that she was broken her insides must have been slick with her juice and blood so his sentry was relatively easier now. "come on Jyoti eat aunts pussy," I said and held her head down between my legs. After some time Jyoti started to kiss my pussylips and I started to rock back and forth fucking her mouth thinking what an experience it must have been for the young girl to be torn like this at an age of 21. Me and Rananjji spent the whole night playing with Jyoti's body who turned out to be quite a doll once her initial fear and hymen got broken and now she is my regular playmate. More stories coming.