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Title: Sounds - Author: UK Man

Published: Mar 5, 2008 - Contact:

I hear the bath empty and the sound of footsteps upstairs for a few minutes. The sound of the hairdryer disturbs the quiet house - it continues for what seems ages - then silence.

More footsteps upstairs, the closets and drawers being opened and closed. I try to imagine what she's doing - mental images fly through my mind. Then I hear her footsteps descending the stairs, crossing the hall and then she is in the room.

She's wearing her comfy dressing gown and a smile. She stands in front of me and loosens the belt, just enough to allow me a glimpse of the turquoise bra I bought her recently. She pulls the gown open to reveal the matching thong.

I am extremely turned on. She sits next to me. I nuzzle her neck and smell her perfume. I feel her hand stroke my thigh reaching up and brushing my balls. She slips off the couch and kneels between my legs. I am literally bursting with excitement.

Her left hand encompasses the base of my erect penis, her right strokes my length.

She leans forward and with the tip of her tongue licks the underside of my head whilst continuing to stroke my shaft. She takes my head into her mouth covering it with saliva the using it as lubrication begins a circular up and down motion on my head. The sensation is exquisite. My balls begin too tighten - I tell her I am close to coming. She ignores me and increases the tempo - I can't hold back and ejaculate.

I raise her up and kiss and hug her.

I take her hand and lead her upstairs.

In the bedroom I remove the dressing gown and position her so that she is standing legs apart leaning slightly forward against the wardrobe.

I start kissing the back of her neck while my hands wander over her body.

I run my hands up her thigh caressing the material of her thong over her pussy and up to her breasts. Again I nuzzle at the nape of her neck, something I know she loves.

I unclasp her bra and release her breasts.

I turn her round and move my mouth to her nipple.

I manouvre her to the bed and sit her down. Moving between her legs I massage her pussy through her thong, feeling her pussy swell and engorge. The heat experienced by my fingers and the visual image of the woman I love experiencing pleasure that I am giving her give me so much satisfaction. She's laying back and is cupping her breasts. I continue to massage her pussy - I move to slide her thong off but she stops me and pulls it aside, I trace the outline of her labia then search out her clitoris. Easing her labia apart enables me to use the tip of my tongue to dart and circle her clitoris.

The image of her pulling her thong aside is such a strong erotic image for me. I concentrate on her clitoris with my tongue whilst working my finger in and around her pussy.

Tentatively I insert a finger into her pussy - the wet and the heat turn me on more.