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Title: Dirty Language - Author:

Published: Mar 5, 2008 - Contact:

Maisie and I spent our entire Saturday working on our science project. Unfortunately, the only progress we made was admiring sparkles and using dirty language. It was a pretty fun day; I didn't have a care in the world.

Maisie started talking about her ex-boyfriend Garrett, it was hilarious, and she talked about his hair pits, his buzz cut, his ugly braces and how she got her tongue caught on one. I started to talk about my old friend Beverly -who took my virginity, but I didn't bother mentioning it- who moved out of town two years previously.

All my good friend did was chuckle, "You're blushing." I covered my face. She leaned over me and made kissy lips, "You looove Beverly, you want to hold her, you want to touch her-" I joked back, "Oh yes, Beverly," we broke into almost incontrollable laughter.

The sun was going down and Maisie started changing into her pajamas. I watched her changing, her flower panties, her purple bra with stars where he nipple should be. It wasn't like I hadn't seen a woman's body before. She reached into her panties, "Damnit, it feels like there are crumbs or something in there..."

I huffed, "Crumbs, you sure it isn't just your crabs" I asked pulling of my underwear and exposing my beaver. She pulled her hand out, and her panties fell down. I stared in disbelief at a sagging pink cock. I screamed and covered my pussy.

She screamed and covered herself. I kept screaming. She shoved it in her panties, I turned all red. She sat down, "Please don't tell anyone."

I couldn't help it; I just...stared at her dick that was jamming through her flower panties. I asked her what the hell was going on. She didn't say anything. I chewed my lip and stood there, naked in front of her.

I felt a current running up my legs and I smirked, "You know what I think," I said approaching her, I felt really hot for no reason, "I think I wanna touch it." (Might I mention she was possibly the prettiest man I'd ever met)

Maisie seemed more than enthusiastic to let me, seeing she had a nice hard-on already. I walked over and sat on my knees. I took the thick cock in my hand and admired it. She let out a sigh. I licked the head, she thrusted it into my mouth. I bobbed back and forth on it, swirling my tongue on it. Her voice seemed to drop two octaves as she moaned.

I could feel her swelling in my mouth, "Ah fuck, yes, h-h- aww... yeeess!" She held me on her cock as she came in my throat. I swallowed the load with great pleasure. I slipped off and laid on the ground, I wiped the cum of my chin and lips. She crawled over me.

She rubbed the head of her pink cock against my slit. I let out a soft moan. I liked the feeling of it rubbing me. She pushed it in me. She didn't move waiting for me to against to her size. I leaned my head back and licked my lips, "Goood."

She slowly pulled it in and out. It felt so big inside me. Maisie complimented me in her manly voice, "Awe your so fucking tight...awe."

I started moaning as she picked up speed. I bucked as she fucked me. I took hold of her shoulders, "Yes Maisie, fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

She answered me in her manly voice, "Ah yeah, uhhn, fuck your fucking pussy, ah, your nice little cunt."

Only within moments of that she let out a cry, "Oh yeesss!" I came right then. She pulled out and sprayed it in my mouth.

The next morning I woke up naked in a pile of sparkles and in Maisie's arms, her hand cupping my pussy.