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The Story...When I returned to college after the summer break, I wasn't sure how to handle the situation with aunt Pam (to my surprise, she'd given the most wonderful hand-job on the last day of term). I didn't know if what had happened was just a one off, or whether she wanted something beyond that. I didn't have to wait very long for the answer.

I had no lectures on Wednesday afternoons, so my time was my own. It was a couple of weeks into the term and a hot, sticky day. I decided to go back to aunt Pam's and have a bath to freshen up. Aunt Pam was there and I checked with her that it was OK to use the hot water for a bath. I soaked in the tub for about half an hour before getting out, drying off and going to my room. I'd been thinking about aunt Pam all the time I was in the bath and wondered if she might take the opportunity to do something. I decided to lie down on the bed wearing nothing but an unbuttoned shirt. I had my cock in my hand while I listened to aunt Pam moving around downstairs. The familiar rustle of her clothes made me want to toss myself right off but I resisted the temptation just in case.

After about a quarter of an hour, I heard aunt Pam coming up the stairs. She went straight past my room and into her own. I could hear her sorting clothes and stuff, and making the bed. I was becoming convinced that nothing was going to happen. Then I heard her come out of her room, walk over to my door and come into my room. Her eyes widened and she beamed a smile as she caught sight of my erection, poorly concealed by my shirt. To my delight, aunt Pam had already taken off her skirt and top, and was dressed in a navy blue full slip. She wasn't wearing a bra but she was wearing stockings. "Would you like to make love" she said. It was all I could do to croak a "Yes please" in reply.

She climbed onto the bed, straddling my thighs. Pulling my shirt open, she ran her hands up and down my chest, then down over my tummy to take my cock in hand. I ran my hands up and down her stockinged thighs and she moved herself further up over me. As she raised the hem of her slip, I could see she was wearing no knickers. She guided my cock between her legs and into her cunt. I slid into her as easy as anything. Her vagina was wet and very warm. There was a wonderful musky, female aroma as her juices flowed over my cock. She started to move up and down but I put my hands on her hips and stopped her. "No" I said, "I just want to feel myself deep inside you for a while." That seemed to do something to her. Her cunt muscles started to pulsate around my cock. She leaned forward and kissed me hard on the lips. It was all I could do to stop myself from shooting my load right there and then.

After a couple of minutes she calmed down and started to move up and down again. This time I didn't stop her. She pulled the hem of her slip up so I could see my cock sliding in and out of her. The pressure in my balls was building and it was beginning to feel like the tip of my cock was on fire. Suddenly aunt Pam shuddered and made a loud groaning sound. "Oh! Oh! Mmmmmm! Oh!", and her cunt muscles started to squeeze me again. "Aunt Pam, I'm going to cum!" I said. "Yes! Yes! I want it all inside me!" she gasped. And with that I let go of it all. I seemed to come for an age. I had no idea I had that much spunk in me. Well ... by then I didn't it was all inside aunt Pam.

Aunt Pam collapsed on top of me. My cock was still inside her, even though it was now starting to go limp. I could feel a combination of her juices and my spunk dribbling out of her cunt and over my balls. We lay there for another quarter of an hour before we cleaned ourselves up and got dressed. I didn't tell aunt Pam at the time that I'd been a virgin up till then. As far as I was concerned, I couldn't have wished for a better way to lose my cherry. After that, our Wednesday afternoon sessions became a regular thing and my thirty-something aunt taught me just about everything I'd ever need to know about the pleasures of sex between a man and a woman.

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