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Title: The Brothers Winston and Friends - Author: "L"

Published: Mar 30, 2008 - Contact:

Several days have past since being with the 3 brothers.. My body needed to recover from what it just went through.. All I've done has been lounge around the house and pool.. It was Thursday night close to 11.. I was laying in bed reading a book.. Aunt Mary had gone to bed for the night. There was a tap on my window and I looked to see Danny standing there...I got up and let him in the sliding door.. Seeing him made my pussy awaken instantly.. He leaned down and gave me a softy sweet kiss and a hug.. "I was happy to see your bedroom light on. I wanted to see you". We sat down on the couch and started making out..And he really is a good kisser.. He pulled me on top of him and wrapped his big arms around me. Pulling me even more closer.. He was still sitting up with me on his lap.. My chest pressed against his.. His lips leave mine and start kissing my neck.. Pushing the strap of my shirt out of his way, he kisses down my chest till his mouth latches onto my nipple.. He sucks on it lightly at first.. With his hand he rolls the other nipple between his fingers.. He pulled away and said " hey Hey you're getting a little loud and we dont want to wake Aunt Mary.. Lets get a blanket and go out past the pool.." Sounded good to me so I grabbed the comforter and Danny got us 2 cokes.. I made sure the outside lights were turned off and we went out.. The moon was out but only half showed.. Which gave us enough light to see... This is going to be a first for me. Never had sex outside in the wide open.. No way to do that in NY.. Except in a car parked on a dark street.. Danny spread the blanket out on the grass.. There was a dog barking off in the distance.. Then Danny lit up a big fat joint and took a big hit before passing it to me.. I took a hit just not as big as his and past it back to him.. I sat down and kicked off my flip flops..I never even bothered to get dressed.. Just had my tank top on and my pink panties.. Danny removed his shirt and shorts throwing them to the side.. He took another big hit before sitting down.. We past the joint back and forth till there was almost nothing left.. Danny smiles at me and says " you know its not fair that I'm the only one naked here." I just had to laugh.. That's what I said the other night... I gladly pulled my top off and stood up right next to him.. I slowly remove my panties giving him a nice show... Danny wasted no time.. He pushed my legs apart and dove face first into my pussy, licking my clit with a frenzy.. I had to hold his head to keep my balance.. Just as I was about to cum he pulled away... He layed down on his back and his cock standing straight up.. I didn't want him to stop eating me , so I straddled his head and leaned over taking his whole cock into my mouth... His tongue darted in and out of my pussy hole.. Then he'd flick over my clit but going straight back to my hole.. He took my inner pussy lips into his mouth and began to suck on them.. harder and harder... Again with the pleasure and pain.. It just Hurts so good.. I sucked his cock even harder... He he could feel my vocal cords vibrate when I moaned.. And just as I am about to cum again he pulls away... I cry out in aggony.. He moves out from between my legs and pulls me by the arm up to him... In the sexiest voice I've ever heard Danny said " I want you to ride me." I gladly stood up and then lowered myself down onto his cock.. Once he was all the way in I began to bounce on his cock.. Having my feet flat on the floor and holding his hands helped me keep my balance to bounce... It was his turn to moan loud now.. That dog off in the distance started to bark again.. Danny never stood a chance once I started bouncing.. I was in control now... When I started to cum, it triggered his orgasm... I collapsed on top of him... Both of us are gasping for air... I slowly roll off him and lay in his arm next to him... We dont speak for several minutes till finally Danny says " Lily what happened the other night with all of us was incredible.. I never in million years ever thought I would have been involved in something like that.. I just want to you to know that I like you... So does Jimmy and Dave.. We like you alot.. and we just wanted you to know that." "I like all 3 of you guys too.. I've always had the fantasy about 2 guys but having 3 was even better.. And for some strange reason I felt safe with all 3 of you.. I just somehow knew you wouldn't hurt me.."I then looked up and continued to say " The way you got rough with me turned me on like never before.. I guess in a way its like being willingly raped.. or gangbanged..." I got quiet for a couple of minutes... I dont think either of us knew what to say... "Would you want more guys" he asks.. " I dont know, never thought about it.. I guess... maybe.. " "Jimmy, Dave and myself are going fishing this weekend and we wondered if you would like to come along" " I've never been camping and I doubt my Aunt would let me go with 3 guys.. " " Dont worry about your Aunt, she'll let you.. Let me deal with that.. Ok" OK Danny Helped me carrying everything back into the house before he left.. The next day Aunt Mary and I went food shopping.. I nearly had a heart attack with her driving.. She drives a big old buick on the little country roads.. I was never so thankful to pull into a parking lot.. Aunt Mary was buying food I liked.. We ran into Mrs Winston with our cart.." Hi Mary they say in unison.. Guess Mrs Winstons name is Mary too.. They chit chatted while I looked for tuna fish.. " O Lily the boys tell me you have never in your life been camping. " then she turns to Aunt Mary continuing " Danny told me its cause she is afraid of wild animals getting her".. And she giggled... So did Aunt Mary... I stood there thinking... What the Hell Then I caught on... This is how Danny was planning to get me to come... So I turn and say in a little girl voice " but they will get me".. " O Lily dont be silly.. Nothing will get you... You should go with the boys this weekend.. They'll show you.. All 3 of my boys were boy scouts.." "I'm afraid" is all I say... That's when Aunt Mary said " Lily you would be perfectly safe.. Those 3 boys wouldn't let anything hurt you.. I think you should go and get over your fear.".. I looked down at my feet and said " I dont know , maybe.. I have to think about it." "Lily I promise you, it will be ok" said Mrs Winston.. I stood there quietly for several seconds.. I didn't want to seem anxious.. I finally said " Ok" very low.. Aunt Mary patted my shoulder saying " You'll be just fine."... Saturday morning we left to go camping for the night... I even cried a little before we left for effect... Once we drove away out of sight Jimmy says " did you get them" Dave says " Yes" and holds up a pair of keys.. Jimmy then says "did you put the fakes in place".. " Yes, they'll never notice grandpa's cabin keys gone"... we drove for about an hour before we left the main hwy onto a much smaller road.. Then we made a few turns.. there were so many trees... All big and green... Finally we pulled off onto a dirt road and drove for another 10 minutes.. It was bright and sunny but now its dark with all the trees.. Their leafs are blocking out the sun... Kinda scary.. In the middle of all this is a cabin.. We came to a stop and got out... We really are in the middle of no where... No one could ever heard us here is all I am thinking... I get excited thinking about it... Dave unlocks the front door and we go in... The inside isn't too bad.. Its one giant kitchen/living room and it looks like it has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom of it.. The kitchen has a stove,fridge , a sink and some cabinets, with a Large wooden table.. the living room has 2 big sofa's a chair and a fireplace.. Exposed beams going across the whole large room.. They guys carried some food in.. Danny dropped a huge bag of pot on the table.. I had brought some too so I took it out of my bag along with my bong and placed it on the table also... Jimmy looked at it all and said " O hell yeah" I hear car doors slam and I turned to look.. All of us were in the house, who was outside In walked 1, 2 , 3 guys... I didn't know what to think.. The approached the table where I was sitting and said Hi.. Jimmy introduced them as Billy, he is really tall with bright red hair and a decent body.. The next guy is John, he's short compared to the rest of them.. He has long dirty blonde hair and is very sexy.. And finally there's Joey.. He has dark hair , olive complextion and beautiful dark blue eyes... He looks like all the guys I'm used too just much hotter.. I'm still kinda frightened I look at Danny and then excuse myself.. I head into 1 of the bedrooms.. Danny follows me in... "Lily is something wrong" "Danny why are they here" "You know why.. If you dont want to you just have to say no, but if you want to try we can... and if you want to stop all you have to do is say so.. " I sit down on the bed... I'm so turned on I think that's what is scaring me.. I must be weird cause I want to be fucked like this... And GOD do I want it... Danny came over and kneeled in front of me.. " Lily no one will hurt you... we wont go further than you allow us too. Just say Stop and it will stop.. " I look in his eyes and knows he means it... I nod yes... He takes me by the hand and walks me back out to the table... By now everyone had the bong going and beers being past around.. Jimmy brought cokes knowing I dont like beer... Danny and I joined right in... I lost count after the bowl was filled for the 7th time.. We were all laughing and joking... I was still sitting in the Chair when Jimmy started massaging my shoulders... His hands were big and strong, they felt really good... Dave was sitting next to me and he started to rub my right thigh... Jimmy decided my shirt was in his way so he pulled it off leaving only my bra... Everyone went quiet and just watched... Jimmys hands left my shoulders sliding down the front to my tits.. He slide his fingers into my bra cups and pinched both nipples at the same time... Dave has rubbed up my thigh to my inner thighs... Pushing my shorts and panties aside had his fingers all over my clit... I opened my eyes to see Danny, Billy, John and Joey all staring at me... Jimmy unhooked my bra throwing it across the room exposing my tits completely to all 6 guys.. " Lay her on the table " I hear Danny say... Jimmy and Dave Pick me up and lay me flat on the table.. Dave pulled my shorts and panties off in 1 swift motion... I closed my eyes and layed there docile.. Let them do whatever they want... I can hear clothes being removed... I dont know by who... I just kept my eyes closed..I felt a cock at my lips and I just opened to let it enter... I knew it was Dave.. I turned my upper body slightly to suck him better... I Love Daves cock in my mouth... Its a perfect fit... I dont like Jimmy as much in my mouth but love him in my pussy... And Dannys cock was just made for my ass... But these 3 new guys, I have no idea what their cocks are like... I felts someones lips on my pussy.. I hear Danny say " touch her" as he grabs my nipple.. I instantly moan with Dave dick in my throat.." see she likes it... " I felt more fingers on my other nipple... this time it was soft and gentle... "Harder" Danny says... the fingers pinch a little harder.. Danny says in a low tone. " She likes its it Very hard" The fingers pinched so hard and Dave shoved his cock all the way down my throat.. I scream with Pleasure, pain and orgasm.. all at once... My pussy this whole time has been getting licked up and down, teasing... I opened my eyes to see Billy standing over me pinching my nipple and Danny on the other side of him.. Joey has been the one between my legs... He definitely knows what he is doing... I didn't want him to stop... He got up on the table lifted up my ass and slammed his cock right into my pussy... I screammed again from the pleasure and pain... Danny walked over and bent down... He whispered into my ear.. " Remember you can always say stop.. We wont stop till you say so.." He then leaned in much closer.. His lips were touching my lobes.. " We are going to fuck every hole you have all night long. we wont stop.. we are going to have our way with you all weekend , whenever we want to..." There has to be something wrong with me because I am so turned on right now.. I cant wait to see what happens next... Dave pulls his cock out and I hear Danny say " John, stick your cock in"... I didn't even look up... I felt his cock at my lips and I opened up... Joey was still fucking my pussy hard... He's not as thick as Dave but he isn't bad...He fells nice in my pussy... Danny leans down to my ear again.. He continues on " Every one here is going to fuck your mouth , pussy and ass anytime we want too this weekend.." Johns cock feels about the same as Joeys.. With my free hand I felt around till I found billys cock... He was thick... Thick like Dave.. I started Jerking his cock... No reason for him not to get some pleasure... Danny whispers " Open your eyes Lily... Watch Joey put his cock in your ass.. " I didn't open them at first... I felt Joey take his cock out of my pussy and rub it up and down my ass... Doing this several times... Jimmy and Dave held my legs up and spread wide... Giving Joey easy access to my ass and giving me a perfect view to watch... John moved a little so I could still suck his cock and watch Joey at the same time... Joey guided his cock to my ass opening.. He pushed the head in slowly... I could see it disappear in... Joey took some of my wetness and rub it around his shaft before he started to push deeper... Danny puts his head next to mine... "you like watching that slide into you dont you Lily You want to see it go deeper dont you Dont you Lily" I did... I so very did... I moaned in approval... I watched Joey sink his entire cock right into my ass.... John pulled his cock out of my mouth when I heard billy say "take my cock" on the other side of me... I turned my head to look into his eyes... I let go with my hand and Billy moved over to where my mouth was... I was still able to see Joey fucking my ass , Jimmy and Dave holding my legs.. Billy wasted no time... He Pushed his cock all the way in... Filling my mouth and throat with his cock... I'm still watching Joey fuck my ass... He taking long deep strokes.. almost pulling completely out before plunging back in... Danny leans down over my pussy and flicks his tongue across my clit several times... O MY GOD it felt incredible and he knows it... He gets up and takes my leg from Jimmy... Then Jimmy leans over and gives my clit a few licks... teasing me even more... Then John reached over and put 2 fingers in my pussy... O yeah... Now that feels good.. I moan with Billy deep in my throat.. that in turn made him Moan... I look over at Danny as he begins to speak.. " Looks like Lily likes that... maybe she would like more fingers." He reaches down and places 2 fingers next to Johns and they push in together... It Felt fucking Incredible.. Mind blowing Incredible.. I closed my eyes again... I was having too many sensations going through me to keep my eyes open... Joey pulled all the way out of my ass... I was waiting for him to slam back but all I felt were fingers fucking my pussy... Danny and Dave lowered my legs back down to the table... John and Danny pulled their fingers out of my pussy... That's when Danny climbed on top of me and pushed his cock into my pussy... I knew it was Danny cause I know how his cock feels inside of me.. He started fucking me HARD.. So hard that he was pushing my body with each thrust.. I couldn't keep Billys cock in my mouth... Now its just Danny and I... Everyone else was watching him Slam me... It didn't take him but only a few minutes but when he Came, it was like a volcano erupting... When he was done, he got off me and John took his place... He too Fucked my pussy hard.. I dont know why I love being fucked like this or why I like it that I'm being used.. I just do.. It turns me on intensely... Everyone knew when John came.. Even the animals in the surrounding woods knew.. When he was done and got off me, Joey took his spot... Joey fucked me just like Danny and John.. Hard.. Slamming... abusing my pussy... Joey came rather quick but I felt his cum.. It was really hot... I could feel it hitting inside me... Joey got up and Dave took his spot... Dave started out slower... He lowered his entire body on top of mine... We were so close we were one... Our bodies were moving together... He began to move faster and faster... Driving me crazy... He knew what he was doing... He kept hitting the right spot bringing me closer and closer.. As soon as I started cumming that's when he slammed my pussy.. He just kept slamming me... which somehow made my orgasm last longer... Dave drained himself deep inside me... He got up and Billy took his place... Billys cock slid right in... He lifted my ass off the table and then really gave it too me... He was fucking so hard and so deep I could feel it in my belly... Billy did not show my pussy any mercy... His balls were slapping my ass so hard I might get a black and blue from it.. And yet I love it.. Billy pounded me for a long time.. I dont know how he didn't come sooner.. I cam three more times before he slammed his cock so deep and Came... He held his cock there but kept pushing at the same time... This trigger me into another incredible orgasm... Billy nearly fell off the table when he pulled out.. I expected Jimmy to jump right in but he didn't... Instead he walked over to where my head lay on the table.. He leaned over me and said "You ready for me" I dont know what came over me but I looked Jimmy straight in the eye and said " FUCK ME".. He was up on the table between my legs before I could blink... "Danny , John... Hold her legs open and wide... bring her ass down the edge of the table.." Danny and John scooted my ass all the way to the edge where Jimmy and his cock were waiting... They each took and leg and held it high in the air, as far apart as they can... "Joey get behind her and push her up so she can watch me FUCK her." Joey got behind me and sat me up, letting me lean against him for support.. And I have a very good view of my pussy and Jimmys cock... I watched as his head disappears into my pussy but he stops.. Jimmy grabs my face to his.. "You want more".. I shake my head yes... " No, tell me you want it." " I want it".. "How much" "a lot " And that's when he slammed his thick hard cock all the way in.. Never stopping.. I watched his cock slam in and out of my pussy.. over and over and over... I feel it coming.. its coming from way deep... Getting stronger and stronger.. As soon as Jimmy blows up inside of me, I hit the wall and exploded through it...It feels like light exploding out of me... The room started spinning... I grabbed someones arm to keep from falling over... Jimmy pulled out of me and no one replaced him.. Danny and John lowered my legs down and Dave brought me over a blanket... Joey helped him put it around me... Danny helped me into one of the bedrooms... "Can I get you anything Lily" "something to drink would be really nice" I said.. He left the room and I'm standing there next to the bed... I must have a gallon of cum inside me... its all dripping down my legs... I really need a shower... No way I can do that right now... I need to rest a little bit first... Danny comes back in with a coke... "Danny do you have any towels" "Yeah in the bathroom closet... I'll get you one".. He was back in seconds... I layed it out longways and layed on top of it... Danny covered me with the blanket again... "You rest..." he says as he leaves the room... its still light outside, but the sun is in the west.. gonna set soon... I open my eyes and its dark in the room... I go to move and my legs are glued to each other..I had to practically rip them apart...I got up and wrapped the blanket around me making my way to the door.. I didn't hear anything out there... I opened the door and the room was empty.. There was a light on in the kitchen but that was it... I went to the front door and opened it, but there was no one out there either... I went into the bathroom and flicked the switch on.. I was thrilled to see a big claw foot tub.. I turned the water and it came out kinda brownish at first, but then cleared up.. 5 minutes later it was even hot water... while the tub was filing I went back to the room and got my bag... The hot water feel great against my skin... Especially my pussy... I now can say I have been truly Fucked.. There has to be something wrong with me. If someone else told me they liked being fucked and being used like this, I would think they were nuts. Yet I Love it.. I love how my pussy feels sore... I dont know why.. I felt wonderful after my bath... I put on my yellow tank top, no bra and my yellow shorts no panties... my feet were cold so I put on a pair of booties with the blue ball on the back... I heard them all come into the house... I check myself in the mirror... My hair looks a horror... I brush out the knots.. I love my hair down but it gets knotty and in my face during sex.. I pull it all back into a ponytail.. I apply a little blush to my cheeks but that's it.. Now with my hair like this I look like a little kid... Oh well, nothing I can do about it.. I open the bathroom and see all 6 of them in the kitchen... Joey notices me first " hey Lily, nice to see you... You hungry" I walk into the kitchen with them all watching me... " Yeah I'm hungry now that I think about it".. Jimmy piped in and said " well we have dinner right here " and he stepped to the side... On the counter were 4 of the ugliest fish that I ever saw..I made a face and said " You dont expect me to eat that now do you".. "Its good" Jimmy says... Again I make a face... "what else is there cause I'm definitely not eating that." "we have hot dogs, some fruit and junk food.." "I'll 2 hot dogs"... Jimmy got 2 hot dogs out for me.. Thank God.. cause I would have starved before I ate those icky looking fish... I told all of them they had to brush their teeth after eating the icky looking fish... After dinner we all sat around and talked... And passed the bong around... I sat next to Dave... When I started getting cold I got closer to him... He was warm... "O yeah Lily, before you go to bed for the night you have to pick which one of us gets to sleep next to you.." Dave said.. " I have to pick right now" "No when you go is fine..." Ok.. We had my bong and a couple of joints going around the circle of us... I was flying... I'm laying up against Dave when Billy gets up and begins to pull down my shorts... As soon as he does this my pussy get instantly wet.. He opens my legs and begins to lick my pussy... I moan instantly... My pussy is still sore but its a good sore.. I cant explain it... He sucks on my inner pussy lips which are already puffy and swollen from my earlier fucking...Dave is rubbing my nipples through my shirt... Dave whispers into my ear" We all agreed to take turns at you so you'll last all night..." I glanced over to the wall clock.. It said 10:20.. Its going to be a long pleasurably night.. True to word.. Each one of them took turns eating my pussy.. Each one bringing me to orgasm at least twice before stopping... At 1 point I remember begging someone to stick a finger in my pussy but no one did... I was going insane... Danny takes me by the hand and walks me around to the back of the couch.. He pulls off my top and he bends me over the back so that my face is lying against the cushions... Danny slides right into my pussy... He wasn't pounding.. Just a nice rhythm.. I was soaking wet from cumming so much... there was no friction at all... Even tho I loved the position it was hurting my stomach... "Danny this hurts my stomach." He stopped instantly... He picked my legs up and layed me on the couch... They pushed all the furniture out of the way and spread a blanket in the middle of the floor... I got up and walked over to the blanket and just stood there... Danny came next to me and pulled the ponytail out of my hair, then wound his finger threw it...He pulled me close to him and whispers in my ear so that only I can hear him "remember when you told me you liked being willingly rapped..Now you will know what rape is." My body shuddered.. Not with fear but excitement.. He kisses my lips and then he pushed me down onto my knees and made me take his cock in my mouth.. He pushed his cock all the way in without stopping... He held my head tight while he fucked my mouth... I felt something soft but sturdy on my wrists.. I looked to my left the best I could and I see Joey wrap what looks like a thin leather strap around my wrist.. I could feel my right wrist having the same thing done... Then I felt it around both ankles all while Danny is fucking my mouth... He never stopped.. He held my head so tightly... Finally he pulled me by my hair off his cock... He stood me up and walked me over to where 2 wood stumps in the middle of the room... "Stand up on them, Jimmy take this strap and tie it off on the beam.. Joey you do the same with this strap.." I stood up on the stumps... Jimmy and Joey pulled me in opposite directions..I was completely stretched out.. Then Danny moved the stumps further apart, till my legs were wide open.. Jimmy and Joey tied my legs off to the side to what I dont know... Once I was completely tied up and spread wide open all 6 of them stood back and just looked at me... I didn't know what to do... "Wait" Danny said and he went to the kitchen... He got something but I couldn't see what it is... He has it behind his back... He keeps it out of my sight and walks behind me... I feel his fingers at my pussy lips, opening them... I feel something very cold and hard being pushed into my pussy...I jump from the shock of it... I almost Yelp... Whatever it is, he begins to fuck me fast with it...Its so cold... I can lean slightly forward but that's it... I am very secured with the straps... Danny pushes it all the way into me and walks around to the front of me... He takes my left nipple into his mouth and sucks on it... he switches off to the other one... Going back and forth while this cold thing stays pushed into my pussy... He comes up to my ear and whispers, "want to know what this is" as he pushes it deeper... I moan yesssssss... He pulled it all the way out and brought it up to my face... it was a 16 oz bottle of beer... With the position I'm in and my legs being so far apart I am perfect height for Danny to fuck me... " O Wow Your Pussy is cold..." he said as he entered me... John came over and started sucking on my nipple... He was sucking really hard... When he pulled his mouth away my nipple was HUGE... Just then he put a clothes pin on it... I screamed in pleasure... he then sucked my other nipple.. Sucking even harder this time... He put a clothespin on that nipple too.. Again I scream with pleasure... " I saw this movie where they used clothespins all over the girl.. I've wanted to do it since.. And now I will"... John said... Danny reached around and touched my nipples causing pain , and pleasure... I moan.. I cant help it.. I know I'm being loud.. I dont care.. They can do what they want to me, use me in any way they want too.. I opened my eyes again to watch John go on his knees in front of my pussy... Danny had slowed down and was taking it nice and slow... John pushed my pussy lips out of the way and pulled my clit really hard.... " Oooo GOD... Oooooo yesss" it came out of my mouth...He held it there like that... Then I could feel something next to my pussy... I could feel something going behind my clit but coming from the side... Then he released my clit and I screamed... There was a clothespin on my clit... John then licked my exposed clit... I came instant... I never felt anything like it... Danny fucked me slow while Johns tongue tapped at my clit... sending bolts of lighting through me... it was too much.. I couldn't handle it.. "No, take it off.. too much".. John removed it right away but he didn't stop licking my clit... When he released it I orgasmed again... I had to keep my eys closed my head was spinning... Danny pulled out and brought his cock to my ass... " this is what I want" he says as he pushes his cock right in... I scream out in pain and pleasure again... John stood up and said " Heres a cock for your pussy and Pushed his way right in"... Danny and John got together.. In together, out together... It was insane.. Neither of them being gentle... Giving both my ass and pussy a hard , forceful fucking... And I was loving it.... Johns chest was rubbing up against my clothespinned nipples.. It hurt and felt good all at the same time.. John pulled out when Danny started fucking my ass faster... Danny held my hips and plowed into me.. He filled my ass with hot liquid.. screaming himself... Danny pulled out and came around to infront of me... He kissed my lips gently and said " remember all you have to say is stop.." John got behind me and put his cock right back into my pussy... I watched Danny walk into the bathroom and close the door... John slid his cock out of my pussy and pushed right into my ass... I love how it feels with a cock in it.. Joey came over and kissed me before he pushed his cock into my pussy... Again they took turns at me... I always had 1 in the ass and 1 in the pussy... By the time I got down to the last 2 guy Billy and Jimmy, my arms and legs were hurting bad... burning evening.. I finally looked over at the wall clock and it was almost 3 am.. I looked at Jimmy and said " Please take me down.. "Jimmy stopped and told Billy to stop... " She needs to be let down.." Jimmy untied one wrist while Billy did the other... I nearly fell over once my arms were free... Jimmy held me up while Billy untied each ankle... I couldn't stand up on my own... Jimmy had to support me... We sat on the blanket on the floor... Jimmy layed back and pulled me on top of him.. His cock having no problem finding my pussy... Billy got in right behind me putting his cock right back in my ass... My pussy and ass hurt.. but I like the hurt... In this position Billy was really able to give it to me... Jimmy held is fat cock deep in my pussy while Billy Fucked my ass like a crazy man... When he came I felt it hitting the walls... Billy pulled out and backed up... I was still on top of Jimmy with him deep in my pussy... Jimmy wrapped his big arms around me... He began kissing on my neck and sucking on my lobes.. When he quietly said " I'm going to get behind and fuck your ass.. You want me to fuck your ass.. You know how bad you want it.. Tell me" he says as he spreads my ass cheeks apart with his big hands.. "Tell me Lily".. "Yes" was all I could manage to say... He rolled me off him and had to me get on my hands and knees... Jimmy didn't just push in.. He was much thicker than the others.. He inched his way in... I dont know how far in he was but I felt like I was going to split open.. " You know you want it, Take it.. Push back and take my cock".. He said in a really sexy husky voice... I knew I shouldn't, but I did it anyway.. I pushed back, not gently either... Now I just wanted all of Jimmy in my ass no matter what it took... We both screamed together.. It was the most incredible pleasure and pain all together... Jimmy wasn't as rough as the others were.. That would rip me apart and I think he knew that... He just went in and out at a nice even pace.. Jimmy reached around and fingered my clit.. I knew Jimmy was getting close, he picked up the pace just a little... I could feel my own coming again... When he let loose, mine followed... My hands and knees couldn't hold me anymore... I fell, with Jimmy coming with me...We both layed there breathing hard, hearts beating fast and completely spent... Jimmy finally pulled out and off of me... I could feel my ass closing up as he left... I couldn't move... I just layed there on my stomach... Dave came over and knelt down, pushing my hair out of my face... " You do ok" I nod my head yes... Dave rolled me over and said " Do you want to go to the bed or to the tub" "tub" was all I said... Dave carried me into the bathroom where Danny already was waiting with a tub of warm water... Dave lowered me in and set me down... The water again felt wonderful... They left me alone so I could soak a while... 20 to 30 minutes later Danny came back in to check on me... By then I had let the water out and was washing my hair real quick... He handed me a towel for my hair, so while I was doing that he dried off the rest of my body... While I was brushing my hair I asked where everyone was.. " Well Jimmy fell asleep on the floor so we covered him with a blanket.. John and Billy crashed on the couches and Joey just went into the other bedroom to crash... Dave is at the table... So tell me Lily who gets to sleep next to you" I turned around and said " I would Like to sleep between Dave and you".. Danny smiles as he says " I think that can be arranged..." I didn't even bother to put clothes on.. What was the point... its not like they haven't seen me naked before.. Danny left the bathroom first, I followed and went straight into the bedroom... I layed down in the very middle of the bed... Danny and Dave came in the room shutting the door behind them... They both took off all their clothes and got into bed on each side of me... Dave pulled the blanket to cover us with... Laying flat on my back I slid my hands under the blanket and found a cock for each hand... I slowly started to stroke them... I turned my head towards Dave and he kissed me really nice... I then turned my head to Danny and he too kissed me... Now they are both nice and hard... I then say " I want to fall asleep with You(turn my head to Dave) in my pussy and You (turn my head to Danny) in my ass..." Both Dave and Danny reached between my legs and found I was quite wet... I rolled over onto my side facing Dave... Danny slpped his cock into my pussy from behind to get his it nice and wet... After having Jimmy in my ass I knew Danny would slide in easily... And he did.. Then Dave maneuvered his cock and pushed his way in... The 3 of us just moved as one... No one was pounding or slamming.. Just really soft sensuous sex... Danny was kissing and nibbling my neck while Dave was kissing me... That was the last thing I remember... When I awoke the room was flooded with light... I was still in the middle but both Danny and Dave were out cold... I got out of bed and opened the door... they were all still sleeping... I rummaged through my pocket book till I found my watch... it was 9:12 am.. I put on a pair of shorts, teeshirt, socks and sneakers... Since I'm supposed to be camping I should at least see what the woods look like... I got out the front door and follow a dirt path around the cabin to the back... I followed the path into the trees.. I walked for maybe 5 to 10 minutes when the trees stopped and the water began... There were a couple of row boats pulled up on dry land.. So that's how they went fishing yesterday... I sat down on a rock and looked out over the water... It was so calm and quiet... Eventually I made my way back to the cabin.. Jimmy and Joey were in the kitchen.. The coffee was already brewing and it smelled good... "What do we want for breakfast" Jimmy said.. Joey came up behind me grinding his cock into my ass " I know WHO I want for breakfast" he said... Joey took my hand and said to Jimmy "We'll be back in a little while".. He grabbed the blanket on the floor before we walked out the front door... We went back behind the cabin but took a different path then I did before... This path wasn't as open.. I had to climb over fallen trees... We came out in a clearing that has an awesome view of the lake... Joey lays the blanket out and says " come here"... I walk right up and stand directly in front of him... He reaches down and pulls my teeshirt off.. Doing the same with his... he unbuttons his short and the drop to the ground.. Mine dont do that.. He pulled my short down to my knees and then had me lay down... He pulled my short off the rest of the way... The open air and sun feel good on my skin... Joey opens my legs " WoW your pussy is puffy today"... "Its not that its puffy, its swollen from last night.." " I'll be gentle, I promise..." And he was... He gently licked my clit and swollen pussy lips.. inner and outer.. He was even very gentle licking around my pussy hold.. He would dart his tongue in and out but nothing else... Joey brought me to orgasm twice before he stopped... He came up and layed down next to me.. " I wont put my cock in your pussy, you're swollen" before he could even finish I stopped him.. " You can, I'll be swollen whether you put it in me or not... " I stayed on my back, Joey got between my legs and put his cock at the opening of my pussy hole... " You sure"... I nodded my head yes... He gently push the head in... O MY GOD.. How do I explain this.. I'm Raw.. Really Raw.. My pussy is stinging and burning.. And I love it.. Its the whole pain is pleasurably thing.. There was no slamming into me.. He rested his whole weight on me and fucked me slowly... We made out while we fucked out in the middle of this clearing.. When Joey came, it was alot... But I didn't mind cause it felt good in my raw pussy... We saw John coming out of the trees walking towards us... "Before he gets here I wanted to tell you You're a cool girl and thank you for the best time of my life..." He gave me a quick kiss and got up... Joey had his shorts on by the time John reached us... Joey picked up his shirt , then slapped John on the shoulder.. "she's all yours man".. John sat down next to me on the blanket... I haven't changed position.. I'm still flat on my back... He doesn't say anything just stares at me... I finally roll over and push my hand up his shorts, grabbing hold of his cock... John rises up and pushes his shorts off... I lay flat on my tummy between his legs and suck gently on his balls... He is moaning really loud.. I'd say he likes it... I give his balls a good bath and then I work my way up to his cock...Taking him all in... Again he moans very loud... I tilt my head slightly and I begin to watch him, watch me... I take his cock out of my mouth " Do you like watching me suck your cock" He nods his head yes... " Good.. then tell me... tell me what you want me to do.. Tell me how to take it.." " O yeah, take my cock.. take it down your throat and moan... let me feel you moan on my cock.. yeah like that.. mmm God just like that.. Lick it like a lollipop.. Up and down the shaft.. O yeah here it cums.." As soon as my mouth was off him he shot straight into the air a good 10 ft... I felt something on my ass only to turn and see Billy rubbing it... John got up, put his shorts on and left... Billy lays on top of my back, pinning me down... "So you like being rapped huh.. I'll rape you... " He grabs both my hands and bring them behind my back... I felt cold metal and then I heard the clicks.. My hands were handcuffed behind my back... "I'm going to rap you, but I'm doing it with this.." and he pulls a wine bottle out.. "Billy you cant" was all he permitted me to say... "Shhhhh Shhhhh, you know you want it..."He says as he shoves a big wad of fabric into my mouth... I begin to cry.. I dont know why.. I'm scared but he's right I do want it... He raises my ass up into the air... My face is still on the blanket... I can feel the base of the wine bottle at the opening of my pussy... He rubbed the bottle up and down my pussy getting it wet.. " See look how wet you are... You know you want this big bottle in your pussy.. You know you want it bad..." My lips were so swollen they kept getting in the way... Once he got my lips out of the way he had to really push to get it past my pelvic bone.. It was a beautiful Intensive pain... With his free hand his fingers played with my clit... Which was also quite swollen... It did not take long for me to explode... That's when he pulled the bottle and shoved his own cock in... Fucking me Ferociously.. After a couple of minutes , he too erupted... He pulled out of me and removed the handcuffs... I immediately pulled the fabric from my mouth... " Dont you ever do that to me with no one else around.." is all I said.. As sore and swollen and in pain as I was, I put my clothes on and walked back towards the cabin.. I didn't even help him get the blanket.. Climbing over the fallen trees this time was a lot harder... I walked into the cabin and went straight to the bathroom..Danny knocked on the door and asked if everything was ok.. I said yeah... My pussy is really burning now.. I have to sit in a tub of water.. The water will sooth it... I sat in warm water for 20 minutes... I was feeling much better... Thankfully my bag was still in the bathroom.. I put on a concert t shirt from Def Leppard and my big gym shorts that are black.. I couldn't put panties on, my pussy was too swollen for that... Jimmy watched the way I walked to the table.. " Oh shit, what are we going to tell Mom and Aunt Mary why Lily is walking like that." I smiled and said " we could just tell them the truth".. They all got silent... They looked like Deer caught in Headlights.. " I'm just joking, Calm down.. I plan to tell them that when I need to use the bathroom I missed stepped , my legs went opposite ways and I came crashing down on to a fallen tree..." Jimmy smiled and said " that's good.." Jimmy made me bacon and eggs.. I devoured them... I was hungry from all this sex... I could have eaten a cow... The guys cleaned up the cabin while I sat and watched them clean... John and Joey both gave me a nice hug and kiss.. Each one told me they would like to see me again.. I told them I would let them know... Billy knew I was pist with him... He said thank you to me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek... They all left before we did... Jimmy wanted to make sure everything was put back exactly.. Danny kept telling him not to worry about it cause their parents dont come up here often... On the ride home I told them what Billy did... " I'm ok but I dont want to be left alone with him is all"... When we pulled up home Aunt Mary was sitting in the front yard with the Winstons... I got out of the car as best as I could... As soon as I started walking Aunt Mary immediately said "what Happened Lily" I laughed trying to put on a brave face... " I missed stepped.. This leg went this way, this leg went that way and I came crashing straight down on to a fallen tree.. I'm ok.. Just a little bruised and sore..." Mr Winston asked " Besides your fall , what did you think of camping" " I actually enjoyed myself.. I forgot where we were but I liked it.. I would love to do it again if I can.. " Mrs Winston laughs and says " See I told you , that you would like it.. I'm sure the boys would take you any time you wanted too go.. right boys" They said yes ma'am together... I said my thank yous and goodnight.. " I want to soak in a hot tub for a while.. Dave carried my bag for me... He gave me a nice hug and kiss before he left... Me I headed straight for my bathroom... While the tub was filling I put my hair up in a bun.. I then added some vanilla oil to my bath water... I lifted my leg gently and then the other one, just as gently.. The moment the hot water touched my pussy the stinging intensified for a few seconds before it started to sooth it... I layed there a long time in the bath.. I thought about this whole weekend.. In the last 7 days I've fucked 6 different guys.. I think this classifies me as a Slut.. I could never act this way at home... I've fucked a few guys before this... Been with a few girls too, but this was something so out there.. Well this summer I'll be that slut.. I'll take whatever comes my way...