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Title: Lesbian Night - Author: Rob

Published: Apr 9, 2008 - Contact:

So here we find Clara and Bethany together again with nothing to do but a T.V., a few snacks, and only a few layers of pajama separating them from the others beautiful clitorous. Slowly the horny Beth slides here hand to Clara's thigh. She slowly begins to caress her. Paying detailed attention to the ever so sensual curves of her body.

Clara is beginning to feel the moisture in her snatch building and she knows that she is not far from a beautiful thing. Bethany is beginning to feel the same way so she moves close and repositions her hand on Clara's breast, using her middle fingertip to rub Clara's nipple until they started to get hard and now she knew that Clara's body was ready.

She carefully removed the straps on Clara's tank-top and pulled it over her head . Now it was but a hard nipple covered by a bra which would not last long. She stopped and put her hand back on Clara's thigh; she didn't want to rush it. She slowly begins to stroke her inner thigh. Triggering Clara's horimones to rage. She began to feel the rush, running through her body. She couldn't help but to let her arms and legs tighten, then they loosened but her beautiful toes remained crinkled.

She wanted this to feel the best that it could. This meant allowing her body to begin producing grand orgasmic convulsions. Just the thought of the feelings to come started her. Bethany had waited long enough. She moved herself on top of Clara and untied Clara's and her own bra. Tasting the sweet nipples, she tongued each and every inch of Clara's exposed upper body. Then without even unbuttoning Clara's short cloth shorts, barely covering her warm lovely snatch, Beth moved her wet tongue down below her panties and began to flicker it. She was located at Clara's soft, cliterous. Beth loved this taste and even as Clara's convulsions strengthened, she continued. Now however, she used one hand to come up into the leg of Clara's shorts and began to rub her anas.

As it began to accept her presence, Clara's sphincter opened and her finger slipped inside. This made Clara feel an incredible serge of orgasm. But she had not yet came. With the other hand, Beth played with the lower area of her pussy and Clara screamed! The orgasm was so intense that she grabbed Beth's head and threw herself into it with her tongue leading the way. She allowed it to slide all over Beth's face and slip into all of the cavities protruding her face. She came. But this did not stop Beth. Beth was still enjoying this. The wet fluids flowed into her mouth and her chin. Without a pause, she inserted her finger farther into the anus of Clara. Quickly, Clara's body began to start again. This time the convulsions came quick and hard. Bethany's tongue and fingers were working magic on her body. Her orgasm reached the climax and Beth ripped Clara's shorts away and removed her finger from the anus and sucked it clean in a fraction of a second. She quickly put it in her pulsating vagina and began tonguing her anal hole.

Beth's panties had a large wet spot where the wonderful seepage of her twat. Once again, Clara came and Beth cupped her hand, swallowing the cum by the mouthful. Beth wouldn't let this be the end so she used her index and middle finger to scrape as deep as possible into Clara's wide open asshole. Now she walked over to the bathroom and inserted her own fingers into her asshole and finished herself off by using her other hand to rub her clitorous until her own orgasm became final.