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"Here was my mother totally drugged out and naked with her legs spread eagle"

Moms Last Visit

My last telling of the exploits between mom and I was the story of how it all started when I was about 18. Now this story happened many years later. Iím now 40 yrs old, married, and have three pre-teen kids. Mom and dad retired early and moved from Southern California to Arizona. Mom is 56 and dad a year older. My mother is only 16 yrs older than I am.

The kids were almost hysterical with joy when they heard grandpa and grandma would be here this Friday and staying with us for a couple of weeks. My wife knows I love my mom very much, and probably more than most sons, (but sheís not aware of the physical love of course;) so she insisted that they stay with us at our home, and not at some cheap local hotel. I tried to keep calm and agreed with her logic. I didnít want to seem overly anxious and excited. But I was! I was so damm horny with just the IDEA that my mom, my dream fuck, the female I lost my virginity to, would again be in the same house with me, and for two whole weeks!

Oh I had plans to make!!

Now moms not a spring chicken any more, but she still could turn a few heads. She definatly doesnít look her age. My wife often compares her to a good-looking 40 yr old. Sheís added a few pounds and I did see a few varicose veins in her lower legs, but thatís ok. I think most guys would jump at the chance if they could actually fuck their own mother. Itís just too bad I have to do it without her consent. I donít think that the ďget her drunkĒ ploy would work like it did for me when I was a kid. Come on, how many 56 yr old grandmothers do you know that will get ďpass out drunkĒ with her son and grandkids around? Not many Iíll bet. So how do I get my own mother unconscious so I can do what I want with her? Simple, drugs of course. What other choice did I have. I work in a hospital, so getting pills wouldnít be a problem. I would give each patient just one of their two or three sleeping pills, and keep the rest for myself. Two or three patients a night for a week, and Iíd have more than enough for a few nights of fun with mommy!

The Plan:

I knew I had to get everyone out of the house early so I could have the whole day with mom. At her age and the distance between our homes, I donít know if Iíd ever have this opportunity again. I borrowed a camera from a co-worker to record our session since I knew my wife would probably take ours to wherever they went for the day. I really wanted this to be a day Iíd always remember. The kids and I had previously discussed places we could all go when grandpa and grandma arrived. Of course I suggested long outings, such as an amusement park, or a trip to the mountains. When my parents arrived, and during dinner I asked where we wanted to go the next day. My kids were ready with the suggestions. Two wanted the beach, and the youngest wanted Disneyland. Either one was fine with me, both were all day events. (More mom time for me!) Anyway my mom and dad just laughed and told my kids to calm down, that they could do both places the same day! We could all spend the day at Disneyland, and then towards evening, we would all relax and watch the sunset at the beach. I couldnít believe my ears! This was more than I could have hoped for! All day and into the evening with my drugged out, naked mother? I could fuck her, take a break, fuck her some more, have lunch and then do her again! Oh hell, I could just skip dinner and slow fuck my mother all during the evening dinner hours. I was so nervous I didnít hear my wife object to the idea. She was saying it was not right to keep grandma and grandpa going all day long. Shit. Quick, think of something, but my dad beat me too it. He firmly set her straight, saying they WANTED to go to both places, that they missed the beach, and the last time they were at Disneyland, was probably when they took me as a child! And they also wanted to spend as much time as they could with their grandkids. My mom then leaned over, hugged me, and said ďAnd also with my little boy!Ē The kids laughed at me, and my wife gave me a sweet smile. I just hugged mom back and smiled, but in my mind I was thinking that if she only knew what her little boy had planned for her! Iíll be doing a lot more than just hugging her real soon. And I was getting another hard on just thinking about it!

The Day: Saturday came and I made sure I was up when I heard my mom moving around the house. I beat her to the kitchen and told her to go get herself and dad ready, and that Iíll make the coffee. She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and went back upstairs. It took all my will power to not whip my cock out and cum all over the kitchen floor as I watched her walk away. There will be timeÖ. The kids came running downstairs next and were so hyper to get going. My wife soon followed and I poured her some coffee. Mom and dad came down last, and while my wife was making a quick breakfast for everyone, I poured mom and dad their coffee. Of course moms cup got a little extra put into it. (I poured the contents of the sleeping pill capsules I brought from work into her cup.) A little sweetened coffee creamer hid whatever taste they may have had. I was so jittery and nervous I could barely eat my breakfast, or even look at my mother without my hands shaking. The kids were so excited to go they kept interrupting, telling us to hurry up and eat. ďWe gotta go and beat the traffic!Ē they kept saying. But I kept stalling as much as I could. I needed for mom to start showing some signs before I could suggest she stay home and rest. And sure enough, about 20 or 30 min later mom gave a huge yawn and said she suddenly didnít feel very well, and that she was so tired all of a sudden. I mentioned how maybe it was just a little jet lag, since we were all up late the night before. My mom tried to stand up and was a bit unsteady, so my dad and wife helped her over to living room couch to sit. My wife said that she didnít look very well and maybe we should cancel the outing and stay home. The kids started to object, and I was also about to come up with something to make sure they go, when my mom, in her most strict voice said ďNo! the kids are so excited about going, so Hon, (she was talking to my dad), you take them and have fun, I think Iíll just stay here and rest. We have the rest of the week for me to go somewhere with everyone.Ē I was just about to open my mouth when my wife whispered that one of us should stay with her. I calmly said it really should be me, and after a few polite protests from my mother, it was agreed I would stay.

The plan was working perfectly so far!

Mom kept yawning, so I hurried the group out the door before my mother passed out and scared everyone. After the goodbye hugs and kisses, the whole family was driving away down the block for an entire day out of the house. I could feel a nervous hard on growing in my pants just watching them drive away from my front porch. When I came back to the living room, mom was still awake but was doing some very heavy nodding. I quickly came to her side and asked if she was ok. Mom really strained to look me in the eye and said she was really tired, and maybe she should go lie down for awhile. I told her that was a good idea and I would help her to her room upstairs. She said no, sheíll just lay here on the couch and watch TV if I didnít mind. Not at all I told her, you just rest and Iíll be back with a pillow and a blanket. Mom smiled and told me how proud she is of me, and that she brags to her friends how good I treat her. She then lay back and closed her eyes. Little did her friends know just HOW I treat my mother. I switched the TV to what I felt was a slow boring documentary, and mom was soon snoring quietly. I knew mom was totally out so I didnít worry about her waking up. I walked right over to her, kneeled down in front of the couch facing her and began unbuttoning her blouse. I opened it up as much as I could and saw them. The breasts Iíve missed and dreamt about for so long. In her younger days, these C cups probably stood proud. Donít get me wrong, I still drool when I see them, but they do kind of hang to each side. I reached into momís bra cups and squeezed and played with each one. It was so great. Theyíre more than a handful, and so soft. I just squeezed and bounced them. I twisted and pulled at her nipples. I pulled her bra down so that I could easily suck on each nipple. And oh did I suckÖ I pulled with my teeth, I licked around and around each areola. I lifted each breast up and licked and kissed under each one. I basically gave each of my motherís tits a complete tongue bath. Oh it was heaven! My cock was so hard, and I was leaking so much pre-cum. I looked down and saw the stain on my pants. I just chuckled and thought I might as well get out of my clothes now. I remember a time when my cock would point almost straight up when I was younger. But now it points forward. But who cares. It was hard and still a good 7 inches. (Yeah, Iím honest. Iím not going to say Iím a 12 incher like most stories you read!)

I straddled momís chest and lay my dick between her tits. I then squeezed them together and had a good old titty fuck for about five min or so. It looked so hot seeing the tip of my cock poking mom on the chin or sometimes reaching her lips. I stroked and stroked and felt it coming. My first orgasm of the day with my mother was soon here, and my wife and family were probably just getting onto the freeway! I was cuming! I did not want to make it last, I wanted to cum as soon as possible! I had hours left with my mother. I felt the build up, and as I squeezed each breast I let it fly! I normally just drip when I cum, but this one was just like old times! It just shot out of me and landed right on moms nose and forehead! I sat there on momís chest for a few seconds trying to catch my breath. I then scooped up some of the cum from moms face with my finger and put it in her mouth. She looked so erotic laying there with semen on her face and tongue. I tilted her head back and watched it slid back, and sure enough, she swallowed. My mother just swallowed her sons cum! Thatís one opening down, two more to go. I just couldnít get the grin off my face!

It was time to get mom undressed. I sat her up and took off her blouse and bra. I just dropped her back onto the sofa and soon her shoes, socks, pants and panties were piled neatly on the floor. Yeah, mom still wore those full cut white panties from the 50ís or 60ís. And her pussy, oh man, just like I remember it, a big curly mound of black hair. But when I got my face right down into it, I did find quite a few white hairs in the mix. Maybe I just wanted it to look like it did when I first saw it when I was 14. But you know what, it still tasted the same! I licked her pussy up and down, tasting the tanginess. I slurped and stuck my tongue as far into moms pussy hole as I could. I wiggled it round and swallowed whatever I could from her. I even swallowed one of momís pubic hairs! I knelt on the floor with one of momís legs over my shoulders, and licked and chewed and sucked, and basically rubbed my face all into my mothers wet hairy pussy! What would dad think if he knew what I was doing to his wife right now! I finally came up for air, wet face and all and sat on the couch with momís legs on my lap. I went straight for her cunt and slid three fingers right in and was working on the fourth, when I looked up and realized the living room drapes were open. The couch was facing away from the window so mom couldnít be seen since she was laying down. But there was the Rodriguez family from across the street playing in their front yard. Lily, the wife just happened to look my way, smiled and waved at me. I kept finger fucking my mother with one hand and waved to Lily with the other. If she only knew what I was doing. I waited until they were not looking my way, went over and pulled the drapes closed. What to do nowÖOh hell with it, I came back to mom and grabbed her from behind her knees and just lifted her so that only her neck and upper back were on the couch. I could never have done this when I was 14! And I wondered if my dad ever put mom in this position? Yeah, I still masturbate to many fantasies of what my dad does to mom. I lowered momís legs down on each side of me and scooted in so that the tip of my dick was right at her entrance. It was time for a picture, click. Actually I took close to 60 pics that day. I made sure no faces were showing, but ďIĒ knew who the parts belonged to. I even posted some of these pictures on the net. My wife has no idea how to access the internet, much less my mother. But again, ďIĒ get off knowing that many have seen my dick against my own motherís pussy, and Iíve always wondered if maybe someone recognizes my bedroom backgroundÖ. Anyway, I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, and dribbled some of my saliva on my dick since mom wasnít as slick down there like she used to be. Up and downÖ up and down.. while slowly inching it in little by little. AhÖ. So warm, so erotic.. I just wanted to scream ďYeah! Iím actually fucking my own mother! AGAIN!Ē but I knew I couldnít, Lily and her kids were still outside! Hahahaha . Itís been so long since Iíve been in my mom like this. I thought for sure it would never happen again, and that all Iíd have were those memories, but here I am, and with a quick push, I slide my cock all the way into my mother. I took a few slow strokes just to warm up, but soon I was pumping in and out of mom fast and deep that Iím sure my wife would have been jealous that she never got it so fast and so deep! Iíll bet my back will be sore tomorrow, but so what, itíll be worth it. There I was, pumping back and forth into mommyís 56 yr old cunt. I just kept at it for about 10 min in the good old missionary position. Mom would cough or snort every now and then, but I knew she was out. I used just the right amount of pills. Iíd thrust hard into her and watch her tits jiggle and then see her head bump the couch arm rest. She would be mine to bend, lift, flip, kiss, and fuck anyway I wanted for the next six to eight hours. And then it came, or actually ďIĒ came. It felt like my balls were going to burst. I felt spasm after spasm shoot out of me and into my mothers womb. I like to think I was flooding into her the same way my dad did 40 yrs ago to conceive me. I finally stopped to catch my breath and my cock just sort of plopped out of mom. I sat back on my heels and stared at my mothers freshly fucked pussy. It was all wet and matted, and her labias looked kind of pinkish red. They probably had not had this much action in quite awhile! Once I regained my composure I set the camera to take some more pictures. Who knew if, or when Iíd get this chance again. The camera was set to take 20 pictures, 1 every 15 seconds. I got one of me and mom sitting naked with her hand around my cock, one with her leaning into my lap with my cock in her mouth. I also got a few of her in other positions, such as on her back with both legs in the air. My favorite was her laying over the arm rest with me standing and fucking her from behind. Darn, I wish I had made a video instead of a photo for that one. These pictures have been posted in various newsgroups many times, and under many different names. Anyway. My back and knees were getting a bit cramped so I figured it was time to carry mom upstairs to my bed where weíd be a lot more comfortable.

It took awhile but I got my mom upstairs and onto the bed my wife and I have shared for many years. Now what do I do next? Here was my mother totally drugged out, and naked with her legs spread eagle. Silly question huh? She was going to get fucked again!! Iíve already cum in moms mouth and also in her pussy, so she only had one hole left for me to visit! But for this one, I really wanted a permanent recording. It took awhile but I got moms rear end propped up high with some pillows, and then set up the video camera equipment. Here we go! Lights, camera, action!! I slowly pulled my mothers butt cheeks apart and there it was! Her beautiful pinkish/brown asshole! Its funny, but I remember exactly what it looked like when I first saw it back when I was 14. This time I was going to stretch it open with my cock, not just look at it. Who cares if she feels sore tomorrow. Iím her baby, and ďI wanna fuck my mommys asshole!Ē hahahaha. This was my lifetime dream come true. I was hard and ready. I squirted a lot of KY lube onto moms butt hole and rubbed it all around. I stuck my thumb in her and then pushed in a finger. I pushed and pulled in and out in an effort to loosen up momís butt hole. I donít know if it helped, but when I put my KY loaded cock at the entrance, it gave a little resistance, but then it just sort of popped itself in! Almost like her asshole wanted my cock and sucked me right in! Her asshole ring was tight. I could feel it squeezing the base of my cock, so I thought Iíd better get to work and loosen up that asshole on my mom. If I was going to be a mother fucker, I wanted to do it right. I first started with short in and out thrusts. I made sure I didnít come out. Two or three inches each way. Faster and faster I went, and it was feeling better all the time! Momís hole must be loosening up. In and out my cock went, back and forth. I was holding on for dear life to her hips. Well actually, her ďlove handlesĒ would be a better word. Mom has put on a few pounds, but what 56 yr old grandmother hasnít? It just made a softer cushion for me to bang into each time I pushed forward. I wanted this session to last. I stroked fast until I knew the feeling was coming, and then Iíd slow to long steady strokes for the feeling to subside. During one of the fast times, moms pillows stared to come loose and she fell to her side with one leg bent up. This was great, this is one of wifeís favorite positions! Who knew that Iíd do the same position, in the same bed, to my two favorite females just days apart. I went for it! I pounded my motherís ass harder and harder, faster and faster, until I was feeling lightheaded. I couldnít hold out any longer. I filled my mom with more cum! More and more seemed to just pour from me. I collapsed forward onto her and grabbed a tit with one hand on the way down. I just lay there enjoying the feeling of my heart racing and my cock pulsing. After a few minutes of this, I caught my breath while my cock slowly softened and plopped out of momís butt hole. I then just rolled over onto my back, put both hands behind my head and grinned. Yup this was an awesome day! Well worth the waiting and planning. I did it! I have taken all three of my own motherís holes, and all were left with her sons cum in them! I could now die a happy man. Donít get me wrong, my wife is a very good looking women, and I could not ask for a better wife and mother for my kids. But there is just something a little more ďerotic and stimulatingĒ about fucking your own mother. You really should try it. (If youíre male of course.) I honestly believe most sons would fuck, (or make love to), their own mother if they ever had the chance. (Iíd love to hear your story about what youíve done, or would like to do to your mother if you could!) It was getting to be close to noon, so I got up, went downstairs naked, and had a quick sandwich with a beer. Mom wasnít going anywhere, and I still had many hours left before the family got back. After an hour or so, I was refreshed and could ďgo again.Ē Hey, Iím not a teenager anymore. I went upstairs and crawled onto the bed and up between momís legs, and just lay on top of her. Mom seemed so small now. I guess all sons grow taller than their mothers eventually. But still, this was my mother. And here she was naked under me, with her tits hanging off to each side. I spread her legs open a bit with my knees and just did the old ďpelvic grindĒ on her. Oh man, what a feeling! My naked hard dick rubbing against my mothers pussy hair! I had to slid it back in once again and just lay on top and hug her. Iím so jealous of my dad. He has this next to him every night! I wonder if he still fucks her? She sure deserves it. And if he doesnít, I sure would volunteer anytime! Its just too bad she would never let me, and they will never know how Iíve used her so many times during her lifetime. I just looked down and slowly slid my dick back and forth in my mother. My cock looked harder and more bloated than I can ever remember seeing it. Iíve done this same thing to my wife, in this very spot on our bed, but my cock was never this stimulated. I then sat back on my heels to look at the prize before me. While slowly rubbing my dick with my right hand, I reached out to caress moms left thigh and hip. Oh fuckÖ if she only knew what her little boy was doing to her while she was supposedly safe and resting in her sonís home! I then pulled and played with some of momís longer pubic hairs. I guess sheís not the type to trim or shave THAT part of her body. But I had the time so I got out of bed and returned from the bathroom with a pair of my wifeís little trimming scissors. I trimmed a few of the longer curly ones off my mom for a souvenir. I put them in my wallet for safe keeping.

I loved the feeling I got when a few days later, weíre all out at a fancy restaurant with my folks. Momís just chatting away about something or other. I pulled my wallet out in a pretence of looking for a credit card, but what I really did was twist and play with momís pubic hair while looking at her smile back at me. Talk about palpitations and nerves! I excused myself to the restroom for a quickie jack off. It only took 4 or 5 strokes and my cum was in the restaurants toilet. Call me crazy, but it was awesome. I then pulled one of the hairs from my wallet and put it in my mouth to play with while looking at my mom continue with her laughing and talking to my wife and dad. That was a good dinner outing to remember.

Yeah, it was a great week for me. I didnít do mom again while they visited. The next day she just sat around the house saying how every part of her body was sore, and Iím sure my dad would have taken her to see a doctor if she tried to sleep another day away. Besides, I had my pictures and videos of her performance with me. My kids also had a great time with grandma, but just not as great as their dad did!

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