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Title: Mrs. Good-Looking - Author: Stoneypoint

Published: Apr 12, 2008 - Contact:

I know this kid like I know myself and I know myself very, very well. I've known him for so many years I even know what size underpants he wears; I'm not kidding. Now you ask yourself "How does she know the size of his underwear" right Let me tell you how I know.

Tim or Timmy as I've always called him has dated half the girls in his class through his four years in high school. He's a bold and overconfident young man even asking out girls older then him and going as far as being brave enough to ask out his counselor and the associate principal on dates. It's amazing what he tries and often gets away with.

Now we all know on the surface he appeared as if he was kidding around when he did ask his counselor and associate principal out, but in reality it backfired and he was reprimanded by the school's administration for attempting to secure those dates with them. It never stopped him afterwards. He kept at it anyways.

He's a kid full of poise. He's cocky, bold, and so self-assured. He has charm oozing out of him too. He's a kid with great intelligence which most people never achieve in their lives. He appears to have it all. I think so often and so do his parents.

He was coming over to pick up Samuel who is my 9 year son last week Saturday so they could go on a weekend camping extravaganza. He was a peer counselor for the trip or supposed to be. Timmy does all sorts of volunteer work and that's partly what makes him special to me besides his good looks, charm, confidence, and so on.

As you can tell I like so much about this young man and if I sat down and let myself I could easily get too excited if I let myself think I am his age, which I often hope he thinks I could be.

He really isn't a kid any more. He's 19. Back in second grade he was held back. It upset him to no end and after that he never looked back. When I heard about his story it amused and amazed me.

To get back to the story, Timmy came over and I knew he was on his way. Timmy likes me like he likes his counselor and the associate principal. I like Timmy too, but he always and I mean always loves throwing compliments at me to keep his self in my good graces and then some.

He's egged and toilet papered my house in his younger years but somehow that charisma won me over. I've forgiven him and we've been good buddies ever since. He seems to think he has me wrapped around his finger, but the truth is I have him almost around mine. In some ways he kind of does have me wrapped around his finger and I don't mind it one bit. He's so damn charming it is incredible.

I wanted to pay him back for keeping me level headed over the years. He's always made me happy. I've always wanted to feel happy around him and Timmy has always had a way of doing that for me somehow.

My daughter who is two years younger then he took my son to camp; I gave her my Mercedes Benz for the day; it delighted her and she sped away in it. That opened the door for me for Saturday morning so that this young man and I could have an interesting time together hopefully

To be frank something should be known about him. He's "physically blessed." Yes you know what I'm talking about, but you want to know how I know that don't you Guess what I've seen him in the buff. When he was very young I had that chance out of curiosity. I didn't go looking for it, but I turned my head once and saw it by "accident." I was amazed at his physical endowment at the time and another thing... I never thought about it in the terms you're probably thinking about until he actually turned 18.

That's when I had a revelation. I realized "my" boy wasn't a boy any longer. Personally and legally as well, he was so much more then that. He was mature beyond his years. I told myself after I stopped denying what I felt for him that he was mine for the taking.

In other words my body and my heart declared that I had to have him; I had to do it on a level he would comprehend or at least on a level I thought he would comprehend.

I tried remaining rational throughout the thought process of how to seduce him. I wanted to find a way to seduce Timmy who was young enough to be my son on one hand, but old enough to pleasure and fulfill me over and over.

I went online, researched what I felt and envisioned through my emotions and ideas and I came to the realization all I had to do was take it easy and be as charming as Timmy. "Do what he does" I told myself. "Act how he acts and everything's going to work out perfectly.

Knocking on the door I expected his arrival and wore sloppy looking sweats and a beat up sweatshirt, but underneath lie some of the most tantalizing lingerie I've ever had the confidence to put on.

That's not to say I don't wear some nice pleasurable intimates. I put on lots of lingerie for my husband fulfilling him and my imagination often. In the case of Timmy what I had on was something I had bought but never found the right time where I wanted to wear it.

I'm 39 but with a good makeup job I can pass for 29. I'm in great shape too. A slender physique with subtle winding curvature through my hips along with my butt and legs come together in a nicely proportioned figure.

That tells you one thing. I love my body. I love to look at myself in the mirror with or without clothes on. I'm proud of my figure, but I don't often flaunt it letting it be known that I do.

Saturday was a different story. I knew what to expect out of him. I knew exactly what I wanted to wear for him that morning.

Underneath I wore the sexiest of sexy outfits which included a matching bra and panties accessorized with garters and stockings. Looking at my figure in the mirror after putting it all on, sent shivers through my body.

The set complimented as well highlighted my quaint short sandy blond hairstyle. Tucking one side of my hair behind my right ear and tilting my head gave off the impression I wanted to flirt and seduce him. Practicing tucking my hands behind my back definitely said so as well. I had it down pat.

I knew how I was going to get my prey. I practiced my smiles. My joyous emotions helped in developing my game plan. I was as animated as you can imagine.

The see-thru bra and panties along with the matching stockings which had delicately laced matting throughout them was a triumphant purchase. I thought it was both sinful and adorable when I saw the set on a mannequin.

I knew I wanted the set as soon as I saw it in the store window. The fabric was pure ecstasy to the touch and carried a pinkish hue to it. I couldn't pull myself away from the mirror once I tried it on initially, but I knew he was set to arrive shortly.

I was already excited and almost beside myself. I was already beginning to simmer within having erotic like tremors creeping up quickly and often. I was sure he wasn't any wiser especially as I would be in the ugly and gritty looking sweats so I could distract him.

Opening the front door he offered me his charming smile and signature greeting as if it was a traditional good morning hello. "Hiya Mrs. Good-Looking and how are you today" He says that often and I love it each time I hear it.

I cringed and burst excitably within. Those bright blue eyes of his and his personality along with my life long knowledge of who he is put me on high alert. I was obsessed about his presence. Being with this young man of 19 last Saturday morning was one of the top five greatest things that's happened to me in my life.

"Come in Timmy" I said enthusiastically. "I am great this morning and I assume you are too by the tone of your voice" My eyes lit up like beacons. I had a touch of perfume on hinting at least to me that I was in an aggressive and frisky mood. I wasn't taking no for an answer which I would have, but I was hopeful and positive that I was going to be very successful in my endeavor.

I hugged him lightly telling him how it was good to see him again which was true. He knew that and he was happy to see me too. He noticed my perfume. I think he wondered why I had it on seeing as I looked like I was going to clean the house.

"Ummm that's a terrific aroma I smell on you Erica" he said to me with confidence. His upright stature, heartwarming smile, and those blue eyes had me ready to claw away at him.

When he's in one of those moods; those cocky and charismatic moods he'll call me by my first name or anyone else like his counselor for that matter. From what I've heard through the grapevine she actually adores it when she's called by her first name by him. He's that good at getting away it with authority figures.

All I'm thinking at that moment is "Let him see your outfit underneath. Let him see it."

"You seem out of whack for some reason. Is something bothering you today" he asks.

I told him no and offered him a drink, but he quickly asked where my son was. We conversed briefly asking each other about our lives. I love it when he asks me about my personal life. It means that he cares about me or so I think.

"You know ever since you cut your hair Erica, well it makes you look so much younger. It's if I'm allowed to well it's... adorable"

Oh my god I wanted to rip off my sweats and let him see why I sent everyone away before he arrived. Complimenting my hair the way he did and in the tone of voice he used had me my vagina in spasms already. I felt myself moistening and tightening up every other second.

I wanted him! I wanted it right away! I wanted his body! His body looked delicious under that tight grey t-shirt last week!

"There is something wrong" he says. "You had better sit down don't you think You sure you're alright Mrs. Gordon Sit down and let me get you a drink of water" he said.

It was the perfect lead in to my plan. I had something else to jumpstart it, but I wasn't expecting myself to break down as easily as I did. Shame on me; I should have been stronger.

"Do you want some of this orange juice in the fridge" he called out.

I told him no as my vagina continued to have tremor like activity. I was aroused because he was in my house and we were all alone. I was ready to rip off my clothes. I had to get a hold of myself. I had to stop the riveting pangs which started to shoot through my legs and stomach. My heart beat faster. I knew it since I felt my pulse when he was in the kitchen.

"Timmy I'll be right back" I yelled out. I went to the bathroom, pulled off my sweats, pulled off my sweatshirt, and looked at myself in the mirror.

That was a bad idea. I only got more turned on knowing I'd face him in a minute. I locked the door, turned out the light, and I flushed the toilet making him think I had to go pee. I took several deep breaths in an attempt to regain my composure and it worked.

I regained it and my train of thought also. I focused on my plan of action. Turning on the light I looked myself in the mirror and said "Erica go get him! Now is the time Erica! You want him He's yours for the taking!"

"Hey Mrs. G" he yelled out "I've got to go turn off my car. Are you going to be alright for a second Mrs. G... Erica did you hear me" His voice came closer and closer. He walked up to the bathroom. And said he was going to shut off his engine. He'd be right back. I replied and he reiterated what he told me.

That's when I did it. I regained my composure, pulled myself together, and put myself on display wearing only what I had on underneath. I waited for him to come back. I stood against a door facing the front door and I was absolutely perfect. I felt a hundred times better. I had all the confidence in the world and looked it too.

In my silk bra and panties along with the garters and stockings when he walked in, Timmy stopped dead in his tracks as he began gawking at my body. I was in high heaven loving every moment while his eyes expanded to the size of neighboring lakes. Big and blue I saw the sandy white surfaces surrounding them. He was a hunk!

With the door half open anyone close enough who wanted to look inside could have seen me partially naked. I knew what was happening. I've seen that look on my husband several times in years gone by.

As I planned and hoped, everything fell into place.

Calmly with a gentle joyous smile showing up on my face I asked him "Is it all you've ever dreamed of" which may not have been the right question. All I saw were wide open eyes and an equally wide open mouth. He did not say a thing. "Awwww you don't like me this way do you" I asked him in a self-assured voice.

He stuttered and continued to gaze upon my body. His eyes rolled around me for what seemed like several minutes. The gaping look I got was an incredible turn on regardless of what I hoped would happen.

He stuttered some more finally closing the doors and stepping inside completely. "You... you're uhhh you're uhhh umm naked" he said. "Umm I mean don't uhhh get me uhhh wrong or anything but uhhh" he went on to say as his eyes didn't budge from their position.

I know how I felt. I was exhilarated. I was overjoyed at his reaction. I had my fishing pole. I hooked a huge walleye. I was beginning to reel it in slowly but surely and I felt jubilant.

"How does this make you feel Tim"

I waited for his answer as I tucked one side of my hair behind my ear in a quaint strategic move letting him know exactly my motives. Then in another strategic move I gradually and subtly placed my hands behind my back as I turned my head sideways.

Knowing he loved my hairdo or so he said he did I wondered what went through his mind and more importantly what was going through his body. Was he horny I hope he was.

"Tim do you like me this way honey" I asked softly. I was patient but turned on.

He ogled me like any unsuspecting male would ogle a woman dressed as I was. It made me feel almost overconfident. I didn't care. He still looked handsome regardless of the dumb expression on his face. I do know I humbled him somewhat, but he's humbled me and others at times too. All in a days work I hoped so.

"Come closer Timmy will you" I asked him without begging.

Timmy stepped one step closer as his eyes remained fixated on my breasts which were easily noticeable through my bra. I am sure he could see the dark circles surrounding my nipples. My husband loves them. I don't know if Timmy did. But he also looked at my stomach, pussy, and my legs too.

Still he really hadn't said anything other then stuttering a little. He didn't say he loved it or anything remotely close. I was ecstatic. I absolutely loved his reaction. It did not stun me. It began to be a turn on that he wasn't saying anything.

I stepped two steps closer to him finally. He didn't back away. I felt air crossing over my flesh. It was from a nearby vent but it felt great against me and aroused me some more thankfully.

"It's nice to know you like me this way. Knowing all that I know about you wouldn't it be nice to ask out a woman like me for a date sometime" I asked him hinting at the idea I know about his attempts to ask out his counselor and associate principal.

"Huh what" he asked shaking his head and blinking his eyes. "Uh you know about that"

Timmy finally came to his senses. Not the senses I wanted him to have unfortunately, but he eventually snapped out of it. "Ohhhh shit" were the first words out of his mouth. It finally closed too. Then he said "You are" and his eyes closed and opened back up before saying "You want me to have sex with you"

Smiling I looked right into those gorgeous big blue eyes of his and nodded my head yes and proudly I might add.

Stuttering he said "I can't Mrs. G... I couldn't do that in well in a million years. You're a temple of" but he closed his eyes again and thought carefully before he added "I've always known that you've had a great body! It's evident looking at that" he stated pointing with his finger at my figure from top to bottom.

"There isn't anything that would stop me from... well from obliging you except that I have too much respect for you to do anything like that" and he looked me straight in the eye once he said that.

I was flabbergasted by the response. I was embarrassed. I wanted to cover up. I wanted him to reconsider his feelings. I wanted to seduce him and force him to willingly make love to me. I wanted him to step closer and slowly but erotically take each item off my burgeoning warm flesh.

I only wanted him more then I initially did. I wanted him to walk out, come back in, and second guess himself. I wanted anything and everything I could get from this young man that he could find within himself and use it to our advantage somehow.

But no not that morning it wasn't happening as he apologized repeatedly for making me feel terrible for what I did or what he did not do that I wanted him to do.

"Ohhh god you're sexy Mrs. G" he said, "but I am so soooo sorry. I just can't" as his eyes sauntered over me one more time. He turned and said two things. "I've got to go to camp, but Mrs. G" he started say "umm if I reconsider down the road... uhhhh is that offer still open"

Stopped at the front door and wearing a blank look on his face he looked back at me. I wore one too, but underneath I was disappointed. I nodded my head yes, but I know what my eyes were saying.

"For god sakes Timmy yes ohhh yesss oh god yes Timmy! Any time you want me you come and get it from me honey!"

"Sweet" he said as a smile surfaced. "You know something" he begins. "I've always had a" but doesn't say what he wants to say. Still he smiles from ear to ear. "Umm let's just say you're not a mother figure to me." He said goodbye and walked out.

I plopped down on the couch and began bawling. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed of myself. I cried for twenty minutes. Finally I went upstairs to my room and changed into something less exotic. In a plain white bra and matching underwear I put on a t-shirt and shorts and turned on some music.

15 minutes later I heard footsteps. I thought it was my husband. I wondered why he came home from his weekend golf outing.

"Hiiiii honey how was golf Why didn't you stay the weekend" I asked as I turned around to welcome him with open arms. I was ready to put out just so I could get sexed up.

I was needy! I felt deprived of the sexual adventure I had planned. I know I put myself in that situation but when I turned around and saw him, my eyes lit up like roman candles.

I was overjoyed at the man standing in my doorway. Holding his grey t-shirt in one hand and standing confidently before me he says "You know Mrs. Good-Looking, I'm not a virgin, but I am more then willing to take any and all direction from a classy and sexy woman like you! I want to know how it should really be done; fair enough" he asked as he puts on his signature smile.

He had the greatest looking chest with its pectoral muscles. He was ripped from head to toe! He was mine and I was his and you know the rest of the story ladies.

It was the best class I ever taught in my life. He got an 'A' in class, but I was a great teacher too! I scheduled another class next week with him. He told me he's going to ask out his counselor after graduation. He told me she's going to say yes this time too. I laughed and laughed.