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Title: Group sex story - BarBang - Author:

Published: Oct 26, 2004 - Contact:

Group sex story - "What'll you have, Miss" the bartender asked looking directly at her tits pressing against the tight dress. "I'd like something strong. Would you suggest something to me I don't come in bars too ofter. Wait, I think I'll have a screwdriver." "OK but that's not too strong. I recommend the house special, a Sling." He mixed the drink and put in front of her. Jenny's eyes lit up. Already she was feeling better. She sipped the drink. "Mmmmm, great. Just what I need. I'll have another." "Careful lady, those will put you out." "Just what I need." "Oh Problems lady." The bartender was interested. "Nothing I can't handle." she said as she repressed the anger she felt for her husband. "Fight with you boyfriend." "Yea, but I'm married...and not for long." she said angrily "I got a room in the back. Private. Maybe you want to relax. I can make you foget all about your trouble." "I don't think so. I'll have another drink." She pressed her arms together and her tits billowed out above her dress. Jenny enjoyed the way the bartender eye's bulged. "My name's Jenny." "I'm Sam. Glad to meet you." He could feel his balls rumbling as her watched her jutting tits. Jenny's warm pussy was seeping. If her husband wouldn't fuck her maybe Sam would. "Do you have a hard-on" she asked Sam almost choked. "This must be my lucky day. Why don't you find out. She groped his crotch. "That private room offer still good." "You bet. Stay here while I get the relief bartender." Sam was back with the other bartender. "C'mon, lets go." Jenny got uo and followed his to the back of the bar and up the stairs to a tiny room upstairs. Sam closed the door and began to undress. "You gonna join me." "I can't stop shaking. I've never done this before." Sam gently moved her to the bed and started undressing her. "You're gonna get fucked. If you're as horny as me, it will be a ball." Sam's hands grazed her naked body as he got the last of her underthings off. "Touch what you're going to get stuffed up that pussy." Jenny held the steel-hard cock and stroked his. Sam bent down, rubbing her tits and fingering her seeping cunt. He wet the tip of his dick with pussy juice and slipped it inside the foamy slit. The door to the room opened and the other bartender walked in. "Hope you don't mind Sam." "Not at all." " Hey, wait. I'm getting the hell out of here." Yelled Jenny. "No, you're not." Sam pinned her down and stuffed his prick back into her juicy cunt. He began fucking her hard. "Just keep fucking. Don't let me stop you." "Her pussy's nice and wet." Jenny felt fear run thru her body as she looked at the two men. She was naked, helpless, and couldn,t escape. "Don't let the bitch go." Said the new man as Sam pushed her knees apart as his cock fucked in and out of her sopping cunt. Terror build up inside Jenny as the new guy removed his clothes. "I'm not fucking you so you better just leave." said Jenny. He went to the fucking couple and rubbed his hands over her tits. "Nice tits. You forget, you can't get out of here." The large man jacked his prick enjoying the sight of Jenny getting fucked. They were both going to fuck her. "Shit. Get off of me." Sam fucked at a blinding pace. Jenny's pussy pulsed in time with the cock riding in and out of her. He banged harder and harder. "Jesus!" groaned Sam as he slammed into her body. Jenny could feel his orgasm building. "Oh God!" she blurted as she built to a climax. "I'm coming, Sam. Oh!, I'm coming. Don't stop." Sam shoved his dick to the limit in her pussy as he watched cum. Her cunt grabbed his prick as he shot fireballs of jism into her depths. Her hips rose to meet each cock thrust as her pussy sucked his cum. The second man went to them with his hard-on in his fist. He leaned over jenny's face and shoved his rock hard cock into her mouth. Jenny's head twisted from side to side trying to excape his cock. He held her head still and shoved his dick between her lips. Once inside, she sucked wildly. Sam finished cumming in her pussy, then got up. He walked to the bathroom and his friend yanked his cock from her mouth. He turned her over on all fours, spread her legs and pushed his prick into her waiting pussy. "She sure can fuck, Pete." said Sam. "I'll see. What's her name." "She said Jenny." Pete eyed her ass hold as he rode her cunt. Pete wet one finger with cunt juice and slid it in her asshole. Once her rear shoot was slick, he pulled of her pussy and shoved his cock up her asshole to the hilt. "Unnn," she moaned as she threw her ass up in the air for him. Her heavy tits hung almost to the bed and juggle around. The sight was more than Sam could stand. He walked to the bed and sat before her head. Jenny eagerly lifted her head and licked the head of his shaft. Sam pushed his still hard dick into her warm mouth. She sucked his cock for all she was worth as Pete fucked her tight little asshold. "Great little asshole on this bitch. You should try it Sam." "I will just as soon as your finished, buddy." "You don't have long to wait." Jenny's asshole pulsed on his cock as the next orgasm hit. She moaned around the prick in her mouth as Pete shot his cum up her ass. When he finished, He pulled out with a loud pop. "You hear that. She must be tight as hell." "Dam right, Sam." He walked to the bathroom and washed his cock in the sink. Jenny renewed her cock-sucking efforts as she reached between her legs and rubbed her clit with her fingers. Pete returned. "Jump on that ass, Sam." "OK, check out her mouth." Sam pulled out of her mouth as Pete replaced his. Jenny didn't miss a stroke. Sam spread her butt cheeks, put the cockhead in her asshold and fucked away. The guys got the timing down pat as she took the men deep in mouth and asshold. With one hand between her legs, Jenny lathered her pussy and clit with her fingers as climax after climax racked body. Pete and Sam got thier nut at the same time and pumped thier cum into her from both ends. The guys pulled out and Jenny continued to finger fuck her cunt. They both dressed. "Thanks kid. Your a great shot of leg." said Sam. "Clean up in the bathroom, baby. Be a free drink on the bar for you." They both left Jenny to clean up. Jenny soon returned to the bar, downed her drink, walked out. She felt used, abused, and knew she would return.