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Title: Bathroom sex - Author: Anon

Published: Dec 12, 2004 - Contact:

Jennifer stroked her long beautiful blond hair as she observed her naked virgin body in the mirror. She noticed how perfectly shaped the hair on her love box was. Her ripe, young, untouched breasts showed a ripening young goddess. She passed a hand across her love box hair. One finger accidently touched her vaginal lips. She felt a slight chill up her spine. She tried it once more and the feeling was the same. She began massaging the area which caused heat flashes of ecstacy. She dropped back in her bed and continued this new pleasurable massaging that she had just learned.

One finger decided to probe and another finger followed. Her body rhythmically followed the motion of the penetrating fingers. The probing intensified in fevor and speed. Soon her other hand contributed by inserting the brush handle which was previously stroking her hair. Her breathing grew heavy and her gyrations grew feverish. She almost screamed as her love box exploded in a cavalcade of river flowing orgasmic love juice. The explosion drenched her probing fingers and she brought them up to her lips in order to taste these juices of ecstacy. She could now imagine what went on when she heard the loud moans of her mother when her boyfriend Paul made love to her. She would hear her mother scream and beg for more. It almost sounded like Paul was hurting her. Paul had been over that evening, but she didnt hear anything. She left her room and walked down the hallway into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and wet a wash cloth. She began to rub the wash cloth on her glistening love box and felt the same sensations once more.

She rubbed away and her soft moans echoed off the bathroom tiles and walls. She closed her eyes and bent her head back in order to feel the entire episode once more. Her moans louder it almost sounded like sobbing. A sudden creaking sound startled her and she immediately stopped, covered her ripe breasts with her arm and her love box with her other hand. It was Paul standing at the bathroom door with his cock bugling through his bikini briefs at the sight of this lovely, young, naked goddess. 'Hi honey..', muttered Paul with an almost sweet child like voice. Jennifer stood there in fright staring at the bathroom floor, still vigorously covering her lucious body

He came closer towards her. 'I wont hurt you honey. I just want to see how you were cleaning your pussy. You wouldnt want me to tell your mother would you baby' 'No...', responded Jennifer in a weak, frightened voice. 'Now you just sit on the wash sink and I'll use this wash cloth to finish cleaning your pussy for you. Okay' After a slight pause she nodded. She still felt fear and uncertainty and what Paul was really up to. She sat on the sink and Paul instructed her to spread her legs. As he passed the wash cloth across her love box, he asked, 'Is this the way you were doing it' 'ohhhhh...aahh...yes', she responded. He sneakingly added a couple of fingers along with the wash cloth. Jennifer moaned and followed the fingers' pentrating motion. Paul grasped the moment and quietly removed his underwear exposing his rigid 8 inch python. 'Dont you what me baby' 'ooohhh....mmmmm...y.....yeahhhh..ohh He picked Jennifer up from the wash sink and Jennifer wrapped her legs around him. He slowly began inserting his rigid, red love tool in her virgin tight snatch. Slowly every inch entered. One last thrust and Jennifer screamed with absolute pleasure. Her pumping motion began tightening her vaginal walls around Paul's cock. Paul, arms wrapped around her back, kept pulling her towards him in faster gyrations. She felt his cock blazing in temperature in her love canal. His tongue lashed at her ripe breasts. 'aaaahh...ohhhh!!!...mmmmmm....', she moaned. Paul felt climax very near. She intensified the gyrations by increasing her pumping. As her breathing grew more rapid and her head rolled back, Paul knew she would also explode shortly. She climaxed first and was in the process of letting out a tremendous scream of ecstacy. Paul caught the scream halfway and covered her mouth to make sure her mother didnt wake up. His explosion followed seconds later. As they released moans of relief, the bathroom door suddenly flew open. It was Jennifer's mother.........