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  • Beach Girl - An Erotic Poem
  • Published: Dec 2, 2007
  • Author: David Russell
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  • Category: Erotic poetry
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Beach Girl - An Erotic Poem - Erotic poetry

Quote: "Erotic poem about a beach girl"

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The Story...

Beach girl, beach pearl - I'll dive for you.

I'll weld into your swimmer's form.

Take off your wrap, reveal your tan Close in the spectrum to the orange sand. White costume iridescent - Moon in sunlight.

I'll peel for you - You find my body good; you make it great. Flash black tingling on my hips Our currents charged in sight.

Come take the plunge with me; Let's match our thrusting limbs and muscles; Let's arch and stretch in our exuberance; Let's dive into a clinch.

We'll sunbathe, see our second element Rise into vapour.

In premonition of a tidal wave We'll peel our costumes down, Reveal raw beauty, fuse into each other.

Your half-man muscles matching my deep thrust Turned feminine delicate at your edges, By your edges.

And time waits, breathless as we come; In love we are the ocean, All currents, eddies, tides and whirlpools - We are the real fire water!