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Title: Butt Plug Fun - Author:

Published: Sep 28, 2007 - Contact:

The third rainy day in a row was starting to get a little wearing. Claire was getting bored with the holiday but you have to expect wet weather out of season. We were on holiday for a rest as much as anything else so when I suggested an afternoon trip to the cinema, I thought Claire perked up and off we went. The sea-side town's only cinema was a small one, part of a national chain showing the popular blockbusters. We went inside and sat at the back and by the time the film started, we realised there was a total of seven people in the auditorium.

The film was not the most exciting and when I placed my hand on Claire's leg she surprised me a little by moving it higher. We didn't look at each other, but all the time I was stroking the inside of her thigh under her short skirt. Claire was starting to squirm a little and when my hand brushed against the gusset of her panties I couldn't believe how wet they were.

I turned to look at her but she leant in front of me and put a finger to my lips. I looked around the cinema but no-one was watching us. Good job, as Claire now slipped of her seat and knelt at my feet. She carefully unzipped my trousers and slipped out my stiffening cock. Before I could respond, she'd slipped my head into her mouth and was starting to lick around it hungrily.

This behaviour didn't surprise me. Claire was a flirt and an exhibitionist and this wasn't the first time she'd given me a blow-job in a cinema, but the previous time was a seedy porn cinema and we weren't the only ones doing it. What did surprise me was the torch that now shone directly in my eyes. I turned as a heavy hand was placed on my shoulder. A male voice spoke quietly but very firmly, "You two - out NOW!"

Claire let me slip from her mouth and stood up.

I quickly stowed away my fastly softening cock and stood up as the cinema manager shone the torch on both of us. "NOW!" was all he said. A few heads turned at the increase in noise but soon turned back to the screen. Claire walked to the end of the row and then up to the back I followed with the manager very close behind me. He ordered us to turn left up a small flight of stairs and through a door marked private. We entered and he closed the door behind us. We were in his office.

"What the fuck do you two think you were doing" he almost spat out at us. We mumbled apologies but he was ranting at us about how this was a family cinema, he could loose his license etc. When he'd stopped, his whole manner seemed to soften and looking very closely at Claire he said, "I'll offer you a deal. In exchange for not calling the Police, you give me a blow-job." He was looking right into Claire's eyes now and I saw her look of fright. "Come on," he continued. "No one gets hurt and you seemed happy enough doing it a few minutes ago."

Claire smirked a little and then nodded and said okay.

I started to stammer out an objection but Claire threw me a look that said, "Lets get this over with."

The manager smiled and turned to me and taking my arm started to usher me out of the room. I protested but he said he didn't want an audience when I realised what a physically strong guy he was and Claire didn't seem too apprehensive I agreed but said I'd be waiting straight outside. The door closed behind me and I struggled to make out any sound but the background noise from the cinema was too loud.

I checked my watch. After ten minutes, I was getting concerned. I was fairly sure Claire would be all right and I remembered a couple of times when we'd been to some swingers parties and I'd seen her disappear into a room with another guy only to emerge a short time later with a sly smirk on her face. I also realised that it was me that had persuaded Claire to try the swinging scene when she had been nervous at first. Her reward was to have me as her slave for the following weekend.

I was about to knock on the door when I heard a low moan (from Claire) and the manager shouting 'Shit, Shit, Shit'. It went quiet and a minute or two later the door opened. Claire emerged looking intact but with the same sly smirk I'd seen before. I asked her if she was okay and she nodded but hurried me out of the cinema. We walked back to the hotel at double quick time. At the way I was pressing her to tell me what happened. I could tell this was getting her annoyed but I was desperate to know. Just as we reached the door of our room she stopped and placing her hands on her hips said, "If I tell you, will you keep your end of the bargain"

I knew what she meant and nodded.

We entered the room and Claire sat on the dressing chair and made me sit on the end of the bed facing her. She told the story of how the manager (Dave) had perched on the edge of the desk and she'd knelt in front of him. She'd taken down his trousers and pulled his cock from his shorts.

She said she gasped when she saw it; more than 10" long and about 3" across at the head. When she started to pull away from it the manager laughed and forced it into her mouth. She started to lick and suck him and was managing his length okay when he told her to stop. He stood up and in one quick movement picked her up and laid her on her back on the desk. Her short skirt rode straight up and he yanked her panties off in one swift motion.

She said that she started to protest but as soon she felt the head of that mighty cock pressing at her lips, it took all her effort to not scream out loud. As she was describing this, my cock was getting as stiff as I had ever known it. Claire carried on by saying that she had cum as soon as Dave had plunged his massive cock inside of her.

He fucked her that way for a few minutes before deftly pulling out and spinning her over in his powerful arms. He then thrust into her again this time from behind. When he finally came, Claire said he shot a bucket load of hot spunk inside of her, pushing her over the edge into her third orgasm.

Claire stopped the tale in the same matter-of-fact way she'd started it and looked at me and my straining cock. "Now, are you ready for your side of the bargain" she quizzed.

I had agreed, so when she leant back against the dressing table sliding her bum to the front edge of the chair and opened her legs wide with just the tips of her heels touching the floor and said, "Clean me!" I didn't mind.

After our last swingers party, she had made me do the same thing as my first act of obedience to her. I knelt in front of her and placed two fingers either side of her swollen lips. I stuck out my tongue and placed it beneath her crack, near her anus. I then pushed hard and gave her one big lick no stopping until my tongue was matted in her pubic hair. She squealed as I did so and I pulled back and made a big show of swallowing the salty spunk. She smiled at her obedient slave. I carried on licking for a few more minutes until she came once more. She then lay on the bed and let me fuck her.

The next day started bright but soon clouded over. By lunch-time, Claire was eyeing her watch and hurrying me through my food. She persuaded me to go back to the hotel for a rest. I was lying on the bed reading when she emerged from the bathroom, freshly washed and with her full make- up on. I was watching her as she was furtively taking clothes from drawers and disappeared back into the bathroom.

After ten minutes she emerged. She was wearing a short black leather skirt, nylons, high heels and a tight white t-shirt that showed she wasn't wearing a bra. As she was tidying she bent over and I could see she was wearing hold-up stockings and a very skimpy G-string. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was going out and would be back soon. I started to argue with her but she came and stood next to the bed, her hands on her hips with her mouth in a firm pout. She leant forwards a little so that her breasts seem to grow underneath the tight fabric.

She spoke softly, "If you're a good boy, I'll let you have a special treat when I get back." I started to get out of bed but she pushed me back down and placed a knee on my chest. I could see her pussy hair around the edges of the G-string and the way her stockings were now tight across her straining thighs. She hissed into my ear, "Stay here, don't follow me or you won't be getting any of this for a while." With that she grabbed my rock-hard cock underneath the sheet and squeezed it firmly.

I know I'm weak where Claire is concerned but I do worship her and trust her. She stood up and straightened her clothes. She phoned down to reception and asked them for a taxi straight away and then left.

Claire was gone for two hours. When the door opened, she found me pacing up and down the room. She looked dishevelled. One of her stockings was laddered and (I later found out) her G-string had disappeared. She looked at me in a mocking way.

She ordered me to lie down on the bed and stood by the side of the bed and removed her skirt. She quickly straddled me and edged up the bed. Without a word passing between us, she shuffled up until her pussy was directly over my face. She placed two fingers outside of her lips and rubbed gently.

A flood of cum dripped from her lips onto my face. She continued to rub herself until the dribbling stopped then she sank down and buried my face up her pussy. I ate her out for over ten minutes until she came. She then climbed off and went to the bathroom. I heard the door lock behind her and she emerged nearly an hour later looking fresh and her old self once more.

When Claire came out of the bathroom, she lay down on the bed next to me and took my cock in her hand. She then described what had happened, how she had arranged to meet Dave, how he had fucked her three times, with her climaxing two or three times each fuck. As she spoke, she rubbed my cock to near climax on several occasions each time taking care not to let me cum.

She described what Dave did, how he made her strip for him until she was wearing just stockings and heels, how he sat in a chair and bounced her in his lap with his powerful arms doing all of the work. She stroked my balls and asked me if I'd wanked whilst she'd been out. I said I hadn't and she smiled. She told me I wasn't allowed to rub myself at all for the rest of the holiday. My pleasure would be hers to give. I agreed as I loved being controlled by her. We fell asleep like that and didn't wake for several hours.

When I awoke Carol was gone. I checked the bathroom and then the drawers to see if any of her 'special' clothes were missing but they weren't. Then I found the note that said she'd popped to the shops and would be back as soon as she could. I showered and prepared myself for the evening. I was in the bathroom when Claire returned and I deliberately hid from view. She popped her head around the bathroom door but didn't see me.

She returned to the bedroom and put her shopping bags on the bed. I could tell she was excited as she took her purchases from the bags. I couldn't believe my eyes at what I saw. She had bought (or so it appeared) the entire lingerie department of a small shop. She was taking out suspender belts, stockings, garters, teddies, strings of pearls, lace gloves, a lace choker and two pairs of very high, spiky black heels.

I was getting excited by this but the next bag of goodies nearly blew my mind. She'd obviously found a sex shop and was taking out some handcuffs, a vibrator, a leather harness (I think!), a big dildo, and various creams and other items. She then quickly skipped around the bed and attached four sets of handcuffs to each bed post and put the remainder of the sex items in the bedside draw. The clothes she put into the dresser. She then left the room.

I was quite excited by the thought of what might be about to happen later. I dressed and only ten minutes later Claire returned carrying some bottles of booze. She acted as though nothing had happened and this was what she really had gone shopping for. She insisted on opening the bottle of Jack Daniels (my favourite) and within a short time I was feeling quite merry.

We hadn't eaten since lunch and I soon realised I was nearly drunk. I lay down on the bed and fell asleep. I awoke some time later to realise I had been set-up. I was dressed in a teddy with stockings on my legs and a suspender belt for good measure. My cock was in a leather harness, strapped to my thigh pointing at my feet.

I smiled a little wondering what Claire had in store for me. I found out when only a few minutes later she returned. She was dressed in a long coat but I could see she had nylons underneath and was wearing a pair of the 'mistress' shoes. She looked at me with a sly grin and ordered me into the chair. She told me not to speak unless I was spoken to. She paced the room nervously and my cock started to ache as it strained within the harness. I looked at myself in the frilly underwear and stocking and was getting very aroused.

There was a knock at the door. Dave entered and when he saw me he burst out laughing. Claire turned to him and slapped him around the face. He stopped instantly. Claire barked at him "There'll be no more of that ! Now, dress in the bathroom with what I've left in their for you and not one sound. Understand"

"Yes, Mistress," was all Dave could muster and he disappeared into the bathroom.

Claire took of her coat and looked fabulous. She was dressed in stockings and those heels with a leather corset pushing her tits up until they looked twice their normal size. She opened the dresser and took out a riding crop - she was definitely prepared for this was going to enjoy it.

She came and stood in front of me and spoke softly. "When I was at the cinema, after Dave had fucked me for the second time," my cock strained and she continued "he showed me one of his favourite films" she smiled as she said the last word. Claire descibed how Dave had shown her his favourite porn video starring a dominant woman that was the spitting image of Claire. He said he would pay her to do the things that the woman in the video did.

I started to ask what that was but she raised a finger to my lips and said that I was not to speak and she swished the riding crop lightly against my thigh. She told me that it was Dave that liked to be treated rough and he was paying. I was there as an observer and was not to speak. I was dressed as I was as a way of humiliating me but it would be nothing compared to Dave. She leant forwards and kissed me softly and said, "Watch and enjoy."

Claire walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door. It opened and Dave emerged dressed in almost the same way as me. Claire then played out what I supposed was the 'plot' of the video. She made Dave crawl around on all-fours for a while and then she let him lick her pussy. She ordered him to kneel on the bed on his hands and knees and when he hesitated she whipped him quite fiercely with the crop.

I thought I saw Dave smile but I doubt it as his cock harness was the same size as mine but his cock was most definitely bigger than mine so the strain must have been quite painful. Claire ran the crop over his bare backside and then, licking her index finger, rubbed it around Dave's anus. He tensed a little but Claire continued. She ordered me to get the items from the top drawer and place them on the bed. I placed a jar of Vaseline, the vibrator and a leather paddle next to Claire.

I smiled as I placed the large butt-plug alongside the other items. This monster was 6" long and shaped so that once inserted in the anus it was difficult to remove. I'd had one used on me at one the swingers' parties but that one was only 3" long and quite narrow. This thing was huge.

Dave nervously looked over his shoulder at what I was doing but a swipe with the crop soon told him not to be so inquisitive. Claire opened the jar of Vaseline and smeared a dollop around Dave's anus. She worked into his puckered skin and he was obviously enjoying the sensation - mixed with the discomfort of his constrained cock. He jumped as he head the vibrator being turned on. It was only small but I was it would prove tricky to use.

Claire rolled it around Dave's bum before pushing the tip against his bud. An inch slipped in quite easily but as the humming rod grew thicker, so did the resistance. Claire took her time and slowly but surely 4" was pushed inside. She worked it in and out rhythmically before stepping back to slap the end forcing it hard up Dave's arse. He yelped in pain but Claire didn't care - she was obviously enjoying this. She smoothed his backside to mollify him but Dave seemed to be in considerable pain.

Claire spoke and ordered me to release Dave's cock harness. As I did so, I gasped at the size of it. Claire hadn't been exaggerating at all. Dave grunted as his cock was allowed its' freedom and it swelled even bigger as the blood was able to pump its' way around unhindered. Dave almost appeared to forget the plastic cock shoved up his backside so Claire took the opportunity to quickly remove it and replace it with the butt-plug.

She pushed 4" or so back in so Dave wasn't really aware of the switch. She ordered me to start rubbing his cock - but not to let him cum. I could tell Dave was really enjoying this and his cock glistened with pre-cum juices. I rubbed slowly as Claire gradually eased more and more of the plug up his anus. She told me to speed up my wanking of Dave and when it looked like he was coming, she pushed the plug hard until it slipped in fully, the rubber T-bar stopping it disappearing altogether. Dave came in long stringy spurts.

Claire ordered me to make sure that none of it stained the bed but there was so much. My hands were covered and it was dripping through my fingers. "Well suck it dry!" was her command.

I knelt down and licked my hands clean of the salty cum I'd already tasted twice before. I angled Dave's cock towards my mouth as he gave one final spurt, the hot cum stinging at the back of my throat. I kept his cock in my mouth long enough to ensure my Mistress's wishes were carried out. After a few minutes, Claire ordered me to sit down again and she let Dave slump onto the bed.

When Dave recovered, he asked permission to roll-over and look at his 'Mistress'. He said he was happy to have served her and he hoped she would allow him to visit once more. As he said this, he was wincing in discomfort as the butt-plug pushed away inside of him. Claire let him get dressed but instructed him not to remove the plug as she might be paying a surprise visit to the cinema and it wouldn't be in his interest for her to find it had been removed. Dave left and Claire slumped down on the bed. She asked me, politely, to remove 'the silly outfit' I was wearing. I did so and ran us both a bath.

As we bathed we talked about what had gone on and Claire admitted that she enjoyed being a strict mistress. I said I enjoyed being a slave but maybe not to the extent of the punishment handed out to Dave!

We agreed to try the 'sub/dom' roles again when we were home. We kissed as we dried ourselves but neither of us had any energy left so we fell asleep quickly. We left early the next day, wondering if Dave had removed his plug yet.