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Title: The BDSM Car Ride - Author: XXX

Published: Aug 16, 2010 - Contact:


I stand on the sidewalk after work waiting for Him, the only man I will ever love because I belong to Him, He owns me completely. I have given Him complete control of my thoughts, my body and actions. I am no longer a person but a possession, a toy to please Him.

I wait for Him because I am not allowed to drive myself. He does not trust me to follow the rules when I am alone. He is afraid if I have too much freedom I will begin to break the rules and do as I feel. I know that I will never be free again, nor do I wish to be free. I want only to please Him, so I stand here waiting for Him. I stand here in the clothes He has chosen for me today. He chooses the clothes I wear because I am His fuck doll to look as He wishes me to. He gave me a red blouse, extremely low cut to expose my cleavage, which is pushed up by a red 34C cup bra, that is filled with my perky tits and big round nipples that are almost always hard. I also wear a very short skirt that just barely goes past my ass cheeks. If I bend over, I will show everyone my red panties under it. He finished my outfit with a pair of red 8 inch heels. He dresses me like this in the hope that people will stare and gossip about the whore I am. I also wear a silver choker with a charm stamped with the word "Whore". I was given this choker to wear when I am in public. He has also had the word "Slut" tattooed right above my bald pussy lips. He has tattooed me so if I ever leave Him and/or if anyone fucks me they will know what I am and forever will be - a slut and nothing more.

I see Him pulling into the parking lot now and my heart jumps in anticipation to see my love, my owner. He pulls up in front of me in a black BMW M5 with the windows tinted so dark I am unable to tell if it is Him in the car or just an employee of His. I stand patiently beside the car with my eyes gazing at the pavement for minute. I wait for Him to roll down the window and tell me I am allowed to get in the car and where to sit. The window slowly lowers and He states with a commanding voice "sit next to me slut". I quickly respond "yes Sir," open the passenger side door and sit next to him.

As I sit down He immediately opens my legs and slides His hand up my skirt and pulls aside my panties. He slides His finger into my dry pussy. I wince in pain and let out a small whimper as He drives His finger inside me hard. As He withdraws His finger from my pussy, tears began to swell up in my eyes because I know I'm in trouble and will be punished severely. I let the tears flow in hopes of making Him happy, because I know He enjoys me looking like a used crack whore with mascara running down my face.

"What's the rule, bitch" He demands in an angry tone.

"When I am with You, Sir, I will always have Your cunt wet so it is ready to be used whenever You wish to use it, Sir" I repeat in a trained response through the tears.

"And why isn't it wet, slut I gave you a full minute to prepare My cunt for me and you failed. You're nothing more than a cheap hooker who can't follow instructions, bitch."

I beg Him to forgive me, but He does not listen. He turns His head in disgust of my bad manners.

"Get that dirty fucking cunt of Mine wet right now, bitch. You're nothing but a cheap whore who I can replace by the end of the week if you refuse to follow the rules," He screams at me.

I immediately begin to rub my bald pussy. I start to feel the juices flow and I become soaked in seconds because my pussy is trained so well for him. He hears the wetness as I finger myself.

"Take off your panties and shove them in My pussy and pull up your blouse so your tits are sticking out," He orders.

"Yes Sir," I respond with my eyes pointed at the floor of the car.

As I pull up my blouse and my tits flop out of my bra, my nipples are already rock hard. I then slide my panties down my legs and finger them inside me. While I shove them in, I feel slaps on my tits. I then feel my nipples pulled and twisted. I try not to make a sound but when I feel my tit slapped for the 5th time I let out a small wail of pain. My nipples now feel like He is trying to tear them off. He stops suddenly and I await His next command, but He just ignores me for several minutes.

"Bitch" He barks.

"Yes Sir" I respond instinctively.

"Now put your panties in your mouth," He orders.

I pull my panties out of my pussy, now soaked in pussy juice, and slid them into my mouth. I feel my juice squeeze out in my mouth and down my throat. I feel Him then pull and twist my nipples hard again. This time it's too much and I begin to cry out, but it's muffled by my panties. He slaps my tits until we pull up to a red light and He instructs me to look at Him. I mumble a "yes Sir" through my panties and turn to look at him. He takes a fist full of my long blond hair and slaps my face, turning my cheeks red. I begin to sob violently as I fight to pull away, but He has a very tight grip on my hair. When the light changes He stops slapping me and continues driving.

"Now, you little cum sucking fuck hole, take out My cock and stroke it" He whispers in a tone of enjoyment.

"Yes Sir" I whimper through tears and my panties.

I reach over with my hands and unbutton His pants, pulling out His 9 inch cock. I began to stroke it slowly with one hand and rub His balls with my other. His cock slowly grows harder in my hand, a feeling I have come to enjoy very much.

"Please let me be Your dirty little oral fuck hole, Sir, and let me please Your cock with my mouth, Sir" I beg through my panties.

"I would love to, My whore, but right now your mouth is full of your panties and I wouldn't want to waste the pussy taste with My cum," He says with a smile.

Having been forbidden to taste His huge cock, I rub His cock on my face, careful not to touch it with my lips. I slap my face with His cock a few times before I beg again for Him to let me suck it.

"You want Me to skull fuck your little slut mouth, don't you bitch Too bad you haven't paid for your mistake yet, because I would love to choke fuck you like the whore you are," He says in a disappointed tone.

He rolls down my window as we merge onto the freeway and instructs me to show every semi my tits as we pass. I look at Him as my face turns red in embarrassment. I start to take my panties out of my mouth.

"I didn't tell you you could take that out, did I slut" He barks.

"No Sir" I mumble through them.

As we drive, I shove my tits out of the window. The cold strong wind feels really good on them after the torture they just received. When we pass a semi , He honks the horn to get the truckers' attention. The truckers do a double take as they see me, honking the semi's horn in response. I feel humiliated with my panties in my mouth and my tits out of the window. The humiliation is making my already wet pussy leak. Kneeling on the seat, I hope He sees my pussy leaking and I hope it makes Him happy. I remind myself I am just here for His pleasure and nothing more. My feelings do not matter, my embarrassment does not matter. I am nothing more than a fuck hole to Him. Which only makes me drip on the seat more. He must have noticed, because He begins to spank my pussy as I hang out the window. We repeat this several times as we pass more semis on the way.

We pull into the drive way of our house and He opens the garage. As I watch the door open, I feel a sigh of relief because I was afraid He would make me walk to the house from the driveway fully exposed the way I am. But my fears soon become reality when He parks the car at the end of the driveway. He grabs my hair and begins to drag me out of the car through His door. I cry out in unexpected pain as I fight to climb over the center console as fast as I can. I'm not fast enough over the seat; He drags me out the door and I fall on the ground. He picks me up by my hair and walks me into the house. When we reach the door, I stand up straight and place my hands behind my back, sticking my exposed tits out and staring at the floor behind Him.

"Now your punishment really begins," He threatens ominously as He walks through the door.


We walk through the door. He leaves me there and walks to the back of the house. As I am trained to do, I stand by the door and remove all my clothing. After I am completely naked I put on a pair of black stiletto heels. I wrap a leather straps on the top of the heels around my ankles and place the tiny lock on each them. He has placed a lock on the heels so I cannot take them off when they begin to hurt. This way He can enjoy me enduring hours of pain without relief, just by wearing shoes. I sometimes will wear them non-stop for several days in a row. I put on my leather collar with the words "whore" wrapped around a large metal ring under my chin. I put on my leather ankle and wrist restrains, then stand awaiting His next command.

I see Him walking towards me with his laptop computer in His hand and my heart drops. I know what He is going to do and I hate it. He is going to use His webcam to broadcast my punishment on His website to anyone in cyberspace who feels like watching. I see Him tap a few keys and His web site pops up. I see His webpage, along with the logo at the top. The picture He made into the logo instantly makes tears swell up in my eyes. It is a picture He took of me a long time ago, on a day I wish I could forget but can't. The picture is from my punishment the one time I refused to follow His order. Well, I didn't refuse, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. In His eyes that isn't any different. I wanted to please Him so badly, but I just couldn't. It was about one year after I became His property, after I realized I loved Him and gave myself to Him, letting Him have complete control of me and my life forever.


Shortly after I gave my life to Him, becoming His pet forever, He brought home another woman. I was devastated, and could not believe He would do this to me. I could not believe He would let another woman please Him instead of His personal whore, who was trained to do nothing but fulfill His every pleasure. I had thought He loved me too, but the sad realization of that night was that I am just His toy. But I still love Him and would do anything for Him. I started to pout as she came in the room. I knelt at His feet to lick His boots as He walked in the door, as a loving 'welcome home' gesture. What He told me next horrified me; He said the woman was for me not Him. I was disgusted at the idea of touching another woman. The sheer thought of it made my stomach turn. I did not want to touch anyone but Him, forever. I was appalled that the one I loved would make me do this and force me to please someone else. He saw the terrified look on my face and stated in a commanding voice "you will do this for Me because it pleases Me, won't you slut." I slowly murmured in a trained tone "yes Sir, your whore will do whatever You wish of her."

The other woman sat down in a chair, lifted her skirt, and pulled down her pink panties. He told me I was to orally please her. I knelt down between her legs and stared at her very hairy pussy, wishing she was required to shave like a slut has to. I slowly brought my face closer her pussy, which had a very dirty stink emanating from it. Although I was thoroughly grossed out, I slowly stuck out my tongue, trying to obey His command to please her. I didn't understand why He was making me do this, why He wanted to see me touch another woman, especially this way, instead of pleasing Him with my slut mouth. I began to think that He was just trying to confuse me like the stupid whore I am, that He wanted to prove that I am a cunt for everyone's pleasure and not just His. I started to lick her hairy lips in complete disgust. I could taste her juices as they leaked out, and I pulled away quickly as her taste filled my mouth and made me gag. He yelled at me what a worthless whore I was and how I would pay miserably if I did not do what was ordered of His fuck whore. "I will have no need for you, if you can't follow orders. I'll have to sell you!" I burst into tears because I did not want to leave Him; I love Him and never want to go. I tried to lick her pussy again as I sobbed, but I gagged again as the smell overwhelmed me. I was unable to do what was asked, and I begged Him for forgiveness but received none.

He grabbed me by the hair and rubbed my face in her smelly hairy pussy, while the woman just laughed at me like I was a joke. I smelled her pussy on my face as He dragged me away. I screamed through the pain and sobs as I begged Him to let me try and lick her pussy again. "Please let me lick her Sir, please let me. I will do it. I will be her oral whore." I cried in terror as He dragged me to the table where I am punished. He strapped me down on my back with my pussy hanging off the edge and my legs spread wide, and began a several hour session of torturing my pussy. He started with spanking, then whipped it, and finished with a cane. My pussy lips and clit were entirely raw, swollen, and covered in red welts when He was done. The word "slut" tattooed above my bald pussy lips seemed to bubble up from the torture.

He told me that before He would make His decision whether to sell me, He would try out my pussy one more time and see if I was worth keeping around. He fucked my raw pussy for what seemed like an hour. My pussy was in so much pain from the torture, and now He was slamming His huge cock into me. I screamed and cried as He fucked me like a whore, but I did not ask Him to stop because I loved Him so much I wanted my pussy to please Him so I could stay. When He finally came, He shot His load over the tattooed word 'slut' on my pussy. I began to sob in shame now, instead of pain, because I love His cum inside me so much. He knows this, and He shot his load on my pussy to further punish me. He came on me to prove the point that I'm a whore. He took a picture of my beaten, cum-soaked pussy, and uses that as His website's logo. Then He let the woman lick His cum off of me. I hated seeing her tongue on me, but it felt so soothing on my raw beaten pussy. By the time she finished licking up every drop of His cum, I was no longer crying. I was enraged that she was allowed to have His cum, but I could do nothing but lay there until she left.


I see Him turn on the camera and put His mask on. I want a mask like His so badly, because I feel humiliated that my face is broadcasted online while I am punished for my mistakes like a cheap porno whore. I asked once and He told me "you don't need a mask because no one cares what a dirty fuck whore's face looks like, all they want to see is your slut body." After He turns the webcam on, He orders me to the center of the room in front of the camera. He takes both my wrists and attaches them to a large hook in the ceiling over my head. He adds a spreader bar between my legs to keep them wide apart, giving Him full access to my entire body, and chains the bar to the floor, limiting my ability to move. He walks over to a dresser and pulls out a long black plastic wand with a lighted glass tube on the end. I hear the electricity flow when He hits the button to make it spark in the air. The fear runs through my body as He comes so close to me that I can hear the hum from the machine.

Suddenly, He presses it on my foot, running the glass tube up my leg as I screech. I feel the sharp stinging pain from the electricity shooting into my body, and I try to pull my leg away but I am unable to move. I begin to shake in the realization that I have a lot more suffering to endure. I know from many hours of previous experience with His toy that it is only on the lowest setting, and that He will make me suffer through every level. He stands back, and laughs as he sees the terror on my face. He presses the wand to my nipple, and the sudden bolt of pain shooting into my tit makes both my nipples become hard. He then walks around me and touches my other nipple, increasing the intensity of the current. He starts to touch the wand to random parts of my body, turning the power level up and down each time so I never know how much it will hurt or where.

The pain jumps almost 3 levels as it touches my pussy. He whispers in my ear "what is this" as He touches the wand to me again. I cry out in pain "it's Your cunt to be used and abused as You wish, Sir". "And is My pussy wet" He asks me. "Of course, Sir," I scream as He dials up the current and drives the wand right between my pussy lips. He rubs my clit with the glass tube while randomly pressing the shock button on it. It is absolute torture. One second I feel great pleasure, the next extreme pain. I am sobbing uncontrollably now as each touch from the wand on the highest setting causes me excruciating pain. He rubs it over my 'slut' tattoo and commands me "tell the camera what you are, bitch." I turn my head, staring at the camera, and scream out in pain "I am a dirty fucking cum whore who is here for Your pleasure and control. I am a fuck toy to please You, Sir". As I say the words, I feel the humiliation, pain, and fear of the punishment rush through my body, and my pussy yearns to cum. I beg Him to let me cum, but He refuses me permission. I whimper as He fucks my asshole with the glass tube, still randomly hitting the shock button.

Finally, He unhooks me and pushes me to my knees. He pulls His cock out of His pants, and begins to throat fuck me like an oral whore. He rams His cock all the way down my throat, and I take every inch like a good little oral fuck hole does. When He has had His fill of my slut mouth, He pulls out and jerks off on my tits. He covers them with His cum, knowing how upset I'll be because I love His cum in me so much.