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Title: Hire PI to Catch Cheating Husband - Author: Mrs. Hopkins

Published: Oct 3, 2009 - Contact:

Recently I had been getting vibes from my husband that he has cheated on me, not once but several times. I looked in the phone book to hire a private investigator to follow Bert. I called one pi that guaranteed results, positive or negative. I really didn't want to know, but I did if you what to I mean. I called, the receptionist answered.

"Hell-O this is ( Blank Blank ) Detectives. How may I help you" I, I want to. I hung up. Do I want too do this I asked myself. I called back after thinking some more. "Hello" she said again. Yes I just called the fees for hiring a pi. She said, would you hold a minute. "Hell-O this is Frank (Last Name)

" How much charge is there to hire a pi to follow my husband I think he's cheating on me. First, we have to interview you, would like to make appointment. "Yeah I guess so" Lady, I don't think you're serous. Call back when you're sure, Ok" He hung up.

I had to search my mind and decided to go through with it. I called and made an appointment. The day came; I had coffee, showered & dressed for my 9 am appointment. I was right on time. 9 I walked in. Yes can I help you" Said the receptionist. I have 9am appointment to see Mr. (Last Name) your 9 am appointment is here, Thanks Maggie, send her in.

There sat a bald, over weight man about 60. His breath smelled of cigars & a new litter of kittens. Hi, I'm Mr. (Last Name) Now, what is it that we can do for you Mrs." Oh I'm Mrs. Hopkins. I think my husband that he has cheated on me, not once but several times. I need to know your fees!" Mrs. Hopkins we can go over that later, I need to know is what makes you think your husband is cheating on you.

Bert works 2nd. Shift. I have found incriminating items, strange phone calls, both at home & his cell phone, text messages, I said. "What kind of incriminating items did you find" I found a women's lingerie, you know sexy underwear catalogs, along with ladies measurements. He has pictures of females wearing the sexy underwear. I want you to follow him & find out anything you can, so how much

"Well, Mrs. Hopkins I can follow him, that ain't the problem. The problem is I just don't think that is grounds to invade his privacy" I don't care, If you don't want to take this case. I'll find a PI that will." "Ok, OK I'll do it, but do you have enough money My fee is, $150.oo per day or night, $100.oo for paper work each day or night. If i have to stay overnight. $175.oo per night. As you see Mrs. Hopkins this could cost you a great deal of money. That's over 4 hundred bucks a day. Do you want to spend that kind of money"

I said, yes damn-it! Ok, we'll do it. Mrs. Hopkins I need some personal information from you. How any times a week did you have sex with you husband Do you have good satisfying orgasms Do you do oral sex Do you. Swallow Do you enjoy sex What size are your breasts. Do you like your nipples sucked. Are you haven Do you like anal sex "

Hey, look Mr. (Last Name) why are you asking these kind of question" I didn't want him to know but those questions made my loins wet. He said, "I'll go out tonight and watch him, Thanks Mrs. Hopkins. He called the next morning, Mrs. Hopkins; we have to meet as soon as you can get con to my office. I went to his office. Thanks for coming this early. Oh yeah that will be $250.oo. I wrote him a check. He started telling me about Bert. He read his report to me, at 2pm (The accused) stopped for gas & cigarettes. At 230 made ah cell phone call. A female met hit at gas station. (The accused) gave her piece of paper & kissed her cheek.

At 250 he arrived at his work. At 630 he went to his truck, he reached under the seat for a package. (A female) drove up. They both sat in his truck for 30 minutes. At 700 she patted his shoulder, (The accused) went back in. I decided to follow her. At 715 She went into a Taylor shop. This female gave Bert's package to the clerk. At 730 she went to a house. She never came out. (The accused) came out at 1115 & drove to Kelly Bar. He had 2 beers. 1155 he reach into his hip pocket, for a list of something written down. Another female walked up to his table and sat down. They talked until 1215. (The accused) said, "Thanks Lynn" and she kissed his cheek. At 1245 he was at your house. Now, Mrs. Hopkins (The accused) did nothing that would subject him to cheating. I do have ah few questions answered. Mrs. Hopkins, Have you ever cheated on him "Ah, ah yeah. But that was years ago." Mrs. Hopkins has thought about getting even for him cheating

Mr. (Last Name) didn't let me answer. He grabbed my 36C's and kneaded them like raw pie dough. I involuntarily gapped, it felt so good. I came to my centes, STOP THAT Mr. (Last Name)! No, call me Frank Mrs. Hopkins. Stop Frank, please He squeezed my titties, I couldn't say anything. His touch was so welcome. In my mind I wanted him to stop. My sexual emoutions didn't.

He kissed me like he was ah teenager. His tongue slipped between my lips. I instinctively opened my mouth. Frank took liberties with my tongue, sucking my tongue into his mouth. He reached under my shirttail up to my breasts, pushing my bra up above my tits. Frank lightly pinched my nipple. "Gawd Don't stop. Don't Stop Mr. ah Frank. I pulled my shirt off, Here Frank suck these; I raised my breast to him. He pinched my nipple with his teeth before sucking my tit into his warm wet mouth. He sucked me like he was a nursing baby. "O Frank suck my tits! Bite them! My pussy became so saturated; I felt my juices running down my leg. He continued nursing my boobs while he un-button my slacks & he push them down. Frank's hand made it's way to my wet cunt.

He circled my pussy lips with his fingers, putting pressure against the hood of my clit. Frank slipped his fingers in my slit & found the love canal. He started lightly moving his fingers and rubbing my hardened clitoris. I was about to cum hard. And i mean cum hard. He was sucking my tit, pinching the other nipple, fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit. These continuing movements were getting me off. This strange man was causing me to cum so wonderfully. "Mr. Oops I'm gonna cum. Faster Frank. Make me orgasm. My knees became weak & begun to shake. I had one of those toe-curling orgasms. My big toes cramped, the sweat was running down my face, my back, my cunt tingled as my best orgasm subsided. "Frank, that was great, I needed to cum, I also need to fuck"

He didn't have to be told twice. Frank picked me up and carried me to his desk. He laid me out on top of the desk. He pulled off my slacks and panties, lowered his trousers and WoW! Frank penetrated me deep with one thrust of his large cock. I started another orgasm. I jerked and trashed on his desktop. I swung my arms over my head knocking his Rolodex off the desk. Frank took his dick out. I grabbed it and jacked him off. He was incredibly hard. I aimed it back into position. He pushed me across the desk as he went to my deepest point of my womb. Frank pumped slowly; I could feel the ridges in his cock as he fed his cock to me. He increased speed causing him to hit my G-Spot on his inward thrusts. I fucked him back with every push. He stopped while his dick was in me the deepest point. "Mrs. Hopkins! I can't hold it any longer, I'm Cumming. Frank spewed his hot cum in my cunt, I felt him hit my cervix with ah splash! It felt like ah quart of his cum filled my hot pussy. He didn't go soft like most men do. Frank moved up to my naked titties. "Here Mrs. Hopkins, Tit fuck my cock"

I pushed my tits tight around his massive meat as he pumped his dick between my boobs. I licked his dick's head every time it popped his head out of the flesh of my titties. Soon he was ejaculating again, all over my tits, my neck & my chin. I tried to get as much on my tongue to swallow it. (This guy was full of spunk) My upper body was covered. He was still oozing cum when he stood up. "Oh Mrs. Hopkins that was sweet. I can't charge you tomorrow, this is nice" I forgot why I was there, even about my cheating husband. At that time I wasn't any better than he. I dressed and headed home, along the way I had to stop and cry. I felt so bad, but my freshly fucked pussy felt so good. That made it worse. Physically I felt fine. But mentally & emotionally i was ah slut wife.

I cried all the way home. I pulled in our garage. I suddenly felt lower than snake shit. Bert had made ah sign and hung it above where I park. The sign read, "Welcome Home Baby Happy Anniversary" I was crying when i opened the door. There stood Bert with a full-length fur coat. "Happy Anniversary Laura Love you!"

It dawned on me right then. The ladies measurements i found were mine, the catalog was from next door. The cell messages were from the furrier. I blamed Bert for cheating on me. How could I live with myself knowing what I had just done too my husband I called Franks office the next day. "Mr. Jennings there I need to speak to him now!" Hell-O this is Frank. He said. "Frank I have to cancel your investigating my husband. I found out everything, Bert was out shopping.

"Yeah, I know" He said. I knew about it. He said, "I couldn't tell you. I figured if I could get some new pussy it would be good for them & me. I called him everything but ah white man! I was so pissed. I thought about taking this to his boss. He is the business owner. I offered myself to him.

It comes down to ladies, If you think you're husband's cheating. You make damn sure of the facts before doing anything. This caused me to loose my morals & the guilt is unbearable.