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Title: An Early Chrismas Present - Author: Anon

Published: Jan 29, 2005 - Contact:

It was a cold Decembers day. I was walking down the dusty dirt road to my girlfriend's house, my skateboard slung over my shoulder, my fingers firmly gripping the trucks. Many thoughts raced through my mind as to what was to cum (if you catch my drift). Finally, I reached asphault where I could ride the rest of the way. I recall having a slight paranoia as cars passed me by, as this was my first time, and I did not wish to get caught doing the deed. The trip seemed longer today than I had anticipated for some reason; I had rode my skateboard there many times before (she had been my girlfriend for several months).

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I reached her property. As I approached the door, her large dogs startled me. I knocked on the door. Her little sister, Jennie, answered the door in her cute pajamas. When I stepped in, Jennie told me that Jordan was asleep in her room. Nervously, I strode to the resting place of my "beloved."

Winter break had just begun; Jordan and I had arranged this a week ago, knowing that her parents would both be at work. The week previous to this we almost had a go at it, however it was not to be because it was that "special time of the month" for her. Last night, I had just gone into town on my skateboard to obtain "protection."

I was certain that the time was right.

The door creaked as I slowly entered, sweat pouring off my face from the exhausting ride over. She was half awake, and her half-opened eyes gazed upon me. Her stereo, quietly playing, had rap music on (which I am not particulary fond of.) I leaned my skateboard against her dresser and slowly moved over to her bed. My gut felt as if I was experiencing a long fall from a great height. I leaned over her and carresed her soft forehead with my lips. My PUSSY lips.