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The Story...

We had gone to bed early that night, both of us horny as hell! We kissed for only a few seconds, because I couldn't wait to reveal my surprize for him. Besides i knew that he had shaved his punic hairs, just for me. Since I had never really given him head before (never finished anyway), I wasn't too sure about how he would like it.

I stripped him down, with no time to spare. My pussy was dripping, just thinking of what i was about to do. I told him to put his hands behind his head and close his eyes.

I kissed his lips, his ears, his neck, then lay some down his chest. He was tremoring by the time I got to his belly button. Just to tease a little I kissed my way back up and took his huge dick, (I couldn't even get my fingers around it completely) in my hands and started to rub gently, just enough to make him shudder.

His cock was so hard with anticipation, and oozing pre-cum. When I finally made my way slowly back down his stomach, he was so far gone, he almost couldn't hold it. I rubbed my lips gently on the end and stuck out my tongue to get a taste. His hips bucked. I slowly licked all the way down one side and back up the other (using my tongue ring to my advantag, I took the head in my mouth and gently sucked, leaving it nice and wet.

I grabbed his balls in one hand, the bottom of his cock in the other, and the head in my mouth. I used my tongue and made little circles just on the underside of his head, which made him buck up again and his dick twich in my mouth. I took the whole thing in my mouth, well as much as i could, and he moaned his pleasure. I kept it there for a second, again using my tongue ring to give him pleasure. Then I pulled back up and down slowly, keeping my hand on his dick and my other massaging his sac. I then decided it would be a good time to have my first taste of balls. I took them in my mouth, and gently sucked and rolled them around with my tongue, using the ring to trace the little line in between. I've never heard him moan so loud!!! I was still massaging his hard dick with my free hands.

Soon I knew that he was close to blowing his load, because his body went stiff and his dick went rock hard. I stopped, and kissed my way back up his stomach, just in time to stop him from cumming! I straddled his stomach and rubbed my bald, pulsing pussy on his dick telling him to hold still. I rubbed until my pussy just had to have it inside!

"I need your hard cock in my pussy now!" I moaned. He still stayed quiet, except for the moans that he just couldn't hold back. "Tell me when you're going to cum." I slid his rock hard, just about there, cock into my waiting pussy and let out a loud moan, matching his own. It didn't take long before he told me that he was about to cum. "hold it" i warned.

I slipped off and quickly put my mouth on his pulsing dick, running my tongue along the underside and gently sucking while moving up and down. I started to massage his balls again and he was a goner! He came so much in my mouth and I greedily swallowed every drop! I kept sucking as he bucked through his massive orgasm and slowly began to relax. I got back up and told him to fuck my pussy hard to make me come. As he was still rock hard and ready to go again, he gladly did. He flipped me over onto my hands and knees and took my pussy from behind, shoving hard as I bucked back against him. It didn't take long before we were cumming together! I licked my juices off his dick and sucked his balls, letting him go soft.

After, as we basked in the afterglow having our after-sex-cigarettes, he told me that he'd only had a couple girls do that for him before, and that I was by far the best! I didn't think I should tell him that's not the first time I'd heard that!

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