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Title: Devoured - Author: Amber Tiffany Jones

Published: Jun 26, 2013 - Contact:

There was a thick, velvety softness to his voice, a vibration that burrowed deep inside. It seemed to delve beneath Sandy's creamy skin and stimulate the depths of her soul. She listened intently to his detailed explanation of business facts and figures, trying earnestly to understand the content, but finding herself so totally lost in his powerful presentation that she couldn't understand a thing he was saying. Confidence dripped from his tall body, his straight upright form tightly filling the shoulders of his black suit as he masterfully worked the podium. He was a lion with a full mane of neatly-groomed and richly dark hair, money was his prey, and the audience stood to be among his pride. And Sandy, at that moment, wanted nothing more than to be devoured by him.

There were big decisions to be made, with Henry Cutter and Associates standing to either make - or lose - a lot of money depending on whether or not the dignified gentleman standing at the head of the room knew what he was talking about. And Sandy was on the board to decide whether or not he really did. She closed her eyes tightly, hoping the others on the board were less influenced by the teaming eroticism of the man, Thomas Rochester, who was asking - almost demanding - a very large sum for an investment in a relatively unknown business venture. Thomas's business was finance, and the investment was in sexually explicit marketing research.

"We've researched the sexual response of humans," the words rolled tastily from his mouth, "and we're convinced that we are absolutely able to tap into the instinctive reaction using obscure shapes, movements, and sounds that are entirely acceptable in public as they have no remote resemblance to what they are actually depicting."

He stepped out from behind the podium for a moment to grasp some of his notes from the table perched behind him, and Sandy quickly stripped him with her eyes - stopping momentarily about half-way down.

"In order to increase the value, we've developed larger package options for our more faithful clients," he continued melodiously. "There are currently no laws restricting any of our tested and proven techniques, and we have no reason to anticipate that there ever will be. Furthermore, we have ongoing research to keep up with the evolution of sexual response in our society in order to keep fully abreast of current reactions. Best of all," he paused for effect and Sandy was grateful for the brief opportunity it gave her distracted mind to try and absorb what he had just said, "is that the same approaches will work over and over again, with no need for the constant changes that contemporary current advertising requires. What we do is almost not even noticed by the viewer, and never gets old."

Sandy ached for the chance to explore his claims in depth - alone with him. But if the presentation he was giving at that moment was intended to conceal his sexual enticements, he was failing miserably.

As the lecture ended in a gentle round of applause Sandy met with her colleagues in the hotel room above the conference center to discuss and compare their notes. As the rest of the group settled in to the stiff chairs in the sitting room Sandy jotted several notes down, mainly copying from scraps of scribbles she managed to peek at on someone else's notebooks. She was in such a hurry to create some amount of content to her notes that at one point she realized she had just copied half of a dinner ideas list from Mark as she peered over his shoulder. Well, at least she had something written down.

"What did everyone think of the concepts Mr. Rochester presented this afternoon" Charlie asked in his usual dry tone. He was the chairperson in charge, and he quickly got the small meeting going. "Any insights into the validity of his contentions"

Several of the younger team members chimed in quickly, pointing out what they saw as errors in Thomas's logic. Some of the more experienced members offered explanations for why the ideas might still be valid. Sandy sat in silence, hoping not to be asked anything directly, as she stared out the window and down to the outside pool deck below. Suddenly she saw him, donned in nothing more than his swimming trunks, strolling out to the lounge chairs than lined the poolside. His skin was deeply tanned, his muscles toned and taut. Sandy caught her breath as silently as she could as she watched the magnificence of Thomas's large chest and what she could see of his round, tight little . . .

"Sandy," Charlie interrupted her, and she stared uncomfortably back into his probing glare. "You haven't said much yet - what did you think of what he said today"

Sandy smiled calmly, all the while her heart was racing and she cursed Charlie for invading her steamy view. "Really," she sighed thoughtfully, "the market for successful research in this particular field would be endless." She wondered if she could really bullshit her way through her little speech successfully, or if someone was going to ask if she had the hots for the guy before she could finish. "We all know that a person's sexuality drives them to accomplish nearly everything they do in life. It pushes the drunk to stop drinking, causes the sober man to start drinking, has been known to start corporations, wars, and churches. I'm just not certain that it's possible to reach a person's sexuality, and excite it, without the use of continually more explicit and indecent visuals. And the extents to which we can take those are strictly limited by law."

The room was quiet for a moment. Had she said something that deeply thought-provoking

"That's pretty much exactly what I just said," Julie, one of the younger members, muttered loudly.

"I know," Sandy nodded, in spite of the fact that she hadn't had a clue. "I was mainly agreeing with you, that's all."

Again the room sat in heavy silence.

"Okay," Charlie finally spoke up, gathering his papers. "We clearly need some time to look over some of his current findings and see what direction he plans to go with it all. We can do that tomorrow morning, prior to check-out time. But tonight lets each spend some time talking with Thomas at the reception and see if we can get a feel for his integrity, okay"

Everyone nodded. Sandy tried to keep her nod from hurting her neck with the enthusiasm and swallowed back a quick shot of fear. With one last quick glance out the window - disappointed not to see him there still - and Sandy stepped awkwardly from the hotel room and out into the hall. Silent, she made her way back to her own room to shower and dress for the evening's gathering.

Bursting into her room she latched the door securely behind her and ran to the window. She didn't have a clear view of the pool and didn't know if Thomas was still there or not. Quickly she decided to change into her bikini and take a quick, refreshing swim. There wasn't anything wrong with that. She only wanted to freshen up and stretch her legs a little before getting back into the business mode, that's all.

She stripped her clothes quickly, but caught herself hesitating before sliding her bikini bottoms up along her smooth legs. Cautiously she touched herself, running her fingers through the narrow strip of fur she had left from her bikini shaving. As she felt her swollen lips she debated shaving the blond curls completely, but knew that Phil, her boyfriend, would notice immediately when she got back to Boston. Then there would be many questions and very few good answers. She was guessing that Thomas, like most men, would prefer a total shave there on women, but she had always been hesitant to go that far. Still, now, with the desire to find herself naked with Thomas swelling inside of her, she wanted everything about her body to be as perfect as she could make it. Reluctantly deciding that no one was going to see her down there yet anyway she hurriedly finished slipping into her suit and rushed out to the pool.

He wasn't there. She searched the long stretches of beach, but couldn't see him there either. She had missed him.

"Hi," a deep, masculine voice spoke softly behind her.

Sandy spun around, her burst of excitement waning quickly as she realized it wasn't Thomas. Still the tall man towered strongly above her. He stood there gallantly, his eyes roaming over Sandy's slender figure and through her satiny blond hair.

"Could I buy you a drink" he offered, motioning to the poolside bar.

Sandy strained to control her throbbing needs and quickly looked the young man over. She didn't recognize him at all, and he certainly didn't look like a businessman. Possibly one of the hotel workers, she thought. But his arms and chest bulged slightly with young muscle, and his stomach was tight. She could see the vague bulge of his penis through his dark swimming suit and could tell he was interested in her for more than just a drinking partner.

"Are you staying here, in the hotel" Sandy asked coyly, avoiding his question.

He smiled an innocently boyish grin, and nodded. "Well, not actually staying," he confessed, "I . . . I work here, kinda."

Perfect, Sandy thought. Exactly what she expected. "I'll say you only kinda work here! It looks like you're just lounging out by the pool picking up on girls," Sandy teased.

"The boss lets us hang out like this after our shifts are through," he hurriedly explained. "I'm not really supposed to tell you I work here, I'm supposed to pretend to be a guest."

"Do you have a room" Sandy asked presumptuously.

He shook his head.

"Were you trying to pick up on me" Sandy probed deeper.

He grinned again, scoping her body like she was a new surfboard he wanted to ride. "Can you blame me" he asked. "Any red-blooded American boy would be willing to try his hand at getting you."

Sandy smiled smoothly, then stepped directly in front of him. Without a word she quickly cupped his large, round balls in one hand while clasping his arm with her other to keep him from moving away. He gasped in surprise as she ran expert fingers up along the curve of his masculinity, squeezing it to assure it was hard.

"Let's go to my room, now!" Sandy insisted, pulling him by his hand. She dragged him, oddly reluctant, into the parking garage and toward the lower elevator.

"I'm not supposed to be doing this with hotel guests," he explained suddenly as he pulled back, stopping Sandy. "I could get fired for this!"

Sandy could see the real fear in his eyes, his hesitation, and it sparked her raging fires even more. She spotted an equipment storage closet near the elevators, and pulled him roughly inside.

Turning on the dim light as she closed the door behind them she could see the young man's tender, squirming body, his full dark blond hair, and the exciting hesitation in his green eyes. As she kissed him hard on his mouth she could feel his hands begin to rub her body, up along her back, and around to touch her firm breasts. Forcefully Sandy yanked his trunks down and he yelped from both shock and pain as the band bent his penis down hard. But everything sprang back up into place as his trunks fell down around his ankles. Pressing herself tightly against his body, Sandy pulled the crotch in her bikini bottoms to one side.

"Wait," the boy objected, "I've never done this before . . ."

Sandy stopped, leaned back, and stared into his frightened face. "You're serious," she grinned in amusement. "You're really a virgin!"

He nodded, embarrassed. "I've just never . . ."

"This is so hot!" Sandy interrupted him, and sexually attacked him again, quickly forcing her pussy over his hard penis as he struggled to pull away, filling her until it hurt. She felt his entire body stiffen with the realization of what just happened, and his stunned silence spurred Sandy on to a feverish, almost violent frenzy.

She thrust herself on him, biting gently at his deep red nipples and lips, grasping his firm round butt with her hand, and working her pelvis hard until she felt the familiar hot glow of pleasure writhing inside of her. As his penis swelled within her warmth it pressed harder against her blissful areas, pushing her further into dizzying ecstasy. She dug her nails into his chest and back as he wriggled harder against the rhythmic motions of her sex. He groaned loudly, the sound sending ripples of bliss through Sandy's body. Suddenly he writhed hard, grunting, and at last gasped as his manhood contracted to leave a flood of virgin fluids within her.

"Stop!" he yelped as Sandy swung her pelvis again to engorge his penis inside. He pushed her away and off of him, his pounding purple mushroom unable to handle any more of the powerful sensations.

"I'm not done!" Sandy yelled, frustrated at her near release.

"I can't go any further," he whined, crouching down to pull his swimming suit back up over his nudity.

"Then lick me down there until I get mine!" Sandy yanked at her bikini bottoms, unabashedly revealing her full lips and slender slit to him.

"What" he asked in horror. "I'm not doing that!"

While the harsh tears streamed from her eyes Sandy watched the young man burst from the tiny room and out into the garage. Without even looking back he raced around the concrete wall and vanished from her view.

"Damn it!" Sandy cursed, snapping the crotch of her suit back into place. Wiping at the tears she hurried to the elevator. "I really should have packed a vibrator or something," she groaned.

Back in her room she tore her bikini from her shivering body and tossed it onto the bed. The clock nagged at her, telling her it was time to shower, dress, and rush down to the reception room for more torture of watching Thomas stand just out of reach. There wasn't time for self-gratification. There never seemed to be.

A short, cold shower didn't help at all, and Sandy stood in front of her closet, entirely naked, sorting through the contents as they hung long and limp from their hangers. But the sudden thrill of excitement again reared its head as she spotted her form-hugging black dress. It was sleeveless, cut low to reveal some cleavage, and only came down to her mid thigh. It was certainly nothing she should be wearing at a business meeting, but it was just conservative enough that she could get away with it.

Slipping quietly into it and sliding her small feet into a pair of black toeless high-heeled shoes, Sandy again stood in front of the mirror. Her legs were long and tanned, she didn't need nylons tonight. Her seductively bare arms still ached from clawing at the poor innocent young man earlier. She winced with embarrassment, and hoped she wouldn't have to see him again. But, what red-blooded American boy would seriously turn down an offer to orally pleasure a sweet young blond girl Next time she would be certain to have her own body satisfied first, then the man can have what he wants!

Sandy scurried to the elevator, almost losing one of her shoes as she raced along the dim hallway. As she rounded the corner, already running late, she heard the elevator doors just shutting without her.

She grumbled, and jabbed a finger at the down arrow button. Taking a deep, cleansing breath, she prepared to again face the ever-daunting Thomas, listen to his soothing voice, and wish she had found a more mature man earlier in the day to temper her lusting.

The elevator dinged and came to a stop. As the doors opened, Sandy gasped to see Thomas standing alone inside, as if waiting for her. She hesitated, catching herself from stepping in, and almost told him she'd just take the next one. But there he was, alone, and there was no reasonable reason for her not to ride.

Her face flushing hotly at her obvious emotion, Sandy forced her feet to walk awkwardly forward and turned to face the closing doors.

"Hi," he spoke, that single syllable quickly reverberating like fire in her chest, "I'm Thomas Rochester."

"Yes, I know," Sandy spoke as calmly as she could manage, but her voice still broke with the first word, and she stared sharply down at the floor to hide her fearful eyes. "I'm Sandy Jensen, I'm with Henry Putter and . . . I mean, I'm here with Putter . . . no, I'm sorry," she laughed nervously, anxiously, just wishing she could clamber out of the tiny little room and go home. "I'm here for your lectures, representing Henry Cutter and Associates." She spoke slowly, deliberately, chopping each word as precisely as she could manage with her tongue flopping around aimlessly in her mouth.

"Well, I would love the opportunity to take some special time to go over some of what I believe will revolutionize the marketing industry - just you and me." Thomas's warm voice melted like sugared butter from Sandy's seduced ears, along her sensitive neck, over her panting breasts, and all the way down to her . . ."

She couldn't conceal the glowing smile that lit her face as she replied. "I think I would really like that."

"How about right now" Thomas offered, shrugging casually.

"But there's the reception we need to get to," Sandy stated in a matter-of-fact tone that begged Thomas to persuade her.

He watched her eyes gently, then smiled. "You're right. There's a boring, droll of a gathering down there, and I have about ten associates there already working it. How proud would your office be of you if you were the only one to manage to corner me into an exclusive explanation of how it all works"

He poked at the first floor button, just above the already lit lobby button. "Tell you what," he spoke slowly, a hint of amusement in his rich voice, "the elevator will stop on the first floor. If you get off, I'll follow you without a word, we'll take the next elevator back up to my room on the seventh floor, and I'll demonstrate things about sexual impulse that will leave you breathless. Otherwise, the doors will close, and we'll go quietly down to the reception center and never talk about this meeting again."

Sandy fought to stay calm, watching the numbers tick quickly down as the elevator dropped. He stood there, silently, calmly, waiting. She could feel his warmth already, sense his longing, as she breathed in the thrilling scent of his being there.

The elevator reached the first floor, and the doors opened to no one there. Sandy grimaced. This was her chance. She stared out, then down at the floor. She started to step forward once, and hesitated. Again her foot threatened to walk from the elevator, but again she stopped, and stepped back. Choking back on a painful tear, she watched quietly as the elevator dinged, and the doors slid slowly closed, leaving her and Thomas in the darkly lit elevator, alone.

Sharply Thomas jabbed his hand between the doors, just catching them before they squeezed tightly together.

"Fine," Thomas surrendered. "If you're not going to say it, I am. You are way too attractive and sweet for me to just let a chance like this get away. I really want to take you back to my room, and . . . have the chance to talk with you."

"I'm 'attractive', and 'sweet' You want to take me to your room and 'talk' with me" Sandy stammered incredulously.

Thomas shrugged with a sheepish smile. "It sounded so much more romantic than saying you're unbelievably hot and I want to ravish you in my bed."

Sandy nodded. "True, it does," she agreed, blushing profusely.

Thomas grabbed her hand, pulling her behind him. She laughed uncontrollably as she tumbled from the elevator. Thomas pressed the up button as the elevator doors closed behind them. He held firmly to Sandy's trembling hand as they waited impatiently. At last the elevator came, and Sandy heard herself giggle like a little girl as they clambered inside. She sighed in relief that they again had the car all to themselves.

The uneasy silence hung heavy in the air. Sandy threw longing glances over at the tall, dark stranger that stood so closely to her, still tenderly holding her hand. Then she held her eyes steadily on her own feet, nibbling ferociously at her lower lip. She was really about to do this, to feel this man all over her naked body, to experience him as she had imagined doing the entire day.

Everything inside of her ached to hold him, to press against him, to feel him touch her with gentle, loving hands. A nervous tingle swept through her, and she squeezed his hand tighter in her own for comfort. He tenderly squeezed her hand in return. Beneath her dress she could feel the warm dampness spreading from her pussy to her inner upper thighs, and she started to regret having not slid on a simple pair of cotton panties to capture the overflow.

The elevator clicked past the sixth floor, and Sandy felt her heart racing in terrified anticipation.

With a quick, jabbing motion Sandy hit the stop button, and the elevator ground to a sharp halt. "I'm sorry," she stammered, not looking up at Thomas. "I can't do this!"

He was quiet for a moment, then lifted his hand to softly touch her cheek. "It's okay," he whispered, "you can relax, it's alright. Is something wrong"

Sandy brushed at her wet eyes, turning even more sharply away from him. "I don't know what's wrong," she whimpered, surprised at how frightened she suddenly was. "I don't know, I just . . . I can't do this."

"How about if you head back to your room, and take a moment, and I'll meet you back down at the reception area I don't want you feeling like you have to do anything with me. Maybe we should try just getting to know each other on a more relaxed friendship level, okay" His voice plunged heavy inside of her, filling her with remorse now for not having him like she had wanted to. She sniffed at her tears, but couldn't hold them back any longer. Suddenly she found herself sobbing uncontrollably.

"What's wrong" he asked warmly, bravely venturing to wrap her up in a caring arm.

Sandy leaned into him, loving the touch of his body. "It's all so perfect," she moaned. "I know, it sounds crazy, but it's just too much for me to lose!"

"You're not going to lose anything," he whispered sweetly.

"But I will if I go to your room with you," Sandy insisted, stepping back away from him. Cautiously she pushed her back against the far wall of the elevator. "When we get back there, you'll be insensitive, or crooked, or stupid, or you'll have this tiny little thing or something like that. Maybe it's just that I'm afraid of getting to know you and finding out you're not somebody I want to be with."

Sandy grimaced, looking away from Thomas sharply. "And maybe I'm just afraid you'll get to know me . . . and I won't be someone you want to be with."

"I don't think there's much chance of that happening," Thomas spoke soothingly, a gentle smile evident in his voice.

"You can't know that," Sandy insisted, stepping back and up against the elevator wall. "What if you think I look ugly naked, or . . ." she hesitated, "or you think that what I want from you is perverse" She barely managed to say the last few words. Her voice was smothered in sobs, and she choked back hard at the tears. "Just walk away from me, okay Just leave me here, and let me forever have the dream of what might have been."

Sandy lost her face in her hands, sobbing through her shaking fingers. Thomas stood, stunned and silent, watching her. He didn't move until she finally looked up at him in dismay. "Please, won't you please leave me"

He smiled tenderly, but with an adorable kind of humor. Slowly he stepped toward her. Sandy covered a reveling gasp with one hand as Thomas dropped his pants and pulled his boxer shorts down to reveal a long, pulsing chunk of meat that curved up over two heavy, hanging lobes beneath. He had dark curls of fine hair covering luscious dark flesh just above his penis and a light covering over the thin skin of his gonads, where she could see the sensitive organs writhing with excitement. His thighs were strong, and his calves round and muscled. As he pulled his suit jacket and shirt from his torso, she could see the taught bulges that rippled below smooth skin. His strong chest had a skiff of thick dark hair between the angled muscle that fell along his stomach into a trail of short fine strands leading to his more sensitive areas.

With an understanding smile Thomas loosely kicked his pants and boxer shorts from his ankles and stepped confidently up to Sandy. "You're absolutely beautiful - did you know that" he whispered warmly as he tenderly kissed her cheek. His lips moved to hers, and she hungrily drank in his kiss. It was as though he knew her every desire, her every longing, as he moved his tongue swiftly and gently through her lips and into her mouth. She tasted his sweetness and lapped up more. His arms closed in tightly around her, capturing her helplessly within him as she felt herself disappear into the moment, and into the man.

"You're not listening to me!" Sandy wailed as his kisses moved to her cheek, but he continued undaunted.

His lips and tongue ran down along her neck and over the exposed parts of her breasts as she gasped tightly for air, losing her breath to the intense sensations. Expertly, lovingly, he slid her dress off one shoulder to expose her breast, and ravished it with a slow enveloping use of both hands and mouth. Sandy's heart was pounding in heated fever against the inside of her chest, the thrill swelling inside of her until she thought she'd explode. She gasped in sobs of hot air, her body shivering with every breath.

As Thomas knelt down Sandy clenched her eyes shut tightly and wrapped her fingers forcefully into his hair, holding him closely to her. His hands slid up her long legs and pushed the hem of her dress slowly to her pouting hips. Instinctively she slid her body down slightly, spreading her legs for his touch.

First his fingers explored her essence, softly caressing the furred surface before diving to probe her slick wetness. Once his tongue stroked along her lips she knew she was lost forever. "Then again, maybe you're listening too well," she breathed.

The tingling inside her stomach became a groaning stampede of excitement that raced from her depths through her entire body. Over and over again he tasted her, running his mouth in tormenting, slow movements from the very bottom of her lips and up over her clitoris. At last he clenched his mouth over her and, sucking her up to his tongue, he licked her with a quivering smoothness that shot streaks of nearly painful pleasure through her. Her pussy pulsed with the raging orgasm and she felt herself spray thin sprits of fluid down over the man that knelt at her feet. He laughed in gleeful pleasure at the wetness and continued to stimulate her until she at last fell in a sprawled limpness to the floor. She fought to catch her breath, and smiled peacefully at the incredible freedom that filled her.

Unconcerned about her collapse Thomas carefully laid on top of her, kissing her neck as he worked his penis to her engorged vulva, and then gently inside.

He was large, Sandy could feel that for certain. His mass stretched her with a fulfilling pleasure that hurt. As he rocked his hips, stroking his penis gently, slowly, within her, she felt his lips and hands softly running over her skin, taunting her breasts, stimulating her nerves over her entire body. She shivered with the electricity that roamed through her, driving her to madness.

His rhythm increased, each stroke touching on some sensitivity that glistened inside her. She felt the tingle between her legs grow hot, her body tensing with anticipation.

He groaned, his body trembling sharply against her. The rumbling vibrations of his moans reverberated hotly through her, groping her most personal areas inside her chest and stomach. She writhed against the pleasures, struggling to contain them. But she entirely lost control when Thomas's pulsing thrusts quickened as he began his flushing orgasm. Involuntarily she allowed the searing fingers of sensual ecstasy to stretch out, reaching up from the one sensitive, dripping part beneath her, grabbing mercilessly at her aching stomach, and climbing swiftly up along her body and then down along her squirming legs. Amid it all she heard her own whimpering yelps of bliss fill the small elevator room.

He lay there, his energies spent, on top of her. His body pressed hotly against her own as the sweat dripped down in tickling streaks along their skin. It had happened, he had loved her, and it was more incredible than what she had hoped for. Now, his muscles still trembling from the overwhelming rush, he held her tenderly in his strong arms. She waited, enjoying his calming touch, until at last she felt the strength begin to fill her weary muscles.