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Title: ER - Author: Anon

Published: Oct 2, 2004 - Contact:

Working in the ER is a high pressure job. It is tense and one little mistake, someone dies. I never really wanted to work ER, but it was easy from a financial point of view. No office, no staff, so when I left my time was my on. When I on, it was like the way the soldiers describe combat, intense life and death struggles followed by intense boredom. I think it was the boredom that got to me more than the trauma. There were pretty hot nurses in the ER, but the hospital had a real no fraternization policy. The won't fire the doctor, but they would sure fire the nurse. So basically I saved lives or I wondered around with nothing to do.

One day I was wondering around when an alarm went off and the nurses station cleared out. The head nurse left her office door open and out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a movie playing on her computer screen. I poked my head in to see what she was watching. My jaw dropped open. Her computer screen was displaying a really vivid spanking scene showing a young school girl getting her butt really slapped by the head master. I had to watch. As I stood there my green scrubs started to expand as that movie made my blood hot. I happened to look down in her chair and I was in for another shock. Under the seat cushion, half visible, was a vibrator.

"Oh my," I thought. "Nurse Linda is watching triple x spanking films in her office with her pet vibrator." That brought a real smile to my face. Nurse Linda was so formal and strict. She ran that floor like a drill sergeant. I watched the movie a little longer than I should have, because Nurse Linda came back into her office just as I was adjusting my stiff cock. She hurried in the office and closed the door.

"Billy, What are you doing in here" She said with a rush. "Excuse me, you mean Dr. Billy don't you" I said with a grin. "Look Billy, you have to be quite about this, I could lose my job if anyone found out." "Don't' worry, Linda, I am not going to tell anyone."

That's how it started. After each break in the action, I would wander down to Linda's office and see what was playing. At first she was embarrassed, but she was so damn horny, she got over it. When we watched those nasty spanking movies, we both got really hot. Linda liked these role playing spanking DVDs and they turned her into a wild woman. I liked it, she liked it, and since she was the head nurse and I was the lead doctor, we could do pretty much what ever we wanted. We knew which rooms were empty and Linda had all the keys.

When there was a break in the action, we would play a movie and then she and I would scoot off down to an empty room for a quick slap, tickle, poke. Linda really go into it. I mean she really got into it. One of her favorite scenes was a group of teenage school girls each being punished until they turned a classmate in for deed. As soon as there was any lull in the ER, she would beep me with the number of an open room and I would run down to where she was waiting. She never got tired of being that poor little school girl getting her butt paddled. I had to be stern to her and tell her she had misbehaved. Then I had to make her bend over and pull up her white nurse uniform. She always worn thigh highs with no panties so I, or her trusty vibrator, could find her spots without interruption. I spanked or paddled her every time I was on duty, often three or four times. Linda could come over and over again. You would never know by looking at her.

I liked this new situation, it really helped with the boredom and the tension. Sometimes Linda and I would be in the ER working on a trauma victim and my cock would still be wet and hard from Linda and her ass would still be burning from the spanking I was just giving her before we could the call. We took our job our little game very serious.

Linda was great fun to have sex with. I was starting to get a little bored with the same old school girl gets spanked game. I decided I needed to turn things up a notch. This little school girl fantasy needed a new twist.

I stuffed a couple of extra rubber tubes in my coat for the next time Linda buzzed. It did not take long. Room 432 was the number on my beeper. When I entered the room Linda was all ready to get her spanking. Her face was flush and her anticipation was palatable.

This time, I changed up the story. I went to over to her and I reached out and stuck my hand up her little nurse skirt. She was a little stunned, but we screwed so many times, I could do anything I wanted.

"Linda" I said. "Yes," she said. I pinched her pussy lips, and looked her in the eye, "Did you mean to say, Yes Doctor" Her eyes blinked quickly and she tried to pull her knees together but I would not let her. "Yes, Doctor," she said. "Linda, you have been a very, very, very naughty girl." I rubbed her sweet spot while I talked to her. "You have been doing very naughty things at work, and I am going to have to take matters in hand to stop this. Do you understand Now, have you been bad" "Yes, Doctor, I have been very bad." she said as her excitement grew. "And what happens to bad girls like you," I said. "They get spanked," she said. "Oh no, my dear, no, no. Bad girls like you get punished." "Oh!" She said. "Punished" she asked. "That's right dear," and I did something I had never done before. I under buttoned her shirt and reached my hand into her bra. Linda had small tits, but she had nice firm nipples. I got hold of one, and looked at her. "That's right, and girls like you get punished," and I gave her nipple a hard twist and a pinch. "Oh..ahhhh." she said as she bend over a bit. "Now be a good girl and turn around. If you disobey, it will only get worse. Do you want it to get worse." "No,. Bi.. I mean Doctor,' she said as she was really getting into it.

Her little pussy was hotter than usual and that was saying something. When she turned around and her ass was in front of me, I took out the rubber hoses from my pockets and tied both her hands to the bed frame. I tied her for real. She was not going anywhere. Then I reached around and pulled both of her little tits out of her bra and played with her nipples. I could see her testing the rubber hoses to see if she could get out. I decided to take her mind off of it. Holding both her nipples between my thumb and index finger, I whispered in her ear.

"You're a naughty little girl, Linda," I really pinched her erect flesh. "Ohhh., "she gasped as she stuck her ass out and rubbed it back and forth against my hard dick.

I raised up her tight shirt and rolled it up so it couldn't come back down. I got around to the side of the bed and took off the white leather belt that held up my pants. I let her see me do it. She tested the rubber holding her hands to the bed posts but she could not get away. Her eyes kept darting back and forth between me and the belt.

I leaned over and bit her ear, "You .. have . been . naughty." and I whipped her ass with my belt.

"Ouch." she yelped. "Do you want me to whip you tits" "No, oh no Doctor!" "Then . stick .. your . butt .. out," WHACK! WHACK!

Her sweet little ass had never felt anything like that belt before, and it stung. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! She started to wiggle her ass to avoid the belt and she kept pulling on the rubber hoses. I put the belt down and used my hand to investigate her. She was soaking wet. Her fluids were running hot all over her and she was accessible. I stuck my finger in her ass and she hissed a bit. I waited, then went all the way in as far as my finger could go.

"Ayyyy...," she hissed.

I let her stand there for a minute with my finger in her ass. Then I pulled out the next surprise. From my coat pocket, I removed her trusted vibrator, flipped the button and it started to make its little humming sound.

I slowly took my finger out of her ass, then put it back in just for good measure. Then I started slapping her with my bare hand while I put the vibrator on her. It was more stimulation than the poor girl could stand.

Just to send her totally over the top, I stood as close to her and I could and whispered over and over in her ear, "You have been a bad girl, a very bad girl."

Just when Linda could take no more, I gave it to her. My cock was as hard as it gets, and I slammed it in her all the way. I thought about butt fucking her, but that was just not have been fair. Her whole body lurched when I entered her. She desperately pulled at the rubber holding her hands to the bed frame, but there was no escape.

"You .have .. been.very.VERY ..BAD!"

She just exploded with a yelp I am sure they heard down the hall. She stood there shaking. This time when she pulled on the rubber hoses, I untied her. She tuned around and collapsed in my arms.

"Oh my god," she kept saying "Oh my god."

I had to put her back together. First her tits back in her bra, buttoned her up, then pulled her dress back down.

"Oh my god," was all she could say.

Just as I got her all cleaned up, the door to the room opened.

"Hey, what are you guys doing" It was Sharon, one of the staff nurses. "What is that smell" she asked.

Linda and I just acted like we knew what were doing and walked out the room.

As were walking down the hall, I whispered to Linda, "I was not done yet!"

"Hush up, Billy, you going to get us both fired." And she reached over and gave my dick a good hard squeeze. I knew things would clam down in a minute and he would give me a beep.

What a great place to work.