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Virgin First Time Sex Stories

The stories listed in this section below involve the loss of virginity and innoncence of both females and males.

You will find some of these stories quite humorous as you join these first timers and perhaps relate back to your first sexual experience(s) with the opposite sex. All the stories involving loss of virginity on this site have been submitted to us by you, our readers and authors of erotic fiction.

You can submit your own story on how you lost your virginity to your first guy/girl by simply clicking here.

How did I lose my virginity? I was 15 and he was almost 19. We never talked about if we had "done it" before but I hadn't and I don't think he had either. I had given guys blowjobs and been fingered and made out with people so I thought "no big deal!" Right? Wrong... but that's another story I'll write for you someday...

Sex Story Compilation