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Title: Helga Goes to Visit Her Subway Friend - Author: Ray

Published: Sep 21, 2013 - Contact:

About Me: My name is Helga and my husband is Ricky. I am 5'5 wear a size 35B bra. I am a blue eyed blonde from Germany with great looking legs and a nice ass. I met my husband at one of the HOT New York parties. We started talking, have a few drinks and he took me home because the girl I came with was busy with some guy and I was sure she was glad that I left her alone. We hit it off well and started going on dates and finally got married. He was 27 and I was 26. We have been married now for 10 years. The sex was great but after a couple of years I suggested that we should spice it up by having a third party. He said he would love to do it. I was delighted and told him I wanted black cock because they turn me on and I had been fucked and eaten by blacks before. That did it... For the next 10 years, we found all kinds of ways and places to do this.


I was so excited about my experience with my subway friend (Mitch) that I wanted to get together with him again. I called my husband Rick and asked when he was coming home and he said Monday evening. I told him what my intention were and he said go ahead, have a good time.

Since it was Saturday evening and I was going to work on Monday this gave me plenty of time to enjoy myself. I called Mitch and asked he was in the mood to take up where we left off. OFF COURSE he said. H asked me if I was in the mood to really party with a couple more friends I asked him what they were like. He said they were big black guys like Tom and like it rough. Can you take that I thought about it and figured what can they do to me that I haven't experienced . I said OK pick me up at the place you picked me up before at 8pm.

I looked for my sluttish outfit, very tight and short black skirt, see through black blouse, no bra, don't need one. No panties, won't need one, black thigh stockings. Made my face like what you would expect a streetwalker would look like. I made sure I had my tube of lube in my purse, I was sure I was going to get it up the ass.

At 8pm I was at the bar and so was Mitch. We sat down at a table in the darkest corner and order some drinks, a large vodka for me. Mitch asked me if I ever was with 4 guys at the same time and I told him that I was gang raped before I was married and I was so high on booze and pot that I had no idea how may guys took me. All I remember was that I had a sore pussy, asshole , lips and throat. It went on for a very long time. The good thing, I enjoyed it and also I can't get pregnant so the guys shot a lot of loads up my pussy and I didn't have to worry.

After I got married the most I had was 4 guys with Rick watching to make sure things did not get out of hand. I always enjoyed it.

When you told me a couple of guys are rough what did you mean. I don't want to get bruised I want to have a good time.

He said we all like to beat on a woman's ass it makes for a tighter ride. We like tit slapping and clamping nipples with clamps. Nipple twisting. Anything that makes us come hard. Are you game for that kind of fun

I said as long as I have plenty to drink and smoke I'll be happy. His hand was already moving up my thigh and I was getting wet. As I looked at him he smiled and his fingers were spreading the lips of my cunt and he was slowly inserting his finger in my pussy looking for the g-spot. I was writhing on my seat and told him if he keeps this up I am going to have an orgasm right here and now and I am not quiet when I do.

You look so hot in that outfit I could eat you right here and now. I said I would love that but it will have to wait. He took my hand and moved it over to his crotch and smiled, I gave his cock a squeeze and said it's time to go.

He made a phone call and we got into is car and drove over to Tom's place. I was looking forward to what was to happen. As we drove my skirt was all the way up and my shaved pussy was showing. Mitch took his right hand, reached over and rubbed my pussy with a couple fingers.

We got to Tom's place and went to the door, Tom had the door open and I could already see the big bulge in his shorts.

As soon as I walked in he grabbed me over to him, his lips were on mine, I opened my mouth and let his tongue in to find mine. His hands were on my ass and he was grinding his package into me. He let go and I walked over to the couch and saw the other 3 guys and said to Mitch that there were 5 guys, not 4. He looked at me and said "you can handled them, right"

I said to Tom I needed a stiff drink and a joint. While I was waiting for the drink this big black walked over and pulled out this humongous black cock, grabbed my face and pushed the head against my lips. There is no way I was going to take that big thing in my mouth. He pushed me against the back of the couch and I opened my mouth to lick the head and run my tongue down his shaft but he slowly pushed his cock into my mouth and got to my gag spot. I tried to pull him out but he showed it past down my throat. He then started to fuck my mouth holding my head so I would not pull back. He did this for a few minutes and I could feel his cock swelling and knew I was going to get a hot load down my throat. I was not disappointed, he kept on pumping into my mouth and his load came hot and heavy and more as he kept on pumping. I swallowed and then pushed him back and took his cock out of my mouth and locked clean. I love swallowing cum and this was a good start.

Tom was right there with the drink I wanted and a lit joint. As I drank and smoked he reached for my blouse, opened the buttons and slipped off my blouse, bent down and started sucking on one nipple and pulling, twisting the other . It felt great, all kinds of feelings went down into my cunt. As Tom was doing my tits one of the other guys pulled my legs apart and put his mouth against the lips of my pussy and used his tongue to find my clit. He found it and sucked on it and use his tongue to rub on it, I was building up to an orgasm, he wet a finger with my pussy juice and slowly pushed it up my ass, I went over the top and my legs were shaking and I screamed as my orgasm came rolling through me. I kept on shaking and my orgasm kept on coming.

The guy told Tom to let go of me so he could fuck me. He laid me on the couch raised my legs up to my ears and pushed his cock into me. It felt great. As he was pumping one of the other guys came over, he was naked and his big cock was standing up nice and hard. He straddled my face. Put a pillow under the back of my head, and brought the tip to my mouth. I knew what he wanted and I opened wide so he could push the head in. I licked it and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him toward me so that his cock went down my throat. They were both fucking me at the same time. I used my pussy muscles to give the guy a tight fit and my throat muscles to give the guy fucking my mouth a good fit.

I could feel that they were both ready to shoot. Their cocks were getting thicker and the pumping was going faster. They were both groaning and they shot their hot loads into me at the same time. I loved it, the more the better. I licked the cock clean

Between the liquor and the joint I was getting stoned. One of the guys lifted me and carried me to the bedroom and dumped me on my face with my ass up in the air. He sat next to me and was stroking the cheeks of my ass, spreading them and pushing fingers into my hole. I told him to stop and to get my purse. I took the tube of lubricant and told him to shoot it up my ass. He got undressed and ran the head of his large cock up against my hole. He put some lubricant on his cock, told me to get on my knees and then he shoved his cock right my ass. It was pretty big but not as big as I have had but it felt good as he started pumping slapping my cheeks with his open hands. Every time he hit my ass my muscles tighten giving a tight fit. He reached over my back and grabbed hold of my tits, squeezed them and pulled on my nipples. That gave me a great feeling and as he was pumping his balls were hitting my pussy, I could feel another orgasm coming on. I wanted to come at the same time so I reached back and put 2 fingers around his cock this way he would have to hold his load until I was ready. He asked what I was doing and I told him. He was groaning and so was I, I let go of his cock and he shot a long stream of cum and I was shaking my legs and screaming as I came. As soon as this guy pulled out I felt another guy's cock pushing into me. This one was bigger all around and thank god between the lubricant and the cum from the other guy he was able to push his cock all the way in. This cock is what I call an ass splitter, I felt like I was going to be split in half and the more he pumped the thicker it got. He was hanging on my hips and pushing hard. He suddenly said he was coming and he let go a load that kept coming as he kept pumping and I thought this guy was never going to stop. It felt great, I love the feel of hot loads up my ass.

One of the other guys flipped me on my back, spread my legs and raised them over his shoulders so he could fuck me deep. His cock was huge going into my wet pussy and he got it all in. I squeezed my muscles around his cock and let him fuck me real hard. He grabbed my tits and twisted my nipples so hard I thought he wanted to take them off.

He was groaning and pumping real fast and I knew I was going to get another hot load and after another couple bangs he let go his big hot load and as he kept pumping more cum came. I love it, I want more.

When he got off me another guy laid down next to me and had me straddle him so that his cock penetrated my pussy. He pulled me toward his chest and I already knew what was going to happen. DP which I love. One of the other guys came up in back and pushed his cock up my ass. I felt full, they both stated fucking me, the guy in my ass was using my cheeks as a drum and kept beating me every time he pushed in. I felt my pussy and ass tighten every time he hit me and soon I got the feeling I was going to orgasm, my legs were shaking, the swelling of the guys cocks told me I was going to get a double dose of hot cream and as I started to scream I felt them letting lose. What a great feeling

I have no idea how many of the guys had me but I wanted more.

I got off the bed and went looking for a drink and a joint. I asked Mitch for it and he came back with what I wanted, I sat on the couch with my drink and smoked the joint, I was really getting high. Mitch was sitting next to me with a huge hard on. He pulled my head down, I opened my mouth, ran my tongue along the bottom of his cock and his balls. I squeezed them and felt how full they were. I took his cock into my mouth and let it slide down my throat.

Some one pulled my legs on the couch and made me get on my knees. I felt his cock up against my asshole, he spread my cheeks and slowly shoved this huge cock into me. I sucked Mitch's cock and let it go in and out of my throat, not too far because I wanted his load down my throat.. The guy in my ass was pounding and slapping my cheeks like it was a drum. It was getting a bit sore but my ass would tighten every time he hit me giving a great ride, I knew he was ready to unload so I pushed my ass toward him every time he pushed in. He let go with a big loud "what a fucking ass she has".

Mitch grabbed my face between 2 hands and face fucked me until he too dropped a hot, long stream of cum down my throat.

Two guys carried me back to the bed and said they are going to DP me, with that one laid down and had me sit on him and guided his cock into my pussy, the other guy pushed me down spread the cheeks of my ass and drove his huge cock up my ass. I cried, it was too much for me having 2 huge cocks in me, I have been Dped many times and loved every time but this one was going to be painful, I felt like I was being torn apart. After awhile I was not uncomfortable any more and they started pumping slowly then harder. Another guy laid on the side of the bed and pulled my head over to suck his cock. I did it for a while but the other guys were so rough that I couldn't wait for them to finish which took for ever. They finally shot their loads into me and as the guy on top of me pulled out he finished shooting is load all over my ass. The guy under me just pushed me off. The guy I started sucking came over turned me on my back, straddled my head and brought his cock over to my mouth which I opened he then face fucked me until his load shot out, he shot most of it on my face and tits. I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit.

When I came out Tom gave me a large vodka and a joint. It was already past 1 oclock and I was so high that I can't remember how many more times the guys fucked me and how many blow jobs I did. I got dressed after a while and asked Mitch to take me back.

I had cum flowing out of all my holes and Mitch gave me some toweling so I could clean up a bit. When I finally got home I was sore all over, I looked at the clock and it was 3:30 am. I just fell on my bed and went to sleep. I heard the phone ring and I realized it was Rick, I told am OK and will talk later. All I heard him say was, OK.