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Title: The Initiation - Author: moses

Published: Jun 1, 2006 - Contact:

The Initiation

My husband and I belong to a club made up of a group of people who believe that anything that is fun and feels good can't be wrong. There currently are sixteen couples in the club, all happily married and devoted to our respective spouses and families. We are homemakers, working people, parents and a few grandparents.

Our club was started some forty years ago by the parents of some of the present group. My parents joined when they were newly married, and we are the continuing ones who felt as they did. My family was always very open about nudity and sex, and I grew up familiar with the naked bodies of my parents and two older brothers.

When I was eighteen...well developed with big tits and a hairy bush...I was taken to my first sex party. The party was at a farm belonging to one of my father's business friends. When we got there in mid-afternoon everyone was already naked. We dropped our clothes at the car and joined the others. As the newest member of the group, I was auctioned off in a mock-slave sale...going to a tall blonde man for fifty dollars and a case of cold beer. I got the fifty dollars..and the beer went to the onlookers. They made a huge bed with lounge chair mattresses on the grass...and I was led out to the middle with the others all crowded around us. My purchaser was very gentle, allowing me to be on top...and then I was on my own. I lowered myself onto his hard cock and fucked him pretty well for a beginner.

I had all the men there before the weekend was over...and I've been going strong ever since. I recruited my husband at college by seducing him...and arranging to have him accidentally discover the sex club at an arranged party. He was instantly enthusiastic and we have loved every minute of this type of life.

During the week, we are all "normal" families who do not cheat...but on Saturday's and Sunday's we commonly gather together for cocktails, swim parties, picnics and chit-chat. Then, as the parties warm up, we begin to kiss, cuddle and fondle. Soon it becomes a full-fledged orgy where everyone goes about nude and has sex with everybody else. There is no shame or remorse, and anything agreeable to both parties goes.

Over the years I have been intimate with every one of the men and the women in our group...and so has my husband. All of us are bisexual, being very oral toward each other. Every member of the club is genuinely fond of eating pussy and sucking cocks.

Last weekend we had a very special treat. Dave, the son of two of our most valued members, Ken and Gretchen, married his little fiance, Cindy. We all knew young Dave, not just because he was the offspring of two of our members, but because since he had turned eighteen he had been coming to some of our parties. He got his first feel of a wet cunt there with us club members...not to mention his first chance to fuck a woman.

We had all met little Cindy a few months prior to the wedding, and she was such a precious thing, small and dainty and fragile with a perfect face and figure. She had led a sheltered life...her strict and proper parents watching over her like hawks and making sure that she remained virginal. Cindy had been told by her mother that she was to see a gynecologist before the wedding to get a health checkup...and to make sure that she was still a virgin.

Although Cindy managed to keep Dave out of her cunt until after the wedding... she did agree to come to several of our orgies. The first party she attended was at our place...a wooded and secluded acreage. We have a big, sprawling place and a large swimming pool. When Dave and Cindy arrived, most of the women and all of the men were naked. Dave stripped off, but Cindy wore a brief bikini.

It wasn't too long before one of the couples was fucking doggie style on the edge of the pool...just a few feet away from where Cindy was sunbathing. She just watched, rubbing her pussy with her finger outside her suit. Pretty soon more and more couples were screwing all around the place...in and out of the pool.

Dave came over to her and tried to get her naked, too. After some good natured ribbing, she finally agreed to take her bra off and bare her pretty little tits. Though she was very embarrassed at first, it wasn't long before she allowed Dave to suck her nipples and rub her cloth covered pussy.

It helped her relax when two of her former high school girl friends walked in...Phyllis and Annette, both completely naked and available. They came over to where she was sitting and the three girls chatted like any teenagers might. The only thing unusual about the sight was their nudity....and the fact that Dave was standing behind Annette...his hand between her legs as he finger-fucked her. Phyllis was on her hands and knees as they chatted...a man with a thick cock was humping her with long powerful strokes.

Cindy didn't say anything later when Phyllis and her lover finished their fuck...and she squatted to her heels and sucked Dave's cock. Cindy just watched numbly when he left her side a few minutes later to fuck a tall red-head with big tits. I guess that told her pretty clearly that she would have to try and fit in to this life style...or risk losing Dave.

After the supper buffet I caught sight of Cindy...still wearing her bikini bottoms...but on her knees before Dave, enthusiastically sucking his long hard shaft. Later I spotted her sucking another man...but she still refused to allow anyone to play with her cunt.

She came to perhaps another half-dozen of our parties and got to be a welcome and skilled cocksucker...but never went further. The club members were all delighted when they heard about her engagement to Dave, thinking that she would become less uptight about fucking once she was married.

Then, one night late in the evening, when the naked tangle of club members were all lying about the fireplace drinking hot chocolate, She and Dave made an amazing announcement.

In gratitude for the club's patience with her and her modesty, Cindy had agreed to let the club members participate in their wedding consummation. We were all invited over to watch Cindy lose her cherry! How Dave managed to talk her into this was beyond us...but as the wedding day grew nearer she seemed to grow more and more eager to start fucking.

The reception after the wedding ceremony was held at Ken and Gretchen's house. We were all there, as were Cindy's parents and some of her old high school friends from the sex club. We all congratulated the newlyweds and watched Dave and Cindy open the many gifts. There was much champaigne to drink and the newlywed couple talked happily about their honeymoon in Bermuda...which was to begin with their flight in the morning. The more we club members had seen of little Cindy, the more we were eager for the main event of the evening. I could see stiff cocks in most of the male club member's pants.

At about eight o'clock, everyone, including her parents and the other friends left. Those of us in the club just drove around the corner and parked our cars again, before walking up the dark alley and returning to the house for the real "main event".

Cindy's big brown eyes were really shining as she let us into the house, realizing that at last the time had come to consummate her marriage. After they had fucked each other, Cindy and Dave announced that they would allow themselves to be "fair game" for the rest of us for the remainder of the night.

When all the club members were inside, the house was locked up tight and the drapes were drawn. Then we led them to the master bedroom and gave them a gentle shove toward each other. Everyone else gathered around, grinning.

There were tears of happiness in her huge eyes as Cindy went into Dave's arms, blushing and trembling delicately. Dave held her and kissed her like she was a fragile crystal that might break. He was trembling and gulping, himself. Every now and then the bride's eyes would dart among us as we gathered there waiting...and her eyes filled with wonder at what was to come.

We all smiled as we waited...the only sounds in the room were the rapid breathing noises of the boy and girl standing beside the bed. None of us were going to give them any advice because we understood that it is so much more fun for young people to discover things on their own.

At last they began to fumble with each other's clothes. Cindy was very aware of the audience watching because those big brown eyes were still moving about the room...but Dave had eyes and thoughts only for his bride. His trembling hands undid the clasps down the back of her gown and there was a collective sigh of pleasant surprise as he stripped her wedding dress down her long arms and helped her step out of the jumbled frillery.

A moment later he removed her light bra, showing us her firm young tits with their erect pink-brown nipples. Then he stripped her pale blue panties down her slender long legs. Cindy kicked them away, giving us all our first clear view of her belly with it's fat mons, broadly protruding inner lips and pale haze of fluffy brown pubic fuzz.

She fumbled awkwardly with Dave's tuxedo jacket and shirt. When she undid his trousers and pulled down his undershorts, there was a gasp of pleased response from the crowd as his hard young cock sprang upward stiffly. The ruddy brown thing was at least eight inches long, thick, and jutted at least 45 degrees above horizontal.

Us club women had seen Dave's peter often at the parties, and many of us had experienced it inside our vaginas...but it never looked prettier than it did on this, his wedding night. Cindy was awed by it as she stood with her forehead against his naked chest...her huge eyes gazing down at the thing that was so ridgidly pointing to her own nude body. Her slender fingers touched his shaft and tried to pet it.

Dave's balls were drawn up into a tight-looking knot at the base of his cock...and he looked like he was about to explode! I found myself thinking that if she wasn't careful with that thing she would have it squirting all over her tummy before he even got it inside her cunt. Dave's hands were all over her body, too, roaming over her smooth buttocks, stroking her back, kneading her firm tits, probing her wet slit. I glanced about quickly and saw that the other club members were watching eagerly, smiling, licking their lips.

The trembling naked youngsters sank down onto the bed, still in each others arms, still trying to kiss, and panting in their erotic eagerness. As she lay back, Cindy opened her long legs, exposing her lightly haired pussy and the deep pink slit between her thighs. Her broad inner lips parted naturally and displayed her reddish inner cunt floor and the darker entrance to her hymen-shrouded fuck-hole. She awkwardly tried to move her legs about her husband's body. Cindy may have been a virgin, but she'd seen many people fucking at the club parties when Dave brought her.

It was the cutest thing I had ever seen...the inexperienced fumbling and groping, the innocent wonder, the burning love and passion shown...and the almost constant gasps of delighted surprise as yet another sensual secret was discovered. Little Cindy continued to try to get her legs around Dave, somehow knowing through a primative response that he was meant to be there with his cock pressing against her furry little slit.

Dave had fucked women many times before, but he seemed to have forgotten everything in the wonder of playing with his tiny naked bride. He kept trying to toy with her hard nipples while his hand rubbed her narrow pink cunt slit. Suddenly he moved down the bed and opened her cunt by spreading her inner and outer lips widely. Her vaginal entrance with it's hymen was clearly visible, as was the tiny piss slit and the proudly erect gleaming pink button of her clit. He buried his face between her legs and went down on her...licking her crack and sucking the hard clit. Cindy loved the licking, but there was something else she wanted between her legs, more than a tongue by then...and we could all see her need.

Dave at last crawled back atop her slender naked body and settled between those trembling thighs which had again spread wide in heated welcome to him. His rigid, young cock was leaking heavily as he sought her tiny hole.

He pushed inward, seemed to find her vagina...but when he thrust inward, his cock slipped away. He aimed and pushed in toward the slippery entrance a second time...but slipped down past her tight ass hole. Dave groaned softly and Cindy gave a little frustrated sob, not realizing that her squirming was certainly not helping him find the proper place. Yet again he thrust only to have his prick slip off to the side once more.

There was a muffled chuckle from the man beside me, plainly enjoying the show. We all knew that sooner or later Nature would take her course and penetration would occur. In the mean time, these two beautiful naked kids were driving each other mad with desire.

"Lift your knees, Cindy," one of the teenaged girls murmured helpfully, "and pull your cunt lips open." Instantly Cindy did so, understanding that the new pose lifted her cunt hole to a position that helped give her husband's hard shaft a much better "target".

The next thrust didn't slip away!

Dave carefully embedded the hard tip of his rampant cock between the secretion glazed cunt lips that Cindy was holding open for him...probing gently and finding the entrance to her hymen shrouded hole. For an instant Dave hung there, waiting and watching with his cock throbbing, and then he shoved inward. We could see everything as the first couple of inches of shaft abruptly slipped into her flesh. Cindy squealed in surprise and her legs shot straight up on either side of him in pleasent shock.

"Bingo!" someone in the audience murmured, and the rest of us burst out into nervous giggles.

There was a smattering of applause at their success when a smear of bright hymeneal blood showed on Dave's thrusting cock...little Cindy was no longer a virgin!

The kids no longer heard the laughter and applause around them. They were much too much enthralled with each other. Her heels now rested on Dave's back as they squirmed and twisted...and Dave's cock was sucked deeper and deeper into the bride's violated belly with each stroke. His now relaxed nuts were soon bouncing against her perineum and her twat had become a tight-looking pink-red ring of flesh as it squeezed and pulled at his questing penis on each withdrawal stroke. They soon found the best rhythm and Dave pounded his cock into her hole as he fucked her happily.

"I can't hold it!" Dave choked into her hair moments later, "aaaarrrgghh...here it comes!"

An instant later, we all saw Cindy react as though she'd been stuck with a pin...and her naked ass wriggled excitedly as she felt her hole being filled with jets of hot semen for the very first time. Dave overfilled her tight sheath and we could see whitish semen oozing out of her vagina and dribbling down her crack onto her puckered anus. There was another smattering of applause and some laughter.

A long moment later Dave rolled off Cindy...His still half-hard cock jerking wetly from her sloppy hole. Cindy reluctantly let him go, her cunt lips remaining open widely enough to let me see her gaping pink hole slowly closing by itself. The cunt slit and her inner lips were stained with her cherry's blood. She kept her legs wide apart and he seeping cunt exposed, hoping against hope that Dave would decide to mount her again... her huge eyes watching his face eagerly.

Knowing that Dave needed a few moments to get his cock hard again, I and another woman helped Cindy to her feet and led the shaking girl to the bathroom. There, she stood with her legs apart allowing the semen to drain from her throbbing hole as we washed and wiped her slit for her. I stripped my panties off and dropped them in the sink before we went back to join the others.

In the bedroom, other women had pounced on Dave to help revive him with their mouths. Their efforts had worked beautifully...and by the time Cindy returned from the bathroom, her hubby was boasting another long hard lovely erection.

Dave said nothing...just waited as Cindy laid down on the bed again. He slipped up and over her, and thrust his cock into the tight cavern with new-found confidence. This time he had no trouble entering her belly, and he lasted much longer. We all watched him treat Cindy to a delightful fucking...his tight muscular rear-end really doing some rapid bouncing between her legs, jolting her tiny frame and making the breath burst from her lungs. She liked what was happening a lot! I saw her eyes go shut and her fingers clawed at Dave's back. Over and over she shuddered, cried out, and was obviously experiencing her first orgasms.

Someone behind me had pulled my skirts up...I have no idea who it might have been...and stuffed a hard cock into me from the back. He fucked me with long strokes timed to match the thrusts Dave was making into Cindy's body.

Then Dave announced that he was about to come...and filled Cindy's hole again with jet after hot jet of semen.

As the young lovers rested, the rest of us began to strip naked. Soon there were fourteen naked men, plus sixteen nude women standing beside the bed. We announced that the party was on! Cindy and Dave were now fair game!

The guys took turns chasing Cindy through the house in the nude...catching her and fucking her over and over whenever and wherever they caught her. I don't know how many times she got screwed that first night, but it seemed to me that every time I spotted her, she was taking another hard prick.

We ladies got our share of her, too. Her fresh little cunt and asshole were licked by a lot of female tongues that night. She also got her first taste of slippery pussy. I saw her on hands and knees with my husband, Tim, fucking her doggy style, fingering her tight ass hole while she licked Amanda's cunt. From her eagerness it sure didn't look like she minded any of it a bit.

We ladies got a crack at Dave too! Even though he had already come twice, he gallantly managed to stab his stiff cock into all the rest of us women and girls...even coming another two times before dawn. In between fuckings, we licked and sucked his cock and hairy balls. As dawn broke, we all gathered about to drink a toast to the newlyweds...and watched him fuck his well-screwed bride once more.

After a short breakfast, the happy couple showered together, to remove a quart of stale semen and sweat. We gave Cindy her last wedding present... a pretty lace bra with the nipples cut out and a pair of matching panties with the crotch removed. Dressed at last, the kids finally drove off to the airport to catch their flight to Bermuda. The rest of us got our clothes on and made our way to our respective homes for some much needed sleep.

Boy, I thought, if Cindy's strict parents knew what we had put their virginal daughter through on her wedding night...they'd shit a brick!