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Title: Good Head You Decide Guys - Author: Michele E. London

Published: Sep 26, 2006 - Contact:

Your sitting in a big soft comfy chair, I'm kneeling in front of you, on a cushion.

I run my two fingers up your inside thighs right up not touching.

Then I start near your feet blowing hot air through your trousers slooooooowly working my way up your left leg, long hot breaths, warm air circulating under the material making you skin come alive.

Massaging your right leg lightly with my thumb slooooooowly working my way up nice and slow softly massaging.

Slooooooowly going higher blowing warm hot air through the material, getting up to your thighs the warmth circulating to your cock the heat caressing you.

Starting again from your feet, time for your right leg, blowing warm air through the material slooooooowly working my way up your thigh, massaging your left leg with my thumb so lightly.

The heat working through the material warming your skin, the heat making you shiver.

Slooooooowly working my way up your thigh warm air circulating under the material making your skin tingling

I reach the tops of your thighs, the warmth surrounding your cock now. I'm blowing warm air either side of your cock now the heat caressing stroking your cock.

I cover your cock with my mouth blowing a long slow hot breath onto your now pulsating cock feel the warmth through your trousers I unzip you with my teeth, blow warm air on your cock through the opening slow long hot breath.

I reach in and take out your cock, sucking the tip scraping your bellend with my teeth, I lick right around the rim of your bellend sucking and licking your cock.

I suck your bellend into my mouth, pulling on your rim with my lips and suck you into my mouth slow and hard.

Slowly working my mouth up and down your cock, up, down sucking licking, up, down my hot wet mouth sucking your cock, up and down, sucking harder, my hot wet mouth sucking your cock.

my mouth riding your cock hot and wet sucking

Sucking your cock deeply sucking harder stronger mmmm harder sucking licking.

Sucking your cock deeply sucking harder stronger faster mmmm harder sucking licking

You hold my head and start to pound my mouth, harder and faster pounding, your so big stretching my lips, my hot wet mouth

Fuck my mouth harder faster, mmmmm, faster harder faster harder mmmmmm you feel soooo goood fuck my mouth harder faster cum for me I want to drink your juice, I want to swallow all of your spunk mmmmmm

I feel your cock twiching your juice suddenly hitting the back of my throat squirt after squirt, hot and salty I swallow as much as I can.

your spunk sliding down onto my chin it's to much for me to swallow dribbling down onto my 46dd breasts you taste so good mmmmmmm.