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Title: Home Discipline - Author: Don Brown

Published: Jan 26, 2008 - Contact:

After Carol had left Jane and I sat down to discuss the last couple of days and what we both thought, making sure I left out the more personal bits.

Jane told me she had felt a funny feeling seeing someone being spanked in my study.

She was mesmerized by a new slit showing loud and proud over my knee. The site of a stranger bare bottom, being spanked and strapped by me made her horny, damp and a little jealous.

She wondered if it was natural or did I think she needed punishing too.

Never one to miss an opportunity I agreed and told her to go to my study and prepare for a spanking. I gave her 5 minutes and entered the room.

She was stood in the corner naked with her hands on her head; she still showed the signs of the caning she had received 3 days ago for forgetting to put the rubbish out.
I rubbed my hands down her bottom to see if I could feel the wheels, but alas they had subsided.

I turned her round and asked her if she knew why she was here. She replied that she had got pleasure seeing the well-spanked bottom of Sally and thought she should be punished for it.

Jane who was a very young 46 had an amazing figure bearing in mind she had 3 children.

Beautiful hung large tits, showing no signs of dropping.
Her nipples were in superb proportion to her tits, proud and erect, just begging to be chewed.

A flattish tummy dropping down to a black unkempt bush.
Her slit was of a mature woman, puffy and pink and looked to have many more adventures still to fulfil.

I traced my hands from her neck, over her erect nipples down her tummy to her swollen wet slit lips.

I took her by the left nipple, squeezing it hard, and laid her over my knee.
I was hard by now and she ground herself against my large cock.

I started to spank her, first one cheek and then the other. I moved my hand beneath her and she come over my fingers.

After 30 slaps I stood her up, she was sobbing with the heat in her bottom and the fire in her slit.

I put my arm around her and grasped her red buns making her shriek. I gave them 2 slaps and told her to fetch the intermediate cane from my locker.

She brought me the senior cane, her favorite, and without being told bent over to touch the floor.

Legs further apart I instructed and brought the cane down hard on the centre crack of her arse to emphasize the point. She did it in her own time so I gave her a second hard stroke over the first one.

You will receive 10 strokes Jane. Any movement or crying out will add more, do you understand

Yes sir.

I moved my hand up and down her awaiting bottom, touching her bum hole and then her glistening slit, not dallying but just enticing.

I was ready now and brought the first stoke down at the top of her crease.

The second was about an inch lower.

The third the same distance as the first two.

Number four was a harder cut than previous; it made her jump forward slightly.

Sorry sir, she offered sobbing

You will be, we will not count that one.

It seams to me you are getting a little too used to this cane.

I walked back to my locker and took out my new addition.
It was classed as a whip cane; I had bought it off ebay the week before.

Designed to remind young horses just being broken who the boss was.

I laid it across her bottom, prepare yourself Jane, I have a present for you.

I took it up to my normal pre strike height and it whipped higher.

I adjusted my force lower and brought it down.
Owwwwwww, she shrieked, but did not leave her spot.

The cane landed just like a whip and left a very pleasing red wheel. It swelled and bruised almost at once.

Sorry Jane, I will stop using it at once.

Don't you dare, I still have 5 to go, she blubbered out.
The next were slightly weaker but with the same fantastic effect.

I worked my way down leaving an equal sized gap between each stroke until I got to number 9.

On the 10th stroke I had decided to reminder who was the master and laid it into the crease at the top of her legs.
She let out a shriek and jumped forward again, and extra stroke for that Jane.

Yes sir she blubbered.

I gave her the extra in exactly the same place as the last only a little harder, no jumping this time.

I could contain myself no more.

I dropped my pants and took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her slit.

I teased it against her lips and felt her moving backwards.
Instead of inserting I pushed it forward between her legs to stimulate her clit.

It had the desired effect and she began to writhe and moan, I stopped; I wanted us to come together.

I waited a second or two and touched her bum hole first; she clenched then in rammed it home into her cunt.

I fucked her from behind whilst she was bent over touching her calves.

I wanted to be brutal with her as it is what she loved.
My balls were hitting the bottom of her slit on every stroke.

My lower body brushing against her red hot striped bottom.
How much better could it get as we both came together.

I stood up and went to the front on her. You may kneel down and clean me up Jane.

She kneeled in front of me and held my limp cock in her hands and began to lick me clean.

She was good at cock sucking and soon had me hard again and brought me off in her warn sensual mouth.

When I had come she took it out and removed all the come she had not managed to suck out of it whilst in her mouth.

You may stand Jane I instructed. She roes to her feet in a sweaty lather with tears still in her eyes, of both pain and pleasure.

In our house spanking has been an important part of our lives, as my wife and 3 children will testify.

I have always kept my wife in check with a punishment spanking if she wandered off the straight and narrow, and as a sexual spanking in our lovemaking foreplay.

In fact a spanking is how we first met.

I was driving on the outskirts of the town I live and stopped at a busy road junction.

Before I could set of, my car was hit from behind by a car, driven by Jane.

I got out and I saw a gorgeous young girl of about 18 with jet-black hair.

She got out of her car in tears. I am so sorry she said, I did not notice you had stopped.

Maybe if you had concentrated instead of looking round you may not have hit me.

I checked the car and found only minor damage to mine as she had hit the tow bracket, hers was a little bit more damaged but drivable.

Lets move the cars I said, away from this junction. Can I trust you to follow me Yes she replied and we moved off. We went across the junction and followed the road for about 200 yards and then turned left down a quiet wooded lane. I found a space for 2 cars by a narrow path and we both parked.

I got out and went to look closer at the damage. She got out and saw the damage and broke down in tears. Its not that bad I said, its not that she said, the car is not mine, its my dads and he will kill me when he sees it.
He said I could not borrow it yet as I have only just passed my test.

If you were my daughter and you took my car, crashed it, and without my permission I would give you the biggest spanking you had ever had, I said, so I can see why you are worried.

Oh what can I do she sobbed. Well let's exchange our insurance details I said and let them sort it out.

Must we, she asked

Yes of course, what else can we do

Well you know what you said earlier, she said, about, about.

About what

About if I were your daughter


Well if I let you give me a spanking, would you say it was your fault, and you reversed into me, please She said in a quiet voice with her head hung low.

Oh not sure about that, what you are asking is a very unusual request, and obviously risky for me.

Please, I'll sign anything you want if you agree.

She will actually write down on paper that she wants me to spank her, then let me do it, how could in pass this up
Well if I did decide to accept it would be on my terms and I would only spank on the bare.

The bare



I got my work note pad out of my briefcase in the boot.
Ok are you ready to start writing


I, what is your name

Jane Town.

I Jane Town would like Don Brown to give me a spanking in Long Leap Woods.

Now sign it and date it please.


Lock your car and follow me down this path, I set off hardly able to control my twitching cock with Jane following close behind.

It was a pretty dense wood but we soon reached a clearing. I stopped and faced her. Ok I said, this will be a one off, and you will do exactly as I ask, without question and in return I will admit full responsibility, agreed


Ok, walk over to that willow tree and break off a switch for me to use on your bottom.

She blushed but to her credit walked over and broke off a thin whippy branch.

She brought it to me held in both hands with her head down; I took it from her and began pealing off the leaves.

I then moved over to a felled tree and sat down.

Remove your knickers and come here.

She lifted her dress and lowered her knickers to the floor and stepped out of them, walked over to me with her dress still raised and lowered herself over my knee.

It was a whole new experience for me; I had only ever seen a couple of videos and the odd magazine.

I had always been fascinated with spanking, and although over 20 had never had the guts to do it to any of my girlfriends.

I had been spanked, caned or strapped, most with love, all my younger life. Not for any ones pleasure but as a punishment, but I will come back to that.

I raised my right hand and brought it down across the fullest part of her bottom. It made a large slapping noise but not much response.

I thought back to some of mom's spankings and remembered it was left cheek, right cheek, so continued in that way.

After maybe 30 swats she was sobbing and had slipped further over my knee giving me a good view of her slit.

Her bottom was a bright red in contrast to her pale waist and legs.

She moved from leg to leg and rubbed her bottom furiously. I could tell she was trying to subdue the tears but as she rubbed the more the tears flowed.

Ok , move over there a little please, away from the overhanging branches. I am going to whip your bottom with this switch you just cut.

When you are will do, now bend over and touch your toes. As she tried her tight dress made it almost impossible to bend. She stood up and asked if I minded if she removed her dress.
No problem I said but be quick about it or I will give you extra, it was a better reply than saying, oh yes please.

She soon had it off and immediately put her arm over her tits, she was bra less. Hands on you head please lady I said, let me see what I have in front of me.
She put her hands on her head to expose a fantastic pair of large orange sized firm tits, with stiff, hard, erect nipples.

Her tummy was straight down with no bulges and her black hairy mound stood proud from her body. Her slit was covered almost completely from this angle by her pussy with just a hint that her clit was engorged.

Ok back over please, she easily touched her toes now.
Legs apart, like dad said when he whipped us with his belt, more please I said, not wanting to miss one inch of her slit.

As they moved further apart her slit lips opened slightly and I could see the brighter pink of her innermost charms. What appeared to be a wet film covered the inside void.

When she was in position I explained I did not want her jumping up after every stroke, she said she would do her best. Also when she stood up her hands had to be on her head and pulled back with her chest out and no rubbing her bottom until I said she could, yes sir, she replied. Sir indeed.

I brought the switch down across her beautiful firm pink bottom and it left a bright red wheel. Jane shrieked and I noticed more glistening across her lips. The second at about the same power and speed.

Not much reaction so the third was a cut like I used to get, she shrieked but immediately apologized. I told her we would forget that one and not to let it happen again.

I gave her the third stroke again but mid way between the last 2 for power. It brought a muffled cry so I now knew my range and strength.

I remembered how my old headmaster always gave the last stroke as a diagonal cut across the others, so I did the same.

I aimed carefully and brought the switch down with a little extra force diagonally across all the others, she let out a huge moan, not a cry and I saw her cunt twitching uncontrollably. What a fantastic sight and one I will always remember.

Just before I told her to sand I saw wet spots on the dry forest floor.

Ok stand up please, I think that will be enough.

She was crying and stood up, then immediately remembered my instructions of where to put her hands. She reached the back of her head with her hands thrusting out her ample breasts.
As she sobbed her tits rose and lowered with her breaths and bounced as she took deep sighs.

You were very brave I told her and pulled her into my arms with her head on my shoulders as she wept.

I reached and felt the vicious raised wheels I had made to her perfect bottom.

Had I been too rough

After a few minutes she asked if she could lower her hands from her head, to which I agreed knowing she would want to rub those oh so sore orbs.

Her hands went straight to the front of my trousers where my throbbing cock was held prisoner.

May I release you cock sir she said in a seductive way

Yes of course you may I replied, nipping myself to make sure it was not one of my many dreams.

She lowered my fly and pulled my cock over my underwear and gently rubbed it from top to bottom, she let out a small grunt of surprise and pleasure as she realized how big I was.

She then concentrated on the head using her small fingers to cover every part of my slitted bulb. Then skillfully moved down my shaft to the base where with she slid my cock between 2 fingers and roughly worked it up and down for the bottom 2 or 3 inches.

I moved my hands too, one to her lovely tits and the other to her soaking slit. I pinched her clit and she ground into me, and inserted 3 fingers.

We wanked each other for a while and she came over my hand.

I removed my pants and tee shirt to stand as naked as she was and she lowered me to the forest floor.

She moved me to sit over her tits then raised her head to lick the end of my cock. I responded by moving my hand to her slit and let her grind against it.

She took me further and further into her moth sucking and gagging at the same time. I needed to remove it before I came so moved off her tits and put my mouth between her legs covering her clit and slit. I did not want to waste any more of her to the forest floor. I used her clit as a springboard into her slit. Gently chewing and sucking as if it were a melting ice cream with the same delicious results.

I then mounted her as if she was a piece of silk.

Not knowing her virginal state. I moved my knob, with her fingers for guidance, to the opening of her slit. One inside I allowed her to move further onto me till we hit her barricade of purity.

I pulled back a little to her lip entrance and pushed back and forth gently. She then impaled herself on my cock with one big push, she let out a whimper but I was in. Not only in, but the first to be in.

It was total fulfillment and pleasure for me and the way she was bucking was for her too.

I did not try to push it all in as I knew it would need practice before she could accept 9".

She worked my cock with every muscle she had inside her and was soon in ecstasy before long we both came together as a crowning glory of the day.

We lay for a while just cuddling, I moved onto my side so her sore bottom was off the floor.

When it was time to move I removed my slack cock and stood up, to help her to her feet. She stopped at her knees and asked if she could take me in her mouth again as a thank you for taking the crash blame, how could I refuse such a request.

I was soon stiff and she skillfully brought me to climax, I removed my cock to come and she looked slightly disappointed but amazed at its jerking function and placed her hand above mine whilst I ejaculated. You will have you time again my dear I thought, when you will drink every drop.

She stood up straight and I asked her to turn around so I could remove the soil and leaves from her bottom.
Thank you she said and placed her hands on her knees and lent forward.

It looked so severe as I gently brushed her down. The red wheels were a bluey color raised against her red cheeks, she whimpered slightly and reached back for my cock. I stepped to one side and told her it was now clean and she could get dressed.

We dressed without talking, she put on her knickers with great care, firstly to her thighs and then she stretched the elastic as far as it would go to lift them over her bottom. She turned and bent over to pick up her dress and lingered for me to see the angry stripe spreading out from each side.
She stood upright and fussed about before putting on her dress to give me a perfect view of a young girl stood in just her knickers.

I honestly could have shagged her again and again that day.

We walked back to the car with our arms around each other still in silence, knowing we had each found our own soul mate.

I am really sorry about your car she said.

What will your dad say when you get home

Oh I know I will get his belt.

On the bare

Usually, but I will tell him it is my time of the month and he will let me put my pajama bottoms on.

I was concerned, but will you be able to take another beating, I will if I think it is you giving it to me.

We parted and met the following evening.

She was right, her father was annoyed she had disobeyed him; it was a very strict house where you could get a spanking for speaking out of turn.

He had told her she would be whipped their and then but let her go up and put her PJ`S on.

She had to go into the lounge where her mom, younger sister and brother were and touch her toes.

She thought he had given her about 30 with his belt but lost count after 20, the pain was so high. He had really laid it on; she then had to apologize individually to all in the room for having them watch her be spanked.

As we lay together on our settee she asked, would you like to see

Yes please, my cock sprung to attention and she removed her skirt and knickers. It was a vision of lines going all ways.
I asked her to fetch the soothing cream I had on the dresser and I would put some on her.

She brought it back and removed her blouse; I do not want soothing cream on it do I

So that is how we met and is why our house is a pretty strict home.

The 3 girls and indeed their playmates have all visited my study regularly, or across the kitchen table if we had visitors and I wanted to embarrass them.

Always to cause the most embarrassment as possible as a lesson apart from the pain, but we will explore that reasoning later.

The 3 girls are all left home now in either work or college but know where the study door is if ever they need correction.