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Title: Mrs. Warren - Author: Daniel B.

Published: Feb 9, 2013 - Contact:

"Why do you always wait until the hottest day to do that"

The voice startled Sam. He was mowing his back lawn and hadn't been expecting anyone. He looked around for a moment not knowing where the voice had even come from. "Hello" he said finally.

"Up here," Mrs. Warren said giving a little wave from her balcony next door. She was wearing a short nightgown and a light robe. She left the belt loose, enjoying the breeze. He looked up at her and smiled. He wasn't sure, but he imagined that when the breeze blew just right, he could see up Mrs. Warren's gown... and he was pretty sure she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

He turned off the mower and waved back. "How are you doing today Mrs. Warren"

"Just fine, though I really wish you wouldn't call me that all the time. I've known you for a decade, don't you think it's time you started calling me Julie"

"I can try," he said giving a little shrug, "but I'm not sure it'll stick. Old habits die hard." When he shrugged she noticed how his muscles moved. He was wearing a torn up pair of jean shorts... and that was it. It was hot out and sweat made his tanned skin gleam.

"Well if you can't manage, I suppose it's alright. I don't mind Mrs. Warren as much as I pretend to." She used her robe to fan herself a little, not knowing if it was just the heat, or perhaps seeing the topless 18-year-old next door, that was making her feel flushed. She removed the robe and laid it on a chair next to where she was standing.

Sam looked down. The breeze had done its little trick again and now he was almost certain she was nude under the gown. Not to mention that the fabric did not do much to hide her erect nipples. He could feel the blood leaving his brain and redistributing itself.

"Well I should probably get finished," he said with a tone that obviously conveyed that he did not want to return to work at all.

"I'll tell you what, Sam, after you finish over there you can come swimming in my pool. It's got some leaves that need cleaning out, but if you'd be willing to do that for me, you can use the pool as payment. How does that sound" Even as she said it she could feel a flush across her chest. The thought of him over here, and in her pool She hoped he couldn't see how her body was betraying her.

"Uhm... yeah, I could do that," he said finally looking up at her. "A swim sounds awesome." He looked at what he had left to do in the yard. "Can you give me like 20 minutes I don't think it will take that much longer."

"Take your time, I'm in no hurry." She watched as he turned and started the mower again.

She watched him for a few more minutes. She thought she saw him peek up at her a few times, but wasn't sure. She knew that he might have seen that she was naked under her gown, and if she was honest about it, it turned her on more than anything to think that that kid over there had seen.

Finally she picked up her robe and went back inside.

The sound of the mower quit and Mrs. Warren went downstairs. She had gotten ready for swimming, thinking that if he wasn't too opposed to the idea, that she might join him. At the least, she planned on sunning herself on a lounge chair. When the doorbell rang a few minutes later, she hesitated just a moment before answering it.

Sam had, to Mrs. Warren's disappointment, put back on a shirt. He had kept his jean shorts on though, and from here she could see that his legs were as nice and tanned as his back had been.

She led Sam through the house and out into her back yard.

"The net is over there." She pointed to the pool supplies on the far side of the pool.

"Okay, cool. I'll get started." He walked away and she watched him as he went. He left a faint musk in the air; a sweaty man smell, and she liked it.

She sat down on the lounge chair, pulling the robe tighter around her.

Not just yet.

Sam's head was swimming. It could be the heat, but it could be the amazingly attractive older woman whose nether regions he was pretty sure he'd seen. Either way, cleaning the pool was being a more difficult task than it probably should have been. He would scoop up a leaf or two only to have them fall off as he tried to get the next one. He kept glancing at Mrs. Warren and was having trouble concentrating.

She watched him, and now was certain that she'd seen him look up at her. It seemed even at 38, she still had it, whatever it was. She watched as he got the last couple of leaves and replaced the net. He walked over towards her.

"Thank you Sam. I've been meaning to do that for a week. It was much nicer watching you do it." She smiled up at him and he smiled back. He hitched his thumb towards the pool.

"Is it cool if I jump in"

"Be my guest." He turned from her and removed his shirt again. His chest was smooth and she couldn't take her eyes off of it. He bent and removed his shoes and socks and then, without another word or a dip of a toe, he dove in. She waited for him to surface, watching his form move under the water.

Not quite yet.

Sam enjoyed the jarring rush of the cold water as he swam. It helped with the heat, and with the feelings he was having. Sure she was hot, but she was also twice his age. Hell, he'd know her son before he went off to college. So, he told himself underwater, "you do not want to fuck Mrs. Warren."


Mrs. Warren, seeing that Sam was headed back her direction underwater, stood and removed her robe. She was naked underneath. Before he surfaced she laid face down on the lounge. She turned her head away from the water, attempting to hide the smile that was trying to betray the calm she wanted to portray. She heard him come up for air, and a faint gasp as he did so. Her smile widened even more.

Sam couldn't believe his eyes. At first he really didn't, thinking she was wearing a tan swimsuit or something like that. But he quickly realized that she was lying there completely naked. His erection, which had been wavering ever since he thought he saw what he thought he saw, was fuller than he thought he'd ever felt it before.

He'd seen exactly one girl naked one time. They'd had sex a couple of other times, but only once had she actually let him see her with the lights on. This on the other hand was completely different. First of all, he hadn't seen it coming, even after the glances he'd seen on the balcony. Secondly, this was a woman he'd known most of his life and who was way older than him. But he couldn't help himself and he let out a little gasp.

Mrs. Warren, working hard to sound completely calm, said, without turning to Sam, "could I get you to do me a huge favor"

He didn't say anything. He didn't know how to talk anymore. Finally, with much effort, he said "Sure Mrs. Warren. What do you need"

"Could you put some lotion on my back I don't want to burn." She waited for him to run. She'd gone to far.

Instead, she heard him getting out of the water and walking over to her. She slowly turned her head towards him. She could tell that he liked what he saw. She reached an arm out and handed him the lotion.

She moved over and gave him room to sit next to her. He couldn't believe what was happening. It all felt like a dream. Like a story someone told him in a dream.

He squeezed some lotion on to his palm and rubbed it between his hands. She closed her eyes and he started rubbing the lotion onto her back. He was amazed at how warm her skin was. He tried not to, but his gaze kept returning to her ass. It was right there! His hands rubbed her back, starting on her shoulders, but eventually moving down to her ribs and lower back.

Mrs. Warren was amazed at how it felt to have this boys hands on her. It had been quite some time since her husband had passed away and she'd been on only one date which hadn't even gone that far. She sighed and could feel her back arching even as she tried to keep it from doing so. She was excited, and a little scared and incredibly turned on.

He reached the dimples on her lower back and stopped. He wanted to keep going, to caress the flesh just below where he'd stopped, but was scared to keep going without permission. He quietly asked, "Mrs. Warren, do you want me to keep going"

She tried, though she was pretty sure she failed at it, to hide the excitement in her voice, "please."

Sam applied a fresh coat of lotion to his hands and continued. At first he just ran his hands over her, spreading an even coat of the lotion, but the movement of Mrs. Warren's body betrayed her calm voice, and he began to kneed her buttocks. His erection was worse than ever. He moved on, reluctantly, and spread the lotion over her legs and feet.

She tried not to giggle as he rubbed her feet and toes, but she couldn't help herself and she kicked out and laughed heartily. As she did so, she exposed herself for the first time to Sam. He looked at her and she looked back. In that moment, she knew she was going to fuck this kid liked he'd never been fucked.

Sam looked at her and she looked back at him. "Are you okay" she asked.

"Yeah..." He looked down at her chest and marveled. Her breasts were much bigger than his girlfriends had been. They weren't huge, but definitely the largest he'd ever seen in person. He swallowed. Her areolas were a dark brown and her nipples were hard. He tried to look away, but found that to be a harder task than he'd expected.

Mrs. Warren watched him look at her. She took the moment to inspect him as well. His skin was still wet from the swim. She wanted to lick him. She wasn't sure she'd ever had that particular compulsion before, but she wanted to lick his chest and his nipples; to run her hands down his torso and into his jeans. She looked further down and could see his erection straining against the fabric of his shorts. She smiled to herself.

Finally, after what seemed an immense amount of time, he looked up at her face again. She laid down on her back. "Would you like to continue" She asked just above a whisper.

"Yes ma'am."

She situated herself so that he could move closer to her. He got some more lotion and began again. He started at her collar, being sure to get her shoulders and arms. He rubbed the lotion into her chest just above her breasts. She closed her eyes and focused on the sensation. He lightly ran his hands across them then, barely touching the nipples. She moaned a soft little moan as he did so. She didn't even know she'd made a sound.

Then he left them as quickly as he'd started. He continued on to her ribs and stomach. He was going to make her wait.

Again the dream feeling came over Sam. He was rubbing the breasts of a woman who'd babysat him on more than one occasion. The unreality of the situation was both disorienting and exciting. When he ran his hands across her nipples, and felt the reaction she gave, he decided to hold off on them for a little longer. He marveled at how soft she was, how smooth. He wasn't completely surprised to see that she retained some of her pubic hair. Going smooth wasn't the style for her generation, but she was trimmed and he could see her lips and wanted nothing more than to taste her.

He continued running his hands down her body, but every time he would get near her pubic hair, he would change direction. She found herself unconsciously moving her body, trying to steal a touch, but he was too fast. As he began working on the front of her legs, she spread them a little without even knowing she was doing so.

He could smell her and it was intoxicating. He was enjoying the simple act of touching her, but it wouldn't be long before he could no longer be satisfied by it.

Without any warning, he simultaneously put his mouth to her left nipple and his hand to her pussy. She put out a moan, louder than the others, and her body shook. His tongue traced her nipple and areola, sucking and nibbling lightly. He ran his hand across her lips, lightly at first, and then with a little more force. She was surprised at how well he touched her.

He switched breasts, kissing his was across her chest. He was surprised at the weight of her breasts in his mouth, but loved how every kiss, every lick and suck made her squirm and moan. He ran the middle finger of his left hand between her lips and could feel how wet she was. The heat he found there was amazing. He ran his finger along the lips, spreading them lightly. Finally he moved it higher, finding her clit and she shuddered under him.

She reached up and grabbed his head. She turned him to her and kissed him hard. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths. She was amazed at how good it felt, how right. His fingers kept moving and she found herself close to orgasm. She'd never come from handwork alone, but then again, she didn't think she'd ever been this turned on. As her body shook she pulled him closer to her, feeling him against her.

He thought he'd just made her come, and would have smiled had he been able to. Instead he kissed her harder and felt her breasts against him. Suddenly she switched positions and he was lying on his back. He wasn't even really sure how she'd managed the transition. Without so much as a word, she undid the button on his shorts and they, and his underwear, were gone.

She grabbed his cock, which was much thicker than her husbands had been but not quite as long, and squeezed it lightly a few times. She noticed, a little shocked, that he shaved his testicles and left only a small patch of hair above the shaft. She liked it. She looked up at him and gave him a look. He nodded approval, and she began.

Her lips engulfed him and his entire body felt it. It was as if all of his skin was being kissed. She licked the tip and ran her tongue along the underside. She alternated between sucking the head and licking around. She didn't want him to come just yet. Soon, but not quite yet.

He was unable to open his eyes. He focused on the sensations. She was licking his balls and lightly sucking on them. He'd never had that done before, but after this, would not consider any blowjob complete without it. She used her hands on his cock while she did this and the combination was almost unbelievable. She licked lower and lower, almost to his anus, and then he felt it.

She could tell he was getting close. She wanted this first one to be special, something he'd never forget. She was using her right hand to jerk him off while she licked and sucked on him, and the closer he got the hotter she got. She reached between her legs with her left hand and used her own juices to get her finger nice and slick. As he came she shoved that finger up his ass and he cried out in pleasure, shooting come onto his chest and stomach.

He was startled, that was for sure, but the pleasure that went along with it was more than he could handle. He'd never even considered ass play, at least not his own, but it was amazing in combination with everything else. He had never come so hard in his life, even with his girlfriend riding him in the dark.

She climbed on top of him, letting her breasts brush his cock and chest as she went. She leaned in close, pressing her body to his, and whispered into his ear, "Are you alright"

He tried to talk, but couldn't find the words. Instead, he just nodded. She kissed him lightly on the cheek and chin. He turned his face to hers and they began kissing again. Lightly at first, but building. She could feel him growing again.

She reached down between them and took hold of him. She ran his dick along her lips. The sensation was amazing, but she wanted him inside of her. She leaned back and looked at him. She looked him in the eyes and never said a word. She placed the head of his penis against her, and let him inside.

She gasped again and marveled at the feeling. She'd always enjoyed the length of her husband, but this was something altogether different. She felt full, and it was everything. Thoughts of anything else, of how this might not be right, how he was too young by far went away and the pleasure was all there was. She sat for a moment, relishing the feeling, before commencing her movements.

He thought he was going to need a moment after coming, but he was wrong. There were some perks, it seemed, to being young. When he was inside her everything else went away. They were together there, and that was all that was. She started rocking up and down and he was glad he'd come once already. He didn't think it was going to last long as it was, but maybe a few moments longer.

She took one of his hands and placed it on her breast. The other she put on her ass. He pinched her nipple and squeezed her ass as she left, and came back down. Left and came back down. Every time she took him into her he would squeeze. The rhythm was picking up, moving faster and faster. Up, down, release, squeeze. She didn't think it possible, but she was going to come again.

He looked up at her, a red flush rising on her chest, her breath getting louder, and realized she was going to come. The realization made his own orgasm sneak up on him. He came inside her, his cock pulsing with his heartbeat.

When Sam came inside her, she felt her own orgasm. She'd never done something like that and had thought simultaneous orgasms something only romance writers believed in, but here she was convulsing on him, grabbing his hand and pulling it tighter against her chest.

Mrs. Warren leaned forward and kissed him again. She liked the feeling of him inside of her, so she didn't let him move just yet. They kissed and she put her head on his shoulder. They lay like that for quite some time.

Finally, when he'd grown soft again, she allowed him to move. He sat up and turned away from her. She ran her hand across his back. She thought he was upset, regretting what had just happened. She thought he would leave now, just grab his clothes and go. Instead, he turned to her and gave her a mischievous smile.

"What" She asked.

He didn't answer. Instead he moved his body quickly, positioning himself between her legs. He pulled her body towards the end of the lounge chair and began kissing her inner thighs. Her sent was intoxicating. He kissed up one side, getting closer and closer to her swollen lips, then bypassed them and kissed down the other leg. She squirmed, but he held her down. Finally, on his third pass, he gave her a quick kiss, just a peck, on her clit.

She shuddered. The wait had been torture, but the payoff was so sweet. He ran his hands over her mound and through the hair there. Without warning he ran his tongue along her lips, spreading them as he went. He did this a few times, and then stopped and kissed her clit again. She couldn't take it any more and grabbed his head and pulled him to her. He obeyed and began licking her clit more vigorously.

He relished the way she moved, moving her hips up and down. He even liked the fact that he tasted a mixture of the two of them. He would have thought it disgusting, but it was the opposite. He parted her lips with his left hand and inserted a finger from his right, never taking his tongue from her clit. She moaned again as he began fingering her.

She was rubbing and tweaking her own nipple while using her other hand to keep him pulled to her. She let everything but the sensation go form her mind. This was bliss.

He pulled his finger from her and, taking a play from her, ran it across her asshole. She moaned a little, and then quietly said "yes," letting him know he was headed in the right direction. He inserted the finger slowly and she began moving faster, pulling him tighter to her.

She couldn't believe what was happening. Now it was her turn for unreality. The feeling of him rubbing her, of him sucking and licking her, was too much and for the third time in less than an hour, she came. Her body shuddered and tensed.

When he could feel her getting close, he moved faster, both with his finger and his tongue. She came and he felt as her pussy convulsed against his mouth. He licked up and down her lips, tasting her and relishing in it. Finally, she pulled him up to her and they lay arm in arm.

"This can't happen again," she said to him, running her fingers through his hair. He was circling her nipple with a finger. He stopped and looked up into her eyes. He pinched her nipple lightly. He pointed to his cock, which was already hard again, and said, "That's where I think you're wrong," and kissed her hard on the lips.

She let him.