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Title: Angies Impregnation - Author: Rick Kittle

Published: Jan 13, 2007 - Contact:

Angie didnt like doing it. Standing there in front of her boyfriend Rick and his friend Luke, her breasts exposed, and her voluptuous 36 inch D cup breasts unhooked from their bra and sagging onto her chest every so slightly she wasnt particularly happy. At least she wore a set of pantyhose, nude in colour to stop her being totally naked, but still her 38 inch hips were clearly defined as was the small patch of pubic hair on her pussy. From the waist up though her narrow milky white 32 inch waist was on display as were her large red nipples. Still it wasnt too bad she only had to serve Rick and Luke a couple of drinks in this semi-naked state as part of a bet. At 25 years of age and in the prime of her life, and proud of a body that just oozed sex appeal Angie took it in her stride.

Luke didnt have a lot of experience with the ladies. A large lad at a touch over 6 foot in height with a burly build he was busy with working his trades apprenticeship and didnt have much time for meeting girls like Angie. In short he was 22 years old and a virgin, though when it came to looking at girls, the amount of pictures of naked women he had masturbated to and spurted his semen on was up there in the thousands, so in a way he considered himself experienced, just not so much in the real thing. Still the afternoon went on and after a couple of hourse with Angie starting to let down her guard a little and realise 'yes my breasts are beautiful' and 'guys are going to stare at me like this if Im in front of them near naked'. To Rick it was clear though with every passing minute Lukes stare at Angies jiggling breasts and now erect nipples became more agitated and direct. Although he didnt like to be seen looking Rick could also see a tight bulge forming in the front of Lukes pants...Rick decided to have a game and teast the poor suffering Luke into a state of frenzy....one though which would end up changing all their lives forever.

'You want to touch them dont you' Rick offered as Angie put a beer in Lukes hand 'Err I would like to' Luke countered and then saw the nod as Rick gave the ok. Angie flinched when she felt one of Lukes hands cup her hanging breast. It was cold from holding the beer but more to that it was foreign. It send a shudder down Angies body, one that confused her and one that she was not sure she liked. Rick told her to stay though, and protestingly Angie stood there while Luke gently touched and fondled her breats. 'Kiss them if you want' Rick offered, and with this Luke pulled Angie gently fowards onto his knee and started licking, salivating and gently chewing on her breasts and nipples. While Angie started to relax and let the warm feelings of attention wash over her, Luke was struggling with the pain of a heavily aroused penis bound by his tight pants, and a painful large pair of swollen tender testicles aggravated by the teasing from this beautiful large breasted young woman.

Leaving the room to get some more beers Rick could see the situation building and was aroused to see how far it could go. Leaning across to Luke he quietly suggested he strip off to his underwear and wait for Angie to come back and see what happened next. Dropping his pants as Angie walked back into the room, a massive bulge and wet patch in his jockettes from the leaking pre cum startled her. Luke sat down hastily while Angie looked at Rick and blurted 'There is no way, Im not going any further here!' but before she could turn around and walk off Rick was calming her 'Its ok baby, just that Luke was a little uncomfotable, come down and sit back there, he just wants to play with your breasts a little.

Sitting back down, straddling Lukes knee, Angie could now feel his hairy thigh contacting her vagina lips through its thin nylon pantyhose shield. Her biggest worry as the massive lump in his underpants and the slimy big wetpatch of dribbling semen that was slowly leaking out of his cock. As Luke went to work on her breasts, licking, and sucking away Angie once more felt the stirrings of pleasure in her belly, and tilted her head back, throwing her arms down by her side where one accidentally brushed against the straining monster held in Lukes underpants. 'Aaahhhh' he groaned as Angies manicured fingernails rubbed the tip of his cock through the fabric. He stopped rubbing her tits, took a couple of deep breaths and groaned....before starting again.

Intrigued by the amount of control she had over Luke Angie did something very brave and ultimately very silly, reaching forwards and pulling down Lukes underpants to free his aching shaft. Springing out of his pants came a sight Angie had never seen. A large penis, several inches larger than Ricks, uncoiled and slapped on her leg. It was a much darker colour than Ricks, like the skin of a plum, with big thick veins like tiny rivers running its whole length. The major difference though was the hooded head concealing a purple knob, which Angie clearly picked as meaning he was uncircumcised. Angie didnt like hooded penises very much consdering them sneaky and concealed, but was intrigued by the colour, thickness and eight inch shaft length as it oozed slime from its eye on her milky thigh.

Noticing his pain as Luke rolled back his eyes Angie leant forward and gently kissed him on the neck, all the while her hand delicately wrapped around his shaft and gently squeezed it. She couldnt let the poor guy go in this much pain, but there is also no way he could put that tool any closer to her vagina, as Rick and her had a strict rule of no contraception using the rhythm method and witdrawl technique on less dangerous days in her cycle to ensure safe sex. The only problem now was that Angie was 14 days into her cycle and had the familiar flushes of ovulation, a feeling backed up by the tacky white vaginal discharge leaking through her stockings and onto Lukes leg. Rick kept watching though, his small penis now out in his hand, stroking as he watched Angie mermerise this young man.

A few brief tongue kisses is all it took, her breasts rubbing his chest, Lukes rock hard penis buried into the side of her thigh. Stroking its length Angie heard the shortness of breath and then felt the familiar tensing up of a man ready to squirt his cum as Luke screamed loudly and begun to spurt and pulse big long ropes of sperm all over Angies thigh and up her tummy. Hot, wet and sticky Angie had never seen such a quantity of semen before, wiping it away from the inside of her thigh to keep it from coming anywhere near her pussy lips. Luke laid back, spent, as was Rick who had shot his small load all over the carpet, which left only Angie aroused and lubricating heavily. As she stood up to get off Lukes knee Rick came around behind here, pulling down here pantyhose to expose her vagina with the words 'Its your turn now'.

Having seen that Luke had fully spent himself, blowing huge wads of his jism all over her thighs and tummy, Angie didnt see any problem with now letting him touch her lightly haired pussy. Slicking his fingers on her labial lips Luke was in awe of the hot slimy feeling and stood up, pushing Angie back onto the couch and lifting her legs high into the air, pushing his head between her milky white thighs and holding her ankles just below her perfectly painted toes. Even though he was a beginner at licking a womans pussy, and a little rough in the process, Angie got caught in the moment and felt that familiar tingling in her belly as Luke sawed away at her swollen clitoris. Washing over her body as a tingling wave of release Angie bucked her hips forward and cried loudly as small squirts of vaginal fluid squirted onto Lukes cheeks and into his mouth. Released Angie lay back, startled when Lukes lips met hers with the familiar taste of her secretions on his lips.

With her legs raised high in the air, and a young sex starved buck between her thighs Angie didnt see the danger of tongue kissing Luke until she felt the end of his veiny hooded penis probing at the entry to her vagina 'Luke...I cant....Im not protected ' cried Angie, but Luke only met her with a steely gaze and pinning her down by the wrists started pulling himself forwards on his knees. All the while Angies wet lubricated pussy lips spread to accomodate the purple head of Lukes once more rock hard penis. Looking towards Rick Angie protested 'Make him stop Rick, you know he cant put his cock in me, I could get pregnant, Im ovulating....please" but Rick said nothing, standing there rubbing his tiny rock hard penis and watching in awe.

Working away at her vaginal entry Luke found the right angle, and with a series of short sharp thrusts buried himself to the hilt in Angies hot wet pussy. 'Ahhhh...stop..it hurts, please take it out, please dont cum in me, even your pre cum can make me pregnant' Angie cried out, and for a moment Luke stopped fascinated whether the drool from his large cock was already planting his seed in her young fertile belly. With warm feelings of sex that he never imagined could ever be so good Luke started slowly and rhythmically pistoning in and out of Angies pussy, which had now stretched and lubricated to accomodate and juice his massive girth. As she struggled and whimpered under him she tried to wriggle her hips to free his penis, which really had the opposite effect of gently grabbing and milking the semen from his cock with the muscles in her vaginal walls. It wouldnt be long now.

Speeding up his pumping and with sweat running down his forehead Luke was in a different world. Angie was pushing back hard and struggling under him, unaware that her actions were bringing him ever closer to an orgasm which would result in 10 million of his sperm swimming straight to her ripe egg. Swapping positions Luke released Angies wrists and instead grabbed her under the knees pulling her legs right up over her till her knees touched her breasts, pinning her even harder as his full weight bore down on top of her heaving body. With her arms freed Angie tried to slap his back to get him off, but stopped as a wave of pain swept over her when the bloated head of Lukes penis found her tender cervix and pushed into its tight muscular ring. Screaming out load Angie was in terror knowing that Luke had lined up his penis perfectly with her baby bed. His breathing became short, he started to moan and scream with his mouth open, and Angie knew she had one last chance. With all her might she tensed and pushed back at him, driving Lukes cock even further into her body, and thats all it took.

Shrieking like an animal he locked Angies body perfectly still and bellowed, blasting long spurts of hot sperm laden semen deep into Angies womb. Squirt after squirt of his jism splattered the inside of her belly, its warmth invading her as millions of Lukes wriggling sperms started their quest for her ripe egg. Still he didnt stop, his aching balls pulsing, his hips bucking, as every very last drop of his baby batter was emptied into Angies fertile body. It was only when Lukes penis, now flaccid from filling her belly with its potent load of spunk, flopped out on her thigh that he released Angie, as she struggled up tears running down her face and thick globs of sperm running down her silky thighs before running to the bathroom in a vain attempt to douche this mans semen from her vagina before she was inseminated. Luke apologies to Rick 'Sorry man I couldnt stop, she was on heat and ready breed and it was just instinct, sorry' Rick though was still shell shocked, having nothing to show for his girls impregnation other than a hand full of his own semen...at least he would be able to suckle her breasts and enjoy her wetness as Angies belly grew and distended full of Lukes baby...