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  • Kissing Cousins
  • Published: Mar 9, 2008
  • Author: Haiku Master
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  • Category: Incest and Taboo
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About: "18 year old Jeanie and her 19 year-old cousin Jack begin a torrid sexual relationship at Jacks house"

Title: Kissing Cousins

Jean was just 18 years-old when it happened. She was staying with her cousin, 19 year-old Jack. Jack and Jean's parents were out one hot summer day and Jean was in the bathroom, relieving herself, when Jack walked in.

‘Oh, there you are Jeanie,’ he said with a sly smile.

Jean felt embarrassed sitting there with her little red skirt pulled up around her waist and her white panties down around her ankles. ‘What do you want Jack? Get out. Can’t you see I’m peeing?’

‘Yeah I can see what you are doing,’ Jack said, closing the door and locking it behind him. He pulled his T-shirt off over his head and threw it down. Jean looked up at him, afraid now. ‘What do you want Jack? I’ll scream if you come nearer!’ Jack smiled and unfastened his jeans. As he pulled them off, he said, ‘I want you. I’m gonna have you either easy, or hard, it’s up to you, Jeanie.’ He advanced on her, pulling down his white underpants and discarding them in the bath. His thick cock stood up against his belly and his balls bounced around as he walked up to his cousin.

‘You are crazy, Jack. I’m twelve, you asshole!’ Jean cried out. She got up and tried to hitch her panties up again. Jack gripped her wrist and ripped the panties off her and forced her to step out of them. Then he yanked her little red dress up over her head along with the white vest Jean wore under it. She was crying now. Jack didn’t care. He sat on the WC and pulled her naked body to him. ‘Ever kissed a boy?’ Jack asked as he smoothed back Jean’s long black hair from her tear-stained face. She liked kissing and she stopped crying after Jack asked her. ‘Yeah...I guess I do,’ she said, ‘a boy at my school likes me and I’ve kissed him, like...tons of times.’ Jack smiled, his cock twitched in his fist.

‘Tongue and all?’ he asked.

Jean nodded.

‘Knew it,’ Jack said, stroking Jean’s little budding titties, their tips pink and hard.

Knew what?' Jean asked.

'That you are a little slut,' Jack said.

'I'm not, I'm not!' she protested. Her cute angry face only excited Jack all the more.

'Well, I'm gonna make you into a slut, so there,' Jack said with a smile.

'You gonna rape me?' Jean asked.

'Not if you do what I want,' Jack said.

'Okay, okay. What do you want me to do?' Jean said.

‘Play with this,’ he said looking down at his cock.

Jean reached out and hesitated.

‘Go on, touch it, you’ll like it,’ Jack said.

He smiled. She'd always liked her tall handsome cousin and had secretly desired him in a warm wet way that she didn’t fully understand. Her belly was hot. She felt a compulsion to touch Jack’s hard young cock and bend over for it, but she was afraid of being found out by her parents who were both strict Catholics.

‘I’m scared,’ Jean said. ‘Our Mom's and dad's would kill us if they knew what we are doing, Jack.’

‘Don’t worry, that makes it more cool and horny,’ Jack said, ‘it’ll be our little secret, Jeanie...I promise. Now play with my dick.’

Jean’s hand went around Jack’s cock and she held it. She was barely able to grip it in her slim little fingers. The warmth and the hardness of it excited her, the way the little blue veins showed through on the shaft and the way Jack's plump downy balls rose and fell as she stroked it. They pulsated when she moved her fingers up and down its length. She felt compelled to hold them in the the palm of her hand and Jack groaned and made a funny face as she did it, sucking in air through his teeth and closing his eyes. He looked weird, almost ill, Jean thought. 'All that excitement just from my little hands,' she said to herself. The dormant power of her sexuality was beginning to become clear to her now. All those feelings, those longings in her belly, were starting to make sense. She relaxed and sat down on his thigh and he stroked her pussy, exciting the heat down there even more.

‘It feels strange doing this,’ Jean said, looking him in the eyes.

Jack found Jean overwhelmingly sexy and he held her tight and kissed her. His tongue forked between her lips and she fumbled to respond. ‘Easy,’ Jack whispered, ‘follow me with your tongue. Put it out, yeah, yeah,…that’s it.’ He sucked on the little pink thing and Jean moaned girlishly. Their mouths locked and Jean felt the tip of her tongue press naturally against Jack’s. He held her tighter and his fingers went between her legs into her little black bush of a slit. It was wet there, very wet. Jack’s fingers made a sloshing sound as they went in and out.

‘Oh, that’s so nice,’ Jean groaned and she let Jack’s fingers go in deeper.

‘You still a virgin?’ he asked.

‘No, I had sex with a boy at school, but don’t rat me out Jack, please.’ Jean said.

‘Mm, I won’t. Quite a nasty little girl, aren’t you?’ he joked.

‘It wasn’t very good and it hurt a lot,’ Jean said, wanking Jack’s cock slowly up and down in her fist.

‘I bet it did,’ Jack laughed. ‘Now get on your knees in front of me.’

Jean felt powerless to refuse and she knelt before her cousin. He guided her mouth to his cock. ‘Ever sucked a dick?’ he asked. Jean shook her pretty little head. ‘Want to suck mine?’ Jean nodded. ‘Okay,’ Jack said, and introduced the glans of his cock to Jean’s cute pink mouth. It slid in and filled her throat and she thought she’d choke when Jack pushed her head at the back. She coughed. Jack pulled his dick out, with silvery mucus trailing from Jean's lips. He looked down at her and thrust back in again and yanked her head up and down his shaft by bunching her hair at the back, face fucking her, violently. In moments, Jean heard Jack grunt and then felt her mouth fill with salty-sweet slime. Jack said in a crazy panting voice, ‘Uh fuck, fuck, you've made me cum! Swallow Jeanie, swallow my spunk!’ Jean gulped and gulped as Jack yelled and forced her head down until he’d finished using her mouth as a condom. After Jack had pushed her away and he sat there stroking his still leaking dick in his fist, Jean got up and shouted ‘Ugh, that was gross!’ and she got up and spat what remained of his sticky slime into the sink, furiously cleaning her teeth afterwards. Jack sat back, breathing hard, on the WC and laughed his head off.

Jean scowled at him in the mirror…


That night, very late, Jack snuck into Jean’s bedroom across the hallway from his. He was naked under his robe and Jean groaned awake as she felt him climb into bed beside her. ‘What are you doing in here Jack?’ Jean whispered as Jack’s hands roamed all over her little naked back and ass. She turned and said, ‘We’ll be caught, you jerk!’ She was excited though, Jack could feel her heat and he was determined to feed it. ‘Ssh,’ he whispered and kissed her. She returned his kiss, bolder this time, more confident. ‘Mm, that’s better, you are a horny little bitch,’ Jack said after the kiss, stroking her little apple-bud breasts in his fingers.

‘Open your legs for me,’ Jack said.

Jean felt in the grip of a strange new exciting power and she parted her thighs and lay there as Jack fell on her and fumbled his erection into her little hairless pussy. She was wet again and Jack’s cock went in and lodged about halfway inside her. He felt huge, like a fat sausage was stuffed up her insides. Jack was much bigger than the boy, her own age, who’d fucked her six months ago. Jack felt like a real man inside her, or what she imagined one would feel like.

‘Ow!’ she grimaced when Jack forced his dick right in.

He ignored her cries and started to pound in and out of her cunt like a machine. His thighs slapped against hers under the flimsy cotton sheet. She moaned in a sexy way and held Jack around his waist. 'Mm...Mm..Mmmm,' she went as he fucked her. He put her small hands on his ass and they kissed as he screwed her harder and harder, waves of pleasure building in both of them. Jean felt the stirring of previously unknown feelings and she locked her ankles around Jack’s backside as he pounded her little wet cunt.

‘Oh fuck! I’m gonna shoot my load,’ Jack grunted in her ear.

'Pull out Jack, please pull out, pull out....' she pleaded.

It was too late, nature had taken over. Jack's fuck rhythm quickened and Jean felt his warm slime squirt out and fill her sore little snatch. He grunted a couple of times and stabbed his cock deep into her until he was emptied. Then he rolled off and fell back, panting and sweating in the hot summer night. Jean laid there, her mind a whirl of new emotions, but she felt empty, somehow unfulfilled. She felt confused and slightly afraid that she might get pregnant. Oh my God, she thought, what would I do if I was? Her mind raced with images of her being carted off by the police and sent to a home for BAD GIRLS. She got up and went to the bathroom, leaking semen down her thighs, and washed her cunt out with cold water, sloshing Jack’s pearly slime down the sink. When she came back, Jack was gone back to his own room. Jean felt hurt. She had wanted him to stay a little longer, hold her tight, kiss her; possibly even pleasure her. She lay there for a long while teasing her fingers over her little hard clit, rising spasms of excitement coursing through her groin. She stopped when it became too much for her to be quiet and she turned over and slept…


The next afternoon when her parent’s were out again, Jack seduced Jean once more. She was listening to her I-Pod when Jack came up behind her and cupped her breasts in both his hands. ‘Hiya sweetness,’ he said. ‘Come with me.’ Jean followed him upstairs to his bedroom. ‘Get your clothes off,’ Jack said. Jean smiled and yanked off her T-shirt and skirt. She stood in front of Jack naked and he fondled her little tits and pert ass first then let his fingers roam all over her excited skin.

‘Lay down there,’ Jack said.

Jean got on his bed and spread her legs. Jack joined her. He was naked now and he started to suck and lick her pussy. ‘Pull on your nips,’ Jack said, looking up from mouthing her cunt. Jean tweaked her little pink teats in her fingers and groaned. ‘Oh, that’s so nice, Jack,’ she sighed as he found lots of exciting little arousal points in and around her cunt. As Jack sucked her little pink love lips and smoothed his fingers over her clitoris, Jean had her first orgasm from someone else. It was explosive. She melted into Jack’s mouth, unable to control her longings. ‘Oh, fuck yeah!’ she screamed and screamed; her slim thighs around jack’s ears. He kept sucking and licking and masturbating her little boiling cunt until she begged him to stop.

‘Good orgasm, Jeanie?’ Jack asked after. He sat up and looked down at his pretty naked cousin.

Jean smiled and rolled over. ‘Mmm…yeah, it was hot!’ she told him.

Jack suddenly tapped her bare bottom and handed her a tube of KY jelly.

‘Know what that is?’ he asked.

Jean looked at the tube and said. ‘Nope, what’s it for?’

Jack smiled and said, ‘Get on your knees and spread your ass. I’ll show you...’

(c) 2008, Haiku Master

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