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Title: Escapades of a Promiscuous Young Wife: Part 8 - Author: Edward

Published: Oct 4, 2013 - Contact: bbtp41@yahoo.com

Editors Note: This is the 8th letter in the series, you may want to read Part 1 first.

Hazel Park
Elkhorn, Virginia
Army of the Potomac
Field Operations Camp
Fort Cumberland
General Staff Compound
Adjutant to General Kilpatrick
Winchester, Virginia
August 22nd, 1862

Dear Mrs. Whiteside,

Col. Anderson has graciously agreed to carry this letter for me. The General has assigned him as the permanent Liaison to Elkhorn and Gertrude has agreed that he should be housed on the estate. She recommends that the Field Office be temporarily vacated and made available for his use. Your proposal has met with enthusiastic acceptance.

Upon our arrival at the camp there was considerable apprehension as to our purpose there. The soldiers intended to imprison us as collaborators or worse spies and assassins. They searched our belongings; scattering our garments on the muddy ground. Not satisfied with disposing us they seemed intent on giving us rough treatment as well. I was very frightened!

At first there were only four soldiers that detained us, but as the incident grew more men approached until we were ringed by nine or more. They had begun make rude and ungentlemanly remarks and already suggestions as to what they would do to us. But, Miss Gertrude stood firm. As the first man placed his hands to her bodice, she began a scorching diatribe against them that made my ears ring. As you know, her reputation as a bible thumper is well earned. She gave them the whole book from Genesis to Revelation. Within fifteen minutes the fires of hell had risen out of the earth and scorched the sin right out of them. Gertrude waxed eloquent, proceeding to crucify Christ before their heathen eyes, and then raised Him from the tomb again. The men were on their knees openly weeping when an officer approached.

Capt. Reynolds stated that he believed that some form of charlatan was saving the men right out of their pay as happens frequently when pay is doled out. Seeing our poor condition he spirited us to the command tent where we delivered your letter to the General.

The Command tent is divided into two parts; the communications center in the fore part and the command center in the back part separated by a curtain. The General's own tent is accessed through a covered passage from the side. The floors are rough plank. In addition to ourselves, General Kilpatrick and Capt. Reynolds, the adjutant Col. Jacobs and a corporal were present when he read your message.

Mistress Whiteside, I did not know what to expect and had a fearful anxiety that we would be taken as spies after all. Again your sister seized the moment. When the General lay down the letter Gertrude boldly uncovered her bosom. The men were shocked by this brazen action and I along with them.

Gertrude approached the General and drew his face to her breast. I expected that I would now have to provide some service, but not so. As he partook of the delicate flesh pressed upon him I saw that she moved to tip the hoops of her traveling dress exposing the sights beneath. And what a sight it was. She had not worn anything underneath and stood exposed to the other's lustful glare. With her free hand she beckoned. Capt. Reynolds was first to act. He unhooked his weapons harness and released his natural weapon. It was finely made, thick and straight. He approached her unprotected rear where he made contact. Her answering thrust was savage causing him to impale her tender womanhood on the single stroke.

Disengaging the General somewhat, she untied the skirt and lifted it free, and then bent low, bringing a deep moan from her throat, released the General's own weapon. She transferred her kisses to his organ. Not yet satisfied, she waved the other two closer where she could lay ahold of them. Each gladly obliged her longing. I was left to watch and caress myself as she proceeded to take each in turn.

The action grew feverish. Gertrude insisted that each deposit their seed within her. First Capt. Reynolds erupted in her womanhood. Then pushed the Col. to the floor where she mounted his long pink shaft. I distinctly witnessed him penetrated her. She was vigorous in her ride. Simultaneously, she took the young corporal's manhood which she had not released and swallowed him whole. They each were sweating considerably when Col. Jacobs grunted and released his own fluid within her belly. The corporal was untried and came quickly. General Kilpatrick had remained seated observing the activities. Your sister then rose and straddled his lap facing me. Smiling, she lowered herself onto his ample manhood. At first I thought she had difficulty taking him, and then realized that it was not her sex that he was entering. She gasped, he groaned, she grunted, he entered her bottom in a rush. She rode his pole with abandon until he too filled her with his semen.

For two days now, she has taken all comers. I have been forbidden by her to provide any service to the men.

I have been retained to remain on the General's staff for the time being. Gertrude departed for Richmond this morning. The officer's pay is now being saved...for us.

In Obedience, Sarah

P.S. There is some consternation about our activities among the camp ladies. They are unorganized and I see an opportunity to develop our interests among them for our profit.

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