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Title: Escapades of a Promiscuous Young Wife: Part 9 - Author: Edward

Published: Nov 22, 2013 - Contact: bbtp41@yahoo.com

Editors Note: This is the 9th letter in the series, you may want to read Part 1 first.

Hazel Park
Elkton, Virginia
November 18, 1862
82 Piedmont Avenue NE
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Connie,

What a dither I have been in since returning to Asheboro. As you know, mother went right to work on Dr. Kinnkaid and Papa. The day after our return, Mama began arranging my wedding. When Papa inquired as to what she was doing she informed him that she was making wedding plans. He asked, "Who's" He can be such a ninny sometimes. When she told him, he said that he hadn't even met the man yet to which Mama said, "Then don't you think that you had better do so soon" Michael was no less surprised than Papa when he found out. He was invited to dinner within the week. As Papa carved the cutlets Mama, who had been extoling my virtues states that I am still a virgin; true despite what had passed through my hands and lips, and could count on my chastity until the wedding night. Michael fairly choked on his wine at this and Papa nearly sliced his own thumb off.

Well, the plans proceeded apace. The Bans were read and posted. The ceremony was held on the third Saturday after our return. IT was marvelous. Everyone came, even that lout Edward who made a very spectacle of himself. Cousin's Ella and Bernice were my bride's maids. Bernie agreed to come with me to Atlanta to help establish our home and assist me in our plan. She has several good ideas that I want to try out in the hospital first before using them in the business, but they should produce copiously from the men. Her enthusiasm was apparent from the first; she practically salivated when I recounted how I cared for our fallen warriors and required the most vigorous tickling as we used to do all together as I related the activities I witnessed you and Mama engaged in with the men. Afterwards, I offered to lend her a pair of my knickers to replace her soaked ones, but she preferred to go bare bodkins under her petticoats the rest of the night. She said it was because mine wouldn't fit her even though I saw her frequently rubbing underneath her penoir.

Bernie has the loveliest golden tresses matched above and below. My own hair is not nearly as abundant as hers. It made me think that if it were possible to remove it I would feel much fresher underneath.

The ceremony was beautiful. I said, "I do;" he did likewise. The reverend Dr. Frobisher said we are and we kissed. It was long and lasting. He tasted very much the man so I kissed him again. Many of our neighbors were scandalized by my brazenness, but I saw Mama smiling so I knew it was alright.

Our courtship was too brief to allow Michael to provide a permanent residence for us as he had been temporarily billeted at the hospital which left us homeless on our wedding night. Mama offered to relinquish her and Papa's room for our nuptials, but Michael declined. I was most confused as we had not talked about our home yet, but he smiled at my confusion to which I melted and trusted him entirely.

My trust was well placed. After celebrating with our guests for a respectable time so as not to seem over anxious to retire, we took his carriage back to the hospital. I was a little surprised for I supposed that he had made some plan for us. Instead of leading me to his chambers he took me to my ward. The men were still roused and greeted us cheerfully and offered many congratulations to us both. Michael led me to the center of the ward and bade me to remain there while he served drinks to all the men. When he returned to me we danced for them all. Then he told me that the boys wanted to give me a wedding present and he thought their idea was appropriate but first he wanted to show me what kind of wife he wanted me to be.

He ordered me to disrobe. I was shocked! Before I could say anything against it he struck me across the bottom with a riding crop. When I hesitated he struck again. I began undressing. My cheek flushed at the humiliation. When I stood in my unmentionables he struck again saying, "The command was to undress." I removed the last barrier to my modesty and stood exposed before all of these leering men. They hooted and whistled at me as I stood shivering.

Connie, before you do anything there is far more to what I endured that night that I must tell you about. Read on.

Michael commanded that I must only and always address him as Dr, Sir or Master. He made me practice each. I had thought the men to be loyal sons of the South, but they cheered my each submission. Next he explained that I was only to speak when spoken to; how to stand, sit and lie down; how I was to dress (I am not allowed to wear knickers under my petticoats any longer); and a humiliating position he calls presentation. I must present whenever he enters a room I am in or I enter a room he is in. It is kneeling facing him with my knees spread fully apart, my shoulders back thrusting out my breasts, hands behind my back with my eyes to the floor. He made me practice that striking my bare flesh at every flaw until my bottom, thighs and bosom glowed. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks.

Next he commanded me to present to each of the men. Again I hesitated at the thought of such behavior. Again his crop found my tender flesh. He never raised his voice at me nor spoke unkindly. Instead the sting of the whip enforced his desires. In hindsight, it was not overly much more than I had previously done for each of them before. I bent my attention to obeying so that I would not suffer another blow and found that a heat had arisen unnoticed between my legs. At each of the beds Dr. ordered me to provide for the man's needs. Since this was a much practiced activity I had little trouble complying. The men were already much excited and I had little difficulty bringing the first man to completion. When his seed landed on the sheets, Dr. struck me again and scolded me for allowing the sheet to be stained. At each bed, after much trial and error I discovered the only place that was acceptable for the ejaculate was upon my chest.

By now, I had stopped feeling the stings and the heat in my loins had become a wet fire. My own fluid coated my nether parts, slicked my thighs and heals as I kneeled at each bed. Soon, I eagerly approached each to offer him service. There were only three patients left and the Dr. ordered me to take them in my mouth. I have never done such a thing but, as you recall, have tasted semen from previous ministrations so was not overly reluctant to perform fellatio. I managed all three in quick order and the whole circuit of the ward lasted no more than three quarters of an hour due to the men's eagerness and lack of self-control.

I was commanded to return to the center of the room where the Dr. commanded me to perform each of the acts upon him. He has marvelous control and I felt a little shame that I did not bring him to climax with either of my efforts. Next he instructed me to stand, bend over and grasp my ankles. From this vantage all I could see was my new husband's lower legs moving behind me. I remained like this for several minutes when he suddenly grasped my hips and plunged the entirety of his manhood into my, I must admit, eager vagina shredding my hymen at once. Having handled his organ on visits to his office I well knew the magnificence with which he is endowed. I had secretly longed to feel him enter me before, but had reservations as to whether I could accommodate his girth. I need not have worried. After servicing the men my womanly parts were well lubricated, relaxed and eager to receive him. His attack filled me utterly and forced the breath from my body in a sudden rush. My knees trembled and I fairly hung there impaled upon his penis. Hastily, I regained my footing for he did not wait for me as he stroked out then in. He hammered at my tender parts with gusto. Soon I was screaming out the most vulgar utterances. With each profane word the men cheered on my Master to greater effort and I for my accommodation. He went at me like a ramrod. If it were not for his grip about my waist I surely would have collapsed. I experienced I know not how many orgasms. It seemed that a continuous flow. As he reached his own climax his grip tightened, his rhythm faltered, the invading organ seemed to grow and fill my inner parts to capacity. Then I felt his release. OH! Connie, it was magnificent. I could feel each spurt of his seed as it entered me. The warm semi-liquid soon filled my vagina and much escaped to run down my legs as he withdrew. He ordered me to turn to him, kneel and clean his organ with my mouth. Never have I so eagerly under taken a task as I did that one. He tasted sweet and a little salty and there was a cream like flavor that I am sure came from me. As I worked at his penis he gently stroked my hair and said, "Well done, my Darling." I was overjoyed at his praise and love and submission welled up in my soul for my husband at his words as more of his seed slipped from my vagina to fall to the floor.

It was the most exhilarating night of my life!

We have since relocated to Atlanta according to your plan. Bernie has agreed to help me since I have no business sense at all. Instead, I will focus on the hospitality services and organizing the ladies' volunteer schedule at the hospital. Dr. Kincaid is now on the teaching staff of the University which is just five blocks from the home we have secured. Bernie found a vacant accounting house with many rooms a middling distance from the rail yards and acc3eptably close to General Johnston's headquarters. Due to war shortages supplies for renovations were exceeded our expectations; however, labor was plentiful and under budget. Bernie says that we only need to do the basic renovations for functionality and we can proceed with improvements to the site from the profits as we go. I am proud to tell you that we have been entertaining guests since last Thursday evening.

Bernice insisted that we announce our presence grandly and held a ball. The lower floor of the structure is all rooms but the second floor has a large open wing. We left this alone in the renovations and Bernie insisted that it be appointed for entertaining first. We invited all the most prominent personages of the government, army and community. Oh, I almost forgot, we have patterned ourselves as the Sisters of the Second Revolution charity devoted to raising support for our boys in the field, providing comfort to the wounded and morale at home. I thought it up. It was a rousing success and we had many of the wives volunteer on the spot.

Bernie thought that grand and we have made arrangements to use the Sister's services and our volunteers to gather intelligence that way also.

The structure has a rear entrance that we have designated as the enlisted entrance where they can be entertained by the women of common origin. The front entrance leads to the second and third floors where the officers can secure lodging and comfort more in keeping with their station. Bernie has an absolutely magical talent for selecting agreeable young ladies of character for the upper floors. We were fully staffed for opening. There is also a small bread baker next door that she thinks we can acquire and convert into a tavern and kitchen to add to the services and value of our enterprise.

Bernie insisted that she entertain the first client herself. She had a room prepared on the upper floor for her own use and retired with General Abercrombie with the intelligence corp during the height of the festivities. Mrs. Abercrombie and I talked at length about the proper shade for bandages. When Bernie returned with the slightly ashen Gen. on her arm she was positively majestic, like a lioness over her pride. I am certain that it was her first time though; if so, she sold the pleasure dear.

Your Obedient Sister,