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Title: Lily at the Party - Author: Andrian

Published: Jun 18, 2008 - Contact:

It was that time again and I was holding my annual party. Only my closest friends were invited to this affair as it was special and I had to be very selective so it would live up to expectations. My girlfriend Melissa had been shopping earlier in the week for her outfit and it was very sexy. I couldn't wait to see her walk out in front of everyone in her short skirt and tight top. But this year I was looking forward to our newest friends Mike and his lady Lily.

The time came and the guests began arriving, they were all dressed as expected which was very sexy. The drinks flowed and the party was in full swing when my new friends arrived. Melissa and I greeted them at the door and handed them some drinks to get started. Mike looked around and saw the action and I could tell he was ready to mingle but Lily looked shocked. Melissa noticed this too and put her arm around her shoulder and gave her a comforting hug.

"I take it Mike didn't tell you about the party" Melissa said to Lily quietly.

She shook her no and continued looking around in shock.

"Well don't worry it's all about having fun and nobody gets hurt." Melissa consoled Lily and give her hair a soft stroke.

Lily smiled at Melissa and walked with her into the living room.

"She looks hot tonight" I said to Mike as I sipped my drink. "You think so" Mike asked knowing I do. "I'd fuck her." I finished with a laugh and he broke out laughing too.

I showed Mike around the house and introduced him to everyone. We got back to the living room and saw Melissa and Lily sitting together on the couch watching a couple having sex. A dark haired woman named Danielle was riding a man named Chris wildly. I could Melissa was in need of some attention herself as she uncrossed and crossed her legs repeatedly. I knew that meant she wanted it. I took Mike over to the girls and smiled at Melissa as she looked at me hungrily.

"Hey Honey, why don't you show Mike the upstairs" I asked her and gave her a wink. "Sounds like a good idea to me" she replied and stood up, taking Mike's hand in hers.

I could see Lily was about to object so I put my arm around her shoulder and distracted her as Mike and my girlfriend climbed the stairs.

"You are beautiful Lily" I told her and I meant it. She looked very hot in her tiny black cocktail dress and her heels were driving me crazy. They screamed fuck me!

She smiled at me brightly and seemed to relax as I pulled her closer to me. Danielle and Chris were putting on a great show and I could feel myself getting excited. I hoped Lily was feeling the same because I had big plans for her. We watched together for another ten minutes and I refilled Lily's drink.

"Do you want to go see how Mike and Melissa are doing" I asked her and surprised her. "Can we" she asked me back and I just smiled.

We walked up the stairs and passed some occupied bedrooms (all doors are to be left open) until we came to the master bedroom. I smiled and felt my cock grow in my pants at the site. Lily's eyes open wide and I thought she was going to run away. I stood behind her and rested my hands on her shoulders to keep her there as we stood in the doorway. Mike had my girlfriend on all fours in the middle of our king size bed and was fucking her very hard. I looked at Melissa's face and could see how much she was enjoying having Mike deep inside her. Mike looked our way but didn't stop or even slow down what he was doing to my girlfriend. Lily's body shifted back and held on to her by her waist to steady her. She felt nice in my hands as I pressed myself against her. Melissa cried out for Mike to do her harder and rougher. I loved it when she got loud and into it like that. Mike reached up and slid his hand into her hair. I could see his fingers curling in her hair and then he pulled her head back as he continued pumping into her. I was grinding against Lily from behind as we watched Mike and Melissa and I could tell she was turned on. I moved my hands up her front and over her breasts squeezing them gently as Mike pulled out of Melissa and stroked himself fast. I watched as my girlfriend turned around and faced him, her mouth only inches from his cock that was about blow. Mike groaned loudly and I squeezed Lily's nice breasts hard as he began to shoot his cum over her face. Melissa smiled at us wickedly, her face covered with Mike's cum as he sat back on the bed and closed his eyes.

"Great job Mike!" I yelled over to him and smiled back at Melissa. "Now it's Lily's turn for some fun" I finished and took her by her hand.

She slowly came with me back down the hall and down the stairs. We walked to the cellar door and stopped.

"I have something special in mind for you" I told her and kissed her on the cheek.

We went down the stairs together and when we got to the bottom Lily stopped and turned to me with a strange look. The room was basically empty with the exception of some mattresses laid down on the floor and a couple of couches off to the side.

"What is going on" she asked me as I looked into her eyes. "Well Lily, you are about to be officially welcomed to my party." I smiled at her and motioned for her to turn around.

Slowly she did and I pulled out a blindfold from my pocket. I pulled her hair back and I went to slip it over her eyes. She jerked her head away.

"What is that" "Lily, trust me. Now turn around so I can put this on you and we can get started."

She stared into my eyes in defiance but did as I told her and turned around. I put the silk blindfold over her eyes and tied it tightly in the back. I could see she was extremely nervous and I felt myself getting harder. I pulled my short over my head and undid my pants. Lily suddenly twisted around and went to remove the blindfold as she heard multiple sets of footsteps come down the stairs. Quickly I caught her hands and held them at her sides as I watched the men come down and fill the room. Some stood leaning against the wall and the others sat on the couches. I walked Lily to the center of the room which was in the middle of the mattresses and held her there.

"Let's start the show" I whispered into her ear.

I pulled the spaghetti straps of her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. The room filled with cheers of approval and whistles as Lily stood blindfolded and only in her nice black lace panties and her heels.

"Touch your self" I told her in a loud voice.

Lily did nothing at first. I looked at the guys and smiled. Walking over to Lily I took her by the hands and pulled her over to the Will who was sitting on the couch. She stumbled a bit as I moved her quickly and then pushed her on top of Will. He positioned her so she was over his knees with her ass up in the air. I nodded at Will and he brought his palm down over her nice ass making it bright red. She cried out in shock and in pain as he spanked her a few more times. Seeing how bright her ass had become I stopped Will's punishment of Lily and stood her in the center of the room again.

"Touch your self" I told her again in the same voice as before.

Lily moved her hands slowly down her arms and then up her stomach to her breasts. Her nipples hardened as soon as she touched them with her fingertips. The men in the room were talking to each other and giving Lily compliments on her breasts.

"Pull on your nipples baby" said Louis the big black man sitting on the couch beside Will.

Lily did what she was told this time and pinched her hard little nipples. She cupped her breasts nicely and I found Mike standing over in the corner with Melissa watching. I gave him a smile as I gave Lily her next command.

"Put your hand in your panties and rub your pussy."

Lily hesitated and I motioned to Melissa. She walked over to Lily and told her to grab her ankles. Lily didn't move right away and Melissa grabbed her by the hair and repeated her command. Lily bent over and held onto her ankles. She looked so hot like this. Melissa stood behind her and slapped her ass hard. She slapped both Lily's cheeks until finally she stopped. She smiled as she gently caressed Lily's ass to soothe it. She whispered for Lily to stand up and she did. Melissa took Lily's hand and pushed it down into her panties.

"Now rub that wet snatch of yours like you were told" she told her.

Lily rubbed her pussy really good for us. Her head tilted to the side as she pleasured herself for the room. Melissa stayed behind Lily and pulled on her panties revealing her pussy to us all.

"Lay down on your back and spread your legs wide" Melissa said softly into Lily's ear.

Lily didn't hesitate as she dropped down to the mattress and onto her back. With her legs spread wide she started rubbing her pussy faster, rubbing her fingers along her slit. Melissa went away and when she came back she was holding something that made Mike's eyes bulge out as well as his cock in his pants. We all watched as Melissa got her strap on ready. Melissa knelt down on the mattress between Lily's legs and pushed them further apart by her thighs. Lily put her hands at her sides as Melissa's tongue licked her inner thigh to her wet spot. She moaned softly as my girlfriend's tongue pushed inside her pussy tasting her for the first time. We all cheered as Melissa smiled while licking Lily's pussy. Using her fingers to spread her lips, Melissa pushed her tongue deep inside Lily. Cocks were being freed from pants all around the room now as the girls put on a show. Lily had no idea how many men were in the room with their dicks out and waiting for a chance to fuck her silly. Melissa kissed her way up Lily's body to her breasts where she sucked and nibbled on her nipples.

"I'm going to fuck you with my cock" Melissa said to Lily and rubbed the dildo between her legs. "Give it to her" yelled Mike from the other side of the room.

Lily recognized the voice and turned her face in his direction. Her mouth opened as Melissa pushed the tip of the dildo inside her pussy and slowly pushed it in deeper. Lily moaned louder and louder as Melissa lay on top of her and started thrusting into her. Their breasts pressed together as Lily got fucked by my girlfriend. I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted to get into the action. I went over to Melissa and Lily and pulled my underwear down freeing my hard cock. Melissa smiled and turned this fine piece of ass over onto her hands and knees. She held onto Lily's hips and fucked her hard. I noticed Melissa's nails digging into Lily's flesh and knew Melissa was into this big time. Lily groaned and bucked hard against her as the dildo pushed in and out of her pussy. I moved in front of Lily and put my hand in her hair. I grabbed my cock with my other hand and put it right in her face touching her lips. Lily kissed it softly and opened her mouth for me. Smiling I pushed it inside her warm mouth and felt her tongue lick around the head. Grabbing two handfuls of hair I thrust my cock deep into Lily's mouth and throat.

"That's it baby fuck her pretty face" Melissa said to me breathlessly as she continued her screwing of Lily's pussy.

I shoved my whole cock down her throat and Lily tried her best not to gag. I didn't care anymore I was going to cum in her mouth and that's all that mattered to me. I groaned and my body tightened as I got closer to cumming. Melissa smiled as my body jerked and I shot hot cum into Lily's mouth.

"Swallow it all" Melissa commanded Lily and drove the dildo into her fiercely.

I shuddered as I squirted cum deep into her mouth over and over until I was completely drained. It took me a minute to regain my senses. It was time for the rest of the guys to experience Lily. Melissa pulled the dildo from Lily's pussy and moved with me to the couch so we could watch. Mike joined us as Lily sat up on her knees. Will and Louis got up and moved toward her. They both stood naked in front of her with their hard cocks standing up for her. Lily reached out feeling for them and found both of their cocks. She slowly stroked them both and felt how big they were. She smiled and leaned forward kissing the tips of both their cocks. Melissa winked at me and then turned to Mike. She lowered her head into his lap and sucked his cock while Lily began sucking both Will and Louis off. She alternated cocks in her mouth, slowly sucking on Will before putting her mouth around Louis's big black cock. She groaned as her head bobbed up and down on both men. Melissa sucked Mike nicely and stopped from time to time to watch Lily. Lily looked so sexy on her knees in front of these two men blindfolded and unknowing that there were more guys waiting for their turn. I smiled as I looked over at Melissa. She had pushed Mike's cock to his stomach and was licking his balls. She knew how to give head. Lily was sucking wildly on Louis's big dick, making slurping noises as she took as much in as possible. Will stood there stroking his cock as he watched Lily up close. She lifted her mouth from Louis and changed to sucking Will. He closed his eyes as her mouth closed around his cock and she took most of him down her throat. I could tell he wasn't going to last much longer with the way he was breathing and pulling Lily down on his cock hard. He stood on his toes and pushed forward deeper in her mouth as he unloaded. I looked over to Mike and saw him watching Lily intently as she swallowed everything that Will had to give her. Sweet and innocent looking Lily had just finished sucking her second cock to completion of the night.

Will moved away as big Louis pushed Lily onto her back. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her body to him. I liked how he was manhandling Mike's girl and so did Mike. He rubbed the head of his cock against Lily's pussy and pushed it inside her. She moaned and then let out a loud whimper as he pulled out and thrust all the way inside in one push. He held her waist tightly as he started fucking her. Lily's breasts shook as Louis slammed into her repeatedly. I looked at Melissa and saw her watching the action as well as she ran her tongue along the shaft of Mike's cock.

"That's it Louis, fuck her good and hard" a voice from the other side of the room yelled out. I noticed it was Gregory. He stood naked with his sizeable cock in hand waiting for his chance to put it in Lily. He once fucked Melissa and I didn't think she would be the same again.

Louis put Lily's legs up on his shoulders as he pumped his cock into her. She cried out in pleasure as her body shook from the force of his thrusting. Louis smiled down at Lily and pushed her legs above her head. I love seeing Melissa in this position and Lily looked great in it too. His hands pushed into the mattress on the floor on each side of Lily's head as her knees were pressed into her shoulders each time he drove his cock down into her wet pussy. Louis enjoyed dominating his women and especially good looking white women. I watched him with Melissa a number of times and each time it amazed me. Mike was obviously enjoying it too as his body squirmed and Melissa had his cum shoot in her mouth as she sucked it. I watched my girl swallow every drop of his cum and she moaned softly while doing it. Lily was being fucked extremely hard by Louis. His big cock forced itself inside her pussy with each entry. Lily's legs were almost like rubber as he doubled her up underneath his body. She was like a Raggedy Anne doll as he gave her the hardest screwing of her life. Her moans and groans filled the room as she climaxed underneath his body. Louis grunted as he finally looked as though he was ready to cum. His thrusting got quicker but in shorter strokes until he pulled out and cum streamed from his cock onto Lily's stomach. There was so much of it that it ran down her sides. Louis moved off to the side of the room and relaxed as Lily lay on her back recovering from his hard sex.

Melissa smiled at me as she grabbed a small towel and went to Lily. Lily jumped at Melissa's touch as she gently wiped cum from her body. She kissed Lily softly on the mouth, her tongue licked around her lips as she cleaned the girl's body.

"I hope you're ready for more" she whispered into Lily's ear.

Lily didn't respond she just lay there breathing hard as Gregory and Jake crawled over to her and started touching her. Gregory smiled as he spread her legs apart and looked at her well fucked pussy. Jake grabbed lily's head and turned it to the side so he could rub his cock against her lips. She arched her back and opened her mouth wide as Gregory pushed his hard dick inside her pussy. Jake wasted no time and pushed his cock into her mouth stifling her moans. Gregory held Lily's legs as he drove his cock in and out of her pussy while she tried to suck Jake's cock. Gregory quickly turned her over so she was on her hands and knees again with her nice ass facing him. Jake pulled her head towards him and her mouth down on his cock. He groaned loudly as she bobbed up and down on it.

"Give it to her hard Greg" I called out to him.

He grabbed her roughly and jammed his cock into her from behind and started pounding away at her pussy once again. Melissa grinned at Jake as his cock disappeared into Lily's mouth. She reached underneath Lily and squeezed her breasts, pulling on her nipples making her whimper. Gregory spanked Lily as he fucked her harder and faster. The sound of his body smacking against hers could be heard from where I was sitting.

"That's it Gregory, harder, harder!" Melissa encouraged him.

He smiled at my girlfriend and continued his hard pumping of Lily. Melissa leaned over and whispered into Jake's ear and he had a huge smile on his face. He nodded and pulled his cock from Lily's mouth. Her body rocked forward from Gregory's thrusting and Melissa pulled harder on her nipples making her squeal. Mike and I watched as Jake lay flat on his back beside Lily. Melissa whispered into Gregory's ear and he nodded emphatically. He pushed Lily forward and he pulled out of her pussy. She lay on her stomach surprised at what just happened. Melissa took her and guided her on top of Jake. She felt his cock slide up her pussy as she sat down on him. His hands went to her breasts and he squeezed them and pushed them together. Lily slowly started to ride Jake. I watched her fine ass slide up and down on his cock from the couch and it was a great site to see. Lily leaned forward and put her arms around Jake's neck as she felt him start thrusting up into her vigorously. Gregory sat back and watched his buddy Jake fuck Lily for a few minutes, stroking his cock the entire time. Lily bounced harder and faster and she cried louder as she began to cum again. Her body slammed down on Jake's body as she reached her climax causing her to whip back her head and cry out. Jake held her breasts firmly and pumped her pussy as hard as he could to put her over the edge. Gregory watched and waited until her orgasm subsided before getting in behind her. Jake reached around and pulled Lily flat to his body as her ass lifted up in the air. He stopped thrusting into her and just kept his cock inside her pussy as Gregory spread her ass cheeks apart. Lily started to say something and Melissa told her to be quiet and let Gregory have what he wanted. He looked back at Mike and grinned and then slapped his cock off her ass. Lily groaned as she felt Gregory pushing the head of his big cock into her ass. He eased himself into her little by little. Slowly he began to move it in and out of her tight ass. Slowly Jake started to thrust his cock inside her wet pussy. The two men began fucking both Lily's ass and pussy at the same time. She was silent but her face was strained as they moved faster in both of her holes.

"Fuck her boys! Make her your bitch." Melissa cried and clapped her hands together as Lily was double penetrated in front of everyone.

They both listened to Melissa and started thrusting harder into Lily. She looked as though she couldn't catch her breath as they started to fuck her wildly. Gregory held onto her shoulders and drove his cock into her while Jake held onto her hips as he pumped up into her pussy. Lily was overwhelmed by their intensity and just held on as they fucked her harder and harder. Both men were groaning and ready to cum. Gregory was the first to pull out and seconds later Jake lifted Lily off his cock and rolled her onto her back. They both moved up to Lily's sides and stroked their cocks furiously. Lily lay there breathing hard, her chest heaved unsure of what was happening. Gregory began to shoot right in her face. It landed across her nose and on the blindfold. Lily turned her head the other way in surprise and Jake got her in the mouth and on the chin. Mike nearly jumped from the couch as the two men who were just fucking his girlfriend's pussy and ass both gave her a facial. They covered her face with sticky cum. Melissa leaned over and kissed her lips. She looked over at me and winked.

I got up from the couch and moved to Lily. My cock was rock hard and I needed some relief. After watching Gregory work his big cock in and out of her ass I knew what I wanted to do. I flipped Lily onto her stomach and caressed her ass. She groaned as she could hardly take anymore. I smiled at Melissa as I held her cheeks apart and looked at her little hole up close. I wanted to fuck her ass badly. Rubbing my cock to it I forced myself inside her. Melissa held Lily's body down flat on the mattress as I started to drive my dick deeper inside her. I grabbed Lily's hair like Mike did to Melissa earlier in the evening and pulled on it, jerking her head back. I lay flat on her and ground my cock deep inside her ass, as far as it would go. She groaned and writhed underneath my body. In a flash I started with long hard strokes causing her to squeal each time I slammed into her. I had never fucked an ass as tight as Lily's and felt I wasn't going to last too long. My balls slapped against her ass as I pushed into her roughly. I was making her my bitch and fucked her like it. Melissa watched my cock moving between her cheeks and smiled. I closed my eyes as I felt my balls tightening and I grunted loud with every hard stroke. I pulled her head to the side as I started to cum inside her ass. I shot a little more each time I thrust into her until it was running down her leg. Lily's mouth opened and she moaned softly at the feeling of my warm cum inside her body. I slowed my pumping down until I was completely spent. I rolled off of Lily and looked at her well fucked ass and pussy. I took a deep breath and signaled for everyone to go back upstairs. Lily moved to take off her blindfold but Melissa stopped her.

"Not yet Honey" she said softly and kissed her on the forehead.

Once the room was cleared and only Melissa, my self and Mike were left I removed the blindfold. Lily looked at us with her tired eyes and asked who all was in the room and who it was she had sex with. I smiled and so did Melissa. We would not tell her what she wanted to know. All she needed to know was a lot of people enjoyed her tonight. Mike laughed out loud and hugged her tightly. She smiled and lay back on the mattress exhausted.

I invited them back for my next party which would be in the summer where Lily would be working for me as part of the help and would serve the guests accordingly.