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Title: Boss and Assistant Turned Lovers Part 3 - Author: SassynSexy

Published: Oct 26, 2012 - Contact:

This is a continuation of the first two chapters titled Boss and Assistant and Boss and Assistant turned Lovers. I hope you have enjoyed the story of Darrin and Grace. I added romance into the story simply because romance and sex do go hand in hand. Grace likes to be submissive without BDSM. She likes to be dominated without losing total control of her environment. Darrin is a rich and powerful man who is accustom to getting what he wants in all areas of his life and women are not exception. He likes that Grace submits to him yet he is gentle with her because he loves her. In this next chapter Darrin fulfills a fantasy for Grace that she has had for years. The funny thing is he didn't know about her fantasy. Darrin shares the same fantasy yet the two had never discussed it. I welcome all comments and feedback as I am just an amateur writer who enjoys reading and writing erotic. Sassyone4you@gmail.com

Darrin removed the blindfold from me and brought me to my feet. "Did you enjoy that my princess" He asked. "Yes, yes I did Darrin sir, I am enjoying all of this." I said. "Do you like submitting to me princess" He asked. "Yes I do, I will submit to your every desire sir." I said. Darrin chuckled and said "I think it is so hot and sexy when you call me sir." He said. "You know you don't have to do that princess." He added. "Well Darrin if I am going to submit to you isn't sir appropriate" I asked. "Well if you put it that way darling then yes." He said. "I want to be everything you have ever wanted in a woman and more." I added. "You are darling, you are more than I expected." He commented.

"I have another surprise for you darling but before I give it to you, we must have a snack and some more champagne." "You need your strength for the next surprise." He said. "Oh I can hardly wait." I said.

Darrin prepared snacks for us that included oysters, fruit and cheese. The champagne he had chosen was going down nicely which made me feel good inside. I couldn't wait for my surprise, the anticipation was killing me. About an hour or so had passed. We conversed about a number of things and he added another log to the fire. "Darling are you ready for your next surprise" he asked. "Yes, yes I am Darrin sir." I said. "You know what calling me sir does to me don't you" he asked. "No, no I don't sir please tell me." I said. "It makes me hard, it makes me what you more and more. It makes me want to fuck you." He said. "Well sir, I love it when you're hard and I love that you want me. I love it when you fuck and make love to me. I said. "God I love you Grace." He said. "I can't believe I waited so long to approach you." He said.

"Let's go back in front of the fire. I will deliver your surprise there." He said. He carried the bucket with the champagne over to the fire and instructed me to sit down. Following his gentle command, I sat down on the soft rug and took it all in. Darrin presented another box to me. "Please open this darling." He commanded. I box was a set of diamond nipple clamps. I have never worn clamps before but I admit I have always wanted to. "They are beautiful!" I said. "You don't have to wear them if you don't want to, I don't want to push you." He said. "Please put them on me sir." I asked. At first it was almost too much but as I got used to the tension it made my pussy wet and juicy. "There now, your nipples will always be hard for me." I said. "I love them, it's such a turn one to have hard nipples." I said. Darrin started sucking and licking my nipples while he rubbed my wet pussy. "My darling you're so wet, do these turn you on" he asked. "Oh yes sir they do, I love them. I feel both naughty and sexy." I said. "You are both princess, I love how naughty you are." He said. "Naughty girls need to get fucked. You're so sexy with these clamps and that sparkling butt plug. I need you now princess." He said.

Darrin laid me back and inserted his big cock inside of me. He entered me slowly until all nine inches were deep inside of me. He tighten the clamps a little more which sent me into an orgasm. Darrin quickened his thrust harder and deeper announcing he was going to cum, he exploded deep inside of me. We laid in one another's arms kissing passionately and seductively. I could feel the juices dripping out of me. "Wow princess, you sure know how to please a man." He said. "I have never had a woman who loved to make love and fuck like you." He said. "Sir, you make it easy to want to make love and fuck." I said. "You're so hot and sexy. I love your big cock, how you lick me and how kinky you are." "I've always wanted to be kinky with a lover but never met anyone that wanted it too." I said.

"Grace, I love to be kinky and I have more kinks up my sleeve but for now this is perfect. Your hard nipples look so sexy, your hot ass with that plug. These sexy high heels, diamonds, lingerie and your rocking body is plenty for me. The other stuff will come in time." He commented.

I glanced at the clock and realized it was almost evening. We had been having sex most of the day but I didn't care. I wanted more of him, I wanted him to be kinkier with me and I couldn't wait to see what he had up his sleeve. My inner sex goddess was coming out and it was liberating. Dusk was setting in and it started to snow. We glanced out the window and Darrin commented it was a good thing we were indoors hot with desire instead of dealing with the elements outside. I agreed.

"Come with me Princess, I want to show you something." He said like a little child. He led me into the formal dining area. A large table that sat 10 filled the room. On the table was a nice linen table cloth with a large center piece. Darrin removed the center piece and said "Princess get on the table for me please, I want to have you for dinner." I laid on the table, Darrin stood beside me. Caressing every inch of my body with both his hands and his mouth...I moaned in desire. "Darling I want to blindfold you again, come here." He commanded. Laying blindfolded on the sprawling table was almost too much for me to take in, but I trusted him and wonder what he had up his sleeve. Surly he was up to something.

Darrin continued licking, sucking and caressing my entire body. I felt his lips begin to suck my wet clit while he inserted his fingers. Suddenly I felt lips on my nipples which startled me. "Just lay back princess and enjoy." Darrin said. Darrin was still licking my pussy while another licked my nipples, sucking and biting them gently. "Open your mouth princess." Darrin commanded. I opened my mouth and felt two fingers touch my lips. By the feel of them it was another man. I have always wanted to be with 2 men but how did he know Was this is fantasy to watch me Either way I was so turned on. I sucked and licked the fingers of this stranger just as I sucked and licked Darrin's big cock. He was still working on my nipples and Darrin on my pussy when Darrin said "open your mouth princess, take that cock and suck it like you suck me." Show me how naughty you are." I opened my mouth and began sucking, licking and caressing his cock. It was big like Darrin's which really turned me on. Darrin still working on my pussy removed the plug from my ass. "Oh princess, that cock looks so good in your mouth, I love watching you suck on that big cock." He said.

"Get on your hands and knees princess, show him your hot sexy ass. Now suck my cock." He said. I did as I was commanded to do. The stranger caressed my ass inserting one finger then another into my ready hole. Darrin told him that I like to be spanked and on command he gently spanked my ready ass. I could tell watching me was really turning him on. He forced his cock into my mouth more than before. I admit having my ass played with while sucking my lover turned me on. "Turn around and suck him princess, it's time that you have a cock in your pussy." He ordered. I took his cock back into my mouth while Darrin entered my pussy. With each thrust of Darrin's cock, the cock in my mouth went in further. I was almost gagging which made my mouth juicier. I never thought this would feel like it did. Why haven't I waited so long to do this I thought

"Naughty princess it's time for you to have us both. Get on top of him." He instructed. I lowered my pussy onto that of this strange man who played with my aching nipples, sucking them hard. Darrin watched for a moment before he slowly entered my ass. I slowed my movements allow myself to feel them both. Before long we moved in perfect rhythm. With Darrin in my ass and another in my pussy I started to cum and yelled out "oh my god...oh my god.....I am cumming! I am cumming!" I felt Darrin about to cum too as he pumped my hot tight ass. Suddenly his hand landed my ass cheek as he shot his hot cum into my ass. One last pump and he pulled out. I still had a hard cock in my pussy when Darrin said "get back on your hands and knees naughty girl. I want to watch him fuck your ass." He ordered.

On my hands and knees the stranger put his cock into my ready ass. He fucked me for a long time and hard at times. Darrin comment "yes my naughty girl take that big cock, fuck him like you fuck me." I came again just at the same time as the stranger filled my ass with his hot cum.

I don't know how much time had passed but Darrin removed the blindfold and said "did you like that princess Did you like having two cocks "Yes sir, yes I did. How did you know that was a fantasy of mine" I asked. "I didn't, it was one of mine and I am glad you liked it." "Would you ever do it again" He asked. "Oh yes of course I would. I especially liked being blindfolded; it was a turn on for me." I said

"Darling, we have had a big day. What do you say we shower and go to bed and take in a movie" Darrin said. "Yes sir I agree and it would be my pleasure." I said.

Readers: if you want more write me and ask. There is so much more I could add to the story and your feedback is welcome. What do you want Grace and Darrin to do next She is straight so there will be no other women and he only wants to please her alone or with men.