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Title: Fourteen and More Maids A Milking - Author: Thexxxee

Published: Jun 30, 2010 - Contact:

In 2008, I went to one of my first Clothed Female Nude Male (CFNM) parties. I was not a part of a group. I knew very little about what I was doing. Oh, I had once again recently done the nude posing for the art drawing classes. But all my other basic xxx experiences were over 30 years prior. Long gone history for most males. I still feel both genetic and hard work blessings have allowed me to still participate in activities that are closely related to the old times.

Still, those 30 intervening years were filled with only the strictest civic and medical duties. No sexual imagery or activities. I was well past ready to go beyond a benign posing for a formal class! I liked the idea of somehow beginning to sexually perform, and bring out the smiles. If it got me even hornier, I could always remember later, and "jack off". At least, that combination of events seemed possible.

Similar to the way that I try to joke within email, I had been tossing back and forth such pointed and smoldering jokes, in person, with a member of the most recent art class. That person was "Barb". She was 44 years old, was a medium skilled pastel artist, and was attending the figurative drawing class to try to improve her anatomy skills. But she and I began guiding our discussions to the modern happenings that included ladies getting together for fun on an afternoon. This could be a small to medium group that would meet at one woman's house. Similar in fashion to the Tupperware, Amway, and other theme parties, yet it was to deal with sex. And, rather than just sell sex toys, the idea was to bring a live sex toy into the house and present it to the group. The ladies were to receive a visual performance of some kind, which could be some kind of dance by a male, or maybe just a straight quick strip of a male. It was understood by the females and the male, that the females could express themselves in various ways with the nude male.

Barb was a real ring leader, and knew a lot of women who openly or secretively would want to have such an afternoon of entertainment. She told them about me, and allayed their worries about age with a few pictures of me. Those pictures were not completely nude ones.

Barb came back to me at the next university drawing class, and said that she had, at least, 12 women who wanted such a party. I was not worried about money, and when she said $10 each, I just said yes to finalize the deal. Barb did not know what I did for a living, in a village about 100 miles south of Albuquerque. And, from her discussion, it sounded as if all females lived within her local neighborhood in Albuquerque. Still, back then, it was more of a gamble to do something questionable, since I was not close to retirement. Further, I had patients who moved from my town, to go to Albuquerque. So, there was a faint, very faint, possibility of an old patient of mine showing up at the party. Albuquerque has a population of around 500,000. And, I think, it was part of the turn on, to take the chance of being caught. Ooooooooh!!! Whoops, there is that warm tingle... !!

Barb was divorced, and had little threat of her home being revealed, on a single Wednesday afternoon, as being any male stripper location. So, all participants agreed to meet at her house for the party. I actually was supposed to work that Wednesday. But, when I heard that she was successful in scheduling the party, I arranged to be off work. I had my priorities. And, on that day, medical care to others was a distant second choice to stripping in front of a dozen or so women between the ages of 39 and 66. It was not close ! I did find a good person to cover.

I arrived at Barb's house at exactly 1:00 PM. I believe there were already 12 women there. In fact, most had an alcoholic drink or two, to prepare for such a naughty event. I came in the door with standard western apparel (not my later black hat and black boots). At that time, I believe it was a brown Stetson hat and such. I had some nice friendly gestures given to me, as I was whisked to a bedroom, where I could change. You're gonna love, that, on that first day of doing such a thing, I wore some Teddy Bear cotton pajamas, and a Teddy Bear hat. You're laughing. I can hear it all the way over here. But, I will have you know that it worked. It broke the tension, and broke everyone into loud laughter! Then, a few silly worded sex songs later, the pajamas disappeared. By this 2008 date, my penis looks like it does now. On that day, with the new turn on, I had a lot of fill and actually was hardening through the thong. So, they had no trouble seeing what was going to soon be unrestricted.

Lots of yelling, hooting. I was surprised that a few of these "sweet" ladies were trying to pull down the sides of the thong. So, I , decided to let one do it. I stood with my pelvis straight into her face, as she pulled down the thong. I really did almost hit her in the face. She startled, pulled her head to the side, as in emergency, and her friends went crazy. They laughed and pointed at her. Then, they pointed at me. All seemed to have more than a little alcohol within them by that time.

Some did grab my penis and stroke a little. Then they would pass it to a friend. That was all very nice, and about as good as I imagined that it could turn out. But, Barb, the good hostess, had a more complex plan. She had seen a sort of stockade use of a man on the net. It must have turned her on a lot. She had everyone wait, while she took me back to the bedroom, where I had earlier changed. There she explained her plan to me and asked if I would do it.

That plan that she asked about, surprised even me. She had evidently seen a video or videos of a man bent over, or on all fours, while being milked or jacked. If done correctly, the man could not even see who was doing it to him. She thought that was not only a turn on, but a way to get maybe even the shy women involved. Barb had a complete setup within the bedroom, just for this purpose. She had a self supporting clothes hanger rack in the middle of the floor. She had draped some thick curtains vertically at the clothes hanger. The hanger was so wide and deep that half a man could be on either side of the curtains. She had two tall backless bar stools. One was on the far side of the curtain. One was on the front side. She asked if I could bend my waist forward across the first stool, putting my upper torso and chest through the curtains, my chest then rested on the second tall stool. So, upper pelvis and abdomen on the first stool, curtains closed at my waist, and my chest and upper body supported by that second stool on the far side of the curtains. She asked if that was alright, and was I comfortable I said that I was.

She had me spread my legs. I was supported very well by both stools, as my penis hung freely well in front of the first stool. With my legs spread, the penis was easy to get to. Of course, I could see nothing of my lower half, since it was on the other side of the thick curtains. Then, Barb asked if she could bring in the others, and let one woman after another, "milk" me like a goat might be milked. It was a strange turn on, and I said yes. She had one last important question. She wondered if I was the kind of guy who could hold off on cuming. I told her that I thought that I might be able to hold off, but if I were getting too close, I would tell Barb. Since she would be supervising, she might be able to slow down whoever might be causing such a reaction!!!

Well, I just stayed where I was, and Barb went out for a moment. She came back in a few minutes later, with what sounded like 4 to 6 women. Lots of shuffling, muttering and then some loud' wows', 'this is gonna be fun' comments and similar exchanges directly behind me. Barb leaned around the edge of the rack, bypassing the curtain area. I could only see her. The others truly had protected identities. She looked at me, and mouthed, "OK". I nodded. Then she held up one digit, as in number one.

I felt some very soft hands across my hips, then upper legs. Then, I felt the same hands move between my legs. One hand cupped my testicles, the other grabbed hold of my shaft. "She" began stroking the penis, and softly rolling my testicles between her fingers. She was pulling me longer, and actually beginning a true milking action. Felt great ! And, while the unknown was working well my direction, it seemed to be making this female very comfortable at what she was doing. She got me a lot longer, finally erect. I heard the other women encourage her to stroke harder. But, whoever that first woman was never changed her technique All while she was working, I heard more people come in through the door. She did some last easy strokes and released gently and moved away.

Barb leaned around the curtain once more. She held up two digits for number two. This next woman had hands that were rougher. More like a gardener, laborer, or most probably someone local with a ranch (we have a lot of ladies out in NM who are virtually running a ranch by themselves!) Then, I thought, "rancher" ! Because she went to work on me just like she was trying to get some milk out. She was pulling down on it and needing and squishing it. I got very hard. And she just pulled harder. She had been using two hands on my shaft. She took one to my testicles, and squeezed hard. She kept pulling down to the head, and then from behind my head, while pulling at my testicles also. Between the other mutterings in the room, I am sure I could hear the one working on me, saying "nice". Which made me feel even nicer ! A few minutes more, and she slowly pulled away. Smacked me on the side of ass as she left. Yep,rancher!

Seems like the next couple were tentative, maybe only doing it to say they did. Then, Barb came all the way around the curtain, got close to me, and said, the next asks if she can be rough. I sort of drew up my eyebrows, "Rough". And she said she didn't know what that meant, but thought this particular lady could do it. It all was a strange trip. Not being able to see what they were doing back there, continued to be exciting. So, I thought I would just add to the excitement, by saying OK.

Barb stepped back on the other side. Some muttering clear to the door. Something about, "show us". And then I felt a strong large finger push between my testicles and forward under the shaft. She had a large sharp nail. But she used it accurately. That is, after the finger went down the under side of my penis, it stopped with the nail tapping lightly just under the head. Tickling a bit, then scratching between the lower lobes and up to the meatus opening. Then she backed up a little and grabbed with her whole hand, directly behind my head. She moved it around harshly, like being tough on a door knob, and yanked down, and held it with as much length as she could.

Wows, yeahs, and even more were being said back there. While she was holding it way down, almost like trying to stretch it to my knees, I felt another finger from her left hand. But this one was wet with saliva and going in my ass. If they had been able to see up front, they would have seen my eyes go wide, and my mouth gasp. In just a second, she was exactly on my prostate, and squishing and milking right there, while working my penis hard, making it very sensitive. That and the prostate massage was going to make me explode. I knew that the woman working me so well was an experienced nurse! I said, "Barb". She leaned around the corner. At first I just asked her to slow the woman down. But, she was too good at any speed. Then, I asked if her friend could come back last this afternoon. Barb smiled, leaned back to the front, whispered to the woman (all while some others wanted her to finish me off). I felt her let up. Barb leaned back on my side, grinned, and said that the woman would be glad to come back last. But, she wanted me to know that she wanted something out of me for that. The woman's hands did not leave without a message. The one inside lightly poked its nail right into the prostate, showing once again that she knew exactly where she was. Then it was SLOWLY drawn out. At the same time, as the right hand let go of my penis head, she lightly scratched her nail down the exact center of the top of that head. I blew off carbon dioxide, slowed my breathing and got some control back.

The next few were not soft and gentle. They just seemed that way, in comparison to the lady who I just had go to the end of the line. One lady pushed her body/dress into my ass, leaned over my back in exact line with it, and reached around and under me to do a two hand milking of the penis. A different and nice "approach". Then 2 - 3 more of those tentative, 'not sure I am supposed to be doing this' techniques.

It seemed to me that we were at or around 12 women done, at that point. And it had to be around 3:30 PM. Barb leaned around the corner, and asked how I was doing. She said that, on the other side of the curtain, I looked pretty red...but then she smiled. And she added that 'two more' had just shown up. She asked if it were OK to add them. I smiled and indicated, sure, why not...

Those two were different. Super soft, small hands, tentative, but also back to a little nicer approach. Neither did me too long.

Then Barb came all the way around the curtain. She came over to my face, and asked if I remembered the woman who I sent away to be last. I indicated that there was no way that I could forget. And Barb said that she was back. And with a twinkle in her eye, she said that she was going to 'assist' the woman. And she smiled real big and went on the other side of the curtain once more. I heard some loud noises and lots of bodies, as I believe everyone was returning to see the last woman and her assistant Barb. It was becoming rowdy back there behind my rear.

I felt the powerful knowledgeable grip on my penis again, buzzing around that head, purposefully making it more tender (it already was very tender by then). Quickly the finger of the left hand went into my ass. She seemed to turn my penis over to, Barb Because both of the extremely experienced hands went to my ass and testicles. One finger, two fingers, finally three fingers were in my ass and had found the prostate. They were massaging it heavily. Her other hand was milking the testicles at the same time. And then there was Barb, down there on the penis, stroking as if she had a bull. After an entire afternoon of tease, pumping up, earlier prostate massages, penis and testicle milking, all the various angles, etc., and all with NO RELEASE I was under very heavy pressure. I had no idea that they had built up my ejaculate in volume all that time.

So, all the rest of the women in that house were watching three fingers in my ass, where they were very strongly working on the prostate, and a whole hand cupping, squeezing and trying to milk testicles, and two strong hands pumping and drawing on my penis. I was in the proverbial combination of Heaven and Hell!

The audience began yelling the two women on to bigger, harder, and wild rhythms. 'Look at that!', 'Make him burst.', and similar things, were said. All while these two women had my ass, legs, testicles and penis on the other side of that curtain, it must have looked pretty wild with both women poking, stroking, jerking, squishing, all in perfect timing into and onto my shaking rear end. Then it started to happen.

With that technique of theirs and hours of preparation, I felt a strong surge from the testicles forward. Of course, I could not see, but I felt myself squirt out a large amount of cum (onto a plastic that they had covered the immediate floor with). Everybody yelled and applauded. Then a larger gush of cum. A louder and more sustained applause. And, really, a third gush that was larger than anything previous. Everyone was whistling, applauding, yelling. And just as the girls were peaking on that response, I gushed again, and just as big as the biggest. The sounds never stopped, as I gushed less but repeatedly, at least another 6 times. The one that I am sure was a nurse continued to milk the prostate for every dribble of cum, as Barb kept the penis going. There was another few minutes of applause, and they parted the curtain. No one was near my rear by then. And all fourteen women watched me get up and swing around my overused penis. It started to dribble again, from the standing position. I looked back at the stool. One leg of the stool was covered with cum, and pools of cum were all over the plastic on the floor. It was way too much for a man to have done. Rather it looked like the amount that I had really seen come out a pony in one very old xxx movie.

I looked at all of the 14 smiling women, and realized that each one had worked me. Some worked me to greater degrees, yet all did work me. At the rear of the group, I saw two young teenage girls. The 3:30 PM (after school) add ons !!! No way to have screened that! Then, I had that first feeling of being a male slut or prostitute - knowing that any of these women knew who did what and when. But, I did not know, exactly. I did know that, if they ever saw me on the street, they could say to themselves, or to a friend, that they worked me over good. That feeling and, for me, the giant cum all over the stool and floor were both wonderful. To add to it, they felt they owed their prostitute a tip. Instead of the $10 per woman, which would have been $140, they gave me $200. I was REALLY satisfied.