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Title: Nasreen K 15 years of Lustfull thought Accomplished - Author: ShahMaan

Published: Jan 5, 2008 - Contact:

I fucked my aunt nasreen, only once.. till now! nothing told remains my fantasy anymore. i would want ur kind comments to encourage me to continue having the courage to get inside her pants again. Surely against her will!

I was in my family farm house last fall. Nas is my mothers elder sister. she's aged in her late 40's. i m in my mid 20's. been checkin her out for the past 12 years. all i did was watch her movements with a lot of interest. her clothes hugging her busty body, big ass n ever so big breasts. fantasies running wild on me head. i never made it obvious for anyone to get a hint in the family nor embarress them. she divorsed twice, 2 kids from 1st husband. her elder son, my cousin aged a year older then me, n the younger 5 years younger to me. she enjoyed dirty jokes with her family always n her interest always told me she loved sex, n wanted to have it being divorsed n denied of fucking a man for nearly 8 years.

At the farmhouse i was sleeping on her big bed for the night as there was space on her bed. my moms whole family was there n so limited rooms to sleep. its a close joint family like scene when we visit our village once a year from the scattered living done in the city.

anyway, this night she just changed to her sleeveless thin white nightgown, i was just entering the toilet she came out of, she aksed me how fat she's got. i pissed came out and told her to show me what she so depressed about. she was touching herself n asking me to take a took at her body. i camly said that all she needed a little excercise to turn into a hot busy milf. she was on about her buttocks being too fat. i couldnt resist n softly grabed her ass cheecks n masaged it too quickly. i liked it, i said n walked towards the room. after a while her younger son came in to sleep. light were off. nas in the middle with her son on one side n her nephew on the other side. hours passed n i couldnt sleep. a rush of blood to my head n i got inside her cuilt. our bed was a massive one n plenty of space inbetween us 3. my cousin was looking the other side n fast asleep. i started getin close to her, our bodies rubbing eachother. i 7 inch cock hard n pushy. i positioned her ass rubing my dick as i pressed her ass cheecks. nas woke up n asked my why i was sharing her cuilt. i said mine was too short n i was cold. he mummed n closed her eyes. i hugged her body tight making her feel my hardon. nas got a little uncomfortable n wispered to me what was i doing, at the same time not wantin to wake her son.

it just felt right to me, i told her boldy not to make no sound. right then i lifted her gown n started feeling her pussy. she hadnt shaved in a while. both of us were inside the same quilt made this easier, i got up n went down on her n pressed my tounge inside her pussy. she resisted but didnt utter a word. too afraid to wake her son. too embarressed to call anyone. i liked her, got up came near her face n told her how much i wanted her. she was angry. i was carressing her tits. i wispered n said she gotto shount n wake the whole house for me to stop. i kissed her forehead. she was in total shock. i winked n smiled at her, her gown already over her waist, i grabbed my cock n inserted it inside her missinory style, grabed her ass from beneath n humped her for good 5 mins coninuously till we both orgasmed togerther. i flooded her with my cum. silence. i french kissed her and lied down nest to her. i turned towards her and thanked her for the best fuck of my life. she didnt say anything, probabaly still stunned by my action, and definately spaced out thinking of the wonderful sex she just had with her nephew, and her son sleping just 2 n a haf feet away from her. i slept after. SATISFIED to the core.

till now we never spoke about that night. both of us want the other person to start the conversation it seems. our relationship as aunt nephew n family hasnt changed n thats gr8 !!