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"Sister Susan has sexual urges which she is taught how to gratify"

Sister Susan Marie

All her life since she was a young girl she was sure she knew what she wanted in life. Susan Marie had told her mom at a very young age she was going to be a nun. The years passed. Susan Marie was still sure she was headed for a life as a nun.

High school came and as much fun as she had being in theatre, Christian volunteer programs, and even a little sports in the back of her mind she continued telling herself it was what she wanted.

She had a devotion to god and his teachings. She believed in them and loved the lord. There was never any denial in that, but she understood it was going to be a difficulty transition from the secular world to a life of piety.

After her schooling was accomplished and Susan Marie became a full fledged nun she began teaching in elementary schools, but soon switched to higher levels of education based on her pursuit of higher learning. She loved teaching the older children even though they werenít much younger then herself.

As a 24 year old she was a bright eyed and bushy tailed teacher seeking higher levels of education. They girls and boys of high school level gave her eye opening experiences she never imagined. She went through similar experiences herself, but seeing them from a teacherís perspective gave her great insight into life.

Still Sister Susan Marie desired more in life. In plan preparations she began to see opportunities arise in the collegiate levels. Two newer universities established a few years back offered young devoted nuns opportunities to come and be a part of their expanding religious programs.

Those with masters under their belts would be accepted as staff personnel and offered teaching positions if they qualified. Sister Susan Marie found her calling. A religious based university which combined a full roster of academic studies in conjunction with an undergraduate program in theology.

She approached Mother Therese and expressed her interest which meant the high school would lose one of its best teachers. To the high school it would be a great loss. She was bound and determined to be the best there was. Thank god she found her true calling.

She fit into the university perfectly. It was much different then she ever expected. The dedication of her students was amazing, but she found they were regular people with regular desires in life. This was something she was not accustomed to.

She knew the students were independent of their families and free to make their own choices, but she never thought in a million years theyíd opt to go on Spring vacation to the destinations they planned for.

Something happened in the third year she was on staff. Something traumatically different occurred. A devout man not of the cloth came on staff. Married with children she saw something in him her heart desired. How it occurred suddenly she had no idea.

But Sister Susan Marie whished for the life if only once in her life of piety to see the outside world again. She yearned to see the outside world the way her students and the married man once saw it before he was married.

Not knowing the details of his personal life she didnít ask, but she did assume. Not many knew much about him and his life but it wasnít important. What she had overheard was her students and most of the general population were heading south to Florida, Texas, and Mexico for their Spring vacations. They were heading down to party their brains out like any other college student was planning on doing.

Sister Susan Marie was always a pretty woman. She was a cute young lady growing up. It was never her intention throughout the years to flaunt her beauty which made it easy for her to follow her convictions.

But as a virgin and a mature 29 year old female who always wore the cloth and rarely seen in secular outfits urges within her began to surface once and a while. She was afraid of the urges she began feeling. She told herself over and over she was dedicated, but the desires surfaced more frequently. She wanted to test the waters or so she thought.

Never having been with a man who could she speak to. Nobody she thought. There wasnít anyone she could trust with personal thoughts like those. If she revealed her feelings someone could squeal. She could be scrutinized. She could be admonished and she did not want that.

Sister Susan Marie walked the campus one evening in the Spring. The time was coming close that Spring break was upon them. Everyone for the most part would leave for two weeks and most were heading to party towns in Florida, Texas, and Mexico.

The urge grew within. She felt those desires burning within her. Night after night sheíd sit in her room practically crying and praying to god theyíd go away. She felt the urges. She felt the desires. She felt the need to do the unthinkable. But she refused to let herself succumb to all the growing and burning desires. They mushroomed horribly.

"What am I to do" she cried out in the privacy of her room. "Oh lord please lead me down the right path" she pleaded as she fell to her knees. Her hands came together. She pulled out her rosary. She yearned terribly to teach inside, pull apart her underwear, and feel what possibly non religious females might feel if the urges come like they did with Sister Susan.

She was besieged by the natural and physical turn of events she was having. But they did more then besiege her physically; they controlled her psychologically too. They controlled emotionally and she was unable to do anything to stop it.

She put on a running outfit. She put on her running shoes. She stretched and sister Susan went on an unscheduled run. She was not scheduled to run for two days, but with all the emotional pent up energy she carried she had to release it somehow.

Out running with her hair flying freely behind her, she was a gazelle. She ran like the wind. A cross country runner back in high school she continued her running into college and into her teaching days. Not many knew she ran.

"Sister Susan is that you" a young manís voice said from behind her. "Hey Sister Susan" he said again.

She turned to look while running but kept her eye on where she was heading. He caught up and sure enough it was her. He looked vaguely familiar but she couldnít place him. "I know you. How do I know you" she asked in a winded voice as they ran together.

"Millersville high school" he replied.

It came to her; it was five years ago. He was a little older then the rest of the students on campus, but how is it heís in college now she wondered.

"I dropped out for a couple years. I decided it was time to come back" he told her.

She was amazed it was at that small college. He was equally amazed she was there too. They laughed as they caught up about the old days while their running slowed. She felt better about everything as her urges seemed to dissipate.

He was around 25 at the time but acted as if he was a young bright eyed 20 years old. It was excited about being back in school and finally getting his degree.

"But why here and not a local area college" she asked.

He told her he liked the program. He liked the intimacy of the campus and the direction it gave its students. He pointed out a number of things none of which related to the Christian ideals it professed to market to the public. She wondered if any of the students on campus considered that portion. She asked him out of curiosity if they did from his knowledge.

"To be honest Sister I really donít think so. I think they love the location and the legitimacy of the programs."

She wondered what they would do for spring break oddly. It rang heavily in the back of her mind. Will they stay on campus, will they go home, or will they go somewhere like Florida or wherever to let off steam? She turned to look at the former student and asked him.

He was embarrassed to tell her the truth. She had a feeling she knew the answer. She urged him to be open and honest. He told her what she wanted to hear. "But everyone goes Sister and itís not only the student body. All kinds of people will show up. Itís odd but they do. When I was in college originally I saw all sorts of people who were not students partying their" but he didnít say partying their brains out like they were typical students.

"You mean teachers go down and get inebriated too Scott" she asked. She initially was appalled by the information he told her. Stunned she wondered if she could seriously consider going somewhere, enjoy herself, but not get caught up in all the solicitous sex she knew he was referring to.

Granted the nun had been having urges and uncontrollable ones at that all too frequently lately. He was a nice guy and it would be nice if she went somewhere he might be going so sheíd have a partner to hook up with occasionally, but she knew he had to have his own agenda. He probably had no plans to head down to resort areas like all the younger students.

"So what are your plans for Spring break" she asked.

"Iím not sure; wanna go down with me" he asked being gracious. "I mean I know youíre a nun and all. I know Iím just a regular guy but everything would be on the up and up okay? Iím saying I donít have anyone to go on vacation with and if you want Iíd drive us somewhere so we could escape this hole and we could go our separate ways. Iím just planning on hanging around and see what comes up. I just donít know where Iím planning on going" he told her.

She laughed and told him politely "certainly not." He understood. She thanked him and they parted ways and she told him it was great seeing him and would look him up just to say hi.

"Cool Iíd like that a lot" he told her. Once away from her he told himself how attractive she was for a nun. "Wow I never realized she was so darn cute. I donít care of she all pious and that; she is really cute."

"Heís quite handsome for a guy" and all of a sudden after telling herself that they came back. She burned with desire. In bed she wanted to touch herself. She wanted to feel where those feelings were originating from. She wanted to rub herself where it reverberated the strongest. Moaning quietly as not to disturb anyone in the compound she told herself she had to leave campus so she could be alone somewhere the next day.

Driving around the following morning she saw a tanning booth. She slowed down as she passed it. She thought about is offer and as innocent as it was she felt it was a very attractive one. She felt heíd be great company. She be able to dress down without the burden of wearing her daily clothing and sheíd dress conservatively without giving the impression she was some young college coed looking to hook up with any old guy.

She drove by it several times. Resolving to get a tan she could get away with without any of her sisters noticing she was trying to get one, she headed back to campus to teach her classes. Afterwards she put on an outfit, pulled her vestments over the outfit, and headed out towards the tanning booth.

Two weeks away and Spring vacation would be upon them. Daily she went into tan. Her skin took it well as she darkened quickly making sure to cover up her hands and face. It was imperative those areas werenít tanned.

Sister Susan had a plan. It was airtight. She went over it right after doing her classwork for the next day. She looked it over several times. Tanned as if she came off the beach, she put on secular clothing underneath her vestments, and Sister Susan went shopping.

She went shopping for clothes, bathing suits, and especially a couple of bikinis. Excited about the possibility of heading to Florida, she contacted Scott and took up his offer. Scott was floored she accepted it. Scott was thrilled. Heíd have company regardless if it was Sister Susan.

He told her he rented a condominium for two weeks. It was through a friend of his parents. It had three bedrooms. They could figure out who stayed in which one once down there.

She insisted no one but nobody know. He had to promise her that. He had to swear over a bible and Scott did literally. He guaranteed her it was their secret. Sister Susan was so excited she couldnít sleep. She was restless and her classes were always cut short. The semester exams were easy. Most students came out with Bís and Aís due to the distractions she was having.

She arranged that she was heading home to see friends. She wouldnít be available and would be back in two weeks. All was set. She took a cab to a nondescript parking lot and met Scott there.

She did not where her vestments when she left. She was free! She loved it. She was free from all obligations for two whole weeks! She felt like throwing her hands up in the air and shouting for joy, but she maintained her composure.

Once inside his car, he respected her as a nun. He left the music down low, conversed with her on an intellectual level, but she spoke out and told him something crazy.

"Hallelujah" she screamed pleasurably. His head jerked and he smiled wondering why she shouted. Her hands flew into the air. "Hallelujah" she shouted again "Iím free I am free" and she laughed and laughed. He laughed along with her.

He didnít understand but she was funny. She was a treat to be with and he listened to her amuse herself and him along the way. Sister Susan became simply Susan from the moment they drove away from the parking lot.

"I feel like tearing off my clothes... well not really" she said laughing. "But I do feel like having a drink and I donít mean wine either. I wanna drink Scott! I want to get drunk, but I can wait. Two whole weeks and I have no clue what Iím gonna do!"

"Me neither Susan; I donít have a clue either but that drink you mentioned sounds like itís a great start. Iím up for a drink somewhere." He suggested they get on the road, stay on the road, and drive for several hours first. He suggested they get as far away as possible and then find something sheíd like to suck down. She laughed and shouted as if free of all inhibitions.

They talked and talked and talked. They talked about everything. They talked about the old days. They talked about what was going on currently. She wanted to tell him what was going on personally, but seeing as he is a guy and she didnít think she could talk to a guy about such things she wondered how she could express those feelings.

Suddenly she became silent. She was fixated on those urges and her feelings. Suddenly she felt those urges surface and she needed them to stop. She needed those wild urges to stop immediately. Her face became flushed. Her body heated up. Her private areas began thundering with pangs sheíd felt before but never as strong as they did on the open road down to where the two were going to stay for two weeks.

A free woman and a single younger guy who was as nice as they came and good-looking enough. He was a gentleman. He was gracious. He asked nothing personal and intimated nothing personal.

But she was in heat again. Wearing a long skirt down to her ankles and a blouse which covered up a sleeveless top, Susan yearned to undo the top, pull it off, and free herself of all inhibitions now that she was on temporary leave or vacation more to the point from the order.

Sure she deceived her order. Sure she deceived Mother Therese. What she wouldnít know would only harm one person. That was Susan and only Susan. Susan wanted life breathed into her. The urges and yearning she had tingling and pounding between her legs grew disproportionately.

She suddenly began breathing heavily. Scott noticed something was wrong. He grew concerned but said nothing. He noticed she was pinching her legs together as if she had to go to the bathroom. He asked but she said no. She moved about in her seat and he asked again, but still she said no.

In a broken reply she said "Iím okay Scott. I am fine. You wouldnít understand."

Surprisingly he slowed down and said "Try me."

"Itís personal" she replied shockingly.

"What do you mean" he asked, but she wouldnít reveal what she meant.

They drove silently for a while from that point on. Still she moved about in her seat. The urges to touch herself grew immensely. She wanted to be alone. She wanted to pull up her skirt and feel herself. She wanted to see what it felt like to gratify the physical feelings she was experiencing.

Another ten miles on a deserted highway and neither said a word, but the physical urges she had all along mounted and mushroomed throughout her.

"Ohhh my lord" she said in a whisper.

He heard her and looked towards her sharply. He knew what was going on but said nothing. He continued to drive while wondering if she was okay and what he could do. He knew there wasnít anything he could do to help Sister Susan. Sheís a nun first off. Sheís a woman he didnít even know all that well secondly. They were only friends regardless so there wasnít anything either was going to get involved with he told himself.

"Ohhh god help me" she said in a barely audible voice.

He was worried at that point. Something was seriously wrong. He slowed down and pulled over. IT was five miles to the nearest down. It was twenty miles to the border. It was 150 miles to the resort theys were going to stay at. It was a long time before she was going to be alone and take care of things if thatís what it would take he assumed. But he really didnít know what the problem was to begin with.

"Iím okay" she said trying to reassure him.

He didnít reply to what she said. He figured she was car sick. Pulled over he watched her. He didnít see the signs. He saw the illness on her face. He saw the wincing. He saw the pain she projected. He assumed she was in pain.

"Are you car sick Susan?"

"Noo Iíll be okay" she tried reassuring him.

"Then what is it if youíre not car sick" he asked. She refused to let herself tell him. The twangs, the tingling, the burning, and the urges overwhelmed her. Her head flew back uncontrollably. Her shoulders flattened against the seat. Her eyes closed at the same time. Her faced cringed in desirous pain.

"Ohhh I have to; I have too" she cried out.

"You have to do what" he asked her in aloud worried voice. "What the heck do toy have to do Susan?"

Her hands were down by the sides of her legs. Clenching the seat with her legs pressed together she had no idea what to do. They opened but stared straight ahead; she closed them immediately.

He turned off the engine. "What the hell is wrong" he asked. He touched her shoulder. She jumped unexpectedly. She wanted him or anyone to help her with her problem. She didnít know it but she felt she might. She couldnít tell him. He rubbed her shoulder trying to comfort her. "What is it Susan? Tell me why you hurt so badly. Why are you so sick" he asked.

Rocking and wincing while holding her seat, her legs knocked against each other. She couldnít stand the burning pangs coursing through her vagina. She couldnít withstand the burning pangs coursing through her thighs and stomach. They were running that low and that high and heading into her chest.

Susan began heaving! She needed to release the pent up desires sheís had caged within her for weeks on end. Free of the order for two weeks, subconsciously those urges began to take control of her emotions which took control of her physically.

"Promise to... Ohhh Scott promise to respect me if I tell you! Please Scott" she said in between breaths "can you promise to respect me if I tell you? You must promise!"

"I promise but let me help. You have to let me help if I can!"

She knew as a man he could help but she didnít want that kind of help. Or did she? She wasnít sure what she wanted. As a woman who was a virgin at the age of 29 she never experienced anything so intense in her life. He was there and he could help, but she didnít want him involved. This was personal and private, but she knew he might help in other ways.

"I have... ohhh Scott its just that over the course of several weeks certain" but Susanís voice trailed off not wanting to disclose something she felt private and intimately personal. She didnít want a complete stranger knowing what had been going on with her lately.

He began to think he knew what she was going to say. It was an enlightenment he wasnít prepared for. To think she was horny and had experienced seriously strong urges lately to fulfill those urges was unfathomable. "Nuns just donít have these things" he initially thought. "But then I remember talking about this way back when I first went off to college. Maybe they do" he said to himself eagerly! "Is she having those too" he asked.

"Sister" he began to asked in a humble tone.

He didnít call her Susan and she caught it. She didnít like that he was calling her "Sister." She preferred that he called her by her given name "Susan."

"Iím going to ask you something very personal. Please donít hate me for asking okay? Please promise me that" he asked her in the same humble voice.

Hesitantly she said she promised him.

"Are you having urges? You know... uhhh like uhhh sexual urges?"

It was a very bold question. He knew he probably stepped over the line by asking it. He felt guilty asking her. He knew he shouldnít have asked but when he sat around drinking with old college buddies, the subject was brought up a few times. Many female friends concurred that it had to be true. Nuns had to have urges which they gratified somehow.

Susan was shocked he asked, but she also felt relieved to some extent. Having no experience in the situation she didnít know what or how to suppress it.

"Sister or Iím sorry Susan maybe I should stop while Iím behind. I mean Iíve gone to far as it is by saying what Iíve just said."

She looked at him as she tried quelling the strong pangs which pounded at her. She knew what he said was what she was feeling. She didnít know how to get rid of it all. He looked around him. On the desolate highway it was the wrong place for anything.

"I could help" he told himself but I canít help a nun. Thatís wrong" he told himself. "This is all wrong. Sheís a nun."

"Yesí she came back emphatically. "they are those kinds of urges Scott. How and what am I supposed to do Scott? What am I going to do? Oh my god" she cried out. Ohhhh lord oh please help me" she said to no one in particular.

"Sister I know how to help you with out me... I mean I know how to help you help yourself" he told her.

She asked how even though she didnít want advice. She couldnít do anything of that nature she told herself. She told herself it was morally wrong to do anything like she expected him to tell her. Even though she wasnít sure she was at the same time willing to try anything to make it go away.

"Scott please help me make this go away! Please Scott help me" she pleaded.

He told her he would. He drove off and found a side road and then another side road. He finally found an abandoned road a mile off the highway. She was worried by what he was up to. She feared he was going to try and do something amoral to her. She didnít say a word, but it resonated in her mind.

Looking her straight in the face he was at peace with himself. She saw it on his face. He had confidence and he reaffirmed to her she would be completely happy once it was all said and done. She put her trust in him.

He got out of the car and told her to do the same. Cautious she did as she was told. Scott took her by the hand and led her to a grove trees. He spoke softly reassuring her she would be fine. Locating a good spot he stopped and looked at her. He smiled before telling her to sit down get comfortable.

"Youíre going to do this all by yourself" he told her. "Iím only going to tell you what to do; thatís all. Iím going to watch if you want me but if you donít I will understand."

She told him no that she didnít want him to look. He faced away and told her to pull down her nylons, pull up her skirt, and slide her underwear off to the side. He wanted to watch. He wanted to watch the process badly.

He was so excited and eager that he too became a little horny. He asked if she knew where her clitoris was and of course she knew her own anatomy. He told her to begin fingering herself and relax as she did. He got up and walked away.

Scott heard Susan breathing hard, moaning frequently, and he saw her rocking as she fingered her own pussy. The panting became faster. The moaning was louder. The rocking was more frequent and he heard more shrieking as time elapsed.

Suddenly a shrill escaped Susan. Several came from her direction. "Ohhhh god Scott" he heard first and then "Ohhh yes yess my god yes itís soooo wonderful! Yes yesss ohhhh yesss" she shouted. She was rocking and screaming and panting excitedly.

Susan had experience her first ever orgasm. It was delightfully amazing. She continued panting heavily afterwards. She was unable to believe how incredible the experience was. "Ohh my lord Scott I could do this a million times. That was ohh Scott thank you ohh thank you very much" she cried out joyfully.

Scott walked over and looked down upon her as she quickly pushed her skirt down to cover up. She looked up and smiled at him. Pulling up her nylons she was elated at what she discovered.

"Ohhhh my lord Scott that was amazing. It was astonishing experiencing that; I could do that a million times over. I bet you didnít know that did you?"

"Yep I do know it" he said with a proud smirk on his face. "Susan Iíve known it for a long time. I hope you do that every day and at least twice a day over this vacation. You know something else?"

"What" she asked.

"Iíd love to show you something special if youíd let me once we get down to our condominium. May I show you something special some time?"

"Well that depends" she replied. "What does it involve?"

"Iíll tell you once we get back on the road. Right now I have my own problems."

He confused her about what that could be.

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