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Title: Panty Play - Author: steven mcgowan

Published: Feb 22, 2008 - Contact:

I just had the most amazing sex with my wife. We were laying in bed watching a porno and holding eachother. After a few scenes my wife got up and got undressed.

Then she put on a black silk bra, panties, skirt, garder belt and stockings. She was looking so damn sexy! She then undressed me and threw a pair of white silk panties and a black mini skirt at me and told me to put them on, so i did.

I lay on the bed and she pulled out a video camera and started to record me. I began to caress myself, rubbing my tits. I moved my hand down and slowley rubbed my cock over my skirt. I rolled over and put my ass to the camera, squeezing, rubbing, and spanking my ass. You could see my panty line thru my skirt and she loved it!

I lifted up my skirt and exposed my white silk panties, gave myself a good spanking and told her to play with me. She played with my ass for a while, as she still records me. Next she moves my panties aside and slowley sticks her finger in my ass. Working it in and out until i take her whole finger.

She finger fucked my ass while i was in the doggystyle position. After a while, i turned around a saw that she was wearing a strapon. Wow! I jumped up and shoved theat cock into my mouth and sucked on it as if it were real. I then lay down on my back and spread my legs, she began to enter my ass with the strapon. Slowly entering my ass she begins to fuck me.

As i take all of it she fucks me faster. My cock and balls are bouncing everywhere as she fucks me. Next i ride her, sitting on her she fucks me more, spanking me too. Really enjoying it i tell her i want it doggystyle. She bends me over and spreads my cheeks. She enters my ass and fucks me. My ass shakes and bounces all over the place. I begin to moan loud and talk dirty, then i came all over.