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Title: Sexual Massage - Author: Tonto

Published: Jan 7, 2007 - Contact:

Let me give you a background first of all. I've been married 32 years and for the past seven, sexual activity between me and my wife (I'll call her Eva ) has stopped completely. I love her dearly, but she has lost all interest in sex and as time went by, I got tired of being alone. When we had sex, I would make sure she would always climax, most times multiples. She admitted that she enjoyed it, but I found out, if she never had sex again it would be all right with her. Since our relationship isn't based solely on sex and all other aspects of our marriage are great, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will have to take things in my own hands (so to speak) and when things get too bottled up, that is exactly what I do.

I am not a permiscuous person and have had only one affair in my life. A lady I had known many years in my business one night took me to the airport in Atlanta for me to fly home, we hugged goodbye. Normally I would hug "open body style" so as not to give any wrong signals, but this night, it happened that we embraced in a full body hug and as things were, she noticed my growing member and took the lead. To make a long story short, I stayed the night with her and an affair blossomed. This affair lasted two years, until she met someone and moved to California.

She always knew the affair couldn't go anywhere since I was totally honest with her at the beginning. I didn't want to divorce Eva and we always left the door open for other people. (her mostly since I really didn't want to get involved with any one else).

Well the affair ended over 5 years ago and since then, I have been celibate except for masturbation occasionally to relieve "blue balls" I had to drive to Miami for business and was entering the on ramp to I-95, (about 40 minutes from where I live) where I saw this beautiful lady somewhere in her early to mid 40's hitch-hiking. Of course, I had to stop. We chit-chatted as I drove down I-95 toward Miami and I found out that her car had given out and she had to get home to Miami and decided to hitch a ride. As we talked, she realized that this was not the thing she should have been doing under any circumstances. She has a friend in Miami that she was going to get another car from and needed to get home.

Our trip was a pleasant one (about 4 hours to Ft. Lauderdale). We talked about many subjects and really got to know each other. I had told her that I was going as far as Ft. Lauderdale tonight and staying with my sister as I didn't want to spend the money on a motel for the night. As we approached Ft. Lauderdale, she asked me if I had any objections to taking her on to her home. She said I could spend the night there and not have to get a motel. Of course I jumped at the chance. ( I was really hopping there would be a reason for us to spend more time together)

I called my sister and said I was going on to Miami tonight and gave my apologies and we continued on to her house. By the way, when we first met, we exchanged names. I'll call her Vera (not her real name) We drove up to Vera's house and I took my things in with me and she showed me to my room. She said for me to come out to the living room when I had freshened up and she would have some munches and drinks.

When I came in to the living room where she was, she had the TV on watching some movie and we just sat down and watched. We had chips and dip and soft drinks. ( I don't drink alcoholic beverages ) During the commercials, we would chat a little. One commercial was a very sexy commercial and one discussion led to another and we were talking about sex and our age and the fear of AIDS. I told her that I had not been with anyone for over five years and she said that she had not been with anyone since her husband had died three years ago. Vera jokingly said that we were safe and really didn't have to worry about AIDS. I agreed!! I can't really reconstruct the conversation, but somehow it lead to the subject of massages.

I had told her sometime during the conversation while driving that I give the best full body massage. She indicated that she never had a massage and would love to get one sometime. Not wanting to be too forward, I said anytime you are ready give me a shout, then the subject was dropped. Vera brought the subject up again during one of the commercials and asked if I would give her a massage. She indicated that it would really relax her after a trying day. I said that I would. I told her that I had certain requirements as preliminaries so as to relax the subject prior to starting and she agreed that all was OK.

I told her to get undressed and meet me in the shower where I would start the procedure. She joined me there and I got the first view of this beautiful body. For a woman in her mid to late 40's she had a firm and voluptuous body and I was very much in heaven to think I would be able to give her pleasure.

I turned on the shower adjusting the water to a hot spray, then I took shampoo and washed and rinsed her hair which was fairly short. I then proceeded to lather every inch of her whole body with soap giving special attention to the breasts and the nipples, between the legs and up into the vaginal area and the buttocks giving a lot of attention to the asshole. I rinsed her as I had washed her giving the same attention as when I lathered her. She turned to me and asked me if I would let her do the same for me and I agreed. I think she has done this before because she knew just what she was doing. Of course thru all of this my penis was as hard as a rock and she took special notice when she lathered it. I thought I would climax right there, but I told her that this was her massage not mine.

I rinsed off and got a towel to pat her dry and we went into the bedroom. I had her lie on her stomach and just relax as I started the massage. To give you an idea of what a full body massage is, it is the manipulation of every inch of a person's body in a relaxing kneading motion. I started massaging her scalp and the side of her head bringing a flush to her ears. I then blew my breath on her ears and gently licked them as I moved to her neck and shoulders. I moved down her back massaging outwardly from her spine down the side and back of her arms. I then started massaging her buttocks.

When I started doing this, her legs spread apart giving me access to the inner thighs, ass and pubic area. I wanted to stop there and give in to my passion, but I did not. I moved down to her calves, ankles and feet, then had her turn over. It takes about 30 minutes to furnish the back side. I started with Vera's feet and ankles and work up her legs giving equal attention to each leg.As I reached her pubic area, she had already spread her legs wide to give me access to the vagina. The massage of this area is only with the palm of the hand, reaching down through and under and massaging the sides of the upper thighs. Then the tummy and rib cage and attention to the breasts, tweezing the nipples ever so slightly. By this time the massage of the face and forehead results in kissing and licking. I am about finished with the massage, but one final duty to make the massage complete. As I kiss and lick my way to the breasts giving each attention and massaging the pubic mound with my palm, I pause gently nipping the nipples with my teeth, then kissing and licking her tummy and finally down to her pubic area.

By this time the sexual secretion is flowing like a river and I spread the vulva lips and drink the nectar. As I continued this, giving special attention to the clitorus with my tongue, Vera exploded in an orgasm. I gently licked the whole vagina from the asshole to the clit and slowly back again and repeating over and over until I noticed that Vera was again on the verge of climax when I gave special attention to the clit again and she exploded in climax again. I repeated this again and again until Vera indicated that she was getting sensitive and for me to let her rest for a while. I have brought my wife to climax three times in succession, but this was the first time I have been able to bring a woman to five climaxes in succession.

Vera was spent and lie back and literally could not move. I put my arms around her and we both drifted off. I don't know when she awoke, but when she did, she reached for my penis and started massaging it very gently. What a way to wake up. As I lie there enjoying the feeling, and I don't know when she moved, but all of a sudden I realized she had moved into the 69 position and there before me was that luscious sexual honey pot awaiting my licking. Of course, I love the taste of sexual secretion and could drink it any time it is available. I was in heaven. As we both enjoyed each other, I noticed that I was peaking and about to climax so I asked her to stop for a second to let me come off the peak as she did. Each time she would bring me to a peak, I would ask her to stop, as she was doing this to me, I was bringing her to climax too and she had me stop.

We continued this for it seemed like a long time, when she said that she could not hold off anymore and that I should fuck her. This was the first time she had said anything even remotely risque, but she said it forcefully and wanted it now. Since I was also ready to explode, I obliged her and slowly entered that wonderful warm pussy, slowly in and out enjoying the wonderful feeling of being on the verge of climax, when I felt her muscles tense and with the next stroke I could not hold on any more. We climaxed together and as I continued to pump my penis in and out of her vagina, she literally milked me dry.

Vera and I fell fast asleep with me still inside of her. It had been so long since I have felt this wonderful, sleep came fast. I awoke the next morning to a wonderful surprise. Vera was giving me the most wonderful blow job I had ever had. When I tried to return the favor, she told me that this was her appetizer for breakfast and for me to lie back and enjoy every minute of it. Of course I did and she did. She brought me to climax and drank every drop of cum. When she finished, she told me breakfast would be ready by the time I brushed my teeth and to come to breakfast "as is" I did and she did. We enjoyed breakfast. She had gotten up without awaking me and had a full bacon, eggs, grits, coffee and juice ready for me when I came in. After breakfast, she came over to me and spread her legs apart lifting them giving me full access to my dessert, her sexual secretion that I lapped up with vigor.