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Title: Sharing Susan - Author: Raymond Conran

Published: Aug 29, 2012 - Contact:

After Alice I had a hiatus from older women and thought I'd shaken off the bug. I was in my third year at university by now and it was easy to pull pretty young freshers so I was indulging myself with many petite and smooth-skinned lovelies.

But my experiences with housewives weren't over yet. I was sitting in my local bar in the early evening, nursing a pint when the guy next to me turned and said, "Do you like a good joke, son"

He looked about fifty, medium height and build and just starting to lose his hair.

"Sure," I replied.

Without any further prompting he dived in with this, "The Seven Dwarves go on a trip to Rome and decide to visit the Vatican. Once there they try to talk to the Pope but are stopped by the security guys.

'But we're the famous Seven Dwarves,' Doc explains, 'and we've got a very important theological question to ask the Holy Father.'

So, finally, the security guys let them in and the Seven Dwarves get an audience with the Pope.

'What we need to know,' Doc asks the Holy Father, 'is whether there are any midget nuns in the Antarctic'

The Pope has a think and finally shakes his head. 'No, my sons, there are no midget nuns in the Antarctic.'

At which point six of the dwarves burst into laughter and started chanting 'Dopey fucked a penguin! Dopey fucked a penguin!'

I laughed politely and wondered why I was always the one who got landed with the loony in the pub. The guy stuck his hand out and introduced himself as Jack Clarke. I had no option but to take his hand and give my name in return, secretly glad that I didn't have enough money for another drink. But as I swallowed the dregs and made to stand the Jack guy slid another pint in front of me.

"It's a poor show when a comedian has to pay for his audience," I commented.

"Never mind comedian," he answered, "How's this for psychology. It's too early for a young guy like you to be heading home, which means you must be skint."

I nodded in agreement.

"And you can't leave me here drinking alone for an hour till my wife gets here."

I spotted the flaw in his logic. "There're other people in here."

He smiled. "But you fit my requirements better than they do."


"Don't panic. I'll explain later." He lifted his glass. "Cheers."

I toasted him in return and he reached into his inside breast pocket for a photograph which he slid along the bar to me. "That's her, the wife, Susan."

I picked up the photograph and looked at a slim middle aged woman with a handsome face and permed blonde hair. She was dressed in a tight roll neck jumper and slacks. The jumper promised a decent pair of tits but I didn't know what was expected of me so I uttered a bland, "Nice."

"Oh yes," Jack said, "My Susan's not only nice, she's a damn fine woman. Given me three lovely kids. Grown up and flown the nest now, of course. Good looking, intelligent, great homemaker, plus she bangs like a shit house door in a gale."

I could feel his eyes boring into me, waiting for a reaction.

"Lucky old you," was all I could manage.

"Well it could be lucky for you too, Ray my boy, because as it happens, I like to share my Susan."

"Share her"

"Yes indeed, I like to let other men enjoy her. She gets a shag, he gets a shag, and I enjoy watching the proceedings."

This intrigued me. "How does that work"

He took another sip from his pint. "It's like this. You buy a fancy new sports car, your pride and joy. Did you know that there are three ways of enjoying it"

I looked unconvinced.

"You can admire its looks sitting in your drive. You can enjoy driving it. And you can enjoy watching somebody else driving it. Wives are like that."

"Uh huh, so you want me to drive your wife"

"Precisely. Are you up for it"

"I think I'd like to meet Susan first."

"And you shall, she'll be here soon. Just tarting herself up, seeing as this is sharing night."

"And that's how you go about it, just asking guys in pubs"

"More or less, we don't really like the swinging and dogging scene. We started out just sitting in pubs and looking at and discussing men that she'd consider as partners and that used to lead to some wonderful sex between us. Then we finally approached one of the guys and she got it on with him and it was very satisfying for all concerned. Now, if we don't find an agreeable subject we just revert to discussing the possibles once we're in bed together."

"And you don't get any jealousy vibes from all this"

He smiled broadly. "Jealousy doesn't come into it. Not at our age. She loves me and isn't going to leave me for some other guy. So it's just all about enjoying ourselves."

"So it's, like, a threesome situation"

"Oh no, I don't participate. I just observe, suppose I'm a bit of a voyeur. But I often enjoy Susan after her lover has left. That way she gets a double dose of loving, which is why she looks forward to it so much."

"I don't know if I'm up for this, Jack. I'm no sexual sophisticate, just an ordinary student."

He grinned again. "Nonsense, you're just the kind Susan likes. Young, fit, decent looking. Don't fret it, just go with the flow. Don't think about the sex. We're a fun couple, we like a laugh. Just enjoy our company and we'll see what develops."

Having said that he bought me another pint which convinced me to hang around for at least a little while longer. Jack and I started talking about football and discovered that we both supported the same team which kept us occupied till a waft of perfume announced the arrival of Susan.

She stood behind Jack, much taller than I'd expected, dressed in a long black dress, and put her hands over his eyes. He reached behind and groped her bum.

"Hello, lover," she breathed, and she had an enchantingly husky voice.

Jack turned to kiss her, before introducing me, buying her a drink and ushering us all over to a table where we sat, drank and swapped jokes for a couple of hours. They were, as Jack had promised, great company with an earthy sense of humour which encouraged the filthiest jokes I could remember. Susan laughed loudly and showed remarkably white teeth. I hadn't thought much of her in the photograph, but in life she was very attractive. But, also as Jack had promised, there was nothing sexual in the evening's events. I kept waiting for her to slip a hand onto my thigh or make some other overt move, but she behaved impeccably, a married lady out for a drink with her husband and a friend. All my nerves drained away, so that when Jack invited me back to their place for another few drinks it seemed the most natural thing in the world.

We took a black hack to a semi on a housing estate and while Jack paid the cab, Susan ushered me into the living room, sat me on the couch and gave me a glass of red wine. Jack joined us shortly and slumped out into what was obviously his favourite armchair. His wife brought him a drink, stuck some music on the CD, lit some candles and dimmed the lights. Then she came and sat on the couch with me but at a respectable distance. With all that had gone before I couldn't believe that very soon I'd be nailing this woman.

For a little while Jack and I continued swapping jokes but Susan wasn't really paying attention and I missed her laugh. Eventually she stood up and started swaying to the music. She moved well and I could picture her body under her dress. She moved across the room and held out her hand to her husband.

"Dance with me, darling."

"That's not very hospitable, dance with our guest."

She nodded and sipped at her wine before moving slowly towards me. Her hand, with bright red fingernails, snaked out to me. "Please dance with me, Ray."

I put my glass down, jumped up and took her hand. I knew I was no dancer, but instinct told me I wasn't going to be judged on artistic content in this clinch. I was proved right when after a few passes Susan pulled me towards her and glued her body to mine. I peeked over her shoulder to Jack but he looked unperturbed as he sipped at his whisky.

We swayed gently together and Susan rubbed her tits and crotch against me. I wanted to grab her, my hands eager to bury themselves in her behind, but wasn't sure of the protocol. This was their game and I had to play by their rules, so I let my hands rest gently on her hips.

Jack got up to refill our glasses and I took the opportunity to squeeze Susan's arse. She took my wrist and returned my hand to her hip.

Having poured the drinks Jack announced that he was going for a pee.

The minute he was out of the room Susan lowered her mouth to me ear and whispered, "This has to be for him too. Don't do anything he can't see. That's his pleasure."

"Sorry, Susan," I whispered back, "but I don't know how to play this. It's very uncomfortable having him there watching."

"If he wasn't watching we wouldn't be doing this. Just act normally, as if you're trying to lay me. But don't forget that this is for him too. We have to put on a bit of an act."

"An act"

"Like a porn movie. You have to exaggerate things a little. Be a bit louder. I'll be keeping my stockings on, that kind of thing."

So I was performing in a porno movie with no camera but Jack's eyes, and he might be a voyeur, but I'd never been an exhibitionist.

"You lead," I whispered as Jack returned. He slumped back in his chair and Susan finally reached between us and started stroking my bulge.

"Oh, you're a big boy," she said quite loudly.

In the gloom of the candles Jack hadn't seen her hand moving down, but her words caught his attention and he straightened up a little to concentrate on the action. I gave him some more by reaching behind Susan's back and slowly pulling her dress up. The skin of her upper thighs and ass was incredibly smooth and I envied Jack the view he had of her rear as she moved round to let him look.

I wriggled one finger under her panties and began stroking the crease of her ass.

"Oh, you are a bad young man," she commented, and thrust her bottom back, while her fingers struggled with my zipper. I decided to help her and disentangled my finger from her underwear to unleash my straining cock. She grabbed it eagerly and swung me round so her husband could see her long fingers jerk at my throbbing penis.

I returned my own hands behind her, but this time to her neck, where the zip of her dress slid down much more smoothly than the one on my trousers. She shrugged and milky white shoulders appeared from beneath the black of her dress. A shake of her hips and the entire thing slipped down her body to lie crumpled on the floor.

Her body, encased in a black, half-cup bra, and black panties, was incredible, and the reason she was so tall was the six inch stiletto heels she was wearing.

"Oh dear," she cooed unconvincingly, "My dress seems to have fallen off. Turn the heating up, Jack, I don't want to get cold."

As Jack moved over to the gas fire she dropped to her knees and began licking eagerly at my knob end. She had a sharp little tongue and it darted tantalisingly over the entire head, but she waited till Jack had resumed her seat before she opened her mouth wide and took the head of my cock into its inviting warmth.

A string of saliva connected her mouth to my cock when she eventually pulled away.

"What a lovely tasting cock," she said, "It's quite spicy. Totally different to Jack's. Jack's tastes sweet." She turned her head to her man. "I've told you that, haven't I, Jack, that your cock tastes sweet"

He grunted in agreement and took another sip at his drink.

"Is your sweet cock getting hard, Jack, watching me sucking Ray's spicy cock"

"It'll get even harder when he sticks it into you and fucks you with it, you dirty slut."

He said it with such venom that I thought the mood had changed, but she only answered with another long lick of my shaft.

"Yes, I am a dirty slut wife, aren't I" Still on her knees she looked up at me and ordered me to undress. When I had she shuffled back over to the couch and sat on it with her legs splayed.

Her eyes sparkled as she asked, "Would you like to see my cunt"

I nodded desperately, but this game had to be played out properly.

"May your wife show her cunt to this young man, Jack"

"If he promises to fuck it," and Jack's voice was hoarse.

"Oh , Jack, you can't expect him to fuck it till he's licked it. He's got to be allowed to lick it, darling."

"Do you want him to lick your slutty old cunt"

"Ooh yes, and my bumhole too."

I was getting bored by this litany but it seemed to be over as pulled the crotch of her panties aside and beckoned to me.

"Lick it nice for slutty Susan," she ordered.

As I kneeled down she wrapped her slim thighs around my neck and pulled me in towards her.

"Can you see okay, Jack" she asked and I realised that I now had my back turned towards my host.

"I've got a great view of Ray's arse, but it doesn't do much for me."

"Sorry," she trilled and pushed me away from her just as I was beginning to enjoy the flavour of her snatch. She kept pushing till I was flat on my back on the carpet, when she proceeded to squat over my face.

Even through the shadows thrown by the candles I could see that she had perfectly formed, pink, pussy lips which she parted gracefully with the fingers of one hand before lowering her twat onto my questing tongue. I flicked at her little nub of a clit and she let out a little hoot of pleasure.

"Oh, thank God, he's an utter cunning linguist!"

"Talking to you in tongues, is he" I heard Jack ask.

"He's going to get me off, darling. Do you want me to, or do you want me to wait till he's shagging me"

"Spoil yourself, honey," he encouraged, "I'm sure you can manage two."

"Oh God," she squealed, "it might be more than two. He's good."

"Go for it, slutty wives need lots of cumming."

Given permission she grabbed my head with her hands and forced her pussy hard against my face. My pussy licking talents had nothing to do with it. She rocked on me, rubbing herself off against my face while I struggled to breathe.

She came with a jerk and several rapid shudders which crunched her pubic bone into my nose and nearly broke it. She was breathing heavily as she pulled the crotch of her panties back into place and stood up, leaving me with a face copiously smeared with my own saliva and her pussy juice.

"That was wonderful, Ray, are you ready for some fucking now"

My cock throbbed in reply.

"I'll just be a minute," she said and walked over to stand in front of Jack.

"Wifey wants strange cock," she said to him huskily.

"You're no wife of mine," he growled.

She took off her wedding ring and handed it to him. "Give me your blessing as I take another man's cock," she breathed.

He reached to her and slowly peeled the panties down her legs before kissing her on the pubes. "Go and be a slut," he ordered.

This bouncing between acceptance and seeming rejection of the little game they were playing was confusing but the blood pumping into my knob gave me no option but to continue with their charade.

Susan unhooked her bra, dropped it to the floor and walked over the couch with her fine titties bouncing healthily. She stretched out on the couch and swung her long legs open. She used two hands to pull open her pussy lips, still glistening from the licking they had just had.

"Store's open, cowboy."

I took the two short steps to the couch and plunged myself into her. Normally I'd have been gentler and taken my time penetrating her, but her invitation and those glistening lips told me that a sudden assault was what she wanted.

She let out a long groan as my cock thrust into her and unfolded her internally. Almost instantly I was in balls deep and lowered my body to cover her.

She pushed me upward, hissing, "Let him see."

So I took my weight on my arms and started a gentle fucking motion into her which seemed to please her. She bent her knees and started rocking her hips towards me in response.

"Do you like that Am I a good slut wife"

"Yes and yes."

She turned towards Jack. "How about you, honey, enjoying the fuck"

"Faster," Jack ordered.

Susan looked up at me and there may have been a tinge of disappointment in her eyes. "You heard the man."

So I increased my speed and started slamming into her. Almost instantly she gave up on matching me and threw her legs round my back. She bit her lips and her eyes squeezed tightly together oozed tears as she had a sequence of small but intense orgasms. I took my weight on one arm and gave her left tit a squeeze. I'd ignored her boobs all night and they were worthy of attention. My fingers squeezing her nipple started her off again but I couldn't sustain my weight on one arm and had to leave it. I pushed off her and easing back, moved her legs up to my shoulders. This would allow Jack plenty of visual pleasure.

"Fuck my slutty wife hole!" Susan barked.

I was doing my best but the alcohol I'd drank was delaying my response. I fucked her and fucked her and, normally, my cock would have been red raw by now, but Susan continued pouring out lubrication from her excited cunt which eased my passage.

Jack left his seat to shuffle over closer to us. "Fuck her pussy, Ray, fuck the slut's pussy," he muttered hoarsely.

"Oh, Jack," Susan breathed back at him, "Ray's fucking me so good. He's really opening me up for you later. You're going to have a great shag tonight because your friend Ray has really fucked your wife good."

And in that instant I exploded inside her and, ignoring Jack, collapsed on top of his wife.

We both lay there, bathed in sweat and Jack disappeared to the bathroom again.

"Poor dear," Susan said, "When he gets me into bed he'll be so turned on that he'll give me two thrusts and cum, but he says it's the best sex he's ever had."

This is an extract from the book, MILFS, Adventures in Married Women, by Raymond Conran, available from Amazon.