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Title: Arabian Day - Author: Anon

Published: Sep 15, 2004 - Contact:

I am living in a Middle Eastern city. One day I go shopping in the bazaar. I am dressed in a long, concealing dress, in deference to the local mores, but with nothing underneath, in deference to the heat. I enter a small antique shop, which I have never been to before. As I am browsing, I notice a curious pair of ornamented silver bracelets. What is curious about them is that they are connected by a silver chain. I also notice the proprietor. He is dark-haired and bearded, short but muscular. I find him very attractive.

"I notice Madam is admiring the slave manacles," he says.

"Slave manacles", I ask, but of course I knew what they were. That's why I couldn't keep my eyes off them. The proprietor seems unable to keep his eyes off me, especially off my large breasts, rising and falling noticeably under my dress. "Why are they so ornate, I ask, trying to make conversation, but becoming flustered.

"Why not" he asks. "The men of ancient times enjoyed ornamenting their beautiful slave girls. Perhaps Madam would like to try them on" he asks, and without waiting for my reply, snaps the manacles on my wrist. I gasp with surprise, feeling the metal snugly encircling my wrists, and the man's hands still on mine.

"They're...they're beautiful," I breathe, "but please take them off now."

"Of course," he says, and begins searching his pockets for a key. "It's here somewhere," he says, looking through his desk. Meanwhile I am becoming more excited, though I try not to show it. "The key must be in the back of the shop. Come with me," he says, and I follow.

Once we are in the back room of the shop, his manner changes. He pushes me against a wall and grabs my short blond hair in one hand, and kisses me hard. I try to struggle at first, but his kiss makes me weak in the knees. He senses my capitulation, and throws me down on a pile of Oriental carpets. "My beautiful blonde slave girl!" he cries, raising my dress until he can reach my full breasts. He grabs my breasts, pinching the erect pink nipples, then swirling his tongue around and around them until I moan. Then he bites them hard. I squeal with a mixture of pain and pleasure, and try to pull away.

"Trying to resist me, slave" he says. "I'll teach you a lesson!" He rolls me over quickly, lifting the back of my dress, and begins to spank my bare ass. He hits lightly at first, then harder and harder. I gasp, then cry out, squirming in his grasp, hating it and loving it at the same time. Just when I think I can't take any more, he stops. "Now you are ready for me!" he cries, rolling me back over.

He's right, I'm incredibly hot. My pussy is dripping, yearning to be penetrated. I've always fantasized being treated this way, and now it's happening. "Yes, take me, please," I cry. He pulls off his robe, and I stare at his stout dark cock, and his muscular body looming over me. He pulls my legs over his shoulders and enters me. I cry out at the incredible feeling. He fucks me hard and fast, and I am so excited that I come almost immediately. He smiles down at me, then begins a slow, rhythmic stroke with his cock. He leans over and kisses me deeply, and I open my mouth eagerly to his probing tongue. I realize that he is synchronizing the strokes of his cock in my cunt and his tongue in my mouth. I feel as if I am being double fucked, and I love it. I want to embrace him, but cannot with my hands still bound. Knowing that I am chained adds to my excitement. I begin panting and tossing my head from side to side. He speeds up his strokes, and we come together, I screaming and arching my back, he groaning and throwing back his head.

After a final kiss he withdraws, and I lie there in bliss. The proprietor then finds the key and releases me from the slave manacles, but only after I promise to shop at his store again. I'm looking forward to it!