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Title: Step Mom - Author: Anon

Published: Feb 14, 2006 - Contact:

My fascination with my step mother Debra all started a few months ago when I visited my Dad in Alabama he had been divorced from my mother for 11 years. Their marriage never worked from the start.

The first time I met Debra was a year ago she was a beautiful woman she was about 5 ft 9, quite slim she had blue eyes shoulder length hair and the most lovely pair of big cock sucking lips I had ever seen. Her tits were 36 C and her ass was firm and round her legs were nice and long she was perfect. The day I met her she kept slapping my ass and other revealing things like that I left at about eight o'clock she waved to me out of her bedroom window totally topless I new that the next time I saw her I would make my move here's what happened.

I pulled in the driveway of my father's 6-bedroom house his house not changing a bit. I had been told he was going to have a party tonight which I was kind of excited about not just about the amount of hot ladies that would be there but because my sexy step mother Debra would be there too. I knew she was my stepmother but I promised myself I had to make my move. I walked in and sat in the lounge "Do you want a drink" my Dad shouted.

"Yeah just give me a coke please Dad" I replied I had just took one sip of my drink when in walked Debra wearing a skimpy yellow bikini her nipples clearly visible through the weak material. Her pussy hairs were poking through her bikini bottoms "Have you got a drink" she said "Yeah" I replied as she sat back on the seat letting out a long gasp of air "I'm tired" " me too I replied as I fell asleep.

When I awoke it must have been about 9 o'clock because it was dark outside I could hear voices downstairs people laughing and joking mostly woman but the odd guy was about. I began to move myself listening to laughter as I made my way down the stairs.

I walked in the party room was what I called it I sat down on the sofa and could see my step mom and Dad serving drinks. Debra was wearing a dark blue dress which was short on the bottom revealing her long lovely legs and the top was short also which showed a lot of her cleavage. I wasn't interested in what my Dad was wearing.

I got up to get myself a drink and stood next to Debra she turned to face me red lipstick covered her face she was a bit drunk she began speaking "You have a good sleep," she said pushing her big tits out as she spoke "It was fine" I replied "Nice bed was it, nice and comfy that's not the best room in the house ill have to say my bedroom is the most comfortable it has a nice king size double bed oh I forgot you haven't seen my bed yet have you". As soon as she said that a tightening feeling came in my stomach and my balls it took me awhile to reply "No I haven't seen your bed yet Debra" Her face brightened up a bit she also hesitated a reply "Would you like to" she said "Sure" I said almost sounding desperate as she led me upstairs.

I stood behind her on the second floor her ass wiggling carelessly the back of her heels glowing red as the pressure of the pink carpet pushed on her high shoes. I saw a big brown door at the end of the hallway "Almost there" said Debra as we approached the door she turned to face me her cleavage glistening with sweat and her nipples poking through the material. "You first" she said as I entered the room it had dark red walls a big wardrobe in the corner and a king size double bed in the centre. "Sit down," said Debra she sat close to me almost inches away I could feel the warmth of her sweet body next to me. "So are you single then" "Unfortunately" I laughed softly she smiled and took my hand my belly did somersaults "I really love your father David" "I know" "But it does get lonely I have been looking for a man to fulfil my needs and I thought if anyone could do it you can" she put one leg on mine making me hard "I have wanted this too" I said I have wanted to touch you and fuck you since I met y-"

"Shh lets not waste anymore time" she whispered as she put her finger on my lip. She removed but replaced it with her big lovely red cock sucking lips her mouth tasted of alcohol and cigarettes. As she kissed me she put her hand on my chest pushing up my tight shirt a little to expose a hairy muscled stomach she pushed me down and licked my six pack swirling her tongue around it. As she did my hands found their way up her skirt removing her black lace thongs dropping them on the floor. She hitched her way up my body licking me as she did her thighs pressed against mine my hard cock now fully erect teased her hole feeling the warmth of her cunt nearly sent me over the edge.

"Oh put it in please!" she begged I granted her commanded and it slid in as if it had been lubed up. My cock pushed back and forth it was dripping with her juices her mouth open and moaning the bed creaking as I took her over the edge "I'm cummmmming" she screamed as we came together collapsed on the bed. "Until next time" she said to me as I left the room.