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This list of erotic stories includes the use of sexy pictures, images, nude illustrations, and in some cases, adult video clips to help enhance the story plot and arouse the reader.

Sex Story Compilation

  • Fourteen and More Maids A Milking - In 2008 I went to one of my first Clothed Female Nude Male (CFNM) parties... This Story was published on Jun 30, 2010 and was written by Thexxxee.
  • My Wife's 1970 Art Film - Extraordinary xxx sting results when film students and a professor conspire on how to most effectively use my wife... This Story was published on Apr 2, 2010 and was written by thexxxee.
  • A Legendary Fuck - er - She was told that a group of 14 male residents had banded together and were funding a private fuck show to be done at a local club... This Story was published on Aug 15, 2008 and was written by thexxxee.

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