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Title: Handjobs in School - My First Stroker Boy - Author: LadySassa07

Published: Oct 25, 2009 - Contact:

I have often been asked when my fascination for controlling cocks came into play.I would have to say it started back in high school.

One of my jobs the first year I was cheerleader in high school was collecting the towels in the boys locker room after they had football practice. Well this day I was a little late getting in the locker room and I was gathering the towels when I noticed I was not alone.

Jeff, one of the football players ,was in the shower room and the curtain was pulled to the side and I could see his arm moving. I slipped closer where I could see him better and he was jacking off.

I was so entranced by his jacking off I could not have taken my eyes away if I wanted to. I seen the animalistic look on his face. I could see the swollen angry cock head as it busted though his fist time and time again.I watched as he blew his load all over the slower.

I slipped out before Jeff noticed I was watching but I caught myself teasing him after practice everyday just trying to get him to jack off again so I could watch. Time and time again he was the last one in the locker room and I would sneak in and watch him jacking off.

One day it came over me that I wanted a closer look. I walked up to where Jeff was sitting and his eyes flew open.I sat down beside him and took his hand and put it back over his cock and then took mine and wrapped it around his and I just simply looked in his eyes and told him to stroke it for me.

Jeff looked right into my eyes as he stroked until he again had an orgasm. I would tell him when to start and stoke and then with my sultry southern voice almost in a moan would say slow down or stroke it fast. I would make him stroke with just his finger tips and then sometimes I would tie his hands and I would stroke him to the edge over and over again only stopping just before he could cum.

Jeff became my toy my personal stroker boy stroking solely for my enjoyment.

I was always amazed at how much stronger his orgasms where when I had teased and edged him over and over and when I did allow him to cum his eyes would roll in the back of his head and his body would shudder.

One Monday afternoon I had brought him to the edge and back over and over again. This time I stopped and asked him to go home and not touch his cock until we met the next day. I told him that if he did just what I said he could pick me up on Friday night only if he was a good boy.

The edging went on all week.I lead him to the edge over and over again until his body trembled for release. I would sit across from him and make him watch as my hands went into my panties and I brought myself to an orgasm only to deny him his.

Friday night Jeff picked me up and we drove out to the lake. I slipped my hand under my skirt and into my panties and got my fingers nice and wet then I reached over and I slipped them into his mouth.

Jeff's cock was raging hard bigger than I had ever seen it veins popping out all over. I teased and teased him for hours.Then I asked him if he wanted to cum of course he screamed yes I am a woman of my word. I grabbed his cock my long red nails slipping around his shaft. I looked in his eyes and asked him who's cock it was...he looked at me and said yours....I stroked a little faster and looked at him and asked .....Who's cummie is this He looked me right into my eyes and said yours....I stroked a little faster.

Jeff had sweat beading up on his forehead and then I said are you ready to cum for me my pet and Jeff moaned yessssss.....Then I brought him right to the edge and then the minute that release shudder though his body I reached down and squeezed his balls as hard as I could and just ruined that orgasm...I did not promise him that he would enjoy it LOL

I did not think Jeff would want to play my games with me any more and I giggled after I got home at how his eyes flew open when I took the pleasure from his release. Monday morning I walked into the locker room to collect the towels and there he sat looking at me and said your cock ....your balls.....your orgasm....