The Surrender Project - Chapter 1

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Quote: "His musky scent was all around her now and all of a sudden she needed to be fucked"

The Story...

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This edition published 2012

Copyright Ana Adair 2012 -

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This chapter is a work of fiction. The characters and situations in this story are imaginary. No resemblance is intended between these characters and any real persons, either living or dead.

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This chapter was written for fantasy purposes only.


It wasn't the most exciting night. Miri had decided to go for a few drinks at the dive bar down the street, but nothing was happening and nobody she knew was there. She ended up just sitting at the bar with her beer, pretending to text somebody. She didn't know how to be comfortable in a bar, alone. Kicking herself for thinking that coming to a bar by herself would be some great adventure, her plan was to finish her beer and go home.

As she was taking her final sip, a large ex-jock looking guy approached her. That big build, wide-neck type of guy who didn't go pro in college. Guys like that always moved on to something like sales or some type of finance job where they could make good money and continue their jock/fraternity lifestyle. These guys were usually quite good looking but almost always a disappointment in bed. Miri knew this form experience. She had no time for a guy like this, but she didn't know how to be mean, so she tried to pay and get out of there before he got to her.

"Hey. How's it going Can I buy you a drink" Too late. He came up to her left side at the bar and leaned in, giving her smile that was half arrogance and half lust. She was a little annoyed, but she braced herself for getting out of this without it being too awkward and without being too much of a bitch.

"Oh, hi. Uh, that's okay. My friends are at another bar and I have to go meet them. I was mixed up on the plans for the night. Sorry." She waved her phone as she spoke as evidence.

"Oh come on. One beer. Your friends can wait. Just let me buy you a beer and then I'll let you go." There was a glint in his eyes when he said this last line that made Miri pause. There was...something. He knew. He knew how to handle her. She sensed it. He wasn't your average dumb ex-jock, salesman. He might actually be good in bed. There was starting to be something very sexy about him and his cockiness. Perhaps this could make for a better night, after all.

"Okay. One beer, then I must go meet my friends." Miri sat back on her stool and relaxed while the man ordered two beers.

"I'm Jim." He put his hand out for an introductory shake and Miri kind of laughed at the cheesy formalness. It was endearing.

"Miri." She took his hand and squeezed as hard as she could to show him that she was not weak and that he would need to use some effort with her.

"Miri. That's not one I've heard before." He paid for the beers and then grabbed his mug taking a drink while eyeing her. He appreciated her dark hair. That was his preference. He also couldn't help but notice her athletic frame.

"It's short for Miriam, but I always found that too formal." She nervously turned her glass around on its coaster. She didn't want to look at his eyes just now because they were really turning her on and she had to make sure that she didn't give too much of herself to this guy. This was just going to be a fun one-night stand and nothing more.

Jim wouldn't break eye contact. He smiled at the fact that she was being shy. He could tell that she wanted him, but he also knew that she wasn't your average easy lay. She was up for more. She was up for being controlled. She was up for intensity, but she also needed to be finessed. She needed to be seduced. No problem, he knew how to seduce a girl and he felt particularly lucky because, if he was right, he didn't get a chance to hit on girls like this every night.

He felt himself getting hard thinking of her in his cuffs. He knew that he wouldn't have to groom her into it; she would be into it right away. He didn't quite know how he knew this, maybe it was that lustful look she had in her green eyes, or maybe it was some subconscious body language she was giving off, but he wasn't going to hesitate bringing out his bondage gear with this one. He took another drink without taking his focus off her. She was definitely going to be his tonight.

"What do you do, Miri" He took a drink and made eye contact with her.

"I own my own resale business but that's boring and you don't really care anyway." She was feeling bolder now and she felt like playing. "How do you like sales, Jim Car dealership or some sort of real estate" She wanted to let him know just how transparent he was.

"I'm an attorney, actually." He sounded a little annoyed but also a little amused. "If you want to keep being smug, I guess you could say that I sell souls." He looked down at her legs, appreciating the shape that could be seen through her jeans.

"Just so you know, up front, mine is not up for sale." Miri smiled playfully at him. "My soul, that is." The second beer was making her feel a bit tipsy and she was starting to appreciate his ruffled sandy blond hair. It framed his face quite well, and those eyes. The darkness of the brown made them even more intense.

"Everything is for sale, Miri. Everything. The only thing that changes is the currency." He was getting hard. He really couldn't wait to pull her hair. It looked like silk in the bar lights. Her particular dark shade of brown was his favorite. Especially when it wasn't over processed looking. Natural hair was the best to pull.

"Well, somebody sounds jaded." Miri laughed as she pushed his shoulder a little bit. This was a sure sign of flirting but also a way to determine what his shape was like. His shoulder felt solid to her. She could feel herself getting wet. She downed the rest of her beer. Here was the test. How was he going to get her to stay after she finished her beer Now she would find out if he had real seduction skills.

Jim loved the feeling of Miri's hand pushing against his shoulder. She wouldn't be using her hands much tonight, though. He couldn't wait to get her out of her clothes.

"Not jaded, just a realist." He waved over the bartender. "I think you want another beer, Miri." He looked at her with a look of confidence that told Miri that she would not be sorry if she stayed. She wasn't going to be that easy, though.

"I actually have to go. I do appreciate the beer and the conversation, but my friends are waiting for me." She put her cell phone in her purse and started to dismount the bar stool but stopped when Jim grabbed her upper arm lightly but firmly.

"Come on, Miri. You don't want to go. Stay. Have another beer. We only just started getting to know each other."

"Really, Jim. I have to go. I appreciate your insistence and I'm flattered, but I have other people to delight with my presence." Miri gently pulled her arm out of his hand and stood from the bar stool while arranging her purse. She was disappointed that he wasn't more creative in trying to stop her. Maybe he wasn't what she thought.

"I like the hard-to-get game sometimes, Miri, but right now I am going to be honest. I don't want to miss this chance, because I feel that if we don't stay in each other's company, we might miss out on something quite memorable" He was standing now. "Let's forget the beer and walk out to the parking lot together. I want to kiss you Miri and if, after we kiss, you still want to leave, then I won't put up anymore resistance."

"What Sorry, what" Miri was shocked at his forwardness. She wasn't offended and it turned her on even more, but she couldn't show that right away. "You just met me!" She looked at him in feigned shock.

"Yeah, and I like you. Go ahead Miri. Walk to your car and I'll follow. I want you to kiss me before you go. I can tell that you're not completely against the idea. Stop playing games and just go with it. If you don't like the kiss, tell me and I won't bother you anymore. If you like it as much as I think you will, then I'll put you in my car and take you to my place. Let's be honest, neither one of us are interested in staying at the bar."

Miri stared at him in astonishment and arousal. She had never gotten such a direct invitation to sex from somebody this sober before. She snapped out of it and hoped that her arousal had not shown on her face. Shaking her head to cover for any excitement she might have shown.

"Really Jim, thank you, but I have to go. Maybe we'll see each other again when I don't already have plans." She turned around and started walking towards the door with purpose. Inside she had butterflies and hoped that he would keep pursuing her. This was her game and it was probably a little tired, but when it worked, it was exciting and she couldn't help but try.

Miri pushed the bar door open and stepped out into the parking lot. She started to turn around to say goodbye as she felt him behind her. Jim grabbed her and pushed her against the outside wall of the bar. He used her shock to hold her head and kissed her hard. She was, at first, so shocked that she pushed him away, weakly, but still tried to push him away. His strong presence was too intoxicating and she melted into him, kissing him back. Miri's scent of vanilla rose around Jim and immediately Jim pulled a handful of her silky hair to move her head back so that he could kiss her neck. It was the cliché stolen kiss against the wall, but that didn't make it any less exciting.

"Let's go, Miri." Jim breathed into her ear as he pulled her hair a little harder and chewed on her neck. Miri gasped. She loved the sound of him saying her name.

They heard some people approaching the exit from the other side and Jim straightened himself but kept his arms against the wall so that she was still pinned against it. Miri looked up at him and just nodded her head with that look of being thoroughly seduced on her face. Jim smiled and backed away so that she could move forward. He then took a hold of her waist and guided her to his car.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While Jim and Miri were lost in their world, somebody else was watching this whole scene with great interest. As they got into Jim's car, Selma grabbed her phone and typed in the license plate number. If she lost him, she wanted to make sure she could catch up with them later. She sneered at the car as it drove past her and put her car into drive. She was very disappointed in Miri. It had only been a few days since Miri had ended her last fling and Selma was hoping to put her plan into place before another one came in the picture.

Miri was quite the little slut. Over the year that Selma had been watching her, she observed that Miri couldn't go more than a week without having a one-night stand or a fling. It annoyed Selma and made her feel jealous rage, but she knew that she would use Miri's possible sex addiction to her advantage. She had to keep her jealousy at bay. Miri would be under her control soon and she would have all of that slutty energy for herself.

She was starting to think that it was time to make her first move. She had been watching Miri for over a year and she knew this woman more than Miri knew herself. Selma was sure of that. Miri seemed like a lost soul who was guided by her clit. Selma wanted to step in and be Miri's guide. She had been working out a whole program for Miri. If this turned out as it should, Miri would deliver herself to Selma on her own and no laws would be outright broken.

She had been studying Miri for so long that she was pretty sure she knew enough about her psychologically that she could condition that girl to do anything. Lucky for Miri, all Selma wanted was a bondage pet. The way Selma saw it, Miri was lucky that she came along because if somebody else had noticed how easy it would be to ensnare her, she might have ended up in a much more dangerous and painful situation. Miri was lucky that Selma was looking out for her, even if it was for depraved reasons.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miri couldn't believe what she was doing. She went through this every time she had a one-night stand. So why did she keep having them She sat in the passenger seat of a stranger's car while he drove them to his house. Nobody knew where she was. Nobody even knew she went out tonight. What the fuck was wrong with her She couldn't figure out why she did crazy shit like this. Did she have a death wish

Jim moved his hand over to grab her thigh from the inside. He squeezed her leg as his arm rubbed against the crotch of her jeans. Miri took in a short breath and sucked in her stomach. She thought of stopping him but she was so turned on. His hand moved from her thigh to her shirt and he roughly pulled it up to her shoulders, over her breasts, so that he could grab her bra and pull the cup material down to make her breasts spill out. He then lightly rubbed over her nipples as she leaned her head back against the car seat and closed her eyes. He did this all as he kept his eyes on the road with an arrogant smirk. This somehow made Miri feel even hotter. She felt overpowered by her clit. This was why she did these things. This feeling. It was better than heroin, or so she assumed.

Jim roughly squeezed her left breast before bringing his hand up to Miri's neck and lightly squeezing. The moan that came from Miri's throat told him everything he needed to know. He left her shirt up and returned his hand to the steering wheel. Miri recovered her breath and lifted her head. After the cloud of arousal lifted, she was embarrassed and felt way too exposed. She went to pull her shirt back down when, out of nowhere, Jim grabbed her wrist. Miri looked over and saw him smile.

"What are you doing"

"I like you better that way. Don't fix it." He said it with such control and gave her a look that filled her with pure lust. She felt dizzy and brought her hands down to her side, then tightly closed her eyes. All she wanted to do was fix her shirt but she was too turned on to do anything but sit there, waiting to see what he would do next.

When they arrived at Jim's house, Jim drove his car into the garage and as the garage door was going down; he turned the engine off and practically jumped over to Miri's side of the car, pulling her head back by her hair. A low moan vibrated out of his throat as he kissed her hard and manipulated her breasts. Miri collapsed against the car door behind her with a dizzying lust. She put her arms around his back, which was surprisingly muscular. Jim dragged his attention away from her breasts and grabbed her arms so that he could draw them behind her back. He held her wrists together with one hand while his other hand went back to her breasts. Miri let out a small, breathless moan.

Jim let her go and opened his door. He got out in record speed and raced to her side to open the door. Before she could finish stepping out of the car, he pulled her out the rest of the way and did a fireman's carry with her through the garage door into his house. Miri lost her breath at the abruptness of this. She was pushing against him as it was uncomfortable on her hipbones and it was making her dizzy. There was definitely a feeling of irritation at this and as soon as he dropped her on his couch, she scrambled to stand up. He was already draped over her, forcing her back as he straddled her. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her onto the back of the couch.

Miri closed her eyes and let her head fall back. She lost her agitation from the fireman's carry at the forceful way he brought her arms up and the lustful way he was looking at her. His musky scent was all around her now and all of a sudden, she needed to be fucked. She looked up at him with blazing eyes. He started to unbutton her jeans with one hand while still holding her arms over her head with the other. Miri instinctually tried to move her arms so that she could help him. He held firm, sliding his hand down to her panties with his other hand and eased two fingers into her very wet lips. Miri gasped at the pleasure of it.

"You are so wet, so unbelievably wet." Jim half moaned as he kissed her neck. He pulled his hand out of her and wiped his fingers across Miri's lips. Then he tried some for himself, enjoying the tangy taste. Miri watched him lick her juices off his fingers as she slowly licked her lips. He stood her up and turned her back to him so that he could put his arms around her and play with her breasts. She rested her head against his shoulder as she moaned from the stimulation.

"Take off your clothes, Miri. Slowly." Jim let go and Miri turned around to face him. He stood there watching her, he didn't want to sit down, he wanted to stand there and remain a strong presence. Miri didn't hesitate. Jim liked that. He was definitely right about her. He smiled as she slowly pulled her shirt the rest of the way over her head and threw it on the couch. She next went for the clasp on her bra but Jim put up his hand to stop her.

"Leave that. I like the look of your bra pulled down from your breasts. It looks slutty. Keep that for now." Miri looked down at her breasts and looked up with a shy smile. God, she was so turned on right now. She kicked off her wedge heals and then pulled her already undone jeans down her legs and kicked those to the couch, as well. She stood there in black, lacy knee-high stockings, black lacy boy shorts, and her c-cup breasts spilling out above her black bra. Jim felt incredibly lucky that he had showed up at the bar when he did. She was much more stunning than he had realized. Her breasts were a perfect handful and her body was nicely shaped but not as muscular as he thought it would be from her shape. There was some softness that really worked on her body. She rolled her stockings off and then went for her boy shorts before Jim stopped her.

"You look perfect like this. I thought I wanted you naked, but...this...this is good." He walked over to her and smoothed his hands over the top of her head to pull her hair back. He held her head firmly like that and bent down to kiss her hard. Miri reveled in the kiss and twisted her tongue around his. She grabbed around his waist and pulled him closer to her. He let go of her head and brought her arms from his waist to bring them around her back again. She moaned in mock protest but he knew that it made her more wet. He loved that.

Turning her around and letting go of her hands, he kissed the back of her neck while mauling her breasts again. His kisses turned to bites and he twisted her nipples to a point of slight pain. Miri whined and brought her arms up to try to stop him but he slapped them away. He began to walk towards his bedroom, which made her walk, too, when she felt him pushing forward against her.

"Where are we going" Miri half whispered as they walked through the hallway.

"Where you belong." He pinched her nipples as he said this and she moaned. She was a little taken aback at that, but went with it because it made her fucking hot. They reached his bedroom and went towards the bed. He stopped then and had her sit on the side of the bed while he went to his dresser.

Pulling out a web of leather, Jim threw it on the bed while giving her a predatory look. She watched the web fall onto the bed and instantly knew that this was going exactly where she wanted it to go. She looked up at Jim and smiled.

"I won't make it easy for you." She brought her legs up to her chest and waited for his reaction. Jim didn't even hesitate; he pushed her chest down while holding her legs the other way, turned her around, and brought her arms behind her. He held her arms with one hand while he grabbed a roll of bondage tape among the leather webbing with the other.

Miri jerked around trying to get away from him. She was frustrated that he was so strong; she didn't have much recourse. She kicked and lifted her head to scream obscenities at him. Her competitive streak took over and she tried some of the wrestling moves that an ex boyfriend had taught her. His firm grip remained. She was a little hard to control when he was putting the bondage tape around her elbows, but he got the job done. Her elbows weren't touching, but if he decided to keep seeing her, he would fix that. She just needed practice.

After her elbows were bound, he let go to let her deal with that and wrapped some bondage tape around her knees. This was trickier as she was a kicker, but he was able to dodge the kicks pretty well. As soon as she was secured enough, he put his focus back on the leather web and began to untangle all the parts. He loved how much she fought. It made it more fulfilling somehow.

Miri's forearms were flailing around trying to figure out how much freedom she had with her elbows and knees bound together. She discovered that it wasn't much. She sat herself up on the bed as best she could without her elbows and her knees. Her dark, wavy hair was a mess, in the sexiest way. A few strands were hanging in front of her eyes and she blew them back in exasperation. She didn't want to say anything. She was embarrassed at how easy that seemed to be for him. She refused to look over at him but she knew that he was getting more restraints ready and it made her so incredibly wet. She squeezed her thighs together.

She wasn't going to give up that easily, though. She tried to use what freedom she had with her arms to undo her knees. All Jim had to do when he noticed this was to push on her back.

"Calm down. I'm going to make it easier for you to give up now." He turned her around again and secured a leather restraint to each wrist. It was a little easier than her elbows because she didn't have much wiggle room this time. Once the restraints were locked onto her wrists (he knew she would try to unbuckle them if he didn't lock them) he then used a padlock to secure them together. Miri just lost the complete use of her arms. He did the same procedure on her ankles and then held up the gag. Miri looked back and immediately shook her head. It was huge. It was the biggest ball she had ever seen. She was scared and yelled out her disapproval. Jim loved the wide-eyed fear she was showing on her face every time she looked back at it.

"No way, that is way too big for my mouth."

"It's important to try new things, Miri." He slapped her ass, hard and when she yelled out, he grabbed her open jaw and forced the ball in her mouth. It popped in with a squeal from Miri and Jim smugly buckled the strap tightly behind her head. He liked a gag so tight that a woman's cheek bulged over the strap. She looked perfect. This was exactly how Jim liked to see a woman, completely helpless. Now he had to fill her other two holes.

Miri screamed through her gag. She couldn't believe how tight her jaw felt. She was starting to get worried that this guy might hurt her. She turned around and saw him with rummaging through his drawer again. Why was she so reckless with her safety like this Who knows what this guy is capable of She sure didn't.

She grunted in frustration at herself. At the same time, all of these feelings were swirling around her; she was more turned on than she had been in months. Miri looked behind her again to see Jim still rummaging and she let herself enjoy the bondage for a minute. She didn't want him to know but she couldn't help but let out a tiny little moan in lust. Closing her eyes, she squeezed her legs together. She was no stranger to bondage, but this was the most elaborate and helpless bondage that anybody had tried with her. She grabbed the lock on the leather cuff and then tried to pull her wrists apart to remind herself of how helpless she was. She looked up in shock as she felt her panties ripped away from her hips and a finger stabbing through her cunt lips. A confused and startled moan followed. Jim smiled.

"You are one horny little bondage slut, aren't you" Miri struggled at the humiliation while moaning in protest. Jim added a second finger and closed his eyes as he felt the silky walls of her cunt.

"Don't worry, Miri. I'll make sure you get off. This pussy is too good to not feel pleasure." He felt her pussy walls convulse and smiled. Slapping her ass with his other hand, he pulled out of her pussy and grabbed the lube. Squirting the lube on his pussy-juice covered hand, he then tried her asshole. Miri's head shot up and let out a very horrified moan.

"Shhhhh. It's okay. I am using the smallest butt plug I have." Miri shook her head and moaned out trying her best to change his mind without being able to speak. She had only had anal sex once and it was painful. Her moans took on a desperate squeal.

"MMMMMMMMMM. MMMMMHHHHHNNNNGGGG!!" Miri yelled out as she felt his finger enter her rosebud. She could feel the cold wetness of the lube and she did not like it. Before she had any time to get used to this treatment he took his finger out and shoved a modest sized butt plug up her ass without giving her a chance to tighten. He had it up to the hilt and the belled bottom got through so that her ass could wrap around the taper at the end. The plug was safely in its home and it wasn't going anywhere. Miri moaned in surprise, pain, and a little bit of arousal as she hit her head against the comforter repeatedly.

He could barely contain himself while he took off his pants. He didn't even bother with his shirt. He was so hard and Miri was so conflicted and turned on. He couldn't take it anymore. He felt the wetness at her lips and knew she was wet enough for him to just ram it in, but he decided to tease her a bit. He began to play with her clit and lips, receiving a satisfying pleasurable groan from Miri. All thoughts of the humiliation and pain that the butt plug caused were erased.

He played with her for a few minutes until she was moving her hips restlessly. After he got her more turned on than she had already been, he suddenly lifted her hips so that she was now on her knees with her head resting on the bed and her bound arms going up her back. She was ready. She wanted him to just take her. She hated being teased like this. She just wanted to be fucked at this point. She groaned in frustration and wiggled her hips to entice him.

Jim smiled and placed his hard cock at Miri's entrance, but stopped there. He pushed it forward just slightly so that she could feel the head at her lips and she immediately pushed back. He grabbed her hips to stop her from fucking herself on his cock. He was in control and wanted her to know that. Miri moaned again in frustration and kept trying to push back but he had her hips locked in place with his hands. He pushed forward a little bit more and now his head was about half an inch inside her lips. Miri screamed in sexual frustration through her gag. She was trying with all her might to hump back on his cock and she couldn't move an inch while he held her hips still.

This was so delicious to Jim. He wanted to savor it forever. He pushed forward just a little more. He really just wanted to ram the hell out of her but he knew that the more patience he had, the longer and better this would be. He also loved to see a bound and helpless woman sexually frustrated and kept on the edge. Pushing forward another half inch, he was rewarded with another frustrated moan. His cock twitched. He was losing patience. He had to pace himself. He pulled out and slapped Miri on her ass hard. Miri moaned in confusion and surprise at this and she tried to turn her head back from her position to see what he was doing. The frustration was pure agony. She couldn't take it anymore. She wanted out of her bondage so that she could mount him like a wild animal.

Jim got a paddle and readied himself for what was sure to be a lot of resistance from Miri. He let the first strike come down hard on her ass and he held her as she bucked in shock and pain. He smirked as he reveled in his power over her. The paddle came down again and again and it became quite painful for Miri. It started to be too much and she felt tears stinging her eyes. This was wild. She couldn't concentrate on anything but the pain, yet there was something very arousing about the whole thing. It was overwhelming and confusing to her.

He couldn't hold it any longer. He threw the paddle down and entered his hard cock deep into Miri. She screamed in pleasure at finally being filled. She could now feel that the paddling had brought so much more wetness than she had ever felt dripping down on her thighs. She now felt nothing but primal sensations. Jim was drilling her and it was flooding her with heat.

He cupped her neck from behind and pushed on it, not hard enough to do any damage, but just enough so that she felt a delicious pressure on her neck. She was moaning and babbling through her gag. There were so many sensations and she had no control over any of it.

Jim leaned forward putting one arm around her waist and moving the other from her neck to her breasts. He grabbed and smashed at Miri's breasts while he pumped her faster and deeper. She couldn't hold on any longer. The mashing of her breasts was the final straw, an orgasm overtook her, and she saw flashes of light as her head went back and she moaned incomprehensible sounds through her gag. This was too much for Jim, as well; he thrust forward a few more times as she came and then pulled out just in time to come on her back. He tightened up and let out an animalistic groan in pleasure; letting his sperm erupt all over her back.

Miri was starting to come down from her orgasm and a little wave went through her as she felt his cum on her back. "Oh fuck." She moaned through her gag as she got her breath back. Jim smiled and let out a relieved post coital moan. He looked down at the cum all over her and couldn't resist rubbing it into her skin as if it were lotion. Miri just moaned and let him do it without any objections. He loved that. He continued to rub it into her skin and reveled in the fact that he was going to make her keep it on all night.

He repositioned her so that she was lying in bed, on her back, facing the right way. He then lounged next to her, pulling her closer while she was still recovering. He lazily began to run his fingers along her stomach and breasts until he grasped her left breast lightly and pinched the nipple. She looked up at the ceiling closing her eyes in arousal, still awash in pleasure from her orgasm. She laid there for a few minutes as he rubbed all over her body, moving her arms a little bit behind her to make them more comfortable. As she came back down to earth, she was looking forward to getting out of the bondage and making him go for round two, with her riding him from the top this time.

"Mmmmhhhhhhgggghh" Miri moaned to Jim moving her head in hopes that it indicated that she wanted the gag off. Jim smiled down at her and shook his head. He wasn't ready to let her out of any of her bondage yet. He was enjoying it too much.

"Not yet. I like this too much." He put his arms around her and pulled her close as he kissed the side of her neck. Miri had to admit that it felt good to be held like that while still in bondage. She rolled her eyes back and tilted her head to give Jim more room to kiss her neck. She was in heaven and she would deal with the part of her that felt shame from acting so slutty later.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miri unlocked her front door juggling her purse and a coffee she picked up on the way home before walking into her house. Jim hadn't let her out of her bondage until the morning and she couldn't believe how wet and aroused she had stayed all night. She barely got any sleep and wished so badly that she could have masturbated herself while Jim was sleeping. He had only fucked her one more time before drifting off and she could have gone a few more times after that.

She couldn't remember when she had been so turned on. The whole night was blissful. She could have stayed there in Jim's bondage, being fucked all day. She sighed and threw her purse on the couch as she walked to her office. She would take a shower after checking to see if she had any orders for her resale business. Then she would have to deal with the shame that always came after a night with a stranger. She could feel it there, but she kept pushing it back in her mind. It would be showing itself soon, though, when the afterglow wore off. It might be time to think about therapy.

Turning on her computer, she set her coffee down and took her jacket off. As she sat down, she heard a few messages coming in on her email. The sound usually meant work for her so she prepared herself for a busy day. When her email came up, Miri saw a long list of emails from the same account. That was quite curious, so she opened the first one. Right away, an image showed up that was embedded in the email. Miri let out a small breath at the details.

It was a professionally done photo of a woman in a latex suit with a metal collar and metal shackles. The photo was taken from the side and you could see her arms pulled up in a reverse prayer behind her with her wrists attached to her biceps. They were held together with latex straps. A latex mask covered her head, which only had holes for the eyes, nose, and the mouth. Her eyes were closed and her head was back and it looked like she was either in pain or aroused.

Miri sat back and let out a sigh. She had never received such an interesting photo from spam before. That's what this had to be, though right She went to the next email. This time, it was a photo of a woman who had chains crisscrossing all around her that had been brought together with padlocks. There didn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it, maybe just to make sure she had chains locked to every part of her body. Her wrists were shackled to her chain collar and her hands were covered with what looked like little leather mitts. She had chains going around her mouth like a gag but Miri didn't see how that would have kept sound in very well.

There was another person in the photo. All you could see was a female leg in a black leather high-heeled boot and a riding crop next to it, but the chained girl was looking up with a look of arousal and a subtle look of fear. She looked like the embodiment of helplessness and Miri felt herself getting wet.

Miri quickly went to the next email. Sure enough, the third email kept with the same theme. This one had a woman in a hogtie with elaborate rope work all around her body. She had a panel gag on and her head was being held up with rope around her ponytail that was then attached to her bound ankles. Her arms had rope wrapped around them from the shoulders down to her wrists and her wrists were tightly tied to her ankles, as well. Her eyes had a look of ecstasy on them. Miri squeezed her legs together again.

Now she was starting to wonder if Jim somehow got her email from her purse. This had to be him, unless it was an unfamiliar email from some of her past lovers, but none of them had been this elaborate with their use of bondage. Jim had used the most extreme bondage she had ever experienced. It must be him. The pics were too elaborate and well done to be spam.

The fourth photo had a beautiful black haired girl with ivory white skin looking up at the camera mischievously while she licked a high-heeled boot. The girl had her arms behind her in a thick leather sleeve with all kinds of buckles and locks. Her feet were free but they were in leather boots that had the highest heel that Miri had ever seen. She also wore a leather collar with a chain leading out of the picture. One was to assume that the owner of the boot was holding the other end.

Miri was soaking wet by now but was getting a little nervous about who this could be. She went to the next email and this time there was text.

Did you enjoy the photos Miri I know you did. I'm here on BDSMchat when you're ready.

Miri pushed her chair back in surprise. She stood up and looked around. Her legs were shaky. She had a feeling it was somebody who knew her, but to see those words was shocking and scary. She looked around and realized how silly she must look. She slowly sat back down and went back to her email. No way was she going on her BDSMchat account now. This was crazy; however, she couldn't stop herself from looking at the rest of the emails. She clicked on the next one.

You sure are taking a long time to get home, Miri. What are you doing Are you being a bad girl Don't forget about BDSMchat, Miri.

Okay, this could still be Jim just fucking with her. Maybe she should go up on chat to see. Just so she could relax. She looked at the time and date of the emails and realized that they had been sent while she had been with Jim this morning. She was feeling nauseous and uneasy but she was also trying to calm herself because she knew she had a tendency to be dramatic.

Miri went to the next email. It was another image. This one had latex hands coming down towards a figure in some type of latex blanket that had been vacuumed around her. One of the latex hands was holding an Hitachi vibrator to the pussy area of the victim in the vacuum seal. It looked like the girl in the vac-bed was constrained as tightly as possible and probably jutting her hips out as much as possible to obtain pleasure from the vibrator. That might have been projecting on Miri's part, but it really seemed that way. This photo had text under it.

Are you imagining this is you right now

Miri just sat there staring. What was going on with her right now She was almost as aroused as she had been last night with Jim and she couldn't fathom why. This was creepy and probably harassment, so why didn't it bother her like somebody harassing her should Was it because of the bondage Miri couldn't think. She shook her head and went to the last email.

I hope that you are picturing yourself in my chains, Miri. Flings like last night will be a distant memory. Your life will become concentrating on the pleasure of being my bondage pet and nothing else. I'm going to be the best thing that ever happened to you, Miri. I'll see you soon.

"What the fuck" Miri shouted out to nobody in particular. Miri realized that she should probably call the cops, but she had to know more, for some reason. Maybe it was that unnerving feeling of arousal that she was trying to ignore. She wasn't about to let this escalate to anything serious, but she needed to know where this was all coming from; who this was coming from.

Miri went to the BDSMchat room with shaky hands where she was already a member as boundandcurious and saw several messages dinging from user ImminentChains asking where she was. Almost instantly, a chat box opened up.

ImminentChains: Hello Miriam.

boundandcurious: Do I know you

ImminentChains: That doesn't matter right now.

boundandcurious: It kind of does. You have sent me some harassing emails.

ImminentChains: Harassing Were they harassing emails, Miri Did you feel harassed Or...did you feel aroused

boundandcurious: I felt creeped out. Tell me who you are or don't contact me anymore.

ImminentChains: Oooh, that's a very strong stance you're taking there. Please tell me what you'll do if I don't stop.

boundandcurious: I'll have no choice but to go to the police. You can't send things like that to people. It feels vaguely threatening.

ImminentChains: Threatening I suppose it is. And I don't believe that you will call the cops, Miri. You can, if you want to, but I know you won't. The police can't help you, anyway. Nobody can. I'm sure you have noticed my name, have you not

boundandcurious: What about it

ImminentChains: That name was made for you, Miri. You will be in my chains soon. You will be mine. And the best part is You will be aching to do it. You can fight it now, if you want, but it is already happening.

boundandcurious: What I don't even know who you are! What makes you say these things Who the hell are you

ImminentChains: I know who you are, Miri. That's the only detail that needs to be divulged. You have no idea who I am. And you never will. You will only know me as your owner. Miri, I want you to do something for me tonight.

boundandcurious: You want me to do something for you How can I when I don't even know you I'm not doing a fucking thing for you. I'm done with this game. Stop contacting me. The police will deal with any further communication from you.

ImminentChains: You're cute when you think you're being threatening. Tonight, I want you to masturbate while thinking of the life that awaits you, with me. Use the pictures I sent you as inspiration. There will be bondage and control. I will take care of everything you need while you are helplessly serving as my bondage pet. I will take very good care of you. Think of me, Miri.

Miri backed away from her computer and pulled the plug from the wall. She sat there breathless at the audacity of this woman. She was also annoyed with her self for feeling more arousal than anger. She refused to give her arousal any more acknowledgement as she shook her head and got up from her chair.

Storming out of her office while tearing her clothes off in a rage on her way to the bathroom, Miri pummeled her way into the shower and blasted the water as cold as it would go. She screwed her face up trying to force everything that had just happened out of her head. She felt like she was ready to burst. She stomped her feet trying to get the arousal to go away. The cold water became too much and she turned it to warm. She stood there, staring off into space letting the water wash over her and then in a fit of frustration and confusion she began to masturbate. Everything she was feeling came to her in the fantasy of being in Jim's bondage again being fucked hard. She didn't know where this was coming from but it felt good and she came quickly.

After her orgasm, she collapsed to the floor of the shower and stared into space feeling as if she was outside of her body. She just sat there letting the water fall on her as she hugged her knees. Her sexuality was starting to control her and somehow this Imminent person knew it. It had to be Jim, but how could it He was with her all night and this morning. Was it a friend of his Maybe it was a past lover. God knows there were plenty.

She shook her head to clear it and got herself together. As she was toweling herself off, she realized she was exhausted all of a sudden. Her obsession with sex was starting to disrupt her life. Somehow, she had attracted a stalker who wanted to capitalize on her addictions. She would put a stop to all of it. It was time to make an appointment with a therapist.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Selma knew that Miri probably masturbated soon after their chat. She knew that the weird, conflicting feelings would be starting and that a part of Miri was aching for this but she wouldn't understand that yet. She would probably be angry with herself for feeling arousal. Maybe she would be reevaluating her life. This whole takedown was going to be delicious.

Miri would probably be the most fun she had ever had with a score. It was just as well as this one was going to be kept personally by Selma. She had decided to retire from the black market. She had amassed a small fortune in her career and it was time to get out and enjoy the rest of her life as she molded and played with her own toy.

Her plans for Miri were the most elaborate she had ever devised. This was for two reasons. The first, and most obvious, was because she wasn't selling her, she was keeping her for herself. The second reason was the twist. Miri had been Selma's obsession in college. They had had a one-night fling and then Miri blew her off as she did almost everybody. It was time to take her, and bring her where she rightfully belonged, ever since college, but she wasn't going to play it like that. She wasn't going to take her like she did for her clients. She was going to get Miri to deliver herself willingly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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