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Title: When dreams come true - Author:

Published: Sep 25, 2004 - Contact:

A swinging sex story - My Fantasy revolves around my wonderful wife Pam, who, now that I have not seen her for a while, makes me realize how much I love her and miss her. She has over the years become one of the most responsible people I know and the best mother I know of all the people around us. I receive a lot of pleasure from giving her pleasure. That has been what made my Fantasy develop the way it did. My Fantasy starts with Pam dressed in my favorite, white nylons that come half way up her thighs, white thong underwear that has a little ruffled mini-like skirt attached to the waist band, and a frilly white bra that is very soft . Pam also has a soft white blindfold on. My wife to me is very attractive physically, even though she 't always agree with me. I think she has the prettiest butt and legs of anyone I have known, and if I'm honest, it is part of why I married her. I get extremely turned on when I see them, and when she wears a dress ( not nearly enough ) It makes me want to grab her and make love to her. I have to sometimes restrain myself because I don't want her to think I'm just a pervert, even though maybe that's what I am. All my fantasies revolve around her, and for that I am grateful. Pam is dressed in my favorite outfit and is lying in our living room on our sofa bed in front of the fireplace. I love watching videos of us so the camera is in place and rolling. Videos of us have allowed me to channel all of my hornyness to her rather than having to watch store videos. This has been great because I feel no guilt from watching us and it feels very natural to do so. Someday I hope to watch one with her, I think she would love it. Again, the fire is going and she is quietly lying on her stomach in a very relaxed position. She looks extra good in her outfit because of her tan she got this summer . That is another story I would like to tell you about sometime, about our rendezvous on remote beaches at Lake Powell. Anyway, I have hired a 25-30 year old masseuse to give Pam the very best massage of her life. We' call him Steve. He is a tall, well built , and very clean in his appearance. Steve is very gently massaging Pam on the back of her neck and temples and her forehead. He is using a wonderful oil with a pretty fragrance that has been heated to just the right temperature. I am using the same oil and started at her feet and am working my way up her legs. Bob is massaging her neck and arms and working his way down her back. I gently massage her legs and slowly work my way up to her thighs. The more we massage her the more she relaxes and lets out these little groans of pleasure. I massage between her thighs and Pam slightly opens her legs to allow me to have better access to her beautiful thighs. The good thing about Pams outfit with the little skirt is it gives her a feeling of privacy but allows me to sneak my fingers under it and really massage my favorite part of her, her butt. I dip my hands in the oil and slowly rub it into all the wonderful crevices of her legs and butt. She loves it and is very relaxed at this point. Bob is working on her shoulders, arms and back and gently runs his hands under her bra strap with out having to remove it. If she is not going crazy by now, It is sure that I will be. Without removing her underwear, I gently slide back the thong strap on her underwear and expose her beautiful little butt hole which I quickly slip my tongue into. I hope she likes this because I sure do. Pam slowly arches her butt towards me showing me she is really enjoying it. She wiggles her little butt in my face, almost like a kiss that I will fulfil any fantasy she might have. I love kissing her very much and wish we kissed more often. Part of the thrill of all this is her not really knowing weather it is my hands or my tongue exploring her and kissing her. Even though it is , she really 't know for sure. Steve starts at her forehead, massages her temples, cheeks, neck,, shoulders, and chest. She has her bra on but Steve is able to slip his fingers under the sides and gently rub her tits. Pam lets out a little groan of pleasure. Steve is rubbing her chest and stomach and when he sneaks his hand under her bra , he gently squeezes Pams nipples and then moves on to other areas. I am massaging her legs and thighs and gently slipping my fingers under the front of her underwear and am gently massaging her vagina with oil. I love it and I know she does too. I would kiss her pussy for hours if I could and I know she would like me to kiss it for hours also. She is groaning in ecstasy as I run my finger over her beautiful clitoris. Steve is massaging her chest while I massage her thighs and pussy. I am so horny at this time I gently pull aside the front of her thong underwear exposing her pussy, which I quickly bend over and kiss. I slip my hands under her butt and gently squeeze her buns while I kiss her pussy and insert my tongue inside her. In between licks of her pussy, I slip up to her head and kiss her on the lips and remind her how much I love her and how wonderful she makes me feel and hope I made her feel just as good. She assures me that I did so I go back to kissing her pussy and licking her clitoris with my tongue. After a few minutes of constant licking and massaging of her boobs and squeezing of her nipples, Pam shows signs of climaxing. She thrusts her hips up forcing her vagina further against my lips until she comes all over me and then falls back on the bed into a complete state of relaxation. I gently put a sheet over her and let her relax while I let Steve out the front door after thanking him. I return to Pam and slowly lay down beside her and snuggle up to her and give her a kiss. I am so horny by this time I can hardly speak and my heart is pounding in my chest. She thanks me for everything and asks what she can do for me now. I help her up on her hands and knees and slip her underpants off, exposing that beautiful butt that I just love to love. I also undo the clasp on her bra and let it fall to the bed. I get behind her and put my now very hard penis into her pussy. I reach around and fondle her breasts that are so warm and soft. I am sure glad I got a vasectomy so I don't have to come out of her warm and firm pussy. While I'm not looking, Pam reaches over for one of our favorite toys, the vibrator. She eases it into her vagina along with my penis and turns it on. The feeling of her warm pussy and the vibrating sensation is too much for me and I cant help myself and come inside her like never before. At the same time she moans that she is coming for a second time and for a brief minute we are in ecstasy together. We lay down next to each other exhausted and take a little nap while cuddled together.