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Title: Tanning Session - Author: Kubota

Published: Feb 20, 2005 - Contact:

I went tanning yesterday. I was hoping to see Heather. She is in her late 20's, about 5'-6", brunette, nice tits, and a really tight ass. When I arrived at the desk, she and another girl were there. The beds were all busy, so I had to wait a little bit. I took that time to chat with Heather. She had on a short blouse that showed her midriff, and very low, low cut pair of capris that were really snug on her. We chatted about the tanning business.

Eventually, a room became vacant. She had me follow her in, which I gladly did, walking behind, watching her ass. What a tight ass. What challenge that would be to fuck that ass. She was barefoot, which is a real turn on for me. I was trying to figure out if she had a thong, G-string or bikini panties on, but I could not tell. Looked like those pants were painted on her ass. Looking through the thin white blouse, I also could not make out the outline of a bra. My cock started getting hard, thinking about being inside that tight pussy or her ass.

When we got in the room, she had forgotten to bring the spray bottle. So, while she was gone, I took my shirt off, my shoes were already off, and unzipped my jeans. I definitely had a boner. I put my hands in my jeans, and stroked it a bit. I was putting lotion on my chest when she walked in. She bent over and started wiping down the bed. Those very low cut pants just could not keep up, and slipped down to her butt, revealing the beginning of her ass crack. Man, my cock must have jumped. What a sight. No panties to be found. Looking a little lower, her blouse hung down, and I could see the bottom of her tit. No bra on either. Wow, no bra, no panties, bending over showing off her ass, and I standing there, with lotion in my hand, and my hard cock trying to get out of my unzipped jeans.

I couldn't move because if I did, my jeans would fall, exposing my hard cock. Oh, I just wanted to stroke my cock and cum on that ass. I wanted to walk behind her, and stick my hard shaft up her pussy, and rub her clit. She looked like she needed a hard pounding. When she was done, she got up. We had started a conversation as to how often she tans. I mentioned that she looked real good. She mentioned that I was darker than her, and to prove it, she put her arm against my abs. That sent goose bumps throughout my body, and my cock jumped again.

Then I said that putting lotion on is great, but my chest is always darker than my back. She offered to put lotion on my back. I took her up on her offer. She walked around me, took the bottle and started applying it. That's a real turn on for me, and I got harder, and my heart started pounding. When she got to my lower back, she kept running into the jeans. Each hit, they went lower and lower. She told me to raise my arms so she could get the sides. And, she hit them one too many times, and they fell. She apologized, and commented that I did not have underwear on. I said I never wear underwear, and I noticed that she did not have any on. She asked if I wanted her to continue putting on the lotion. I said that would be great. So, she knelt down, and started putting it on my ass. I spread my legs, and she applied it in between my thighs, and kept brushing up against my balls. She said that my ass was so firm and smooth. Smooth, yeah, I shave it almost every day. Firm, well, I do a lot of exercises to firm up the butt. She told me to turn around, which I did. My boner, pointing straight out, was now in front of her face. I could feel her breath on my sensitive skin.

She kept staring at my cock. She was surprised that I was completely bald. Not a hair to be found. She had never seen a guy with his cock and balls shaved. She asked touch my shaved area. She had such a nice soft touch, grabbing my balls and feeling how smooth they were. Then she touched my cock, and it jumped. I told her how being shaved made my cock and balls more sensitive. She started stroking the shaft up and down, nice slow long strokes. My cock started pulsing and drops of precum dribbling out. She touched the precum and used it to lubricate the underside of my cock. Then she put her mouth closer and closer. My cock was trembling in anticipation. More precum came out.

She took her tongue out, looked up at me, and licked the tip. My cock shuddered. She licked my helmet, concentrating on the underside of the cock, and slowly started putting it in further into her mouth. Oh, her mouth felt so warm, so wet, her tongue applying pressure underneath my cock as it went in. This was ecstasy. I didn't want it to stop. I wanted it to go on forever. I tried to maintain control. Each time I squeezed my muscle, more precum came out. I opened my eyes and looked down, and saw this beautiful face sucking on my cock, smiling. She appeared to be enjoying it herself. She then started bobbing in and out. I couldn't take it. I warned her that I was going to shoot my load. I told her that this was my first blowjob ever. I couldn't believe it. I wanted her ass, but instead I got something I never had. A blowjob. I was thinking; my wife would never do this. She would not even try. What did I do to deserve this How did I get such a sex goddess to suck my cock She kept licking and sucking my cock, putting it deeper and deeper into her mouth.

I was experiencing all new sensations. I just couldn't handle it. I had no control. I warned her again, "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, I can't hold it any more". Just as I started erupting, she put it real deep in her mouth. It just shot out. Glob after glob. I was having the most intense orgasm ever. My whole body stiffened up. I tried to control my groans. It must have lasted a full minute. She swallowed every drop and continued sucking until my cock started going limp. She licked it clean, grabbed a towel, and wiped me dry. I offered to return the favor and she said next time.Then, this loud noise suddenly stopped, and I opened my eyes. The tanning booth shut off, my 13 minutes were up. Wow, I must have dozed off. It was all just a dream.