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Title: The voice - Author: Anon

Published: Dec 12, 2004 - Contact:

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Last night was so special that I just have to share it with you. Just thinking about it turns me on so much that now whenever I feel the -need- ..... well, all I have to do is think about last night.

You know how sometimes things surprise you Like when you least expect it to happen And, how sometimes you aren't even really thinking about something really special to happen, but it does Well, that is my last night.

You see, there has been this man who I have been talking to on the telephone for a while at work. Of course, our conversations are always strictly business (well, ok, the words were -- my thoughts weren't -- he has such a sensual voice that even saying "I'd like to get 500 units of Part Number C-135-xx is an 'experience). Of course, I always figured he just called to order parts -- I mean, he sure wouldn't have any ideas of being social with a voice on the phone.

Well! Last night was my lucky night! He needed these parts first thing this morning. And, when I checked, all of our delivery men had left for the day. I felt sort of bad having to call him back and tell him that there was no delivery people left and we couldn't get the parts over there yet that day. Of course, his voice sounded so disappointed, like this was really a MAJOR problem. But then he said he would drive over to get them ... but when we figured out how long it would take him to get there, well, that wouldn't work because security code requires us to all vacate the building at least an hour before he could possibly have gotten there.

Then, just before hanging up ... well, he apologized and seemed almost forlorn but asked if I would be willing to meet him at the Candleabra out on Gallante Boulevard. He said if I would be so kind as to drive out there to meet him, he would gladly buy me a drink and have dinner. The !Candleabra! -- I mean the most exclusive diner club in the County!!! Wow! Well, of course, with all those thoughts I had been having for months, how could I possibly refuse -- I mean, hey! I would have agreed to meet him at Burger King!

So, he suggested that since I might be more comfortable dining there if I went home first, that we get together at 9 for a late dinner -- he said to have the matre'd page him. Boy! I sure floated home and wasted no time taking a very long, leisurely bath. Doesn't every woman prepare to deliver parts by taking a bubble bath Of course, I would have to dress appropriately -- so I chose this strapless blue waltz-length dress. The one that barely conceals my large, full breasts. Oh! I didn't consider that having the soft, silky skin of my breasts floating over the sky-blue sateen to be sexy. Of course not! The thought never entered my mind.

Well, I got to the club just a few minutes after 9 (yeah, well, so I drove around the block for 35 minutes so as not to appear to eager). I had him paged and within moments he walked out to the lobby area. I knew the minute he came out of the lounge that it was HIM! Of course, with all the thoughts I had been having about him, he could have been the hunchback of Notre Dame and it probably wouldn't have cooled my body a bit ... but he was so nice looking. But he -fit- his voice so well! I stood there feeling rather awkward, here I had had all these thoughts - but of course to him I was just a clerk who was supplying some parts he needed.

His smile. It was perfect. Just what I had imagined it might be. He even looked at me appreciatively, like maybe he was contemplating a woman. A woman he would like to spend a little time with other than strictly business. I was so glad it was dark! I must have turned red down to my toenails. His eyes started with my face and then moved slowly down to the white swellings above the neckline and the deep crevice between my large breasts. For a while I was afraid that maybe there was some stain there - I mean he studied that area for so long! Then he carefully surveyed the rest of my body. In spite of the rather open scrutiny, there was nothing offensive in his manner. In fact, it was extremely exciting and was going to make it very difficult to remain business-like.

He took my arm and escorted me to the lounge. We had a few drinks while just talking. I don't know how long we chatted, but the conversation slowly became more personal. Almost without noticing, we were talking like we were on a real date. The subtle flirting. The acknowledgement of each other's sexuality. My favorite drink, a Bloody Mary, came in the frosted glass with the garlic salt on the edges. It was so cooling to slowly lick my tongue around the rim (well! that really *is* the proper way to savor the drink you know!) His eyes twinkled as he watched my tongue curve around the edge of the glass.

During dinner, I enjoyed the relish tray with its long, firm celery sticks. To gracefully eat one, it is necessary to sort of slide it between your lips, then gently bite off a piece. he seemed to enjoy watching me eat celery! Our conversation began to become more personal and the flirtation was definitely less veiled. Oh! he is so special. He can excite you while just talking about anything that comes to mind . Not many men have that capacity. Most seem to think that sex doesn't start until you are naked in the bed. Ah! if only they knew how much arousing the mind first can enhance the joys of the bed later.

And, he definitely had a talent for arousing the mind. Such subtle flirtation. Not witty. Not coy. Not even risque. But the conversation was so engrossing of me as a person, as if he really cared about what I thought on different subjects. As if it really mattered to him that I was able to think. Best of all, he was willing to talk about himself and what he felt about different things. I could feel the excitement buidling wtihin me. I kept hoping that when we got up to leave, I wouldn't have a damp spot on my dress.

As our lovely dinner was slowly eaten I kept trying to think of ways to prolong the evening. But he seemed to sense my desire and saved me from the dilemma of deciding whether or not the evening would end with the dessert. As we were leaving the dining room, he casually mentioned that we seemed to have so much more we could share and that after all, tommorrow was Saturday. Wow! when he called, I hadn't even thought of THAT. Why would he need the parts his plant wasn't open on Saturday!

He suggested a drink and I hesitated only long enough to still appear to be a lady. After we were seated in a quiet booth and the waitress had brought our drinks, there was a quiet lull. It was like we both realized we had reached a fork in the relationship -- which way to go. We could finish our drinks with some very generic conversation and both go home without any feeling of rejection ---- or, we could continue the light- hearted flirtations and both go home, together. Finally, he almost shyly said that he hadn't really needed the parts that he had called late knowing what time our delivery people left and hoping that I would 'rescue' him by agreeing to deliver the parts in exchange for dinner. He seemed so concerned that I would be angry at his little ploy. I just had to be honest and admit that I had had more than a few daydreams about him -- and it wasn't business. It seems our voices had had an affect on each other.

Having gotten this out in the open, we were free to explore just how much we excited each other. Having now established that we found each other desireable, the conversation evolved more around learning about each other as man and woman. Casually, like new lovers do, we moved closer together in the booth until our thighs were touching. It was like a heated pad laying next to my leg. I had a difficult time not to squirm on the seat. His arm, draped along my bare shoulders certainly didn't help the stirrings in my groin. If I worried about a damp spot earlier ........

I dropped one of my sandals and started to slide my foot along his ankle and leg. A deeper breath told me that it was having an affect. I casually laid my hand on his thigh (well, we were sitting quite close) ... and in slow, almost absent-minded strokes, quickly discovered that the proximity was definitely having an affect! As he pressed upwards against my exploring hand, he whispered that we might have to spend the night in the booth if he were to avoid embarrassment standing up. I guess my giggle told him that this observation did not offend me at all - in fact, I enjoyed talking to a man who could be honest about his own sexuality.

After another drink we decided that any further 'getting acquainted' would probably be more appropriate in another location ... like the inn down the road. While I went to freshen up, he thoughtfully inquired of the management if I could leave my car for the evening. And, when I came out he assured me it was ok and we could ride to the inn together. When we got in his car, he leaned across and gave me a deep, probing kiss. A first kiss - yet one with desire. Not apologizing. Not seeking. Just deep, long, and passionate. Warmth soared through me as I returned his kiss, probing his mouth with my tongue, gently drawing his tongue into my mouth and sucking on it tenderly.

We got to the inn in record time. Entering the room, it was all so perfect. Neither of us felt that we needed to pretend we were unsure of the intentions. We both readily acknowledged that we found the other sexually arousing and wanted to explore that attraction to its fullest. We stood in the entrance to the room and embraced. I pressed my hips against him, rocking slightly. He matched the motions and for a while we mimicked making love while standing, kissing, exploring with our tongues. He slowly unzipped my dress ... allowing it to fall to the floor between us. Free of the dress, my breasts wiggled like two balls of jello ... pressing their bareness against him.

Without ever really breaking our embrace, we slowly undressed each other. Hands sliding along the others body as we removed garments. I kissed the hollow of his neck, my tongue devouring its contour. Gravity helped his slacks drop to the floor after I undid the buckle ... my hand quickly encouraging his shorts to follow. I slid a hand along his inner thigh ... the dampness there gave evidence of his excitement, as did his member, now fully erect and bouncing jauntily.

Moving to the bed, he helped me remove my pantyhose. I may never again remove some without recalling how aroused he made me with the slow, careful way he edged them down my legs, his hands caressing as he did so. When we were both fully naked, he laid on top of me and pressed his weight against mine, whispering sweet passions. Telling me of all the things he would like to do ... how much he wanted to satisfy me and find satisfaction himself.

Hours must have passed as we just explored each others bodies with our hands, tongues, legs, and any other part that we could find to rub, caress, stroke, press. My own body became an inferno. At first I was embarrassed because the seeping juices from my throbbing vagina actually made noise as he stroked me. However, he was sensitive to my discomfort and quietly reassured me that he found the response to be thrilling to him. As though he knew how much I worried about being thought a whore because I do become so aroused, he quietly talked away all my fears and doubts while arousing my body more and more.

I felt the surges of raw emotion run through me. My cunt clutched and drew at his fingers as he drove them into me ... first one, then another, then yet another. Using the pad of his hand, he applied pressures to the hard button ... setting loose torrents of juices as I plunged on his hand. His mouth covering mine, the first orgasm tore through me, my whole body becoming attached to the sensations from my cunt. The muscles spasmed, my legs felt like there were rivers of tingling shocks as they trembled against the very power of my climax. I wanted him inside me. To thrust his cock in and drive me even further into Utopia. To ride that crest ... but he held back.

We laid together for a while, as my sensations slowly ebbed. Then started again. This time he took an even more active role. Telling me what he wanted me to do ... guiding me so that I knew what would bring him the most pleasures. I eagerly followed his instructions. Moving my head down his body, sucking on his nipples while my hand stroked his cock, making it even harder. Moving further down, licking the smooth crown with my tongue, guiding my tongue into the slit. The sweet taste of the drops of seminal fluid. Licking down the length of his swollen cock, my tongue following the groove. Drawing his balls into my mouth, gently caressing and manipulating them while I ran a finger down the crack of his ass, probing the tight anus. Bringing my mouth back up his cock, I choreographed the motions of his cock in-and-out of my mouth while my finger probed in-and-out of his ass. He stopped me as I felt the pulsing of his cock getting ready to explode.

My own body was trembling because the very taste and feel of him in my mouth was as exciting as his hands had been just moments before. He positioned me on the end of the bed - on my knees. His hand deftly slid between my thighs and rubbed the clit until I could feel the boiling within my. My soft urgings for him to plunge in ... he fingered my hole from behind, driving his fingers in deeper and deeper, each thrust acting like a pump causing more stirrings deeper within my loins. I could hear the juices again, only now the sound excited me. My nipples rubbing on the bed ... my body iginiting into quivers of pure joy. Then he slid his cock into me. Slow. Steady. Pushing steadily inwards. Only when he could push no further did he start to pump. I rocked on my knees, meeting each thrust with a push back towards him. My moans encouraging him, letting him know how much I was enjoying the feel of his prodding.

Reaching a hand around my leg, he continued to rub the clit, causing eruptions and earthquake tremors to rack my body. I muffled my cries in the mattress. My chasm sucked and clenched at him, drawing against his balls slapping my underside. Just when I thought I had experienced all the thrills my body could offer (and he could create like a maestro) he began thrusting in and out, ever faster. His own moans harmonizing with mine as we both reached a crescendo of sexual ecstasy. His juices spurted into me, warming me, mingling with mine. The feel of his own cum shooting into me carried me to a crest of arousal that swept the world away. There was no body. No motion. Only undulating tremors that shook my body.

Afterwards we lay together. Holding. Just enjoying the slowly receding tides of our mutual pleasure. Accepting in each other that we share a delight in the beauty of our individual sexuality and the joys it allows us to give .... and to receive.