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Title: Torn In Two - Author: Kayleigh

Published: Feb 27, 2008 - Contact:

Michelle had been lying around all day in her pajamas. The rain outside not only inhibited her from any outside activity, she enjoyed listening to the drops hitting the tin rain gutters; it was relaxing. There was something in the air, besides moisture, that made her get the feeling today was going to be different. The previous day had been an absolute disaster, ending in a fight with several of the people she loved.

James was the man she had fell in love with the moment she laid eyes on him. Their first kiss was like magic and when they were together it was as if no one else existed in the world. But there was someone else, Mark, whom she had been dating since her freshmen year in high school. Mark was the all around typical stud of the school, everyone wanted him, but she had him. In the beginning, her original attraction to him was for pure sport, but eventually she found herself genuinely in love with him. She couldn't help but be torn between the two men. Although she had been with Mark for so long, something was missing in her life, excitement and perhaps a bit of mystery. James provided all these things for her, and when she was with him she felt alive, free spirited, and only slightly guilty.

When the doorbell rang on that cold rainy day she didn't know who she wanted to be standing, most likely soaking wet, on her welcome mat. As she approached the door, she habitually tidied her hair and flattened her clothes just in case. Before she could get the door completely open and focus her eyes on her gentleman caller, a very handsome, yet dripping wet James thrust his arms outward and around Michelle's torso. He didn't say a word, just held her in his arms and applied just the right amount of pressure to her body. She wanted to scream at him, tell him how angry she was for the cruel words he said to her just 24 hours ago. But as soon as his saturated skin touched hers it didn't matter anymore. No words needed to be said.

After a long, silent embrace, James took an audible whiff of her hair and released himself from her warmth. He smiled that knowing smile that made her knees weak and scooped her, almost effortlessly from the foyer floor and carried her gallantly to the same couch she occupied merely minutes before. James gently placed her on the warm cushions that he too would soon be sharing with her. Michelle sat up and calmly pulled James' drenched t-shirt from his tight illuminating skin and over his head, tossing it to the side in no particular direction. And in turn unbuttoned his pants slowly and slid them down his glistening, muscular legs. Never taking her eyes from his, she longingly reached for his hands and pulled him down towards her to steal a much over due kiss from his still rain moistened lips. At her touch he melted onto the couch on top of her and together they lied down, lips still attached. With James on top, he touched her face gently and ran his hand down her dampened body, feeling her curves and on the way back up, stopped to pull her shirt over her now untidy hair.

The next few moments seemed like hours as James took his time kissing every inch of her exposed skin as he unfastened her bra. When her supple breasts were finally no longer burdened by her bra, he took a moment to gaze at them before forcing his mouth around the left nipple, while massaging the right one with his hand. Squirming in pleasure, Michelle ran her fingers though his hair caressing his head. James migrated down her chest to her stomach, and paused at the top of her pants. He proceeded to slowly pull them down, causing her to lift her butt off the couch to aid in the removal. James took the opportunity of Michelle's lower half being so close to his face to kiss her inner thighs ever so gently, and outline with his tongue the outer lining of her underwear. This caused Michelle to shiver slightly at the warmness of his breath on her skin.

Michelle couldn't take it any longer and all but shouted,"Give it to me!" At her command he looked up from his current fixation and climbed his way up her body, sliding his stiffened member into her, feeling her muscles tighten as he got deeper. With one leg on the floor for leverage, he slowly plunged into her pelvic region causing Michelle to grip him even more. James leaned down and kissed Michelle's lips; while she moaned into his mouth he grabbed her left leg and forced it over his shoulder enabling him to become more immersed in her warm retreat. He withdrew from her mouth to look into her eyes; she stared back, caressed the side of his face and pulled him down once more to kiss her passionately. Michelle released his face and fell back onto the couch letting out cries of pleasure. One more thrust of his massive member sent both of them into convulsions of ecstasy. After the final fatigued lunges from James, they both collapsed exhaustedly, breathing loudly.

James lied on Michelle's chest, his torso rising and falling with every one of her breaths. As soon as their breathing slowed, James looked up to find Michelle smiling widely, he returned the gesture. After a sustained amount of silence, James forced himself in a sitting position at the end of the couch and pulled Michelle up too, but doesn't let go of her hand. "This is how I want it to be," James exclaims. Michelle gazes into James gleaming brown eyes and just nods in agreement. Michelle was no longer torn. She realized that the piece of her life that was missing wasn't missing at all, it resided in James and was there all along; she was just too afraid to look beyond what was familiar and safe.