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Quote: "It was so damn nasty to see her pussy dripping with another mans cum. Our new friend rubbed his cock all over the outside of her pussy then fingered her a bit."

The Story...

Last night my wife and I were feeling a bit horny. She asked if we could call someone over for some adult fun. We have a couple of friends that we play with on occasion, but she wanted a new friend.

Long story short, we met a guy online and asked him if he'd like to fuck the wifey. Our luck, he lived only 15 minutes away. He had sent a picture of his cock and a description of himself and we agreed on calling him. My wife liked the head of his cock and couldn't wait to get her lips around it.

He showed up about 20 minutes later and proceeded to undress while I finger my wifes pussy. I opened her legs and ate her delicous pussy while she sucked on his cock. After about 10 minutes of cock sucking she asked him to put it in her.

Let me tell you, watching this guys cock head split her pussy lips sent me over the edge. He fucked her good and hard then I asked her to get on top of him, so she could get him deep inside her. I love to watch her ride another guys cock, hearing her moan and tell him how good his cock feels deep in her. A little bit later he got back on top of her and shoved his cock back in her.

I could tell he was about to blow and my wife could too, she begged him to cum inside her and that she wanted to feel him shoot deep inside her pussy. That was all it took, He came buckets in her pussy and she loved it, he kept on fucking her till his cum dripped out the sides of her well fucked pussy.

It was so damn nasty to see her pussy dripping with another mans cum. Our new friend rubbed his cock all over the outside of her pussy then fingered her a bit. I then got between her legs and inhaled the fragrant smell of her pussy and his cock and sperm. She loves when I eat her out after she's been fucked really good. I like it too.

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