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Title: Why do Women Play Games - Author: Sextails

Published: Nov 19, 2008 - Contact:

Have you ever asked the question yourself or heard someone else ask it This is one question I see quite frequently. Usually pertaining to a situation where a woman is being persued for a relationship but makes courting her difficult. Men are often frustrated as to why women can not just simply state what they think or feel regarding the dirty deed and all the emotions that build up to it.

Women are divided into two groups by men. The good girls and the bad girls. The problem is that no matter which classification women fall into they are berated for it. There is a certain level of embarassment attached to sex brought on by environmental conditioning and religious belief. Women are conditioned since birth that if we have or enjoy sex they will contract diseases be ridiculed and/or go directly to hell.Finding a happy medium is tedious and difficult.

In America it is quite common to see the majority of society pretending they don't like or want anything to do with sex. While the whole time STD and teenage pregnancy statistics rise daily. Every two and a half minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted. People are having sexual relations from early ages on up to those who invest in medical aids to keep it going well into their golden years. Right now as you read this someone, somewhere in America is having sex. We all know we desire it, in fact it is instinctual but we do everything within our power to hide that fact.

If a woman is forward and aggressive about sexual desire she is pooled into the bad girl category automatically. Groups of men speak amongst themselves and label her a pig. She is then treated differently by the group at large, generally with little to no respect. The way she is approached (if she is approached at all) is often disrespectful and seldom is she considered a prospect for a long term relationship.

Women are constantly judged by how many partners they have had and usually any number higher than one makes her ethics and morals questionable. If a woman has put her faith in a man and decided to explore her sexuality or even given in to a man to "keep him satisfied" and allowed multiple positions she is at risk of that man telling all his friends about everything that transpires between them. Once that happens they are judged regardless of whether the woman loves the man or believes him to be her lifelong partner.

On the other hand we have the good girls.

Those who refuse advances and remain chaste.The good women can be brought home to meet the parents and appear in public with their partner openly, while this is conceived as the better of the two types women know this is not the case. The good girls are considered prudes and berated for not 'putting out' and therefore are seldom the first to get dates. Men threaten to leave them on a regular basis if they demand value in the relationship and commitment to allow sexual relations on the basis that they are not fulfilling the mans needs.

Men use womens lack of willingness to submit to spontenaeity and creative sexuality as an excuse to cheat on them. As much as promiscuous women are berated they are far more popular because they tend to fulfill mens desires though they are rapidly discarded afterwards. Naturally it is perfectly ok for a man to be promiscuous in fact the more women he has landed the more he is revered by his friends, however even women will shun other women who have poor reputations so as not to suffer death by association.

So why do women play games

To preserve their reputations and hopefully avoid being labeled into either category.Therefore women have to find an alternate route to simply saying they have the same desires and urges. Women have to make men chase them only to push them away so they appear neither easy nor frigid. If a woman can not learn to yo-yo a man then she risks disgrace, sterotyping, and the possiblity of solitude.Women fall prey to the double standard imposed by men, so they "play games" because men make them.